Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/10/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/10/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad tells Ben about the FBI looking for a guy named Kevin Reynolds and says the description sounded like him. Ben questions talking to Chad about it and not Sonny. Chad talks about giving Sonny some space after the benefit so he was to be notified of any problems. Chad tells Ben that he claimed he was no longer involved in the business and couldn't help them. Ben questions if Chad is saying he lied for him.

Hope and Rafe sit together at the Pub. Hope jokes with him then admits he's missed at the police force. Rafe says he misses her but not the late nights and paperwork. Rafe asks her what's new. Hope says not much and asks how Gabi is doing. Rafe says she's okay but he's not looking forward to telling her what happened with Will and Sonny since it's bad enough that Arianna is growing up without her mother. Hope hopes Will and Sonny aren't going to split. Rafe asks Hope what she really called him for. Hope responds that he knows her so well as she wanted to talk to him about Clyde.

Clyde and Kate go to the club where Lucas is meeting Adrienne. Clyde asks Kate who is with Lucas. Lucas asks Adrienne how she's holding up. She warns Lucas about Victor being very angry at Will.

Will talks to John about Paul finding every excuse to stay in Salem. John responds that he never would've asked for his help if he had any idea. Will brings up Paul using his physical therapy as a reason to stay and he thinks he stayed for Sonny. Will knows what he did was wrong and it's all on him but he just wants a chance to make things right and save his marriage. John calls it a good start. Will wonders how he can do that if Paul is still in Salem and still in love with Sonny.

Paul questions Sonny questioning Tori's honesty. Paul talks about Tori just wanting him to respect Sonny's marriage. Sonny explains that Tori told Paul she's never been to Salem before but that's just not true.

Marlena reveals to Tori that John said he had an affair with her when she was in town. Marlena goes over that Tori got pregnant, left town, and gave birth to Paul. Marlena states that John is Paul's father and they both deserve to know the truth.

Chad tells Ben that he didn't lie for him but Sonny's been going through enough and doesn't need to deal with law enforcement and neither does Abigail. Abigail then comes out of the shower, surprised to see Chad.

Paul questions what Sonny is talking about and why he thinks otherwise. Sonny informs Paul about the picture of Tori at the lake on the DiMera boathouse. Paul wonders why she would lie about this. Sonny tells him to ask her but Paul asks Sonny what else he knows. Paul demands Sonny to tell him what's going on.

Tori tells Marlena that she's a very private person but understands Paul's career thrust them into the spotlight. She doesn't feel obliged to talk about her past but her being in Salem years ago has nothing to do with Paul. Tori tells Marlena that she was very young and naive and was involved with a man that she thought he loved. Tori says she went back to tell the man that she was pregnant but found out he was dead. Tori adds that the man wasn't from Salem. Marlena asks if she won't have a problem then if she tells John that she is Paul's mother.

Will talks about Paul doing nothing to hide his feelings for Sonny. Will wonders why Paul is hanging around if he really wants to help them. They go over Paul not knowing Will was Sonny's husband. Will is beginning to think Paul's plan all along was to wreck their marriage and he thinks John thinks so too. John recalls walking in on Paul and Sonny getting close. Will asks John what he knows and says he has to tell him what it is.

Abigail asks what Chad is doing there. Chad says he had to talk to Ben and thought Abigail was at the hospital. Abigail explains that she was working here. Chad apologizes for interrupting. Abigail asks what he had to talk to Ben about. Chad says it can wait as it's no big deal and he'll leave them alone. Ben says he has nothing to hide from Abigail and tells her that Chad thinks he might be in trouble with the law.

Rafe asks Hope what she wants to know about Clyde and how she thinks he can help. Hope thinks he does know. Hope brings up the new trucking company taking over all of Victor's property and he did nothing to stop it. Rafe pretends not to know but Hope is sure he does. Hope asks what Victor is up to and how worried she should be.

Lucas tells Adrienne that he's not worried about Victor but about her. Kate and Clyde sit nearby. Kate wants to go say hi but Clyde convinces her that they don't want any company. Lucas tells Adrienne that he doesn't care if anyone finds out about them and it's hard to believe that something this good could come out of all the chaos. Lucas tells her that he hasn't felt like this in a very long time and he doesn't think there is anything wrong with them being happy just because other people aren't. Clyde comments to Kate that she doesn't seem too thrilled about Lucas and Adrienne.

John explains to Will that he found Sonny in his office with Paul and there's no doubt that Paul was making a play for him.

Tori asks Marlena why she needs to say anything to John when he might misunderstand. Tori insists that she didn't lie. Marlena brings up that she told John that she was in Salem on business which was a lie and let John believe her last name was Simpson. Tori says that was Stefano's idea. Tori says they've suffered enough and wants Will and Marlena to just leave them alone.

