Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/3/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/3/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena realizes Will pulled the story because it wasn't true. Marlena asks Will to talk to her about it. Marlena says it took three minutes for her to figure out what he was thinking. Marlena declares that Will is thinking that Paul is not a DiMera, but John's son.

Rafe and John pack things up at the benefit. John gets a text from Carolina that she's sorry she couldn't be there for Will and Sonny as she's in California. John suggests giving them a toast and Rafe agrees.

Lucas and Adrienne lay in bed together. They talk about having no regrets. Lucas says he has to leave but not at this moment as they kiss.

Clyde and Kate talk at the nightclub. He asks what she's been up to since he's been gone. She says not much. He asks about her losing her job. Kate says it's not just a job but an entire company. Kate complains that Stefano took everything from her and humiliated her. Clyde points out that she did that to him. Kate questions whose side he's on. Clyde insists that she can bounce back and Victor is the man that can help him do it.

Ben and Abigail kiss as Chad stands nearby and drops a table he was packing up. Ben helps Chad with the table and they carry it away. The photographer tells the reporter that there is no big story here but the reporter insists it's a great backdrop for the real story.

Paul and Sonny go to Sonny's office to get dry t-shirts after the kids got them with water guns. Paul ends up taking his shirt off and getting close to Sonny. Paul apologizes. Sonny asks why. Paul admits he wants to kiss him and doesn't want to stop there but he's already messed up his life so much. Sonny understands he didn't know Will was his husband. Paul says he does now so maybe Will's right in thinking that he's trying to find excuses to stick around, hoping that his marriage would fall apart.

Will tells Marlena that they don't know that for sure. Marlena mentions John telling her that he ran into a woman he had a relationship with years ago. Marlena says Will put this all together because of the date on Tori's picture. Will points out that Tori said Paul's father was dead but Marlena knows he never believed that. Marlena questions why Will really deleted the article and yells at him not to lie to her. Marlena says he pulled it because he knows Paul is not a DiMera. She asks him to tell her the truth. Will admits Paul is not a DiMera and he thinks that John is his father.

John asks Rafe to make some calls for him. John runs in to the reporter named David. He asks if Paul is still around, hoping for an exclusive with a big story. John says he'll find him and walks off.

Sonny gets Paul a clean shirt. Paul asks if he's going to say anything. Sonny says he already talked to Will and if Paul being in Salem is a threat to their marriage then they must not have had much of one to begin with. Paul is glad that he didn't have to say goodbye to him tonight. Sonny tells Paul that he'll always care about him but he shouldn't have hope for them. Paul knows and that's why he's leaving as without Sonny there's nothing keeping him around.

Will argues that he doesn't know for a fact. She brings up him confronting Tori. Will repeats that he doesn't know anything. Will feels Tori didn't want John to know that Paul is her son. Marlena starts to go to talk to John but Will stops her and says there is no way in Hell that she's going to tell him.

Lucas and Adrienne continue kissing until their phones ring. Adrienne worries that it can't be good. Lucas answers a call from Rafe while Adrienne answers a call from Maggie. Rafe and Maggie tell Lucas and Adrienne about coming to the town square for Will and Sonny's toast. Maggie asks Adrienne to text Lucas about it. They hang up and laugh.

Kate and Clyde approach Maggie and Victor at the nightclub. Maggie greets them. Clyde asks for a word with Victor so they step aside while Kate sits with Maggie. Maggie reminds Kate of Will and Sonny's anniversary. Victor and Clyde sit at the bar. Clyde appreciates him being a man of his word. Victor hears he's doing very well. Clyde says keeping the peace has served them all well. Victor comments on enjoying time with his family. Clyde suggests Victor put Kate to work for him.

Chad thanks Ben for the help and tells him that he's really happy that he and Abigail worked out. Chad advises Ben to read Jack's book as he's blown away that he hasn't yet and insists that he'll get right through it. Ben tells Chad that he's wasting his time as he's never getting sucked in to anything with him again.

Will tells Marlena not to be a hypocrite. Will brings up Marlena telling him that he had no right to upend people's lives. Marlena argues that she's not trying to hurt anyone. Will shouts that all he wanted was a chance to save his marriage and he still wants that. Will asks her not to blow this for him because if Paul finds out that John is his father then he might stay in Salem for good and he'll come after Sonny. Marlena says he doesn't know that but Will doesn't want to take the chance. Will says he has to win Sonny back and he has to have a clear shot which means Paul must get out of town. Will asks Marlena to let it go.

