Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/2/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/2/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas and Adrienne kiss on the couch. Lucas starts to undress her but she stops him and says they can't do this.

Aiden and Rafe talk at the town square benefit. Rafe admires what they are doing as Aiden thanks him for the help. Hope watches on as Chad is with Abigail. Ciara and Chase join Hope and Aiden. They all agree that today is going to be great. Chad praises Abigail being organized and they go to get cups together. Sonny arrives as Rafe is hanging a poster advertising Paul's appearance at the benefit. Rafe calls it a small world since Will wrote an article on Paul while Sonny's never met him before and he ends up saving his life. Sonny asks if he's seen Will.

Will shows Tori the article cover and warns her to fix this or it goes online tonight. John appears and approaches them. John recognizes Tori and says "Oh my God, it is you." Will questions them knowing each other. John asks how many years it's been. Tori responds that it's been a long time. John is surprised and says it's so wonderful to see her as he hugs her.

Lucas apologizes to Adrienne and says he knows it can't happen. She corrects that it can't happen here in Victor's study. She takes him by the hand and they exit.

Chad and Abigail go to the club to pick up cups for the benefit. Chad questions if she's sure they should be doing this together. She says they are just working a charity event. Chad brings up her family thinking he has ulterior motives. She asks if he does.

Rafe tells Sonny that he hasn't seen Will since Chad announced Paul saved his life. Sonny goes to try and find him as Rafe wishes him a happy anniversary. Abe joins Rafe to help hang banners. Paul joins Aiden and Hope. Aiden introduces Paul to Ciara, Chase, and Theo. Paul signs Chase's baseball. Ciara mentions his career being over. Hope reminds her about manners but Paul says it's okay and calls it a new start. Ben arrives and asks Sonny what he can do to help. Sonny tells him they have cups but no lids so Ben goes to get some. Marlena arrives and asks Sonny where John is. Sonny suggests he could be with Will.

John asks what Tori is doing in Salem. Tori says she had business with Sonix magazine but she's leaving very soon. John says there's someone he would love for her to meet. John gives her his card in case her plans change. John asks Will to help get the kids for the photo shoot with Paul. John tells Tori that it's really nice to see her again and walks off. Will questions Tori what that was about.

Adrienne takes Lucas to her bedroom. He asks if she's sure and they kiss.

Chad jokes with Abigail. Abigail wants to get the cups lids while Chad continues joking with her. Ben walks in and sees them together. Chad talks to Abigail about Jack's book quotes and how he knew it would mean a lot to her. Ben interrupts and asks if he can help. Chad says Ben knows more about this than he does and that he'll see them later. Chad exits. Abigail tells Ben to go ahead and say it.

Marlena tells Sonny that she will go find John and Will. Rafe returns to Sonny and asks if he found Will. Sonny says Marlena just went to look for him. Rafe talks about needing Will for the photo shoot. Sonny says he'll ask Chad to step in. Rafe asks if Sonny is okay. Sonny says yes but then says no and admits to Rafe that Paul wasn't a stranger to him. Rafe asks why he's telling him this. Sonny comments that it looked like he had questions. Rafe thinks it sounds like he was the last to know on a lot of things. Sonny gets a call and goes to help his barista carry things in at the club. Marlena finds John and asks if he's seen Will. John says he did but Ciara interrupts and pulls John away to help with the ring toss.

Tori asks Will if he wanted her to tell John that he was blackmailing her. Will points out that she lied about why she was there. Will brings up how they were looking at each other. She calls him paranoid. Will notes that she was starting to panic and didn't even mention Paul being her son. Tori says she will get Paul out of town. Will realizes the reason that she didn't want Paul to come to Salem and then asks if John is Paul's father. Tori claims that Paul's father died before he was born but Will doesn't believe her. Will argues that she didn't tell John about Paul because he would put it all together. Will realizes she must have used another name before. Tori admits she had a professional name back then. Tori tells Will that there is no reason for John to know that she's Paul's mother. Will agrees that nobody needs to know. He pulls out his tablet and deletes his planned article. Will says there's no reason for anybody to know who Paul's father is because it would kill Paul to know that she kept the truth from him. Will tells her to do them both a favor and get him out of town as soon as possible. Will then heads back for the town square.

Lucas and Adrienne continue kissing and begin to undress each other. They end up having sex in bed.

Ben asks Abigail what he's supposed to say. She brings up his look when he saw Chad. Ben says he just came to help with the event. She questions him not being upset seeing her with Chad. Ben says he was maybe a little jealous but not upset. Ben thinks she likes that. She likes that he was honest. Ben shows her where to get the different size lids for the cups. Ben tells her that he told Sonny they will help with the relay races. Abigail says it sounds perfect for them to spend the whole day together. They kiss and exit together.

John helps Ciara win the ring toss and she wins a stuffed animal. Paul helps Chase with the ball toss and he wins a glove signed by Paul. Paul tells John that he's glad he stuck around for this. Will comes back and sees them. Chad approaches and asks Will where he's been. Will says he had business to take care of. Chad mentions Paul saving Sonny's life and asks if Will is doing more interviews. Will says who knows and walks away. Will pulls Marlena aside and says he knows she's very angry with him. Marlena says she's not angry but disappointed. Will calls that so much worse. Will tells her that she was completely right that it's nobody's business that Paul is a DiMera so he deleted his article completely. Will calls it the right thing to do and admits he was making a big leap. Marlena agrees that the picture doesn't prove anything. Will says that Tori said Paul's father died before he was born so if she was keeping a secret, she must have a good reason and it's not his business. Chad joins them and needs Will to help with the photographer. Will hugs Marlena and tells her that everything is settled and going to be okay.

