Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/9/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/9/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Stefano calls Chad and orders him to call the club and have them direct all calls to him at home so he doesn't miss any from the FBI. Stefano tells Chad that they want to talk to him about Kevin Reynolds, now known as Ben Rogers.

Ben goes home with Abigail. Abigail knows he has mid terms so he doesn't have to help with her charity but Ben says he gave her his word. Ben tries to kiss her but she says they have to get work done. Ben convinces her it can wait and they kiss.

Theresa and Anne talk at the hospital about Nicole and Daniel. Theresa praises Xander.

Xander goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where he reveals Victor is his uncle and tells him he's so happy to see him again. Victor welcomes Alexander Kiriakis home. Victor admits he's a little surprised to see him in Salem. He calls it a last minute change of plans but it's always a pleasure to see him. Xander tells Victor that he owes him his life.

Brady goes to see Melanie and feels like a jerk for having to cancel their plans before. Melanie understands they'll do it another time. They hug as Melanie thinks back to getting Theresa's blood vial. Brady notes that she is taking it awfully well as she didn't seem that excited in the first place. Melanie claims that she was. Melanie gets a call from Jorge, who orders her to get to the blood bank now.

John and Marlena sit together at the club. John mentions talking to Aiden earlier and he's going out of town so he has to meet Paul to get his donation check. John questions having to act grateful to Paul. Marlena thinks back to arguing with Will. Marlena suggests John find a way to go easier on Paul. John asks for one reason why he should.

Tori and Paul talk at their hotel and look at the newspaper. Tori can't believe the picture of Paul and Sonny with the caption calling them the happy couple. Paul calls it an obvious mistake. They worry about Paul's grandfather seeing it and Paul wonders if he should call him but Tori says Paul can talk to him in person when they go back home tonight.

Sonny finds the article Will was writing that claims Paul is a DiMera, leaving Sonny shocked. He says this must be the article Zoe was talking about as Will then comes home.

Jorge demands Melanie bring the vial of Theresa's plasma as Melanie plays it off in front of Brady. Melanie tells Brady that she got called in to work. She apologizes and kisses him goodbye. Brady understands she has to work then exits. Melanie thinks back to her research and says she's doing this for Brady because she loves him but it is not easy as she then heads out.

Will apologizes for getting hung up. Sonny tells him about Zoe stopping by. Will mentions running in to Marlena. Sonny tells him that Zoe said he had a real bombshell of an article and asks what it's about.

Chad questions Stefano about Ben's previous name and wonders what he was up to. Stefano tells him that the authorities will explain and warns him to be careful with this. Chad says he learned from him. Stefano tells him that he will leave him to it. Chad thanks him for all the help with Abigail. Stefano responds that fathers help their sons get what they want. Stefano hangs up and says it's perfect that the girl he wants is Abigail.

Marlena tells John that Will is equally responsible so he shouldn't get a pass for being family. John blames Paul being a celebrity. Marlena points out that Will is married. John says he'll take Paul's check, thank him and keep it short. Marlena gets called away. John says he'll handle this as Marlena exits.

Paul notes that Tori hasn't eaten and tells her that she has to eat. Paul tells Tori that he has to go meet Aiden to give his donation check. She asks what if he asks him to do more fundraising. Paul says he will say no because he's ready to leave Salem too. Tori knows it hurts for him to give up the man he loves but it's the right thing. Paul then exits. Tori adds that the sacrifice is enough to rip him apart.

Will claims to Sonny that Zoe thinks every article is a bombshell and he's going to shelve this piece. Will talks about wanting his credibility back after the newspapers. Sonny again asks Will what the article was about. Will claims it was about the school district's budget. Sonny comments that it sounds like a pretty good article. Will claims that he couldn't get anyone to go on record so it was just his opinion. Sonny asks why he never said anything about this article. Will says they've just been going through a lot lately. Sonny shows him the card of the therapist that Marlena recommended. Will feels things will get better for them soon without a therapist but if they don't then they can see the therapist. Will wants a chance to fix things and earn his trust back. Will thinks it will be easier to do that now that Paul is leaving town. Sonny asks how he knows that Paul is leaving. Will asks why he wouldn't after yesterday and assumes they're already gone. Sonny questions him saying they. Will tries to cover up but admits he meant Paul and his mother. Sonny questions how he knew Paul's mom was in town.

