Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/6/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/6/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve calls Cole. He sarcastically calls her his new best friend. She responds that he's not her friend and she doesn't want to be. They talk about their common goal to keep JJ away from Paige. Eve tells him to get on it and hangs up. Eve calls him a sleazeball but says he's better than JJ. Theresa arrives at Eve's and complains about how she feels. She says Eve is the only person she has to talk to and then notes that Eve isn't listening. Theresa questions what Eve is up to.

Cole sits with Paige at the student lounge and jokes about studying. Cole begs her to help him but she mentions meeting JJ soon. Cole asks if that's going to be a problem.

Jennifer comes home where JJ is playing guitar. She notes him looking horrible and asks if he slept at all. JJ talks about helping with the charity event later. Jennifer knows the whole situation with Daniel scared him but she insists that they are the only ones that know for sure what happened. JJ reveals to her that he admitted the truth to Daniel.

Melanie and Daniel talk at home. Daniel notes finding on his computer that she was researching plasma and pregnancy testing.

Nicole opens a drawer at the Kiriakis Mansion and finds a gift box. Brady walks in and jokes about her invading someone's privacy. Nicole says she was just looking for a pen but asks if the gift is for Melanie.

Serena meets Xander at the club and questions what he was doing chatting with Nicole when she's bad news. Xander praises Nicole as a beautiful woman and guesses they don't get along. Serena asks what Nicole said. Xander says it's just her overreaction. Serena warns that if he wants this to work, he keeps Nicole out of this. Eric approaches and asks what they are keeping Nicole out of. She greets Eric and calls it a surprise. Eric repeats his question. Serena claims that they are talking about a different Nicole in Xander's company. Serena jokes about it. Eric sees Maggie and goes to see her. Xander comments on what a cool liar Serena is.

Brady asks Nicole why she's here. Nicole wanted to soften the blow as she shows him her tablet with a new article on Paul, Sonny, and Will from the station. Brady asks if she's hear to dig up more dirt. Nicole says she's not covering the story and wanted to see how Brady is feeling. Brady calls Paul a jerk. Nicole asks him about the gift box but he says it's none of her business. Nicole guesses that he's going to ask Melanie to marry him.

Melanie thinks back to her research and tells Daniel not to worry as she was doing research for a class. Daniel asks how class is going. She calls it great and really interesting. Daniel encourages her and tells her that he's proud of her and happy that she's happy. Daniel is glad that he was wrong about her and Brady. Melanie understands he was worried. Daniel declares everything between them now is open. Daniel's phone rings. Melanie apologizes as she hasn't been open with everything and says there is something she has to tell him about Theresa.

Theresa comments on the look in Eve's eyes. She asks if Jennifer ticked her off again. Eve says no but Theresa doesn't buy it. Theresa brings up Eve and Jennifer's history. Theresa jokes about Paige and JJ but Eve cuts her off. Eve tells her they don't discuss Paige and JJ or Jennifer. Theresa knows she ticked her off. Eve says Jennifer existing ticks her off as she has never hated anyone as much.

Jennifer questions JJ telling Daniel. JJ says he already knew. Jennifer argues that he couldn't have. JJ assures her that he knew and that he would've known he was lying. JJ says Daniel is his friend and wouldn't judge him. JJ says maybe he screwed up again. Jennifer agrees since they were going to keep it just between them. JJ assures that Daniel won't say anything. Jennifer worries that it increases the chances of something going wrong and they can't control it. JJ asks if she's saying that telling Daniel means he has to tell Paige. JJ refuses to and asks her to tell him that she's not backing out of their agreement as it would kill Paige. Jennifer says she won't tell Paige or back out but she needs to talk to Daniel. JJ isn't sure but Jennifer insists.

Maggie tells Eric that she's late for the clothing drive and says goodbye. Eric goes back and tells Serena and Xander that he will see them later. Xander mentions having that dinner as Eric exits. Serena says they are not having that dinner but Xander calls Eric his friend. Serena suggests just giving each other what they want.

