Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/7/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/7/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady finds Melanie in the blood bank and questions what she's doing. Melanie asks what he's doing there. Brady says he was looking for her and asks what she's doing in the blood bank and what's in the bag.

Serena tells Eric that they need to talk as there's something he needs to know about Xander. Eric asks what about him as she thinks about his threats. Serena says there's something they've been keeping from him and it's time he knows what it is.

Nicole bumps in to Xander in the town square. Xander is glad to meet Nicole any way at all.

Eve goes home with the brown jacket that JJ had borrowed. Eve questions why she had to see the coat to make her feel even worse for what she did. Theresa calls her and questions her stealing the coat and why she took it.

JJ texts Jennifer from school and wonders what's going on. JJ thinks back to telling Daniel the truth and Jennifer saying she needed to talk to Daniel. JJ tells himself that everything will be fine.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she won't let him ruin JJ's happiness. Daniel says that's not what he wants. Jennifer asks if he's going to keep his mouth shut or not as Paige arrives. Paige apologizes and says the door was opened and she heard them. Jennifer questions what she heard.

Eric questions Serena keeping something from him. Serena says she lied to him before at the club with Xander. Eric asks what she lied about.

Xander jokes about Nicole stalking him since they keep running into each other.

Eve questions Theresa thinking she took the coat. Theresa tells Eve that a woman saw her leave with Daniel's donated coat. Eve denies it so Theresa asks why she took off then.

JJ decides he's not going to sit around and wait so he gets up from school.

Paige tells Jennifer that she just heard her asking Daniel to keep quiet. Paige apologizes for interrupting and just came to bring Parker a toy back. Paige apologizes again and goes to leave but Jennifer stops her and says there's something she wants to talk to her about.

Brady finishes a work call as Melanie thinks about her research. Melanie quickly asks if Brady has to go back to work but Brady wants answers. Melanie says she was just picking something up for Jorge. Brady questions the bag still. Jorge comes back with the stuffed animal rabbit that she said she got him for his birthday and questions it while Brady questions her getting it for Parker.

Nicole brings up being unavailable but Xander refuses to give up and asks about his competition. Nicole calls him an acquaintance. Xander remarks that he'll be there to pick up the pieces when things fall through. Xander thinks they could have fun. Nicole asks how Serena would feel about that since she hates her. Xander asks how she feels about Eric.

Eric asks what Serena lied about with Xander. Serena admits that they did talk about Nicole as Xander met her and she has a big problem with that.

Eve tells Theresa that she left because they were supposed to hang out and then Maggie pulled her away. Eve says she has to go and hangs up while staring at the coat. Theresa turns around as JJ appears at the clothing drive.

Jennifer asks if she could talk to Paige alone for 20 minutes at the Pub. Paige agrees to meet her there. Daniel says he'll see her soon as Paige exits. Daniel doubts Jennifer is going to tell her the truth. Jennifer says she's not going to do that but needs Daniel to promise that he won't tell anyone what happened between JJ and Eve. Daniel responds that he won't promise that.

Melanie claims to Brady that she bought a rabbit for Parker but thought it was so cute that she bought another for Jorge. Jorge is confused while Brady isn't buying it. Melanie rushes out so Brady follows her.

Eric questions why he cares that Xander knows Nicole. Serena wants to get the article done and send Xander on his way but worries about him hanging out with Nicole now. Serena asks Eric to keep his distance from Xander and not get mixed up in this. Eric wants an explanation now why she said she wasn't very fond of Xander.

Xander apologizes for putting her on the spot. Nicole calls Eric her past. Xander says his too as he, Serena, and Eric were close in Africa but he makes his own opinion on people. Xander tells Nicole that he and Serena are working together but it's no big deal and they can stay far away from them. Xander gives her his number and tells her to call him sometime as he walks off.

Theresa jokes about JJ's clothes. JJ asks if Maggie is there as he told her he would help if he could. She tells him that the work is done so Maggie left and calls him worthless. JJ decides he'll go hang out with Paige then. JJ stops and says there's still one thing he needs to say to her.