Chad talks on the phone saying he had no idea but will be in touch with their office.

Abigail and Ben work on the charity. Ben says they make a great team. Abigail says it's very nice to not have to do this alone. Abigail gets a text from Chad that the board approved the revised budget plan that she suggested so he wants an update. She texts back that she's working on it. She apologizes to Ben as she feels there is no escaping Chad sometime. Ben jokes that he doesn't see Chad anywhere as they kiss.

Chad grabs a piece of paper and leaves the DiMera Mansion.

Paul goes to the club and meets John. Paul asks about Aiden but John says he had to go out of town for a client. John asks if Paul has a problem with having him instead.

Victor tells Xander that there's no need to flatter him. Xander says he owes him a debt that he could never repay. Xander talks about staying clean. Victor asks about money laundering. Xander says every operation he's run has been there to serve him when he needs. Victor talks about his reputation over the last few years. Xander says he is someone he could always count on. Victor doesn't recall summoning him so he asks why exactly he's in Salem.

Anne jokes with Theresa about Daniel being available now. Theresa says she would never put up with Daniel and Melanie.

Melanie goes to the blood bank. Jorge demands that she give back the plasma she took and then she will confess everything to the board and never come back. Melanie says she had a very good reason for what she did. Jorge questions her. Melanie says she was trying to solve something. Melanie then informs him that she doesn't have the vial because she broke it. Melanie asks him to keep it between them. Jorge worries that he could get fired. Theresa comes in, saying she's still waiting on the forms, then questions what Melanie is doing there. Melanie says she's talking to her friend and remarks that Theresa doesn't have any. Theresa comments that she knows all she knows and mocks Jorge. Theresa complains about the forms again. He asks if she's always a bitch. Theresa remarks that hanging out with losers brings it out. She then exits. Jorge asks where she gets off talking like that. Melanie continues trying to convince Jorge on what she did.

Xander tells Victor that he had to come for business reasons but the payoff will be worth it and he'll see his cut. Victor suggests a dinner. Xander says he'll be there. Victor says he will let him know. Brady then enters. Xander tells Brady it's been forever. Brady doesn't recognize him and questions who he is.

Will tells Sonny that he heard from Marlena that Tori was in town and claims that he never met her. Sonny talks about meeting her. Will assumes she's mortified by all of this and that she wants to get out of Salem which is best for everyone. Sonny agrees that they could already be gone by now. Sonny asks him to stick around because Arianna is being brought home soon while he's going to the club. Will hopes he's not gone too long as Sonny exits. Sonny can't believe Will is lying to him again.

Paul tells John that he doesn't have a problem but it seems like he does. Paul doesn't want John to judge him before knowing the facts. John brings up that Paul slept with Will and came on to Sonny. Paul questions it all being his fault and that it's only one side. Paul gives John his check and tells him he's out of this town tonight. Paul brings up Will making John sound like a good guy but he's no different after he tore him down for acting like a human. Paul walks out then gets a text from Sonny that he needs to see him if he's still in town as it's important.

Marlena goes to the hotel to see Tori. She says they have nothing to talk about but Marlena warns her not to make another terrible mistake.

Abigail jokes with Ben about not enjoying an energy bar and goes looking for cookies. Ben reminds her that he's ordered take out. They joke about what they should do while waiting as they start kissing.

Victor informs Brady that it's his cousin. Brady can't believe it as it's been so long. Xander tells Brady about going by Xander Cook now. Xander and Brady talk about the good times they had. Victor talks about being proud of Brady and Daniel.

Theresa goes back to Anne and tells her about Jorge hanging out with Melanie so maybe she can use it to start trouble with Brady. Theresa insists that she doesn't want Brady back but wants to mess with Melanie. Theresa adds that she's over Brady and couldn't care less about him. Anne doesn't believe it because she knows Theresa would do anything to get Brady interested again.

Melanie asks if she's getting through to Jorge at all. He agrees to forget the whole thing even though he doesn't like it since he knows they are friends. Melanie then tells him that she needs another vial because she broke it. Jorge makes sure she isn't using it to hurt anyone then jokes about not hurting Theresa. Jorge agrees to give her another and to cover for her which excites her.

