Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/8/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/8/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric and Serena kiss in bed. Serena thinks back to her agreement with Xander. Eric stops and asks what's wrong. She apologizes and says it just hit her how much she loves him and it upset her. Eric asks why. She's afraid she's going to hurt him.

Nicole walks through the town square and calls Xander, who answers from outside the club. Nicole suggests they have that coffee after all. Xander invites her to the club and she agrees to see him there. Nicole hangs up and says to hell with Daniel as she gets to have a life too.

Theresa talks on the phone in the club, complaining about Maggie at the clothing drive. Xander enters and sees Theresa dropped some money so he gives it back to her.

Eve tells Daniel that there's no use pretending as she can tell by the look on his face that he knows about her and JJ. Daniel responds that she's damn right he does. She questions what he's going to do about it. Daniel asks how she could sleep with her daughter's boyfriend.

JJ goes to Eve's to help Paige. Paige puts the coat down and tells JJ that she thinks Eve is still seeing the guy she was seeing last fall. JJ quickly tells her that she isn't which confuses Paige.

Zoe goes to Will and Sonny's, banging on the door for Will to answer. Marlena approaches and questions her. Sonny answers the door and asks what she's doing. Zoe walks in looking for Will. Zoe then asks where Will is.

Will walks out of the town square where a man approaches and says he needs to come with him. Will tries to say no but the man warns him and takes him away.

Sonny tells Zoe that Will is running errands. Zoe asks when he'll be back and why he's not answering his phone. Sonny says they are trying to stay off the grid with what is hitting the papers this morning. Marlena tells Zoe that it's not a good time and suggests she head out. Zoe questions her and tells her to relax. Sonny questions if Zoe is going to fire Will. Zoe says she'll give Will whatever he wants because him sleeping with Paul is the best thing that could've happened.

The man brings Will to Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion. Will wants to explain but Victor tells him to shut up and listen.

Eve tells Daniel to ease up his attitude because she doesn't have to explain herself to him. Daniel tells her that he cares about Paige and JJ. He accuses her of seducing JJ to destroy he and Paige. Eve complains that JJ isn't innocent. Eve brings up JJ's past. Daniel argues that he turned his life around and accuses Eve of manipulating JJ.

Paige questions how JJ would know if Eve was back with the guy. JJ says it just doesn't make sense because she said it ended awhile ago. Paige reveals that she found the coat in the closet.

Eric asks Serena where this is coming from. Serena calls it hard to explain. Eric asks if she means if she has to move away for her job. Serena says that's it. Serena says if she knew how weird her life would get in Salem then she never would've gotten involved again. Eric questions if she would've just said no to him. Serena says he's so open and so good to her. Eric calls her the best thing that's ever happened to him and kisses her. Eric tells her they can work out the job thing. Eric asks what's changed. Serena worries that things won't play out how she wants them to and if they don't then things can get very tricky.

Theresa thanks Xander and introduces herself. She notes that neither of them are wearing a ring and suggests they get a table together to see what happens.

JJ claims he's seen a lot of coats like that in the winter. Paige comments that it looks like the one Daniel had but she knows it wasn't Daniel so she wonders who the guy was. JJ calls it a long time ago. Paige searches the coat's pockets for clues.

Eve tells Daniel that nothing with JJ was planned. Daniel brings up when they first met. Eve argues that she didn't know about his past with Jennifer. Daniel thinks she has an obsession with taking the men in Jennifer's life. Daniel thinks that's why she went after JJ. Eve yells at him to shut up.

Sonny questions if Zoe was hoping something like this would happen. She says she had no idea that Paul was gay but Will got the scoop of the decade. Zoe mentions coming to get a new article that Will said he had. They question her. Zoe says all Will said was that it was a real bombshell. Marlena thinks back to the article that Will deleted.

Victor shows Will the newspaper and tells him to check out the headline. Will doesn't want to but Victor demands he read it. The headline reads "Will Horton Takes One For the Team - Gets the Goods on Star Player". Victor tells Will to view the picture as well which is a photo of Sonny and Paul with the caption "Happy Couple celebrates Anniversary." Will is upset over it which Victor questions after he cheated on Sonny.

Xander tells Theresa that he already has a date. Theresa comments that all the handsome strangers she meets are taken. Theresa mentions working at the hospital. Xander comments on being friends with Serena. Theresa informs him that Eric is her cousin. Xander says it was lovely to meet her. Theresa tells him that he knows where to find her if his date doesn't work out as she then exits. Nicole enters and greets Xander. He tells her that she was worth the wait.

