Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/30/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/30/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate goes to the nightclub where people begin taking pictures of her. She goes to the bar where Ben is working. Ben tells her not to sweat it. Kate says people love to see someone take a fall but she says she'll make her comeback sweeter.

Chad and Abigail bump into each other at the hospital. Chad notes that she's there late. Abigail says she's working on the charity project. Chad offers to get her help and she thanks him.

Adrienne walks through the town square where Lucas catches up to her. Lucas mentions Justin going back to Dubai. Adrienne says there was nothing left for him to do here. Lucas asks if she's seen Sonny and talked to him. She says she did and she knows that Will cheated on Sonny with Paul.

Sonny responds that he didn't give a damn if he could pitch or how much money he made. Sonny tells Paul that he proposed because he loved him with all of his heart and couldn't imagine his life without him. Will then arrives and calls Paul a son of a bitch. Will brings up warning Paul to stay away from Sonny. Sonny questions what the hell that's all about.

Theresa then finds the note Clint left and reads it. She cries questioning why this keeps happening to her and why he even came back. She cries that she always ends up alone.

Melanie recalls to Brady about Theresa thinking she was pregnant after Kristen left. Brady goes to clean up the glass Melanie dropped. Melanie thinks back to finding out that Clint took blood from Theresa and Brady.

Lucas tells Adrienne that he didn't think it was his place to say anything but he's glad she talked to Sonny since they will need their support. Adrienne informs him that Sonny didn't tell her as she walked in on Will being in Paul's hotel room. She complains about Will cheating on Sonny while he was near death. Lucas tries to say Will was just doing his job but Adrienne questions if sleeping with Paul was part of the job.

Will asks Sonny how they can work things out if Paul is constantly coming around to remind him of how much he was in love with him. Paul argues that's not what he's doing but Will doesn't believe him. Sonny asks if Will thinks he's that gullible to give up on everything they have to run back to Paul. Will asks Sonny why he's here in this private place with Paul. sonny admits he didn't want Will to know about it.

Kate is surprised that Ben is not reveling in her demise after how she treated Jordan. Ben is happy that Kate helped Jordan see the truth about Chad so he'll cut her some slack. Kate hopes what happened between Jordan and Chad doesn't hurt Ben. Ben asks how it could since he's thrilled that she's not with him anymore. Kate remarks that now Chad is free to be interested in someone else like Abigail.

Abigail thanks Chad for the e-mail he sent with quotes from Jack's book. Chad talks about his board meeting. Chad mentions Sonny being saved by getting the right blood type.

Adrienne doesn't want to argue about this and talks about arguing with Will. Lucas argues that it didn't mean anything but Adrienne says cheating in a marriage always means something. Lucas asks if they're still talking about Will and Sonny.

Will asks if Sonny called Paul. Paul explains that he called to take the blame for what happened. Will accuses Paul of sneaking behind his back to see Sonny. Sonny stops him. Paul decides to leave them alone but John arrives and says this is perfect as he's glad he found them all together.

Theresa gets dressed and complains about Clint not being good enough for her. She says she's better off and doesn't need a man. There's a knock on the door so she hopes it's Clint but instead it's Eve.

Brady asks Melanie what she's thinking about. Melanie says she's just trying to put something together in her head. Brady asks if it's about Theresa thinking she was pregnant. Melanie says this might be more painful for Theresa than she realized. Maggie comes in and reminds Melanie that they were going shopping. Maggie asks if everything is alright.

Kate tells Ben that Clyde is still out of town so she's being stood up. Ben tells her that Abigail knows what kind of person Chad is. Kate remembers her being hurt very badly by him but points out that DiMeras have a way of getting exactly what they want. Kate tells him goodnight and exits.

Abigail and Chad continue talking at the hospital. Chad tells her that the board is behind her project. Abigail mentions setting up a time to go roller blading with Theo as Chad exits through the elevator.

