Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/25/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/25/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Clint gathers his things and goes to leave but bumps in to Melanie, causing him to drop the vials of blood. Melanie asks what those are and where Theresa is. Theresa remains passed out in bed.

Nicole likes that Daniel's jealous but he denies it. Nicole tells him that he should be because that guy knows how to treat a woman. Daniel questions if he doesn't and if that's what this is about. Nicole says he hasn't been treating her very well lately. Daniel says they should talk about this as it has nothing to do with that guy.

The man that Nicole bumped in to goes to Serena's hotel room and says it's been a long time. Serena responds not long enough.

Abigail asks JJ for help loading a box in to her car. Paige arrives, surprising Abigail. JJ tells her not to move as he will be right back.

Jennifer approaches Eve in the park and tells her that she needs to talk to her and hopes to never speak to her again after. Jennifer tells Eve that JJ and Paige got back together last night. Jennifer asks what she's going to do about it. Eve doesn't want to tell her anything. Jennifer says that she will decide what she's going to do then.

Maggie joins Brady in the living room. Brady asks if she's seen Melanie. Maggie mentions that Melanie was just upstairs coming to see him. Brady wonders where she went.

Melanie questions Clint having blood samples. Clint tells her it's none of her business and warns her to leave before he loses his temper.

Nicole says Daniel keeps pushing her away and now gets annoyed by some random guy. Daniel says it's not about some random guy. Nicole asks what it is about.

The man tells Serena that she's as beautiful and as quick witted as ever but he doesn't have the time as this is business and they are going to settle it right now.

Melanie continues questioning Clint about the vials. Clint says he had a call to bring them in, claiming he's a vet but Melanie doesn't believe him.

Abigail invites Paige in and hugs her, saying it's great to see her. JJ comes back. Abigail jokes with JJ about deciding to stay. JJ tells her to go. Abigail tells him not to blow this and wishes him luck as she exits. JJ joins Paige in the living room. Paige apologizes for just showing up but JJ is glad. Paige tells him that she told Cole that she and JJ might get back together. Paige says she doesn't want to talk about Cole but about her talk with Eve.

Eve tells Jennifer that she spoke to Paige and she said they were just thinking about getting back together. Eve thinks Paige will remember that JJ is just trouble. Jennifer says they are optimistic. Eve questions Jennifer wanting her to continue to lie to Paige every time she sees her. Jennifer says she's been lying ever since sleeping with JJ. Eve brings up Jennifer telling her that a lie is a lie in the past and now encouraging her to lie. Jennifer just wants her to live up to her promise. Eve calls it blackmail. Jennifer tells her that she won't go back and forth and threatens to tell Paige herself if Eve doesn't promise to keep it hidden forever.

Serena questions the man about an ultimatum. She complains about Navidad and having her room tore up. He says he had to make sure that she wasn't lying to him or playing with him. He asks her if she's playing him.

Eric goes to the club and greets Daniel and Nicole. Eric notes they aren't in the best mood and goes to get coffee. Nicole asks Daniel what this is about. Daniel decides he has to go be with Parker. Nicole tells him this isn't over. Daniel exits and Nicole follows him out. Nicole says Daniel keeps pushing her away. Daniel says she keeps pushing back. Nicole feels she has to. Daniel says he won't let her talk him in to something that might not be right. Daniel brings up playing second fiddle to Eric. Nicole tries to explain. Daniel says he cares about her so much that he needs them to be completely honest. Daniel says she hasn't convinced him that she's done with Eric until she actually feels it and they will know when that is.

Brady questions Melanie leaving his phone in the hall. Maggie points out that her car is gone. Brady calls Melanie and leaves a voicemail. Maggie wonders where she would go. Brady says it's where she always goes with a head of steam and calls Theresa.

Clint doesn't care what Melanie thinks. Melanie calls for Theresa. Clint tells her that she partied hard last night and is sleeping it off. Clint tells her to leave her alone. Melanie tries to grab his backpack. Clint says she's really getting on his nerves. Theresa wakes up and asks what the hell. Melanie asks if she's okay. She says she's great and asks why she keeps showing up. Melanie brings up the text she sent Brady. Theresa questions her going through his private messages. Melanie asks what Clint would think about her waking up thinking about Brady. Theresa complains about a headache and asks her to leave. Clint rushes Melanie out the door. Theresa asks Clint what the hell is going on.