JJ stops Paige and says she can't invade her mom's privacy. Paige agrees that it has nothing to do with her. Paige asks if he's okay. JJ comments that he just hasn't been here in a long time and has no good memories. Paige understands that Eve was horrible to him and is sorry. JJ tells her that none of it is her fault. JJ says where ever she is, he wants to be as they kiss onto the couch. JJ thinks back to being with Eve and suddenly stops, telling Paige that he can't do this.

Eve tells Daniel that what happened with JJ had nothing to do with Jennifer as they had just both been drinking. She blames JJ and accuses him of taking advantage. Eve tells Daniel that Paige is her daughter and none of this is Daniel's business. Daniel tells her that she's dead wrong because he loves and cares about JJ. Daniel says JJ's family is important to him so he won't let her destroy his life. Eve asks if he's going to keep her secret or not.

Zoe tells Sonny and Marlena that Will said he just had to confirm a few facts and it was a definite cover story. She asks to see Will's tablet but Marlena refuses. Zoe complains about her. Marlena argues that Will and Sonny are going through a tough time and their marriage is far more important. Zoe tells them to let Will know she came as she needs a follow up and the fall out to what happened with Paul. Sonny asks if she's serious. Zoe says she's sorry things went wrong for them and suggests the next article could help their marriage as she exits. Marlena calls her a bitch and Sonny agrees.

Will tells Victor that he doesn't understand the whole story with Paul and Sonny's history. Victor questions Will trying to put a spin on betraying Sonny. Victor states that he loves every member of his family but Sonny has always been special to him which is why he hosted their wedding in his home but now Willl made a mockery of that ceremony. Will argues that's not what happened. Victor asks if he has any idea how much Sonny loves him. Victor tells him that Sonny's goal was to always make him happy. Victor adds that Will has the same goal to make himself happy and to hell with anyone else.

Serena tells Eric that their times in Africa were the happiest times of her life. Eric feels the same. Serena doesn't think she appreciated what they had back then but she does now and loves him so much. Serena vows to do whatever she can to make sure they can stay together. They kiss until Eric's phone rings. Eric goes to answer while Serena gets a text that $200,000 was deposited in to her account. She is surprised that Xander kept his word and declares maybe this will work out after all.

Xander is glad Nicole showed for their date as he started to think she changed her mind again. Nicole reminds him that it's not a date but a chance to get to know each other better. Xander says he's up for anything for her which impresses her. Xander asks what it will take for her to agree to a movie. She doesn't feel he's the movie type. Xander talks about putting his arm around her or holding her hand. He holds her hand as Theresa returns and sees them together.

Paige asks JJ what's wrong. JJ doesn't think making out on her mom's couch is a good idea because she could walk in. Paige agrees and apologizes for not thinking. Paige says at least it wasn't because he didn't want to be with her as she thought it was like the last time. JJ assures her that they will see where it goes if she wants to as he wants it to be special. She reminds him that he has to go to his study group. They kiss and say I love you to each other as JJ then exits.

Daniel tells Eve that he's been cheated on so he knows what it's like to have people hide things and he wouldn't wish that on his worst enemy. Eve tells him to remember the pain of finding out about the betrayal and that's the pain he'll cause Paige if he tells her and that will destroy her. Eve says Daniel knows that which is why he hasn't told her and why he won't tell her. Daniel tells her not to bet on that. Eve tells him to think about how he'll destroy JJ, Jennifer, and their entire family. Eve says if Daniel loves them like he says then he will keep that secret forever. Daniel stops her and warns her to stay away from JJ. Eve then exits.

Will tells Victor that he wants to make things right with Sonny more than anything else in the world but the problem is Paul. Victor compares him to Sami blaming everyone else. Victor thought he was someone Sonny could love but no longer thinks that. Victor warns that if he ever hurts Sonny again then the next visit won't be to chat. Will asks if he can just say something. Victor says no then tells him to get out and not say a word about this to Sonny. Will repeats that he really loves Sonny as he exits.

Sonny tells Marlena about Will thinking he was going to get fired after the papers came out but it turns out, he gets a bonus for sleeping with a superstar. Marlena assures that Will knows what he did was wrong and this marriage is very important to him. Marlena asks about a marriage counselor. Sonny says they haven't really thought about it. Marlena gives him a card for someone she knows and tells him to start talking soon. Sonny brings up the story Zoe was asking about but Will never told him that he was writing one. Marlena quickly tells him to forget it as it doesn't matter. Sonny brings up Zoe saying it was a real bombshell which they don't need.