Xander tells Brady that it's really good to see him again. Victor says he and Brady have some business to discuss. Xander says he'll get going but he'll be here for awhile so Brady says they will catch up. Xander exits. Brady comments on not thinking about him in awhile. Victor says he's a distant relative only in town for a few days so it's no big deal. Brady points out that he's his brother's son so it's a little more than a distant relative.

John goes to see Will. Will apologizes for everything and hopes they didn't ruin the benefit. John says everything will be fine. Will thanks him for the anniversary celebration. John believes they will get through this if they want it to work out. John mentions seeing Paul, who said he's leaving town tonight. Will calls it the best news he's heard all day. John brings up Paul donating the blood to save Sonny and asks if that made them closer. Will tells John that there's something he doesn't know and that Will didn't know until everything blew up. John says he's listening. Will informs John that Sonny is the one who Paul talked about in the article that proposed a couple years ago. John can't believe it but points out that Paul turned him down. Will points out that Paul is still in love with Sonny. John asks if Paul came after him because he was jealous. Will explains that Paul never knew about him and Sonny but John questions believing him.

Paul goes to Sonny's office at the club where Sonny meets him. Sonny asks about him leaving soon. Paul says that's the plan. Sonny wanted to talk to him first. Paul didn't want to leave without seeing him again and is sorry for what happened yesterday. Paul blames Derrick talking to the press. Sonny suggests it's better that everything came out so there's no more secrets. Paul adds that he's afraid he ruined any chance they may have had.

Tori doesn't know who is more pushy between Marlena and Will. Marlena agrees that Will made some poor choices lately. Tori brings up Will seducing Paul. Marlena brings up Will blackmailing her. Tori pretends not to know what she is talking about but Marlena reveals that she knows she lied about not being in Salem before. Tori claims she was rattled by Paul just coming out when she saw her before. Tori admits to Marlena that she had a job years ago working for Stefano and she's not proud of it as she was young and didn't know what kind of person he was. Marlena brings up Tori's relationship with John.

Victor tells Brady that he means he likes to keep him at a distance as he's always been bad news. Brady remembers hearing he was charged with killing a guy years ago. Brady asks if Victor had anything to do with getting the charges changed. Victor says he does what he can and adds that Xander is a changed man now. Brady suggests maybe he's finally turned his life around.

Xander goes to the nightclub and has a drink, thinking back to talking with Brady and Victor about Victor being proud of Brady and Daniel. He finishes his drink and then smashes the glass on the bar.

Melanie goes home on the phone with Jorge, thanking him, and finds out that the plasma will be finished by tomorrow. She thanks him and hangs up. She decides she'll know tomorrow if Theresa and Brady were going to have a baby.

Ben and Abigail lay in bed together. Ben talks about Abigail not needing anyone else for her charity and how they work together from home. There's a knock at the door so Ben assumes the take out is there. Abigail goes to shower while Ben answers the door to see Chad. Chad says he hopes he didn't catch him at a bad time but thought it would be better to do this in person rather than on the phone. Chad tells him about the FBI looking for a guy named Kevin Reynolds.

Will tells John that Paul comes off sincere and genuine but he was reaching out to Sonny even before their interview and made it clear that he wanted him back. John calls it unbelievable. John feels Paul had to know who Will was when they met. Will says Paul swore he didn't so he has to take his word for it. John doesn't and they hope they've seen the last of Paul. Will hopes he keeps his promise to get out of Salem.

Paul tells Sonny that when they were alone yesterday, he could feel that Sonny still cared for him. Paul wonders if John didn't come in but Sonny says nothing would've happened as he is a married man. Paul asks why Sonny texted him to meet. Sonny says he wanted to talk to Paul about his mother.

Marlena tells Tori that John told her about their relationship. Tori says it wasn't serious but Marlena warns her not to lie about this. Marlena reveals that John said he had an affair with her when she was in town. Marlena goes over that Tori got pregnant, left town, and gave birth to Paul.

Paul questions why Sonny wants to talk about his mom. Sonny responds that she hasn't been honest with him about a lot of things.

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