Eve argues that it's not a good thing for JJ and Paige to get back together as he will break her heart. Eve calls her a bitch because she knows she can't say anything or she'll lose Paige forever. Eve insists that the relationship will end because JJ screws up everything. Eve says she used to think it was Jack but JJ's real problem is that he's just like Jennifer.

JJ questions Paige talking to Eve about them. Paige says she surprisingly didn't have much of a reaction and just listened. JJ complains that Eve will always hate her. Paige feels she had to tell her as she's been trying to make things better. Paige knows being honest isn't always easy but brings up how they are now. Paige feels the hardest part of all of this is over now and kisses him.

Nicole tells Daniel that she is over Eric but he won't believe her. Daniel believes that she thinks she's over and wants to be but he knows better. Nicole argues maybe it's not about Eric but about Chloe. Nicole brings up Jennifer and maybe Daniel didn't want to ever get hurt by anyone like Chloe did. Daniel storms off. Nicole complains that she is over Eric then thinks back to Eric hugging her. Nicole tells herself that meant nothing and heads back in to the club. She goes to Eric and asks if they are kind of friends again. Eric says they are. Nicole asks if he knows that she's let go what was between them and accepted that it's over. Eric thinks they have. Nicole asks him to tell Daniel that. Eric says to be honest, it doesn't matter what he says but she has to show him. Eric encourages her to be straightforward and honest like Serena.

Serena says she's been on the up and up since he told her about this scheme and she was on board with the whole plan. He brings up her smuggling the diamonds out of Africa but not getting them to him. Serena says it was a long time before she heard from him. He talks about his projects taking time. She talks about both needing time. He talks about her not finding the right elephant statue. He warns that her life has been in grave danger since the moment he gave her the diamonds and that things could go very badly for her.

Nicole and Eric talk about Serena.

Serena talks about keeping him posted all along the way and this was just a setback. She says Eric just got her statue mixed up when they left Africa. Serena says she couldn't just come back and tell Eric that he had smuggled diamonds. He tells her that it's time to get things going and remind Eric how hot he was for her. He calls Eric her gullible mark but she doesn't want to talk about it. He talks about Serena being a liar and leading Eric on. Serena tells him to shut up. He yells at her to never talk to him like that again. He says they used to get along so well. He tells Serena that there will be no more delays or she'll be very sorry.

Paige tells JJ that she missed that and knows they still have more to talk about. JJ suggests meeting later. Paige says they can hang out and do homework. JJ just wants it to be the two them and they kiss. JJ says it feels so good to know he's going to see her again. Paige agrees and he walks her out.

Eve talks about Jennifer never being able to hold on to a guy from high school until now. Jennifer checks her messages on her phone and says she isn't listening to her because she can't hurt her feelings as she doesn't care about her. Jennifer says she only cares that Eve keeps her mouth shut and stays away from JJ. Jennifer walks away. Eve calls her a bitch and sits back down on the bench in frustration.

Brady doesn't get why Melanie left and left his phone and isn't answering his calls. Maggie comments that she's glad they can some alone time together as she wants to talk to him and make sure he's okay. Brady admits he was a little scared himself until he found out it was just a tranquilizer. Brady asks what she really wanted to talk about. Maggie admits she wants to talk about Melanie.

Clint tells Theresa that he's sorry but he has to go. She wants to go with him but she stumbles and he takes her back to bed. Clint then walks out as she goes back to sleep. Clint says one bitch is gone and the other is passed out so he can finally get the hell out of here. Clint grabs his bag and exits.

Nicole tells Eric that she knows it's not her business but he is naive with women. Nicole argues that Serena is not a paragon of virtue. Nicole brings up the elephant statues. Nicole tells Eric that she ran in to Serena at Daniel's apartment and that she didn't tell Eric that she had both elephant statues. Nicole doesn't know why she lied about it but for some reason, she wants him to think that she lost her statue.

Serena says there is no need for threats. He says he's here to personally motivate her to speed things up. He says it never takes her an hour to get a man in to bed but it's been months. Serena says everything is fine. He asks if she has the diamonds. She admits she does. He tells her to hand them over but she says no.