Paul asks Sonny if he believes in fate. Sonny responds that he knows he does. Paul brings up the night they met. They joke around together. Paul still can't believe Sonny didn't know who he was when they met. Sonny admits he never heard of him as he didn't follow baseball. Paul says that was the only reason people wanted to know him then. Paul declares he should've said yes when Sonny proposed.

Maggie invites Kate to the town square for Will and Sonny's gathering. Maggie comments that Clyde and Victor seem to be getting along. Kate says there's a lot of that going around. She questions why Maggie is being nice to her. Maggie responds that life is too short.

Victor tells Clyde that Lucas is doing great at Mad World and he would have to kick him out to give Kate a job which he doesn't think Kate would want. Clyde says someone will pick her up and it's a shame things didn't work out at DiMera. Victor agrees that would've been best. Clyde questions how Stefano got past Victor. Victor responds that Stefano is no fool and he was off of his game.

Chad tells Ben that he's trying to help him and says he has to keep up to get a woman like Abigail. Ben refuses to let him get under his skin. Chad thinks they are great together. Ben agrees and says nothing he says or does will change that. Chad insists he's trying to help him but Ben doesn't want it. Chad asks if Ben wants to take it to the next level but Ben doesn't want to discuss it with him. Ben tells him to butt out. Chad says he has as Abigail's family already ordered him to stay away from her. Abigail approaches and questions who ordered him to stay away from her.

Will tells Marlena that he needs Paul out of town and if he finds out that John is his father and Brady is his half brother then he'll suddenly have all this family and will be living in the Kiriakis Mansion. Marlena reminds Will that Sonny married him. Will points out that was after Paul turned him down and now calls that the biggest mistake of his life. Will doesn't believe Paul will respect his marriage. Will notes that Paul is a star and coming out of the closet has made him an even bigger hero. Will complains that Paul is everything that Sonny wants and everything is not. Marlena disagrees but Will says he can't take it. Marlena assures him that Sonny loves him. Will says that's why he can fight for him and he will win but he needs room to do it so he begs Marlena to let him hold on to his family.

Paul tells Sonny that saying no to him was the biggest mistake of his life. Paul thought baseball was the reason he had anything and he was too afraid to give it up. Sonny knows that now. Paul calls Sonny his fate and he was an idiot not to see it. Paul says he lost the only thing he ever really wanted. Sonny understands he had to play as he had a gift. Paul touches his face but John interrupts and tells them that they are needed back at the town square so they exit.

Victor returns to Maggie and comments on her getting along with Kate. Maggie realizes Victor has been playing possum for Clyde and he wanted her to play along. Victor asks how long she's known. Maggie knows him but doesn't understand why. Victor calls it complicated. Maggie is happy to play along and says they have to go. Maggie assumes he's about to put Clyde and Kate in their place and she will enjoy it. She advises him not to do anything stupid and then they exit together.

Chad tells Abigail that Hope had some choice words for him. Abigail says she had no right. Chad isn't surprised but Abigail says she can take care of herself. Chad tells her not to be hard on Hope. Chad understands her family is pulling for Ben after getting to know him. Chad says he'll see them later and walks away. John walks by and invites them to the town square for the toast to Will and Sonny.

Will asks Marlena if she's going to tell John that Paul is his son. Rafe finds them and says they're needed at the town square right away.