Sonny tells Paul that he needs to talk to Tori about it. Paul asks what's so important about the picture. Sonny brings up Will. Paul says Will hates him and just wants him out of town and away from him. Sonny informs Paul that the date on the picture shows it was taken 9 months before he was born.

Abigail questions what game Chad is playing. Chad says he just came to give Ben a heads up. Ben tells her that the FBI called the club looking for him. Chad says he told them nothing. Abigail asks why they are looking for Ben. Ben says he'll find out. Chad writes down the number for him and apologizes for bothering them. Ben thanks Chad as he exits. Chad smiles and walks away. Abigail asks Ben what's really going on.


Rafe says Hope clearly has nothing on Clyde and says he doesn't either. Rafe adds that Victor might but he's not sharing. Rafe tells her that Clyde wants everyone to believe he's a harmless hillbilly but that's not who he is at all.

Kate compares Adrienne to a cactus. Clyde asks if she's ever considered giving Lucas more space. Kate says no.

Adrienne tells Lucas that she is happy but she's still married and feels like she can't be angry at Justin for cheating when she's doing the same thing. Lucas points out that she wouldn't if Justin didn't have an affair so there's nothing wrong with what they did. Lucas hopes they can decide together where to go as he holds her hand.

Paul tells Sonny that his father was from Portland, not Salem. Paul doesn't think Tori could've lied to him about that. Paul blames Will for doing this but Sonny says no. Sonny says maybe Will was trying to hurt him by writing the article. Paul suggests photoshop because Will is desperate to get rid of him. Sonny asks how that would get rid of him. Paul admits he doesn't know. Paul wonders why Tori would lie to him. Sonny says he's so sorry as he knows how upsetting it is but he thought he had the right to know.

Will complains that Paul was setting him up this entire time through the interview. John asks if Will is saying that Paul offered him the story if he slept with him.

Tori tells Marlena that she is getting Paul out of Salem in a few hours as they are all packed like Will wants so Will and Sonny can go on with their lives without interference from Paul. Marlena responds that this is not about Sonny and Will. Tori tells Marlena that Paul is still in love with Sonny so if he stays in Salem for any reason, she's afraid there is nothing they can do to keep them apart.

Hope comments that Clyde is a lot smarter than he appears as his trucking business seems clean. Rafe compares it to the DiMeras where everything leads to a dead end. Rafe remarks that the good guys don't stand a chance so maybe it's time for the bad guys to deal with the bad guys. Hope asks if he's one of the bad guys now. Rafe laughs it off and goes to get more coffee.

Ben wishes he knew what was going on but talks about a lot of shady people where he used to work. Abigail suggests he talk to a lawyer before the FBI. Ben apologizes for their day ending up like this. Abigail understands it's important. Ben tells her that he'll make it up to her. Abigail says she has a lot to get done but calls this the most fun she ever had working as they kiss. Ben says he'll see her later. Abigail wishes him luck as he's sure there's nothing to worry about. Ben then exits. Abigail gathers her things but then puts them down and grabs her phone to text Chad.

Chad gets Abigail's text saying she needs to see him. Chad responds that he's at home. Abigail writes back that she'll be right there.

Adrienne tells Lucas that she has to go. Lucas asks her not to but she says she needs time to think. Lucas knows she's still married and he's not so that's easier for him but it doesn't change what's between them. Adrienne gets up and exits. Clyde tells Kate that he hates to run out on her but there's something he needs to take care of and she can say the same thing. Clyde exits so Kate joins Lucas. Kate questions if he wasn't going to say hello or if he was just too busy. Lucas tells her to give it a rest. Kate suggests avoiding the public displays. Lucas says he could avoid her as he doesn't want to hear it. Kate tells him that he's going to hear it whether he wants to or not.

Marlena doesn't believe that Tori is worried about Paul coming between Sonny and Will but that he'll figure out who his father is. Tori tells her that Paul's father is dead and this is painful for her. Tori calls it a fact that Paul's career is over and he's starting a whole new life in public as a gay man so that's enough to deal with. Marlena says she doesn't intend to make his life more difficult. Tori argues about doing what's best for her child. Marlena understands but knows you can't make people's decisions for them. Marlena then exits.

Paul pulls out his phone and calls Tori. Tori tells him they should leave for the airport. Paul tells her to meet him at the club. She notes that Sonny's place but agrees to be there in a few minutes. Sonny tells Paul that he's really sorry he had to tell him. Sonny says he would've talked to Will but he was trying to cover it up and he doesn't know why. Paul asks if he can get Will to come because he needs to know the truth and this may be the only way to get Tori to tell it.

Will tells John that it's not exactly what happened but he should've known Paul had an agenda when he insisted on meeting in his hotel room and was always getting out of the shower. Sonny calls Will and asks him to come to the club so he agrees to be right there. Sonny tells Paul that Will is on his way. Will apologizes to John as he has to go to see Sonny. John is sorry he's going through this but is glad that Will isn't putting it all on Paul even though he pursued him. Will is glad John came over because he could be totally honest with him. John says he's always there for him and offers to go with him to the club so they exit together.

