Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/1/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/1/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa runs into Melanie at the hospital and complains about her. Theresa doesn't want to see her. Melanie thinks back to her research and tells her that their problems aren't in the past.

Abigail goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and shows Adrienne the quotes from Jack's book. She asks how she found it and she tells her that she got it from Chad.

Chad talks to Stefano on the phone. Chad praises Stefano's work. Stefano asks about Abigail. Chad tells him that Abigail loved the article on Jack's book but she wouldn't if she found out that Stefano planted it.

Sonny meets Rafe at the club and asks about his afternoon with Arianna. They joke about her learning to talk. Rafe tells him that he dropped her off with the babysitter. Sonny is thankful for Gabi's anniversary present. Rafe can't believe it's been a year. Rafe asks if Sonny wants to talk as he could feel the tension from Will. Rafe asks if something's going on with them.

Will talks on the phone at home about still confirming facts for the story as Lucas comes over. Will says on the phone that he isn't sure how long it will take but assures it will be a blockbuster cover story and he'll know by tonight. Will hangs up. Lucas tells Will that he can't release a story that says Paul is a DiMera. Will says he can but won't have to if Tori follows through with getting him out of town.

Paul questions Tori meeting Will and asks how she met him. Tori admits that he came looking for him. Paul asks why she didn't say anything. Tori notes that he was very upset and she didn't want him to hear any of it. Tori thinks back to Will's threats as Paul asks what Will said.

John and Marlena join Aiden and Hope in the town square where they are setting up for the children's benefit.

Lucas warns Will that this whole thing could backfire. Will doesn't see how since it's the truth. Lucas thinks Paul finding out he's a DiMera could give him reason to stay in town. Lucas questions Will throwing Paul to the DiMeras and wonders what Sonny will think. Will thinks someone will write the story. Lucas says Will is the only one that knows and warns him about lying to Sonny. Will says he needs to act because if he doesn't, Paul will. Lucas calls it all a mess. Will says he doesn't have to be in the middle of this. Lucas brings up Adrienne being in the middle. Will reveals to Lucas that Adrienne knew about Sonny and Paul all along.

Abigail explains to Adrienne how Chad got her Jack's book before it was on shelves. Adrienne talks about that being a long time ago and makes sure that she's still with Ben, not Chad. Abigail says she is still with Ben and she doesn't want to make a big deal but they are in a bit of a rough patch. Adrienne hopes it's not because of Chad.

Chad questions if Stefano is sure that Abigail won't find any trace of how the article got there. Chad talks about Abigail being happy and calls it a step. Stefano asks what the next step is. Chad tells him about the children's benefit in the town square today with John. Stefano remarks having an aversion to heroes like John. Chad tells him that Abigail will be there for the whole thing. Stefano tells Chad to use the company account for his donation and add even more. Chad thanks him for going above and beyond. Stefano tells Chad that he's his only son and there's nothing beyond that. Stefano tells him to go slowly this time and keep his eye on the prize. Chad hangs up.

Melanie tells Theresa that she won't feel right if she doesn't tell her what she's been thinking about. Theresa asks what's going on. Melanie brings up Clint. Theresa tells her that it's over. Melanie says she knows. Theresa questions if he said something to her. Melanie mentions seeing his note and asks if she doesn't remember that.

Aiden and John talk about baseball. Aiden comments on things looking good between John and Marlena. John says they are and it's a miracle they've survived. John says this time is for keeps. Aiden calls it pretty great.

Sonny tells Rafe that he doesn't want to get into it. Rafe says it's none of his business unless it affects Arianna. Sonny asks if he saw any sign of that. Rafe notes that she seemed more anxious and fussy so she must be feeling it. Rafe compares it to Sydney when she was little. Sonny insists that they're good and they are going to handle it. Rafe hopes so and then exits.

Tori tells Paul that Will wants him out of the way and he doesn't want him to justify his home and family. Paul questions her saying it like she thinks he's a homewrecker too. Paul asks if she thinks Will is better for Sonny than him. Tori tells him that he deserves his own relationship free and clear. Tori says he'll only have that if he lets go and moves on. She tells him to do it for his sake as much as Sonny and Arianna. Paul responds that it's the plan. Paul asks her to come with him to the benefit today but she declines. She knows he'll be signing autographs for the kids so she decides to stay behind and pack so that they will be ready to go. Paul agrees that it will be good for him to leave Salem and then goes to get dressed.