Paul returns to the town square but doesn't want to intrude on the anniversary. John reminds him he has to talk to the reporter. Maggie and Victor arrive as John pours champagne. Sonny arrives to see the anniversary table set up. Adrienne greets him and wishes him a happy anniversary but he questions if it is. Will then arrives and sees Sonny. John gets everyone's attention. John apologizes for the crowd not being bigger but they are all happy to spend the day with them. John turns it over to Victor. Victor says a year ago, he was honored to host their wedding and calls it one of the finest weddings Salem never had. Victor says they proved all the doubters wrong as everyone applauds. Victor toasts to Sonny and Will, calling them one of the finest couples any of them know. Victor introduces Marlena to speak next. Marlena starts off wondering what to say. She agrees with what Victor said and calls it a good beginning. She knows they had difficulties but she knows their vows are still true to this day as they flash back to their wedding vows. Marlena adds that the love they feel is deeper now than a year ago and she hopes that continues. Marlena hopes they'll be here next year and every year to celebrate as she toasts to them and everyone applauds. The photographer texts David that Paul is in the town square with John and Sonny. Chad calls the photographer over to take pictures. John toasts to Will and Sonny with everyone else. David interrupts, asking for a minute with the happy couple. Kate questions what he's doing there and why he's talking to them. John tells her that he wanted to talk to Paul. Kate complains about David's reporting. Sonny asks why David is asking them questions. He says he's doing background for the big piece and asks about Sonny being stabbed. Sonny says he's fine now. David asks about Paul donating the blood that saved his life. Sonny says that he did which Victor toasts to. David calls it ironic that Paul saved Sonny's life while his husband Will outed him. Paul corrects that he came out. Abigail wonders why he's being so pushy. David congratulates Will on the article. David reveals to everyone that Will was having sex with Paul and questions if Will seduced Paul and then blackmailed him in to coming out. Will goes after him as Sonny holds him back. Will calls it a lie. David questions Will having sex with Paul. Will shouts they didn't have an affair but David brings up having a witness in Derrick the hotel clerk. Chad goes after him and Ben helps get David out of the way. John threatens to arrest David. The photographer punches Chad and runs away while David continues shouting while being escorted out. Abigail rushes to check on Chad. Victor confronts Will and questions if it's true that he cheated on Sonny. Sonny tries to stop Victor while Lucas and Maggie hold him back. Victor tells them to back off. Victor remarks that Will obviously takes after Kate and Sami as Maggie pulls him away. John warns Paul to take off. Paul says he has to talk to Sonny but John says he saw what he walked in on earlier. John says it's bad enough to make a play for Sonny's husband and questions what kind of guy he is. Paul argues it's not like that and he doesn't understand. John tells Paul that he can forget about the baseball clinic because when the article comes out, everyone would want their money back so he can get out of town. Rafe suggests Paul leave so he exits. Adrienne and Lucas tell Will and Sonny to leave so they do. Clyde confronts Victor about the way he talked to Kate while Lucas tries to calm him down. Victor tells them to back off. Victor warns Lucas to be glad he still has a job for now as he threatens that Will is going to pay for what he did to Sonny. Victor walks off with Maggie.

Ben and Abigail sit with Chad at the club where Abigail holds ice to Chad's face where he was punched. Chad tells them he's fine so they can go on their date. Ben agrees so they exit.

Sonny and Will go home. Will tells him that he's so sorry about everything.

Ben tells Abigail he understands if she's not in the mood anymore. Abigail agrees to do it another night as she can't believe what just happened. Abigail can't believe what Will did but then compares it to what she did with EJ. Abigail knows Will must be sick about it. Ben assures they will sort it out and they agree to see each other soon.

Chad pours a drink at the club and takes a drink.

Clyde and Kate return to the nightclub, complaining about Victor. Clyde comments that it doesn't look to him like he lost a step. Kate agrees that he certainly hasn't. Clyde thinks Victor played he and Kate on the DiMera deal. Kate agrees but knows he wouldn't miss a chance to stick it to Stefano since there's no one he hates more. Clyde remarks that's the way it used to be. Kate asks what he's been up to.

Victor and Maggie go home. Victor says the only mistake Sonny made was marrying that cheating bastard. Victor complains that Sonny could always do better. Victor talks about Sonny coming out and praises his skills. Maggie calls him a great guy and insists they will find their way. Victor complains that Sonny was in the hospital bleeding to death while Will was cheating on him. Victor wonders how to get past that. Victor says he really tried with Will but he's Sami's son and he was right that Sonny's too damn good for him.

Lucas and Adrienne sit outside. Adrienne says that what they did is exactly what Will and Paul did. Lucas disagrees since Justin left her and had an affair. Adrienne brings up that she's still married. Lucas assures that no one will find out. Adrienne is sure Paul and Will thought that too. Adrienne apologizes and rushes off.

John and Marlena go to the Pub where John questions her knowing about Will and Paul. Marlena says she couldn't say anything. John says she could've stopped him from putting this altogether. Marlena talks about Will and Sonny working through this. John informs her that he walked in on Paul coming on to Sonny in his office. John declares that he's glad they have seen the end of Paul Narita.

Tori sits in the hotel room looking at John's business card as Paul comes in. She asks him what's wrong. Paul tells her that all the secrets are out and everyone knows. She asks what that means. Paul tells her that a reporter announced to the town square that he slept with Will so it's going to be all over the papers tomorrow. Tori says it will be over then and points out that he didn't know Will was married. Tori states that Will is going to have to pay the consequences while Paul is with his family far away from Salem.

Will tries to call Zoe and worries about getting fired. Sonny questions that being his priority. Will says he wants this out of the way so they can focus. Sonny says goodnight and happy anniversary as he walks away in to the bedroom and shuts the door.

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