Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/24/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/24/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Clyde goes to Aiden's office to thank him for representing Ben. Aiden mentions Chad not pressing charges. Clyde asks about the DiMeras. Hope joins them in the office.

Chad talks with Kate at the DiMera Mansion. Chad tells Kate that Stefano got what he wanted so he won't care if she stays a little longer. Kate is surprised that Chad is still working for Stefano after he was publicly humiliated by him. Chad argues that he was only demoted.

Serena is making muffins at Eric's apartment. Eric asks if they are celebrating something. She thinks back to getting the bag of diamonds out of the elephant statue. She tells Eric that there is.

Nicole sits at the club and gets a call from Daniel. She asks where he is. Daniel tells her that he's still at the hospital and needs to release a patient. Nicole questions it being Brady and Daniel not telling her about it. She asks why he's shutting her out of his life.

Melanie joins Brady as he gets dressed in his hospital room. They kiss as Brady is looking forward to getting out. Melanie mentions they can get back to trying to figure out who did this to him.

Clint calls Dr. Mandrake and asks about telling Kristen that he got Brady's blood and that he's going to get some from Theresa. Clint assures that she won't remember a thing and he has it all set as soon as she wakes up.

Theresa wakes up in bed and rolls over, calling out for Brady. Clint enters the room and comments that she looks like hell.

Nicole questions Daniel not even mentioning that Brady was his patient. Nicole cares about Brady and she's hurt by Daniel withholding from her. Daniel says he needs to go and argues against her thinking she knows everything. Nicole doesn't like that he's putting up walls. Nicole says she'll wait 30 more minutes and then she's out. Nicole hangs up as Victor approaches and asks if there's trouble in paradise. Nicole doesn't like that he listened in. Victor hopes Daniel is getting rid of her.

Chad and Kate continue to argue about each gunning for the other. Chad brings up it being not personal but business. Kate says in this case what Stefano did to her was very personal.

Melanie tells Brady about Theresa being genuinely surprised by hearing about what happened to him. Daniel enters the room. Melanie asks if there's any more information on what happened. Daniel says that there is more.

Theresa worries about being late to work. Clint tells her to call in sick but Theresa says she can't. Theresa searches for her purse while Clint slips something in to her drink then offers it to her.

Hope apologizes to Clyde for interrupting. Clyde says he just stopped by to thank Aiden for taking such good care of Ben. Clyde asks Hope about being no fan of the DiMeras. Hope says she still has hope for Chad. Clyde thinks Chad seems shifty after admitting to goading Ben in to punching him. Hope suggests Clyde look up the DiMera family history to compare to Chad. Clyde hopes Chad stays away from his family from now on. Clyde tells Aiden that he'll get back to him about Jordan and Abigail's charity project. Clyde exits. Aiden comments on Clyde knowing who Hope is. Hope asks if Aiden buys any of it. Aiden is more interested in her and they kiss.

Chad questions Kate complaining about being kicked off the board after everything she and Sami pulled off. Kate argues that she was doing a good job and they won't do better under Stefano. Chad hugs her and they agree on no hard feelings. Chad says he hopes to see her around and exits.

Eric asks Serena what they are celebrating. Serena tells him something big happened last night. Eric asks if it happened while she was out with Melanie. Serena thinks back to hiding the diamond bag. Serena jokes about talking about him but says it's just that she finished the first draft of her research.

Nicole tells Victor that she and Daniel are getting really closer. Nicole talks up shaving Daniel and getting close. Victor mocks her and believes Daniel is shutting her out of his life. Victor says Daniel won't ever let her get close enough to hurt him again.

Daniel tells Brady and Melanie about further blood test results only finding the tranquilizer. Daniel apologizes for his initial reaction. Brady understands it made sense as he has given reason to think the worst of him in the past. Melanie questions the puncture wounds in his arms. Daniel says he checked with the nurse but got nothing so Melanie says there has to be another explanation.

Anne meets with a worker named Maria at the Pub and gives her grief over being late with her deadlines. Anne asks her which board member was admitted in to the hospital. Maria says she's not supposed to say but Anne threatens her job so Maria reveals that it was Brady.