Melanie apologizes to Daniel for breaking her promise and taking Theresa on but she doesn't want him to worry. Daniel says the past is the past. Melanie agrees and starts to get ready for work. Daniel asks why she brought Theresa up now. Melanie mentions running in to her at work but hopes she never has to deal with her again. Melanie then exits. Melanie adds that she hopes so after today.

Brady repeats that it's none of her business but Nicole says they are friends. Brady says he's not proposing but just wanted to give her something special. Brady talks about Melanie being there for him and it making him realize that he loves her so he just wanted to give her a present. Brady adds that he does have a huge surprise for her later.

Jennifer goes to Daniel's and is sure he knows why she's there. Jennifer brings up asking Daniel to leave it alone but accuses him of pushing JJ in to telling him. Daniel denies it but Jennifer says she came to find out what he's going to do about it.

Serena says Xander wants the diamonds and he'll get them when she sees $200,000 has been transferred to her account. Xander does not like being dictated to. Serena says they have to do it her way because she doesn't trust him. Serena brings up knowing what happens when people double cross him.

Brady explains his plan to Nicole where he's going to show up at the hospital and asks Melanie for coffee only to take her to the airport to New York or New Orleans. Nicole jokes with him. Nicole points out how she thought the box was an engagement ring and worries about disappointing Melanie if she thinks the same thing. Brady insists that she wants to take it slow too. Brady praises Melanie and his love for her. Nicole questions if they don't fight. Brady says they had one fight about Theresa and is glad that's over.

Maxine asks Melanie about her talk with Brady. Melanie admits she hasn't talked to him yet but it doesn't matter because she's given up all her thoughts about Theresa. Maxine stops her and says she has something to tell her.

Theresa tells Eve that they should go out and have fun. Theresa suggests the clothing drive which Eve mocks. Theresa jokes that they could make fun of the clothes and steal things. Eve notes that she's up to something. Theresa says it gets her out of work and adds that Jennifer won't be there. Eve agrees that it beats sitting around. Theresa asks what she's up to. Theresa mentions hot guys being volunteers at the clothing drive. Theresa jokes that everyone is Eve's type as they exit.

Paige helps Cole study. Cole comments on getting it when he's with her. He asks if she's sure JJ won't have a problem since he hates his guts. JJ appears and jokes that he's not always wrong.

Daniel questions Jennifer keeping it to herself, never telling the truth, and encouraging JJ to live a lie. Jennifer argues that the truth would hurt people. Daniel calls it a liar's defense. Jennifer says this is how it has to be. Daniel brings up Eve. Daniel says lies come out eventually and he knows how Paige will feel when it comes out. Daniel brings up past lies in his life coming out and argues that Paige doesn't deserve that. Jennifer argues that she won't find out. Daniel brings up Jennifer pointing out how it could all go wrong when he and Rafe lied to EJ for Nicole and it did. Daniel notes that Jennifer knows more than anyone knows what happens.

Melanie doesn't want a lecture but Maxine informs her that she has the day off. Melanie doesn't want the day off but Maxine says it's already been decided. Melanie argues that she has so much to do and rushes off.

Eve and Theresa go to the clothing drive and greet Eric. Eve offers to help him. Theresa sends Eric to help Maggie. Eve questions Theresa. Theresa tells Eve that Eric is her cousin so it's weird. Theresa tells Eve that Eric is unavailable. Eve says she's taking a break from men after... Theresa knew there was someone and asks who he was.

Paige tells JJ that they were studying. Cole says they've done enough, thanks her, and exits. Paige tells JJ that wasn't cool. JJ apologizes and says she shouldn't be hanging out with Cole. Paige says they were studying but JJ doesn't think they should anymore.

Nicole thinks back to helping Melanie research Dr. Mandrake. Brady asks what she's thinking about. Nicole comments that Theresa is just a real bitch so he dodged a bullet on that one. Nicole loves that he found Melanie and is happy. She calls it wonderful that they were friends first. He compares it to her and Daniel. Nicole says they are friends but wishes they were closer. Instead, she's not sure if they will end up anything at all.

