Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/23/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/23/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad sits with Theo at the club and talks about a movie they saw. Chad missed hanging out with him. Theo asks if Abigail can join them like she did one time.

Abigail studies with Ben at his place and they end up kissing.

Paul and Tori talk in his hotel room. Paul mentions wanting to get out but Tori thinks it's enough that he already saw Sonny today.

Will tells Sonny that they do have a lot to talk about. Sonny admits to Will that he's already seen Paul as he was the first person he saw when he got back, which shocks Will. Will questions Sonny being gone all this time and the first thing he does when he gets back is see his ex lover.

Nicole wonders why the elephant statue is so important to Serena. Eric brings up Serena having one just like it in Africa. Nicole questions there being two statues. Eric says they bought them from the same guy. Nicole says she knew it.

Serena opens the elephant statue and pulls out a tiny bag of diamonds. Serena declares finally she's found it. Parker wakes up and joins Serena. She shows him the diamonds and tells her that it's a secret.

Paul complains about going stir crazy and thinks Tori is overreacting. Paul says he and Sonny can talk like grown ups. Tori tells him they have no chance of getting back together. Paul questions why it's so important to her. Tori thinks back to Will's threats. She tells Paul that marriage is sacred. Paul argues that he and Sonny didn't break any wedding vows, only Sonny.

Will complains about Sonny making sure he saw Paul before even telling him that he was coming home. Sonny tells him to calm down but Will shouts about Sonny picking Paul first. Will argues that Paul is still in love with him and trying to get him back. Sonny points out that Paul is who he cheated on him with.

Eric asks Nicole why she's so interested in the elephant statues. Nicole says she'll tell him and asks about the second statue. Eric tells her that Serena lost hers in a move. Nicole asks if she's sure about that.

Melanie comes back home to Daniel's.

Nicole starts to tell Eric the reason she's asking but stops and suggests changing the subject. Eric wants her to continue. Nicole says it's just a conversation she had with Serena but she doesn't want this becoming something between them. Eric doesn't want her to leave him hanging and wants to know why a light went off in her head when he mentioned the second statue.

Melanie finds Serena making crafts with Parker. Melanie mentions Parker having to go to bed. Parker shouts "sparkle" and "secret" which worries Serena. Melanie takes Parker back to bed while Serena pulls the bag back out and thinks back to her room being torn up. Serena worries about being followed if she leaves with the bag on her.

Chad encourages Theo that Abigail will join them. Abe comes in and lets Theo go get some more cocoa. Abe thanks Chad for taking Theo to the movies. Chad brings up promising Lexie that he'd be a good uncle and he plans on making good with that. Chad points out that Theo didn't say anything about Stefano being back so he asks if Abe told Theo. Abe says he told him and that it's his job to arrest him regardless of family. Abe warns Chad about keeping him out of anything illegal.

Abigail reminds Ben about his test tomorrow and suggests taking studying seriously. Ben wants to continue kissing. Abigail jokes that he didn't need her to come over for studying. Ben tells her that he just likes being with her. Ben asks Abigail what she thinks about moving in with him. Ben notes that she looks surprised. Abigail admits she didn't see it coming. Ben says they love each other and spend all their time together anyways. Abigail brings up their work schedules. Ben points out they'd be coming home to the same place but Abigail isn't sure they are there yet. Ben doesn't see the big deal since people do this all and more when they are married.

Nicole asks Eric if he wants to know what she's thinking. Roman interrupts and asks if Eric has talked to Brady. Eric says he did this morning. Roman asks if Abe called. Nicole asks if Brady is okay. Roman tells them that Brady is fine but is in the hospital after being found unconscious. Eric wonders why he didn't hear about it. Roman assumes Brady wanted to keep a lid on it. Nicole wonders why. Roman suggests maybe drugs were involved. Eric understands he wouldn't want rumors. Nicole thinks Brady knows they would understand and asks if Daniel knows. Roman informs her that Daniel was the one who found and treated him.

Serena hides the bag of diamonds above the fireplace. She tells her that now they are safe until she needs them in case anyone tears her room apart. Melanie comes back and asks why Serena is so happy all of a sudden. Serena mentions taking care of a bit of business that was hanging over her and she feels like a weight is off her shoulders.