Maggie talks about going back a long time with Melanie. Maggie talks about their relationship being complicated and risky. Brady knows she and Daniel are scared that he's going to hurt Melanie but it's the last thing he wants to do as he loves her. Maggie says there is something else.

Theresa wakes up again looking for Clint but he's gone. Melanie returns at the door. She questions why she's here again. Melanie says she saw Clint leave. Theresa argues that he'll be back and she won't want to be there when he gets back. Theresa stumbles back to the bedroom. Melanie finds Clint's goodbye note and realizes he is never coming back. Melanie decides she has a new patient and goes to the bedroom.

Abigail joins Jennifer in her office and mentions Paige showing up at the house so it seems like they are doing really well. Jennifer says that's really good. Abigail talks about JJ not talking much about it so she feels like there is a lot JJ isn't saying about them getting back together. Jennifer asks for a favor.

Paige goes to Daniel's to babysit Parker. Daniel asks how she and JJ are doing. Paige says they are at the beginning of working things out but it's good. Daniel tells her that she's going to get to observe at the hospital. She thanks him for looking out for her and brings up Eve attacking people she loves. Paige admits that she used to think Daniel was sleeping with Eve.

JJ sits at school and texts Jennifer that he left his history notes at her office so he asks where she is. JJ turns around to see Eve.

Jennifer tells Abigail to just be careful with JJ as she thinks they just need to give him his space. Abigail realizes Jennifer knows the whole story but agrees to back off. She says all that matters is that JJ is happy. Jennifer gets JJ's text.

JJ questions what Eve is doing there. Eve says she needs to see him. JJ says he doesn't want to see her and told Jennifer that he wouldn't. Eve questions how he got Paige to believe his bull.

Daniel tells Paige that he didn't see that coming and asks if she told anyone what she thought. Paige says only Eve, who told her she was wrong. Daniel asks why she thought that. Paige explains to him about seeing Daniel's coat at Eve's place with someone in the bedroom. Daniel assures that he was never there. Paige says she knows now but she was sure the coat was Daniel's. Paige says whoever was in the bedroom happened to have a coat just like his. Daniel says they can both forget it. Paige decides to go tell Parker that she's there. Daniel jokes to himself that someone out there has great taste in coats. Daniel wonders who it was and then stops when he comes to a realization.

Nicole tells Eric that she's not lying about Serena. Eric suggests she made a mistake and only thought she saw two. Nicole brings up Serena trying to make her believe that. Nicole tells Eric that Serena was telling a story and something about this whole thing isn't adding up. Nicole says it's just her opinion. Eric agrees and doesn't want to hear it as he then exits.

Serena says she has exactly what he wants but she's not giving it until he convinces her that Eric is safe and she gets her $200,000. He tells her that she does not dictate to him and threatens to tear the room up again. She informs him that the diamonds aren't there. He asks where they are.

Maggie talks about being scattered since Sonny's attack. Brady apologizes for not thinking about that when he asked her to keep his attack from Victor. Brady doesn't want them to have to worry about him. Maggie suggests maybe whoever didn't want to hurt him but just make him look bad. Brady comments that it wouldn't be the first time.

Theresa is back asleep in bed. Melanie tells her that Clint won't be returning but she's probably dehydrated so she wants her to drink water. Melanie tries to wake her up and then notices the needle wound on her arm. Melanie realizes that Clint took blood from her and Brady then wonders why.

Brady tells Maggie that he's gone through the list of people that hate him and Theresa is at the top of the list but doesn't think she did this. Maggie brings up Kristen. Brady admits it's her style but she's long gone. Maggie hopes so.

Daniel sits down and remembers JJ borrowing his coat and then not wanting it back then telling him that he ruined everything. Daniel recalls Paige talking about that coat being at Eve's as he looks shocked.

JJ tells Eve that it wasn't bull as he loves Paige. Eve makes sure he didn't mention her. JJ asks what Eve still wants from him as Jennifer appears behind them and is shocked to see them together.

Nicole looks on her computer and says this will all blow up in her face like it always does but why change now as she searches Serena.

The man demands Serena take him to the diamonds now. He opens the door just as Eric arrives.

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