Abigail assures Adrienne that what's going on with her and Ben has nothing to do with Chad but then says maybe it does a little bit but it's not Chad's fault. Adrienne questions her spending time with Chad and Chad doing these calculated gestures. Abigail states that Chad is capable of nice gestures. Adrienne points out that EJ was too. Abigail can't believe she went there. Adrienne compares the two and reminds Abigail that Chad hurt her before. Adrienne advises her to think about it as Abigail exits.

Will tells Lucas that Adrienne has been in the middle of their business all along and knew about Paul donating blood to Sonny. Will is tired of Paul walking around like a saint. Will believes Adrienne prefers Sonny with Paul. Lucas argues that this has nothing to do with the article. Will says he won't have to do it if Paul leaves town tonight after the benefit. Will and Lucas exit with Will heading to the benefit and Lucas saying he has to make a stop first.

Melanie reminds Theresa that she brought Clint's note to her in the bedroom. Theresa questions her. Melanie tries to explain but Theresa yells at her to shut up.

Lucas goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and confronts Adrienne about knowing about Paul and Sonny from the very beginning.

Rafe joins Hope to help set up for the benefit. Rafe asks her about Aiden as Aiden comes up behind Rafe. Hope jokes with him as Rafe then greets Aiden. Sonny joins John and Marlena. John asks if Paul and Will are on their way. Sonny comments that they won't be coming together. John comments on Will spending a lot of time with Paul for that story. Will arrives and tells them that they will be getting a lot of publicity for this event. Marlena asks if Will brought the stopwatch for the races. Will tells her that it's in his bag. Marlena goes to his bag and finds Will's tablet with his article on Paul being a DiMera opened. Marlena turns and questions if this is a joke but Will tells her that it's true.

Theresa tells Melanie that she has some nerve getting in to her personal business. Theresa wants zero contact with her. Theresa calls her needy and insecure. Melanie can't believe she wanted to help her. Theresa says nothing is worse than having her in her face. Jorge from the blood bank approaches and asks Theresa about donating again but she yells at him to go away. Melanie questions Theresa donating blood.

Abigail goes to the club where Chad shows up and greets her. Chad asks if she needs any help. She says she will and thanks him as they are getting ready for the town square. Chad puts over how great it will be for the kids. Chad notices that she printed his e-mail. Hope arrives and sees them. Abigail tells Chad that she's been showing her family and she thinks it was really sweet of him so she doesn't care what people say. Chad asks about getting grief because it's him. Chad says he can't blame them. Abigail argues that they are wrong because she knows what he did and why. She thanks him as Hope interrupts, asking where Ben is.

Adrienne questions Lucas what he's accusing her of. Lucas recalls her acting like she never heard of Paul before. She claims she was being discreet. Lucas argues that none of this would've happened in the first place if everyone was open about things. Lucas thinks everything would have changed if Sonny had told Will about Paul. Adrienne accuses Lucas of blaming everyone else for Will's mistake.

Will asks for his tablet back. Marlena says she didn't go looking for it. Will says he'll explain but not here and asks to go somewhere private. Paul arrives and greets Marlena.

Theresa tells Melanie that she does donate blood and tells her to stay out of her business as she walks off.

Abigail tells Hope that Ben is coming when he gets out of class. Hope mentions they could use his help. Abigail goes to check on getting the food together. Hope stops Chad and asks what he's up to. Chad tells her that he and Abigail are just friends. Hope questions him. Chad says Ben is a great guy. Hope warns Chad that she's watching him.

Lucas tells Adrienne that Will would've never slept with Paul if he knew. Adrienne says Will being married should've been enough. Lucas knows he keeps making excuses and knows Will made a huge mistake but it's frustrating that he can't fix it. Adrienne calls it a parents curse. Lucas blames himself for setting a bad example when Will was little. Adrienne apologizes for being so defensive. Lucas tells her that she had every right. Adrienne wishes that Sonny did tell Will about Paul. Lucas knows he was honoring his promise. Adrienne now agrees it could've been different and calls it such a mess. Lucas agrees. Adrienne apologizes for being abrupt last time they saw each other and he doesn't deserve that. Lucas understands she's been alone for months then Justin popped in and out. Adrienne comments that she felt more alone when Justin was there than before he came back or now.