Tori questions what Paul talked to Sonny about. Paul tells her that he told Sonny he needs to work things out with Will and go easy on him. Tori wanted Paul to tell Sonny that he's not in love with him anymore. Paul says he's not going to do this anymore and walks out.

Will questions Sonny seeing Paul before him. Sonny explains that he ran in to Paul in the town square on his way home. Sonny says John called him over and he couldn't tell him that Paul was his ex-boyfriend who Will slept with. Sonny says it would've been rude not to talk so he did. Will guesses that Paul told Sonny how much he wants him back. Sonny reveals that Paul told him they shouldn't see each other anymore and asks if Will is happy now. Will is surprised. Sonny says Paul wanted to give them space. Will questions why he's still in Salem then. Sonny says that Paul defended Will. Will complains that Paul just wants to come off like a saint. Sonny calls Will paranoid. Will argues that Paul is making up excuses to stay in Salem. Will yells about it being so clear to him. Sonny stops Will and tells him that he was thinking about him and them the whole time he was gone. Sonny tells Will that it's his learn to start thinking about if he wants to fix this or continue blaming him for being with Paul before him. Sonny says he's done talking until Will figures that out. Sonny heads in to the bedroom. Will grabs his jacket and exits.

Abe tells Chad that he's wondered what he really wants ever since he came back. Abe asks if Chad even knows or if he's too in to the good life to think about it. Chad responds that he knows exactly what he wants and he's not afraid to go after it.

Abigail tells Ben that it's not that she doesn't want to live with him but worries that it's too soon and she doesn't want to ruin what they have going. Ben hoped she would have a different reaction. Abigail brings up that it would be a huge deal to her family. Abigail apologizes if she disappointed or upset him. She says it just caught her by surprise. Abigail says she will leave to let him study and kisses him goodbye as she then exits.

Roman finishes a call with Abe and tells Eric and Nicole that Brady definitely doesn't want this to get out. Eric agrees not to say anything. Nicole says she'll only talk to Daniel. Eric mentions Brady seeming in great shape. Nicole is sure he's not using again. Eric wishes he could talk to him. Roman reminds them to keep it quiet and then exits. Nicole mentions being with Daniel and he didn't say a word about this. Eric notes that Melanie didn't say anything either so he's going to check in with her. Eric tells her that he will talk to her again soon as he exits.

Melanie asks Serena what the weight off her shoulders is. Serena claims it's not a big deal and she wants to hear what happened to Brady. Melanie explains that she and Daniel found him knocked out at home. Melanie explains that the thief injected Brady with something. Melanie worries that Theresa is somehow involved along with Clint. Serena advises her that sometimes it's better to avoid certain people and situations before getting in way over your head. Melanie asks if this happened to her. Serena says the trouble with making bad choices if having to live with them after.

Will finds Paul outside the town square and questions if he was hoping to run in to Sonny again.

Chad runs in to Abigail in the town square. Chad tries to walk off but Abigail stops him. Chad says he's trying to stay out of her way after she accused him of hitting on her. Abigail says he doesn't have to avoid her as she's a big girl. Chad tells her that Theo misses her. She misses him too. Chad mentions that they are going rollerblading and how Theo wanted Abigail to join them. Chad suggests it just being her with Theo. Abigail says she'll call him. Abigail mentions hearing about the big shake up at DiMera Enterprises. Chad says he lost his fancy title. Abigail says she's sorry if he really wanted it. Chad remarks that you can't always get what you want.

Melanie asks Serena if her business has anything to do with Eric but she says absolutely not. She calls him the best man she's ever known. Melanie tells her that she'd be insane to let Eric walk away. Melanie encourages her about other job possibilities. Melanie thinks there has to be a way she can stay with Eric and stay in Salem while keeping her career. Serena says there's a possibility now that things might work out for her to stay here after what she took care of. Serena says it's looking good and she's feeling a lot better about her and Eric.

Adrienne goes to Sonny's and tells him that Justin went back to Dubai. She asks where Will is. Sonny tells him that he just went out for a bit. Adrienne tells him that he doesn't have to pretend with her as he knows about Paul and that being why he left. Sonny apologizes for not telling her before as it wasn't easy to talk about. She knows he had a lot to sort out. Adrienne hates to see him hurting.