Sonny wonders if he should've just left this whole thing alone. Paul says he couldn't. Paul knows they have no future but he has no idea what it means to know he still cares.

Adrienne paces at home as Hope walks in and greets her. Hope asks if Victor is there but she tells her that he's out. Hope asks if she's okay. Hope adds that she's sorry about what happened at the benefit and hopes Will and Sonny can work things out. Hope asks what Justin said. Adrienne doesn't know as he went back to Dubai and she hasn't spoken to him since. Hope asks what's going on.

Lucas tells Kate to drop whatever bomb she wants. Kate says that's not what she came for as she understands the heart wants what it wants and that his feelings for Adrienne are real.

Abigail goes to see Chad. Chad apologizes for interrupting earlier and asks what's up. Abigail questions why he would try to protect Ben and wants the truth.

Ben meets Clyde in the town square and tells him about Chad coming to tell him about the FBI looking for him. Clyde wonders what Chad's up to now as the FBI would have no reason to chase him across the country. Ben responds that they actually might.

Sonny and Paul wait at the club. Tori enters and asks Paul if he's ready because she doesn't want to miss the plane. Paul says they still have time and asks her to sit down because there's something he would like to talk to her about.

Will and John run in to Marlena outside the club. Marlena calls it a nice surprise as Will greets her with a hug. Marlena didn't know John was with Will. John says they had a nice talk. Will heads in to see Sonny. Marlena asks if everything is alright. John says yes but he can't believe the things he found out about Paul so he's really glad he's out of their lives for good. Marlena asks what Will said.

Will goes to join Sonny in the club but then sees Paul with Tori. Tori asks Paul why they can't talk on the plane but Paul wants to talk here and brings up Salem. Paul thinks she knows exactly what he's talking about and says it's time to tell the truth.

Ben tells Clyde about the place he used to work with shady people involving drugs and gambling. Ben wonders if that's why they are looking for him.

Chad questions Abigail thinking he has an ulterior motive. Abigail knows how he feels about Ben. Chad says he knows she's in love with Ben but not too long ago she said she cared about him too. Chad responds that he cares about her too. Chad says he's sorry for doing the decent thing and it won't happen again as he just can't win with her. Harold enters with dinner for two as Chad requested.

Adrienne tells Hope that Justin has been in Dubai for most of the year so she can figure it out especially knowing Justin doesn't like to be alone.

Lucas and Kate walk outside the town square. Lucas appreciates Kate trying to be nice but doesn't want to talk to her about this. Kate questions who else he'd talk to and calls it adultery. Lucas argues that they aren't that close yet but Kate says she can tell. Kate knows it's gone way past friendship.

Marlena asks John about Will making Paul out to be quite the villain. John says Will is taking responsibility for his own actions.

Will thought Paul and Tori were already gone. Tori tells Paul that she's leaving now and he can meet her at the airport but Paul asks her to talk to him. Marlena and John enter the club. John asks Tori what she's doing there.

Adrienne apologizes to Hope. Hope understands and is very aware of how hard it is. Adrienne talks about the person you're with being gone and never knowing if they are coming back. She points out that Hope is with Aiden so life goes on. She asks if Hope feels guilty. Hope admits she did at first and sometimes still does. Hope tells Adrienne to be true to what's in her heart no matter what anyone thinks or says as they hug.

Lucas tells Kate that Justin has been having an affair in Dubai for months. Kate says he doesn't have to justify it to her as she just wants to see him happy. Lucas calls Adrienne an amazing woman. Kate just doesn't want to see him get hurt. Lucas insists that he's going in with his eyes wide open especially after Sami. Kate tells him that she loves him and they hug. Lucas then walks away.

Clyde asks Ben for the number of the guy that called. Ben wonders if he should call Aiden. Clyde says he'll take care of it. Ben hates to ask him for something again but Clyde tells him not to worry. Clyde warns Ben to never trust Chad DiMera.

Abigail calls Chad unbelievable but very predictable. Abigail points out the dinner for two and decides to start eating it. Chad tries to talk but Abigail says she knows what he's thinking and he couldn't be more wrong.

Paul gets up and tells John to stay out of this. John thought he was leaving town and questions what he's still doing hanging out here. John questions why they are talking. Marlena informs John that Tori is Paul's mother. John asks why she didn't tell him. Will questions what's going on here. Sonny tells him to be quiet and stay out of it. Paul doesn't understand and questions how John knows Tori. Tori tells Paul that they need to leave. Paul asks if John met Tori when she was in Salem before. Paul reveals to Tori that he knows she lied to him before and he wants to know why now for real. Tori says they can discuss it on the plane. Paul talks about her telling him that his father was dead all these years but asks if she met him in Salem. Tori admits that she met Paul's father in Salem. Tori turns and looks to John, who realizes the truth. Sonny watches on as Will shakes his head.

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