Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/31/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/31/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

 Ben brings Abigail flowers and apologizes for acting like a total jerk last night.

Serena calls Xander and asks to meet. He asks if she's ready to talk about the diamonds. They agree to meet in the town square. Serena says they can finally wrap this business up and she won't have to see him again. Serena hangs up and remembers hiding the diamonds at Daniel's.

Daniel sits at home where Nicole arrives and asks about him wanting to see her. Daniel invites her in. Daniel says the babysitter took Parker to the park as he wanted to talk to her alone so that he could apologize.

JJ walks through school and gets a text from Daniel to call him. JJ thinks back to talking to Jennifer about Daniel knowing the truth. Paige joins JJ and asks why Daniel wants him to call him.

Cole meets with Eve at her place. She makes sure that he won't screw up their plan. Cole remarks that she must hate JJ's guts. Eve doesn't think hate is the word.

Will holds Arianna and says they have to play this smart just like Paul would. Rafe arrives with an anniversary gift from Gabi. Will gives Arianna to Rafe and then goes to wake up Sonny only to find Sonny is not in the bedroom.

Sonny goes to Paul's hotel room and tells him that they need to talk. Paul apologizes for his place being a mess. Paul admits he's surprised to see him here.

Serena meets Xander in the town square. He asks how Eric is. Serena says she spent the night with Eric but he already knows that since he went through her hotel room. Serena says he knows she's the only person that can tell him where the diamonds are so he needs to start listening to her very carefully.

Nicole questions Daniel wanting to apologize to her. Daniel says he had a lot going on last night and he does need time and space to deal with Jennifer's problem but she didn't deserve him being rude so he apologizes and hopes she can forgive him. Nicole didn't expect to hear that and forgives him. Daniel asks if they're good then. Nicole says they are and hopes they can talk about what's going on with Daniel and Jennifer but Daniel quickly shoots that down.

Ben tells Abigail that he had no right to say what he did and blames it on Kate working him about Chad before Abigail got there. Abigail questions him throwing her affair with EJ in her face. Ben decides this was a mistake as she's not ready to talk. Ben goes to leave but she stops him and says what he said hurt her a lot because it's true.

Eve tells Cole to listen carefully and see if they can make this plan work.

JJ tells Paige that Daniel just wanted to hang out. They talk about being happy to be back together. Paige mentions going to see Eve and invites JJ to come along but he thinks it's too soon for that. Paige insists so JJ admits he's making excuses but still thinks they should take it slow with Eve. Paige accepts that but reminds JJ that she told Eve that he's not going anywhere and she's not either.

Daniel tells Nicole that this thing with Jennifer is not her business but isn't a threat to her. Nicole questions Daniel refusing to share parts of his life with her. Daniel remarks that she tends to be a loose cannon. Nicole says it's more than this with Jennifer as he didn't tell her about Brady's attack either. Nicole adds that Daniel isn't comfortable with her being around Melanie or Parker so she questions what they are sharing. Daniel says he doesn't want to be rushed and thinks she knows why. Nicole says it's always about Eric no matter what she says. She questions if he talked to Serena too and what she said.

Serena and Xander argue. Xander brings up them sleeping together in the past after Eric left for the priesthood. Xander points out how she didn't run when he brought up the idea of smuggling diamonds to make money.

Will tells Rafe that he stayed in Arianna's room to give Sonny space. Rafe asks if something is going on but Will doesn't want to talk about it. Rafe understands but hopes Will understands that Arianna is what Gabi's living for right now so if something is going on that's going to affect her happiness then he needs to know about it.

Sonny tells Paul that he found something out last night and had to come over. Sonny doesn't get why Paul didn't tell him that he saved his life.

Xander says Serena was all in and still is but screwed around far too long on this deal. She blames him getting impatient. Serena wants assurance that she will get her cut. Serena adds that Eric isn't a part of this and she wants nothing to happen to him and that he never finds out what they had in Africa. Xander asks what assurance he gets from her. Serena says none as she doesn't trust him.