Jennifer tells Daniel that what matters most to her is JJ being happy. Daniel argues that it should be Paige's decision to forgive JJ if she found out. Daniel accuses her of playing God. She shouts back that she didn't come for a lecture and has thought about all of this herself.

Xander talks about her and Serena's past. She calls it a mistake. He warns her to do the right thing with him or she and Eric will be very sorry. He thanks her for the coffee and then exits.

Melanie goes to see Jorge from the blood bank at the hospital. She claims that she got him a birthday present but it's in her car. She offers to let him go get it but he says he can't get it right now.

Eric offers to help Maggie. Maggie says all the heavy lifting is done and credits Theresa actually helping. Eve finds Daniel's brown coat that JJ borrowed in the clothing drive and thinks back to being with JJ.

Paige tells JJ that she loves him but he's not going to tell her who she sees. JJ tries to argue but Paige says he doesn't get to tell her how to live or who to see. Paige says that would be a dealbreaker on moving forward.

Nicole complains about her and Daniel. She talks about being used to the other woman being around but she doesn't know what it is with Daniel as she knows he and Jennifer are over. Brady thinks Daniel just doesn't want to get hurt again. Nicole adds that she doesn't want to be alone so if they don't have a future together, she'll hate it.

Jennifer talks about thinking over everything. Daniel questions why JJ would tell Jennifer in the first place. Jennifer yells that it doesn't matter. Jennifer says Eve hates her so much that she's gone after every man she's ever loved and now her son. Jennifer can't see how Eve could raise Paige. Jennifer calls Eve a monster for sleeping with JJ. Daniel questions if this went on and it wasn't just once. She realizes JJ didn't tell him that. Daniel calls it scary and worse than he thought. Jennifer questions if he wants Paige to know the truth about her mother. Jennifer argues that JJ can protect her because he loves her and won't hurt her again. Jennifer blames Eve and refuses to let her ruin JJ's life. She wants to help JJ and Paige. Daniel questions covering this up like nothing happened and realizes it was Jennifer's idea from the beginning.

Serena goes to her hotel and tries to convince herself to calm down as Xander needs those diamonds and won't do anything crazy. Serena goes to rush out but Eric arrives and asks if she's alright.

Brady goes to the hospital but Maxine tells him that she couldn't get Melanie to take the day off. Maxine sends Brady to where Melanie is.

Melanie continues talking with Jorge. He realizes she won't stop talking until he goes to get the present. She promises he will love it and she'll watch over things while he's gone. He gives in and exits. Melanie then begins searching his computer. She goes to the blood bank and looks through the vials until she finds Theresa's.

Theresa tells Maggie that she's going to go but Maggie encourages her to stay. Eve puts the coat back into a box.

JJ smiles at Paige and agrees he had the hard time coming. They kiss and agree to meet after the next class. Paige exits. Cole returns and tells JJ that it's not going to last.

Nicole walks through the town square and calls Daniel but gets his voicemail. She hangs up.

Jennifer asks Daniel what difference it makes whose idea it was as the decision has been made. Daniel brings up JJ needing to tell someone the truth. Jennifer says now he has so they can keep quiet. Daniel asks if this is really about Paige and JJ being happy or about making Eve miserable for payback. Jennifer tells him that JJ deserves to be happy and she won't let Daniel interfere. Daniel sees his missed call from Nicole and says they will talk later. He goes to leave but Jennifer tells him that he's not going anywhere until this is settled.

Serena tells Eric that he just startled her. She tells him that they need to talk as there's something he needs to know about Xander.

Nicole bumps in to Xander in the town square.

Brady finds Melanie in the blood bank and questions what she's doing.

Maggie continues with the clothing drive as Theresa wonders where Eve went.

Eve goes home with the brown jacket that JJ had borrowed.

JJ questions why Cole can't ask someone else for help studying. Cole tells him that Paige will find out the truth about him someday and someone will need to be around to pick up the pieces when he rips her heart out.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she won't let him ruin JJ's happiness. Daniel says that's not what he wants. Jennifer asks if he's going to keep his mouth shut or not as Paige arrives.

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