Adrienne tells Lucas that he's been very kind to her and she appreciates that but their sons are married and Will really hurt her so she doesn't see how they can ignore that. Lucas agrees but doesn't think it has to ruin what they have with their friendship. Adrienne decides to go and walks away.

John hopes Sonny's club can furnish the refreshments for the benefit. Sonny says it's no problem as John is excited for the kids. John mentions speaking to Marlena and apologizes if this awkward for them since the benefit is on the same day as Sonny and Will's first wedding anniversary.

Melanie and Brady tell Maggie that everything is fine. Maggie heads upstairs to get her purse. Brady says Melanie isn't telling him something and knows she's not ready to so he will back off and give her time. Brady kisses her. Melanie tells him that she loves him. Brady stops her and reminds her that he wants all of this with Theresa to stop. Melanie agrees and exits.

Eve apologizes to Theresa for cutting her off earlier but now something is clearly wrong. Theresa says she's just pissed about another guy. Eve asks if they are talking about Clint. Theresa says yes as she continues to complain about him and Eve hugs her.

Abigail joins Ben at the nightclub. Ben asks about all of her paperwork and takes his break with her. Abigail says it's for her charity project. Ben asks about a paper which she explains are quotes from Jack's book. Ben then notices that Chad e-mailed them to her.

Kate meets Lucas at the town square, complaining about Stefano using Victor to kick her out of the company. Lucas asks what's next. Kate isn't sure but refuses to take it lying down. Lucas jokes that DiMera didn't have any legs with her in charge. Kate insists she was doing good. Lucas points out that Stefano considers it payback for her stealing his company. Kate argues that Stefano had it coming.

John says that Will and Sonny will know everyone at the benefit so they will all be able to toast the happy couple on their anniversary. They remain quiet. John says he'll see them soon and walks away. Paul questions their anniversary being tomorrow. Will points out that he'll be right there to celebrate with them.

Maggie and Melanie sit together at the Pub where Maggie shows Melanie her anniversary gift for Will and Sonny. Maggie asks her what's going on with her and Brady. Melanie says she can't stop thinking about Brady's attack. Melanie talks about first thinking Theresa was behind it but now she thinks something bigger is going on. Maggie agrees that she might be right. Maggie wonders why anyone would want Brady's blood.

John goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Brady that he just heard what happened. Brady assures him that he's fine. John is relieved but questions why he had to hear about it from somebody else.

Paul assures Will that as soon as the benefit is over, he's leaving Salem. Paul tells them that he will see them tomorrow and walks off. Will bets Paul will find another reason to stay in Salem. Sonny asks what if he did. Will asks if he wants him to. Sonny wants to understand wanting to fight for their marriage if they can't survive Paul being in the same area code. Will complains that Paul will keep coming around and after Sonny. Sonny asks if he thinks he's just going to fall back in bed with Paul. Sonny points out that was Will not him that caused this.

Kate praises Lucas's job at Mad World and mentions wanting to reach out to Victor. Lucas can't believe she's going to ask Victor for her old job back.

Ben is annoyed by Chad e-mailing the quotes to Abigail. Abigail insists it's no big deal. Ben asks if everything else is okay. She says it was a crazy day then remembers Ben had a test today. Ben is pretty sure he nailed it. She's surprised that he doesn't seem more excited. Ben says he's happy but had something else on his mind and that's an answer from her about moving in unless she's trying to avoid it.

Melanie tells Maggie that she doesn't know what's going on or if Theresa is involved. Melanie recalls seeing Theresa with the baby rattle and looking sad and vulnerable. Melanie says she's been there before. Maggie understands but points out that Theresa only thought she was pregnant but another test confirmed she wasn't. Maggie asks what this has to do with Brady being assaulted and his blood drawn. Melanie just has a feeling it has something to do with Theresa's pregnancy scare. Maggie knows Theresa isn't over the experience or Brady but she can't see her having him harmed or his blood taken. Melanie agrees that it sounds crazy and they laugh it off. Melanie worries that she's just sabotaging things with Brady because it's going so well. Maggie gets a text from her daughter Sarah and tells Melanie about Sarah being approached to be a surrogate for a friend. Maggie says she did that for Sara and it was the best decision of her life. Maggie adds that she must make the decision on her own. Maggie hopes Melanie has the blessing some day if she wants. Melanie agrees that she should think about the future instead of worrying about drama that doesn't concern her.