Serena thinks back to hiding the diamonds at Daniel's as she calls Melanie and leaves a message for her to call her back soon as they need to hang out and have some fun soon. Eric comes back and apologizes as someone wants to meet about buying some of his photos. Serena tells him to go as something came up for her too. Eric kisses her and tells her to call him when she's through. Serena agrees to and exits.

Nicole tells Xander that being at a movie with him would be very interesting but probably not a good idea because she's seeing someone and she doesn't like to start what she can't finish. She points out Xander only being in town for a few days. Xander gets a text from Serena that she got the money and will be bringing him something soon. Xander then tells Nicole that his business with Serena may be through but he's staying in town a while longer as he has other projects here. Nicole asks him about the projects.

Daniel goes to the hospital and calls JJ. Daniel tells him that they need to talk a little more about the situation with Paige in person. JJ agrees to text him when he can come by. Daniel asks if everything is okay as he sounds distracted. JJ tells him that he's fine. Daniel asks if everything is still okay with Paige. JJ hopes it stays that way.

Eve comes home and is surprised to find Paige. Paige mentions not finding the box she came for and reveals to Eve that she found the coat in the closet. Paige asks if the guy she hooked up with is back in her life.

Eric tells himself that Serena won't have to worry this time because they are going to be fine. He gathers his things and heads out.

Xander tells Nicole that he'll tell her more when she agrees to a date. Nicole admits she's curious but doesn't know. Xander gets that she's seeing someone and says it was lovely to get a little time with her. He hopes to hear from her soon. Serena arrives and Xander then exits. Serena questions Nicole if they're getting to know each other. Nicole responds maybe and asks what it is to her.

Theresa goes to the hospital and happily greets Daniel. Daniel asks what she wants. Theresa asks if he's grumpy because of Nicole. Daniel asks what she's talking about. Theresa says they aren't together anymore because she just saw that Nicole has definitely moved on.

Xander makes a call and asks if now would be a good time. He says yes sir and he'll see them soon.

Will runs in to Marlena in the town square. Marlena tells him that Zoe came by. Will assumes he's fired but Marlena informs him that she was very happy with him. Marlena adds that Zoe was eager for his next article. Will explains how that's not going to happen since they found out Paul is not a DiMera so he has nothing to show Zoe. Marlena says that Zoe and Sonny are both going to want to know what was in the article. She asks if he'll be up for the questions.

Sonny finishes a call checking in on Arianna. He picks up Will's tablet and puts it down as he cleans the apartment. Sonny wonders what article Will was working on and if it was a follow up to Paul. Sonny remembers finding photos of Paul all over Will's desk. Sonny goes back to Will's tablet and opens it up.

JJ sits in the student lounge and wonders how Eve ended up with the coat or why she would even want it.

Eve tells Paige that she did wind up seeing that guy again but it's over now. Paige asks if she's okay with that. Eve says she's more than okay as it was a mistake. Paige questions her keeping his jacket so he must've meant something to her. Eve calls it past tense and says she's been meaning to get rid of it but hasn't gotten to it yet. Paige tells her that she has to go. Paige tells her to let her know if she wants to talk about him. Eve thanks her for stopping by. They hug and Paige then exits.

Daniel tells Theresa that he has test results to check on. Theresa figured he knew Nicole was seeing other guys. Daniel thinks she may have misinterpreted something. Theresa talks about the guy telling her that he was on a date and she saw them holding hands. She adds that the guy was really hot.

Serena tells Nicole that she's not trying to start anything but it just seems odd that she would be interested in Xander. Nicole asks why not since he's handsome, successful, and charming. Serena tells her that he won't be in town much longer but Nicole responds that Xander is sticking around as she's not the only reason he's in Salem. Nicole then exits.

Xander goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where he reveals Victor is his uncle and tells him he's so happy to see him again. Victor welcomes Alexander Kiriakis home.

Will tells Marlena that he can handle Zoe and Sonny. Marlena questions him using more lies. Will asks what she expects. Will tells her not to tell John as this is Tori's secret not theirs. Will complains that Paul would use it to stick around Salem and run in to Sonny more if he found out. Will tells Marlena that she can't say anything or his marriage will be over and it will be her fault. Marlena responds that marriages are rarely destroyed from the outside and walks away.

Sonny notes that there is no article on Will's tablet. Sonny looks further and finds the article which Will titled "Mommy Dearest." Sonny assumes it's about Sami but opens it up to find the article Will was writing that claims Paul is a DiMera, leaving Sonny shocked.

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