Jennifer questions Daniel. He repeats that he's not making any promises as he won't lie to Paige. Jennifer says she's going to talk to Paige and smooth things over. Daniel questions if she's going to lie for both of them. Daniel can't believe she's doing this to Paige after all the times he's seen her do the right thing. Jennifer insists that she's trying to protect her but Daniel argues that she's just trying to give JJ what he wants and not caring about Paige. Daniel yells about JJ going back to Eve for more but Jennifer blames Eve. Daniel thinks that means he's not ready for a relationship then. Daniel thinks JJ needs to process this and that it's unfair to Paige. Daniel talks about how Jennifer treating JJ through his drugs and downward spirals. Jennifer calls it none of his business. Daniel points out that JJ thought it was. Jennifer argues that Daniel made JJ tell him. Daniel says he figured it out and other people will too. Daniel says it's a time bomb and she knows it. Jennifer declares that if he can't respect her wishes, she doesn't want to be his friend anymore. Jennifer remarks that Daniel couldn't be so cruel as to destroy her or JJ and if he tells Paige the truth, that's exactly what he's doing. Jennifer then storms out.

Brady catches up to Melanie in the town square and informs her that he's the one that got her the day off because he had a surprise planned for her but Melanie says she can't.

Serena tells Eric that her issues with Xander go back to his charity in Africa. She says the more she got to know him, the less she liked him as he was so smug about his position and she didn't feel his heart was in the right place. Serena worries about him knowing Nicole and doesn't want to do the dinner that he keeps talking about. Eric kisses her and suggests forgetting about Xander and Nicole because he only wants to have dinner with her. She thanks him and he suggests going to his place. They kiss and then exit together.

Eve sits at home staring at the coat. She thinks back to the night Paige saw it. Eve wonders why she had to take it.

JJ tells Theresa that it's because of her that he and Paige are back together. Theresa hopes that's not true. JJ brings up Paige coming to his defense when Theresa ripped in to him. JJ says they worked through their problems and will now be really happy together. JJ asks Theresa what lucky guy she's seeing these days.

Daniel goes to the hospital where a nurse tells him that his surgery was cancelled. Nicole finds him and says he's just in time to take her to lunch.

Paige meets Jennifer at the Pub. Jennifer thanks her for meeting her. Paige asks if there is something she wanted to talk about. Jennifer claims it's nothing specific and wanted to know how thing were going with her and JJ. Paige responds that things are going great. Jennifer says it means a lot to her that she's happy as she really thought they needed a second chance. Jennifer thanks Paige for not giving up on JJ after his terrible mistake. Paige is glad she rethought thinks and admits it wasn't easy. Paige thanks her for helping her. Jennifer doesn't think she did that much but Paige says she knows that's not true.

Eric brings Serena to his place and gives her an art piece from Africa. He knows she had her heart set on the elephant but says this piece can bring her the same good fortune that it brought him. Serena feels she doesn't deserve it or him. Eric kisses her.

Theresa refuses to discuss her personal life with JJ. JJ guesses she has nobody. Theresa argues that he's going to ruin things with Paige. JJ says Paige makes him a better person as she cares about him and loves him. JJ remarks that no one will ever feel that way about her as he walks out.

Melanie tells Brady that she has so much stuff to do. Brady questions her when she was supposed to be at work. Brady argues that the stuff can wait until after the surprise unless she wants to tell him what it is. Melanie decides it can wait and asks about the surprise. Brady tells her that it's going to be overnight and says they need to go pack. Brady insists that it's important to him so they head to Brady's.

Paige tells Jennifer that she helped by telling her that JJ wasn't himself when seeing that other girl. Jennifer thinks back to walking in on JJ and Eve. Paige is still unclear on what really happened. Jennifer thinks it's straightforward that JJ thought he lost her and just reacted but now they are moving forward and don't have to look back. Jennifer's phone rings so she says she has to go. Paige adds that she's sorry she was fighting with Daniel. Jennifer is sorry she heard that. Paige didn't mean to walk in on. Jennifer says it's nothing to worry about and talks about moving on to being just friends. Paige suggests she could help her like Jennifer helped her if she tells her what it was about. Jennifer says it was a hospital thing and nothing so she really needs to go. Jennifer rushes out as Paige remarks that she thinks Jennifer just lied to her but wonders why.