Paul realizes Will has seen Sonny and makes it clear that he had no idea he was coming back. Will thinks Paul is going to try to run in to him now. Will argues about Paul finding excuses to stay in Salem. Will says Paul knew Sonny would eventually be back. Paul tells Will that if he wanted to go after him, he'd do it right now when he's alone. Paul questions Sonny finally being home and Will leaves him alone to track him down and yell at him. Paul asks why Sonny is there and Will is here.

Abigail tells Chad that she sees through him. He has no idea what she's talking about so she tells him to forget it. Chad asks her not to let it end like it always does with them. Chad wants to hear something good and asks how things are with Ben. Abigail says everything is fine. Chad asks what he thought of Jack's book. Abigail doesn't think Ben has read it which Chad calls surprising.

Eric goes to see Melanie. She tells him that he just missed Serena and she thinks he's going to like what she has to tell him.

Serena goes to the nightclub where she runs in to Nicole. Nicole mentions having drinks and a nice talk with Eric. Serena says Eric is a very understanding man. Nicole says he sure understands her. Nicole tells Serena that they talked about her and the two elephant statues. Serena tries to say there was only one still but Nicole brings up Eric confirming that there were two statues. Nicole says for some reason, she doesn't want anyone to know that she has both statues.

Sonny tells Adrienne that he spent all his time thinking about how things went wrong with he and Will and what he could've done differently. She doesn't want him to blame himself. Sonny brings up not telling Will about his money problems. Sonny adds that he promised to never tell about his relationship with Paul when they broke up so he never told Will. Adrienne calls that keeping his word. Sonny states that he's not 100% sure that's the reason he never told Will. Adrienne asks if he still has feelings for Paul.

Will tells Paul that he and Sonny had a fight because Paul is still here. Paul is sorry they argued. Paul asks if everything would be good between them if he wasn't here. Paul calls Will paranoid. Paul says Sonny married Will. Will shouts that it's because Paul said no. Paul disagrees but Will asks why would Sonny want him if he could have Paul.

Abigail asks why Chad brought up his dad's book. Chad says he was just thinking about it as he saw a mention of it online. He again asks about Ben never reading it. Abigail says he might have. Chad finds it hard to believe that Ben wouldn't talk to her about it. Abigail says Ben is in college so he has more books than he can handle. Chad hopes Ben reads it and calls the writing amazing. Chad brings up what Jack said about the silence of the night and the stars. Chad calls it so simple and so right. Abigail calls it the best thing he ever wrote as he finally found his voice. Chad agrees and decides to go. Chad tells her that it was really good to see her as he walks away.

Melanie tells Eric that something happened when Serena was there and she seemed happier. Eric asks why. Melanie explains that Serena said she took care of some business and she was talking about sticking around, feeling positive about their future.

Serena tells Nicole that she's not keeping anything from Eric. Nicole questions why she was really in Daniel's apartment. Serena says she was dropping off books for Melanie. Nicole brings up the two statues that Eric told her about. Serena admits she had one and claims she lost it. Serena wonders about Nicole and Daniel. She warns Nicole about acting like this around Daniel. Serena asks how she even got Daniel interested. Serena calls Nicole desperate to be right when she's always wrong. Serena accuses Nicole of going after her instead of fixing her own problems. Serena says Nicole can't keep hold of Daniel like she couldn't Eric. Serena tells Nicole to stay away from her and walks off.

Sonny tells Adrienne that he'll always have feelings for Paul as he can't just feel nothing. Sonny says he loves Will but he feels like he rushed him into marriage. Adrienne assures that Will knew what he wanted. Sonny says he just came out and everything was new to him. Adrienne hopes they can work this out but tells him to stop trying to find an excuse for what Will did. Adrienne says Will has to earn his forgiveness by stepping up and taking responsibility for what he did.

Paul questions Will thinking Sonny only married him because he said no. Paul says Sonny is not that kind of guy and he should know that. Will calls it all a mess and blames himself. Paul suggests giving Sonny some time as he's still hurting but he knows they have a beautiful family and daughter which he always wanted. Paul tells Will that Sonny won't just throw it all away and he'll find a way to forgive him. Will questions that being what Paul wants and if he's actually rooting for them. Will asks him to please go away and let them get over this if he is. Will then warns that if he doesn't, he will be sorry as he walks away.

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