Daniel says Serena never said a word to him about her and questions them getting in a fight again. Nicole says it wasn't about Eric. Daniel thinks she's pushing too hard to prove she's just over Eric. Nicole feels he will never believe that she is committed to him and if that's the case then maybe they should call it quits. Daniel says if she can give him time to believe in what they have then maybe she's right. JJ then arrives. Daniel notes that he didn't text back so he didn't think he was coming. JJ asks if it's a bad time. Daniel says no as he's glad he's there. Nicole decides it's an excuse to get the hell out so she exits.

Rafe asks Will what he's not telling him. Will tells him that this bad time will be in the past very soon. Will tells Rafe that he won't let anyone or anything hurt their little family.

Paul didn't think it was a big deal but Sonny says he's still walking around because of what he did. Paul explains that he got a call that they were desperate for his blood type so he just went in and had no idea it was for him. Paul lets it slip that Adrienne knew which Sonny questions. Sonny asks if Will knows. Paul says not from him as he didn't want Sonny to find out because he doesn't owe him anything. Sonny says no just his life. Tori enters the room and questions what Sonny is doing there. Paul tells her to calm down but Tori calls it totally inappropriate. Sonny explains that he had to thank Paul for saving his life which Tori questions. Sonny explains that if Paul didn't step up and donate blood, he would've died and he didn't even tell him. Sonny says he found out from someone else so he had to come thank him. Tori is sure Paul would've helped anyone in need. Sonny says that's all he came for so he will leave them. He adds that it was nice to finally meet Tori. Sonny then exits.

Abigail tells Ben that EJ did read Jack's book and said all the right things about it to get to her. Ben feels Chad did the same thing. Abigail recalls Chad getting her a copy which meant the world to her and how he read the book and loved it. Ben asks if they had a good relationship back then. Abigail says she thought so until another guy was interested in her so Chad lied about something to get the other guy to back off. Ben questions if she'd still be with Chad if she didn't find out about the lie. Abigail responds that she doesn't know. Ben asks her if Chad is the reason that she doesn't want to move in with him.

Serena wants Xander to convince her that he won't cross her. Xander wants this wrapped up today. Serena wants to be able to trust that he will deliver what she asked for because right now she doesn't. Xander complains about her making him mad as she gets a call. Serena tells him to think about how they can resolve this then walks off to take her call. Xander hits the table in frustration as Nicole approaches and comments that it looks like he's having the same kind of day she is.

Paige meets with Eve at the club. Eve asks how things are going. Paige says she and JJ had a date last night and saw a movie. Eve asks about the date. Paige feels weird to hear Eve so gung ho about her dating JJ. Eve insists that she's giving him a chance. Paige thanks her. Eve responds that her happiness is all that she cares about.

JJ feels he should've called since Nicole seemed really upset. Daniel tells him not to worry about it. JJ asks why he wanted to see him. Daniel says it's about the coat, Paige, and maybe even Eve. Daniel asks if he's right to think they should talk about all of that.

Xander asks Nicole what's wrong with her day. She doesn't want to butt in. He says she's not and asks if it's about the guy she's seeing. Nicole questions why that is always assumed but admits it is. Xander asks her to sit and tell him about it. He says he's a great listener and she seems great at talking so she sits down. Serena returns. Xander smiles while Nicole is annoyed.

Eve suggests Paige that they could invite JJ and Jennifer to dinner. Paige worries that it's pushing a little. Eve says maybe but Jennifer might never make that move so she just wants to prove she's willing. Eve gets a call from the dentist and has to go so she tells her goodbye. Cole arrives and greets them. Eve tells Paige that she can cancel but Paige tells her it's okay so Eve exits. Cole asks if he can talk to Paige. Paige says not if he's going to call her a stupid again. Cole responds that's the last thing he wants to say to her.

Daniel tells JJ that they all mistakes and what's important is how they are dealt with. Daniel says he doesn't want to think what he's thinking but he sees how JJ looked and how he looks now. Daniel wants to hear it from JJ. JJ tells Daniel that he's right and admits that he went to bed with Eve.