Clint tries to convince Theresa to take a drink and call in sick. Theresa says she would love to but she wants to find out what happened to Brady since Melanie wouldn't tell her. Clint questions why she cares about Brady. Clint asks if she's going to work or play. Theresa gives in and grabs her phone. She calls Anne. Anne questions where she is. Theresa claims she's not feeling great. Anne doesn't want to hear it and tells Theresa about Brady being admitted to the hospital last night. Anne says something huge is going on with him.

Serena questions Eric thinking this isn't something to celebrate. Eric doesn't want her to leave. Serena says she's undecided but won't leave for some time and now things are looking better as she's starting to believe things will work out like she hoped. Eric asks if that means she's happy as he knew Salem would grow on her. Eric knows she's going to say except for Nicole.

Nicole calls Victor a vile man and says this is none of his business. Nicole lets it slip that Brady is in the hospital which shocks Victor. Victor demands to know what happened. Nicole assures that he'll be fine. Victor gets upset and leaves. Nicole checks her watch and says Daniel's time is up soe she goes to leave but bumps into a man, causing her to spill her drink on him. She says she's so sorry but he looks at her and says he's not.

Aiden brings up to Hope what they were doing on this day last year. Aiden reminds her that Hope was making sure Kayla didn't go out with him. Hope says she made a fool of herself. Aiden jokes with her. Aiden says part of him was crazy about her even then and thinks part of her was crazy about him too. Hope says he's delusional. Aiden talks about making sure that he was only interested in her. They joke around and then kiss. Hope wants to go celebrate so they exit together.

Melanie can't stop thinking about Brady's blood being taken for some reason. Brady thinks it was just a robbery. Melanie points out that it doesn't explain it. Victor enters, questioning what the hell happened and why nobody told him.

Theresa asks Anne why Brady was in the hospital. Anne says no one knows why. Theresa asks if he's okay. Anne questions why she cares. Theresa claims she doesn't. Anne says Brady will be out in five minutes. Theresa tells her that she's sick so she's going to be in bed all day. Theresa hangs up. Anne thinks she's lying. Clint and Theresa then take a drink.

Aiden and Hope sit together in the town square. Hope brings up Stefano. Chad approaches and tells Hope that he's so sorry about what happened the other day. Hope asks if he's really sorry that Stefano evaded arrest again.

Clyde goes to the DiMera Mansion. Kate calls it quite a surprise. Clyde notes that she's been trying to avoid him. Kate disagrees and says she's just been busy with the fallout from the board meeting. Clyde says he knows exactly why she didn't want to see him.

Serena apologizes for bringing up Nicole when they were having such a morning. Serena tells Eric about seeing Nicole last night. Eric understands Nicole was in a bad mood. Serena says he doesn't have to make excuses as she doesn't like Nicole and never will. Eric hopes Serena possibly leaving Salem has nothing to do with Nicole as he assures they are over.

Nicole insists on buying the man she bumped into a coffee. He decides to join her. He understands it was just an accident. He mentions wanting to call her if that's alright with her.

Victor questions Daniel about having to find out from Nicole. Brady says he was away so it wasn't a worry. Victor shouts that he needs to know everything that goes on in the family. Daniel wants him to calm down but Victor questions what the hell he was thinking.

Theresa complains that the drink went straight to her head. Clint suggests she go back to bed. She stumbles so Clint carries her back to bed.

Serena knows Eric and Nicole are ancient history. Eric just wants to make sure. Serena apologizes for bringing it up. The doorbell rings and Caroline arrives. Serena decides she'll give them time alone while she takes care of things. Caroline invites her to the Pub. Eric is glad things are back to being great between them. Eric kisses Serena goodbye as she exits.

Nicole asks if the man is asking her out. He notes not seeing a ring and hopes she'll think about it. She tells him that she is seeing someone. He says maybe next time, she'll be more open to the idea. Nicole insists that it will work out for her but thanks him anyways. He says a man can always dream.

Chad tells Hope that he and Kate were just as surprised when Stefano showed up to the meeting. Hope brings up Chad being demoted. Chad admits he wasn't ready and still has a lot to learn. Hope argues that there is nothing to learn from Stefano except all the wrong things.