Paul asks Will about looking for him. John interrupts and pulls Paul away. Marlena questions Will looking for Paul and what's going on here. Will tells Marlena to come with him and walks off. Aiden greets Paul and asks if Sonny met him. Sonny responds that they have met as Rafe watches on.

Will and Marlena walk out of the town square. She says they are alone now and asks what's going on. She tells him not to make up any story but to just tell her what happened. Will explains that he just followed a lead and found a picture of Tori in Salem before on DiMera property nine months before Paul was born. Marlena argues that it doesn't make Paul a DiMera. Will brings up Tori not wanting Paul to come to Salem and lying about never being there before. Will adds that he confronted Tori which Marlena questions. Will brings up Tori telling Paul that his father died before he was born. Will adds that Tori didn't deny his theory. Marlena asks why he's pursuing this. Will says that Paul is pursuing Sonny and doing whatever he can to be near him so he's going to do whatever he can to get Paul away from his husband.

Melanie finds Jorge from the blood bank and apologizes for Theresa. She asks about Theresa donating blood. He mentions looking it up and finding out that she hadn't donated since last fall.

Lucas asks Adrienne if she knows when Justin is coming home. She informs him that Justin admitted his affair with Elsa. Lucas tells her that he's so sorry. She calls it a relief to hear from him as she felt like she knew there was something. Adrienne says hearing it out loud made her feel less guilty for thinking it.

Aiden comments that Paul and Sonny make a nice team as they work together on making signs. Paul agrees. John appreciates Paul sticking around to help with the benefit. Aiden questions Paul leaving town. Aiden reveals that a client would donate $50,000 for a baseball clinic if Paul stays around a couple more days. Paul isn't sure but Sonny calls it an offer he can't refuse. Paul agrees to stay a few more days as he and Sonny smile.

Marlena questions Will doing what he had to do. Will explains that he threatened to expose Tori unless she gets Paul out of town. Marlena calls it blackmail but Will calls it a fair exchange. Will doesn't want to have to print the article and will happily delete it if they leave town. Will tells Marlena that he has this. He asks her to let it be and everything will be fine. Marlena says it doesn't matter how threatened he feels, he doesn't have the right to rip up someone's life. She tells him there is no justification to it. Will argues that Tori lied to her own son. Marlena says that's between them and there's nothing noble about what he's doing. Marlena calls it wrong and walks away.

Paul calls Tori. Tori tells him that she's packed everything and the flight is on time. Paul reveals that he has to stay a few more days for a $50,000 donation to the kids. Tori argues that he can't say yes to everyone who asks. Paul says it's only a few more days. Tori says he could donate that money himself and they have to get out of there. Paul doesn't see the big deal and says she could go without him but she refuses to leave without him. Paul insists so Tori says she will handle everything. Tori hangs up and rushes out of the hotel.

Theresa returns to Jorge so he asks if she changed her mind about donating. She asks if he didn't get the hint earlier and tells him that she just came for him to sign up for performance review. He remarks that he'll never confuse her for a generous person again.

Melanie goes home and searches on her computer, saying this could work.

Chad and Abigail join the town square for the benefit. Marlena returns. John asks if Will is coming back. Marlena doesn't know. John hopes to do a toast for Will and Sonny's anniversary. Chad suggests a toast for Paul and reveals that he's the one who donated blood to save Sonny's life. Paul is just glad he was there. Will returns. Tori shows up behind him and asks for a word with him now so they walk off. John turns around and sees Will walk away with Tori.

Lucas and Adrienne kiss.

Outside the town square, Tori tells Will that she couldn't talk Paul out of a few more days. Will argues that it will be another few more after that. Tori insists that she wants to get him out as much as Will does. Will thinks he'll come up with another excuse. Tori argues that it's not Paul's choice. Will thinks that he will find more reasons. Will shows Tori the article cover and warns her to fix this or it goes online tonight. John appears and approaches them. John recognizes Tori and says "Oh my God, it is you"

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