Eve puts the coat in the closet where Jack's book falls down. Eve picks it up and calls Jack a smug son of a bitch who must love Jennifer putting the screws to her. Eve throws the book and says she has to get JJ away from Paige and out of their lives for good. Eve decides she needs a drink and walks out.

Daniel is glad Nicole is there as he was going to text her. Nicole says he can tell her everything over lunch but Daniel doesn't think he can do lunch. Nicole notes that something is bothering him and asks if he wants to talk about it. Daniel says he can't. Nicole brings up his surgery being cancelled. Daniel says he just won't be good company today. Nicole wonders why and if she could help at all. Daniel tells her not to take it personally and just respect that he can't. Daniel asks her to respect him for once. Nicole says she does respect him and he's turned her concern against her. Daniel accuses her of making it about herself. Nicole argues that he won't let anything be about them. Nicole feels she irritates him when she tries to be his friend. Nicole declares that she's done getting slapped on the wrist for caring about him. Nicole then storms out.

Eric and Serena continue kissing on the couch until there's a knock at the door. Eric answers the door and Xander arrives. Xander brings up the dinner then sees Serena and apologizes for his bad timing. Xander tells Serena that he sent her what she needs to go forward with the article. Xander tells them to carry on and exits. Eric comments that it wasn't too awkward and they seemed okay with each other. Serena says they are but she doesn't want to talk about him or talk at all as they go back to kissing on the couch.

Theresa returns to the blood bank and comments on the stuffed rabbit that Jorge left. Theresa starts looking through her folders as Jorge comes in and questions what she's doing there. Jorge tells her that the files aren't done yet and he'll send them when they are. Jorge notes someone being on his computer and questions Theresa. She asks why she would be on his computer.

Brady and Melanie go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady goes to pack. Melanie tries to get her phone to call Serena but Brady comes back in.

Paige calls JJ and talks about meeting up later. Paige suggests calling Jennifer as she walked in on Jennifer and Daniel having a huge fight which Jennifer said was no big deal but she was really upset. JJ asks what the fight was about. Eve walks by as Paige says that she just heard Jennifer telling Daniel to keep his mouth shut. Jennifer pulls up so JJ hangs up. Eve questions Paige about Jennifer and Daniel. Paige says she didn't see her. Eve is surprised that Jennifer and Daniel are at each other's throats. Paige apologizes as she has to go pick up things for her next class and walks off. Eve remarks that there's something she needs to take care of herself.

Eric and Serena kiss in bed. Serena thinks back to her agreement with Xander. Eric stops and asks what's wrong.

Nicole walks through the town square and calls Xander, who answers from outside the club. Nicole suggests they have that coffee after all.

Theresa tells Jorge that she wasn't on his computer and runs him down for being boring. Theresa then walks out. Jorge then realizes it was Melanie on his computer.

Melanie asks Brady what's wrong. Brady says he has a work problem and has to cancel. Melanie says she was just getting excited but understands. Brady exits to go back to the phone. Melanie is relieved and checks the bag with the blood sample she took.

Jennifer tells JJ that Daniel is just worried about Paige and it reminds him of what happened with Chloe. JJ is sorry as he doesn't want them fighting. Jennifer knows Daniel hates this but he doesn't want to hurt JJ so he'll live with it unless he's provoked.

Daniel goes home and complains about taking his bad mood out on Nicole. He sits down and looks at Parker's toy that Paige brought so he thinks back to Paige bringing it. Eve then arrives at his door. Eve tells him that there's no use pretending as she can tell by the look on his face that he knows about her and JJ. Daniel responds that she's damn right he does.

Paige wonders where Eve put her stuff and goes to the closet where she finds the brown coat.

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