Clyde thinks Kate was avoiding him because of the board meeting as he knows her pride. Clyde doesn't think it makes sense for her to be kicked out. Kate feels she should've seen it coming as Stefano just waited to attack. Kate says what bugs her is that she fell for it but says so did Victor. Clyde questions what Victor has to do with this.

Victor brings up Daniel not knowing if Sonny was going to live or die and how the same thing happens to Brady but not making the same connection. Daniel argues it wasn't the same. Victor calls it the same crime and continues questioning Daniel. Daniel is tired of Victor barking orders and thinks he's just scared of someone going after his family because of something he's done. Melanie stops them and says they just need to get Brady home to rest instead of watching them go at it. Brady agrees and exits to sign his release papers. Melanie tells Victor that they just need to get Brady home to rest. Victor wants to know that he's safe.

Clint puts Theresa in bed and leaves the room. She pulls out her phone and goes to Brady's number.

Melanie and Victor take Brady home. Brady says he's the one that told everyone to keep it quiet. Melanie goes to take Brady's things upstairs to let them talk. Brady asks Victor not to yell. Victor compares it to what happened to Sonny and thinks this could be related.

Clyde questions Kate about Victor playing in to Stefano's hand. Kate thinks Victor was off his game after what happened to Sonny. Clyde says he knows how he'd be if a family member got attacked like that. Clyde says he's sorry about what happened to her. Kate admits she was angry and didn't want to see anyone. Clyde tells her that he's not just anyone.

Chad understands why Hope would think Stefano is a bad influence and mentions Abe warning him about that too. Hope informs Aiden about Abe being related to Chad through Lexie. Chad tells Hope that he can handle Stefano as he walks off. Hope remarks that no one can handle Stefano. Hope comments that Kristen is the female Stefano and the rest of the DiMeras are dead. Hope adds that his kids should be very careful.

The man continues talking with Nicole as Daniel enters the club. Daniel gets a call and steps away. The man tells Nicole that he's never seen her as a reporter. He comments that he's never enjoyed having something spilled on him and maybe they will see each other around. She mentions not getting his name. He says that he got hers and that it was nice meeting her as he then exits. Daniel comes over and asks Nicole who that was. Nicole tells him that he was just a guy she bumped in to. Daniel comments that he looked familiar and asks if it was for a story. Nicole says she knows nothing about him. Daniel questions why she gave him her card then.

Melanie has Brady's phone as Theresa sends a text to him saying he acts so self-righteous but they both know what he really likes and that he liked it. Melanie deletes the text and puts the phone down then walks out.

Theresa passes out as Clint returns to her and pulls out his needle.

Aiden notes that Hope is really worried about Chad. Hope wants to believe there is still hope for him. Aiden asks why she cares. Hope says it would be nice if a DiMera was finally a nice person. Aiden tells her that she can't save everyone although he's glad she chose to save him. Hope feels she didn't save him. Aiden says he and Chase may have been on the run forever if not for her giving him a second chance. Aiden thanks her for a new home and a new life. Aiden tells Hope that he loves her and they kiss.

Clyde tells Kate that he's in her corner as she will fight and come out even stronger. Kate says it's not the first time she's had to pick herself up and she has a lot she can do. Kate says her first agenda is making Stefano very sorry for what he did to her.

Eric and Caroline sit together eating the muffins that Serena made. Caroline praises Serena. Eric mentions being crazy about her. Caroline is glad that he's moving on from Nicole.

Nicole tells Daniel that it's a long story. Daniel says he has time. Nicole likes that he's jealous but he denies it. Nicole tells him that he should be jealous because that guy knows how to treat a woman.

The man that Nicole bumped in to goes to Serena's hotel room and tells her that he wanted to tell her in person that he's very tired of what's been going on.

Victor demands Brady let him know if anything like this happens again. Brady agrees to but doesn't think it will. Brady asks how to explain that whoever attacked him went out of their way to make sure he wasn't hurt.

Clint takes Theresa's blood as he comments that she'll be out cold for the next couple of hours which is all the time he needs. Clint goes and writes a note that she was really wiped out and he had to split, adding that it was fun while it lasted but all good things must come to an end. Clint gathers his things and goes to leave but bumps in to Melanie, causing him to drop the vials of blood.

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