Lucas and Adrienne lay in bed together. They laugh and agree that what they did was pretty insane but they are not sorry as it's been a long time for both of them. Adrienne adds that it's just a shame it can't go on.

Abigail and Ben help the kids. Ben goes to get more prizes while the photographer takes a picture of Abigail with the kids. Will tells the photographer that he has to go meet a writer for Sonix. Theo asks Chad about going rollerblading. Chad tells him that it's going to be him and Abigail. Theo wants Chad to go too. Chad suggests Ben can go instead as he's Abigail's new boyfriend. Theo argues that it's supposed to be uncle Chad and Abigail. Chad says they can do something else but Theo insists. Abe takes Theo away. Chad apologizes to Ben. Ben understands they are important to Theo. Chad has the photographer take more pictures of Abigail and Ben with the kids. They get the kids ready for the relay races. Rafe and Marlena watch them and praise the benefit. Rafe doubts Will and Sonny expected to spend their anniversary like this. Rafe asks if she has any idea what's going on with them. Marlena claims she has no idea but Rafe thinks she does. Rafe says he can feel the tension between them. Rafe says he understands if she can't say anything but if it's bad for them, it will be bad for Arianna. Marlena assures that they know that and she'll keep an eye on it. Rafe adds that he's happy to help with Arianna if they need a break but he'll also step in if she's badly affected. Marlena says she understands as Rafe walks away.

Sonny joins Paul and tells him today is a big success because of him. Paul jokes with him. Chad brings the photographer over and explains to him how Paul saved Sonny's life. Chad has the photographer take a picture of Sonny and Paul as Will walks by and sees them. Chad sees Will and brings him over for pictures. The photographer takes a picture of Will and Sonny together then takes Paul back to the kids. Will comments that it's not how he pictured their first wedding anniversary. Sonny calls it a good cause and lots of fun. Will notes that the kids love Paul. Will says it's okay that he and Paul have shared things. Will hopes they have many more anniversaries to come. Paul finishes taking pictures and then the photographer takes a family photo of Hope, Aiden, Ciara, and Chase. He asks Hope for her and husband's name. They clarify that they aren't married. He remarks that they could've fooled him as he walks away. Sonny tells them that he forgot the water gun grand prizes in his office so he sends them to go get them.

Lucas tells Adrienne that they should just enjoy right now. She says there's so many things wrong with what they just did and calls it out of nowhere. Lucas argues that they both saw it coming for a long time and even Justin did too. She points out that he still went back to Dubai and he's the least of it right now. Lucas asks what's wrong. She brings up their sons being married and going through a rough time so she wonders what kind of example they just set. Lucas feels he's never really been an example for Will. She asks if he'd be okay with Will knowing. Lucas agrees as she tells him that no one can know about this.

John and Marlena sit together outside of the town square and talks about the upcoming $50,000 donation. John tells her about running into an old friend and notes they were in different places back then. She asks if she knows her. John says her name was Tori Simpson and adds that he found her talking to Will. Marlena asks why. John says she said she was working with Sonix in town.

Ben notes Abigail being quiet and asks if everything is okay. She tells him that she was just thinking about their argument. Ben apologizes. She explains that she was thinking about her life being out in the open for the world to see like her affair with EJ being a news story. She says Ben knows close to everything about her but she doesn't know anything about his life other than a couple of stories. Ben says there isn't much to tell but she can ask anything she wants as he's not holding back anything from her.

Marlena asks John if he was involved with Tori. John admits he was briefly a long time ago. John didn't want her to feel blindsided in case they saw her. Marlena says that's fine and is glad he told her.

Aiden and Hope kiss in Sonny's office. Ciara jokes that they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Ciara comments that they are in love and jokes about coming to help carry the prizes. They let them carry the prizes and the kids rush out. Aiden and Hope joke about the kids. Aiden tells Hope that Ciara is right that he's in love with Hope as they kiss.

Will suggests Sonny they can do something for their anniversary after this is over. Marlena pulls Will away and says she needs to talk to him. Sonny sees Paul run by with the kids chasing him with water guns. Sonny goes after them, saying those are the prizes.

Lucas jokes with Adrienne about Henderson being on twitter and Instagram so they are glad he isn't there as they can keep it secret.

Aiden and Hope go to the Pub and talk about being wiped out. They agree that it was worth it and good for the kids. Aiden is grateful to have her in his life as they kiss. Ciara and Chase sit at the next table where Ciara wins another bet with Chase over if Aiden and Hope would kiss again.

Lucas tells Adrienne that whatever happens now, they'll see. She asks what if she wants it to happen again and again and again. Lucas says they can do it now and they start kissing again.

Ben and Abigail start packing things up. She asks if he wants to go to the new sushi place. Ben is surprised she is still up for going out. Abigail says they just had an argument but they can move on. Ben still wants to go out and they kiss. Chad watches from a distance.

Rafe and John pack things up. Rafe praises John for getting Paul to stay the weekend. John calls Paul a stand up guy and comments that his parents must have raised him right.

Tori goes back to her hotel room and looks at her phone with a picture of her, Paul, and Paul's grandfather. She says she shamed her father and her son and they could never forgive what she's done.

Paul and Sonny go to Sonny's office to get dry t-shirts after the kids got them wet with water guns. Paul ends up taking his shirt off and getting close to Sonny.

A reporter shows up to the town square and asks the photographer if Paul is there. He tells him there is no hard news. The reporter says Paul could be in a for bombshell today.

Marlena asks Will about pulling the story about Paul's father because it was none of his business. Marlena brings up John seeing them and knowing Paul's mother. Marlena realizes Will pulled the story because it wasn't true. Marlena asks Will to talk to her about it. Marlena says it took three minutes for her to figure out what he was thinking. Marlena declares that Will is thinking that Paul is not a DiMera, but John's son.

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