Theresa tells Eve that she can't stop crying but doesn't know why she's been so emotional lately. Eve understands breakups hurt. Theresa complains that Clint was a loser and Eve agrees. Theresa cries that she just keeps getting left. Eve assures her that she will find someone eventually. Theresa doesn't know how to get through this. Eve tells her it's not all about Clint. Theresa says she has an ache for something but doesn't know what. Eve hugs her and says she knows it's love that they all want.

Brady apologizes to John for having to hear from Abe what happened to him. Brady says he didn't tell Victor either as he didn't want to worry anybody. John thinks he didn't want his judgment but he wanted to be there for him. Brady tells him that he handled it and it's all good.

Kate can't believe Lucas would think she would go back to Mad World after being CEO of DiMera. Lucas argues that she would and would kick him out to use it as leverage against Stefano. Lucas tells her that he's happy at Mad World and not having to answer to her. Lucas wants to keep it that way and then exits.

Ben goes back to work. Abigail thinks they should talk about this in private. Ben complains about giving her time to decide on moving in while she's busy e-mailing with Chad. Abigail argues that he just did something nice but Ben brings up Chad being a DiMera and knowing how to push her buttons to get to her. Abigail snipes back that at least Chad actually read Jack's book. Ben responds asking if EJ read it too.

Sonny meets Chad at the club. Chad praises the profits and then changes the subject to bring up the blood bank policy at the hospital after what happened to Sonny. Chad remembers that night and reveals to Sonny that Paul was the donor who saved his life.

Paul runs in to Adrienne outside and says he felt bad about the last time he saw her and knows it was horrible to find out about what happened between he and Will. Adrienne knows he didn't know who Will was. Adrienne asks why he's still in Salem. Paul tells her that he made a commitment to the benefit and he'll be gone after it's over. Paul adds that he never meant to hurt Sonny but knows that's exactly what he did.

Will goes home upset and goes to his laptop. Will declares he's going to make that son of a bitch sorry that he ever stepped foot in Salem.

Ben apologizes to Abigail for bringing up EJ like that but she storms off. Ben tries to go after her but a waitress stops him and says there's an angry table asking for the manager.

Chad explains to Sonny about Paul donating his blood and jokes about Sonny having to play softball with them now. Chad asks if Sonny even knows Paul. Sonny doesn't answer so Chad asks if he's okay. Sonny responds that he's fine just tired. Chad tells him that he can take off and he'll take care of things for the rest of the night.

Adrienne hopes that Will and Sonny can make things work so she thinks it would be easier for them if Paul wasn't in Salem. Paul wishes he met her when he was with Sonny and praises how supportive she is of who Sonny is. Paul suggests maybe things would've turned out differently as he then walks away.

Will says Paul better go away like he said because if he doesn't everyone will see this and know who he really is as he prepares a new article headline that reads "Strike One, Surgery Ends Career...Strike Two, Hiding in the Closet... Strike Three, He's a DiMera!"

John knows Brady can take care of things and he's proud that he accepts responsibility and takes charge of his own life. John says he's trying to do the same thing especially with Marlena. John says she'll always be the love of his life and he thinks they are making progress. John suggests he and Marlena get together with Brady and Melanie for dinner sometime if all is well. Brady tells him that they are really happy together.

Melanie researches projecting a child's future medical concerns from the blood of the parents.

Theresa tells Eve that she doesn't believe in love. She feels like she's missing something but can't figure out what it is.

Melanie wonders if this is why Clint took blood from Theresa and Brady and if the child they didn't have is still out there. Melanie decides if they took the fertilized egg from Theresa then someone else could have carried it to term like a surrogate. Melanie calls it absurd.

A baby is seen in a crib.

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