Abigail tells Ben that she was touched when Chad sent her the book quotes but then she remembered how he hurt Jordan and hurt her before and how EJ hurt her. Ben calls them bastards and says he would never hurt her like they did. Abigail responds that she didn't think he would either until last night. Ben asks what they do now. Abigail isn't sure. Ben says she knows how much he loves her and calls her the best thing to happen to him. Ben knows he jumped the gun by asking to move in so he tells her to forget he even said it. Abigail cries about him telling her before that he could live with her past with EJ but obviously he can't and it bothers him. Ben tells her that it's none of his business and EJ's dead but Chad is here and he thinks he's after her so he'll never be able to trust that guy. Ben asks if she can live with that.

Sonny comes home where Will has things set up for their anniversary. Will shows him Gabi's anniversary gift and they open the card together. They then open the gift which is a photo collage of them and Arianna. They comment on missing Gabi. Sonny apologizes for not leaving a note as he didn't know he was going through all this trouble. Will says it's okay and asks if he had to go to the club. Sonny doesn't want to lie and admits he went to see Paul.

Serena and Nicole question each other knowing Xander. Serena explains that they worked together in Africa while Xander explains running in to Nicole just yesterday. Serena says he's busy now so they'll catch up later and she walks away. Xander asks Nicole about being friends but Nicole says no way in hell if he's friends with Serena.

Cole tells Paige that he was a jerk yesterday as her getting back with JJ just freaked him out but it's up to her. Cole says he really likes hanging out with her as he doesn't have a lot of friends and doesn't want to lose her as one. Paige tells him that they can still be friends. Cole says that's awesome and doesn't want to screw things up again but they both know JJ won't be happy with that.

Daniel knew this was coming. JJ knows it's horrible and he made a huge mistake but he wasn't in his right mind after thinking he lost Paige forever. JJ couldn't believe he did something so stupid but it just happened and he had to lie to everyone. JJ talks about Eve making him end things with Paige. JJ says it made him sick. Daniel asks how they are back together now. JJ explains that everything changed and he got a second chance thanks to Jennifer figuring it all out and fixing it so they could be together again. JJ asks Daniel if he thinks it's all wrong.

Abigail tells Ben that her eyes are wide open about Chad. Ben says that's all he can ask for. Abigail kisses him. Ben didn't expect that at all. Abigail doesn't know what to expect for them. Ben declares he's not giving up and they kiss again. Ben then exits.

Xander asks Nicole why Serena would care about them being friends. Nicole responds that they don't get along so she could give him a problem. Xander says they haven't been in touch in a long time and is only trying to get her to research for his company. Nicole finds it hard to be objective about her. Xander wants to talk about them. Nicole points out not knowing his last name. Xander says maybe he'll tell her when they go out some time. Nicole says they'll see and then walks away.

Paige tells Cole they will talk soon but she has to get to class and exits. Cole pulls out his phone and goes to Eve's number.

Daniel wants to know what JJ thinks about keeping this from Paige. JJ asks how he thinks he feels. JJ hates it because every time he's with her, he thinks about it but he can't lose her again. Daniel gets paged to the hospital. He tells JJ that they aren't done talking about this yet. JJ asks what he thinks of him now. Daniel says he's really worried about how easily this could all fall apart. JJ insists that Eve can't say anything to Paige or she will lose her forever. Daniel questions them putting all of their trust in Eve and says they could end up very sorry.

Eve gets a call from Cole and asks what happened. Cole tells her that he nailed it. Eve thinks he knows what to do next.

Tori asks Paul if he is all packed. Paul questions wanting to talk about that when she just met the man he loves. She reminds him that he is married with a child so he needs to let this go and get on with his life. Tori comments that Will and Sonny are so obviously in love with each other. Paul questions how she would know from just meeting Sonny. Paul then asks if she's met Will.

Will tells Sonny that he did a lot of thinking last night and knows he's the one who screwed up. Will wants to take responsibility and stop blaming everyone else. Will knows he has to give Sonny time to recover and he's sure Sonny had a good reason for seeing Paul. Sonny reveals that Paul donated the blood that saved his life. Sonny adds that Adrienne knew too and nobody told him. Sonny says finding out from Chad hit him hard so he had to go see him in person. Will says that he will make a point to thank Paul as well because he could've lost him. Sonny thanks Will for seeing it like he does as they hug.

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