Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/20/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/20/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will knows they have a lot to talk about. Sonny suggests beginning with Will's pictures of Paul on his desk and questions what this is. Sonny asks if first Will sleeps with Paul and now he's obsessed with him. Will tells him that he has it all wrong as he just wants Paul out of their lives.

Melanie goes to the nightclub and calls Brady, leaving a message that she hopes he feels better and she'll call him later. Eric walks by. She mentions that she's going to see Serena and she hasn't forgotten what they talked about.

Serena goes home to her hotel room and finds the room has been tore up including her elephant statue being broken.

Nicole continues shaving Daniel and they get close. She tries to kiss him but he turns away and says they shouldn't. Nicole argues that he doesn't really think that. Daniel responds that what he thinks and what he feels are two different things.

Jennifer and Maggie play with Parker in the town square as Eve approaches and greets them. Eve talks about Parker growing up, comparing it to Paige. Eve mentions Paige having a new boyfriend that she's with now.

JJ tells Paige that he knows he should tell her to take her time and think about it but he can't wait any longer and needs to know. JJ asks Paige if she can forgive him. Paige responds that she wants to. JJ swears that she won't regret it. Paige says there's something he needs to tell her first and it has to be the truth.

Eve goes on about Paige being with someone she can be proud to date. Maggie decides to take Parker home. Jennifer questions Eve. Jennifer tells Eve that JJ and Paige belong together. Eve tells Jennifer that she sucks at blackmail because Paige wants nothing to do with JJ at all.

Paige knows JJ was sincere before as she could feel it so she just needs to know if there's anything he left out. Paige asks if there's anything about Roxanne or how they broke up that she should know. JJ says if there was, he would tell her.

Daniel gets up and steps away from Nicole. She asks if he's mad at her. He says no. She doesn't understand. Daniel says this started one way and ended a different way. Daniel mentions Maggie bringing Parker home. Daniel adds that he's just not ready to do this again. Daniel wants to see the real her. Nicole asks if this has to do with Eric. She says that's nuts. Nicole insists that she and Eric are over so there's nothing to worry about. Daniel turns away and heads to his room, leaving Nicole disappointed. Nicole thinks back to when Eric hugged her. She tells herself that this is ridiculous as she cries.

Melanie brings up Eric wanting her to convince Serena not to leave Salem. Melanie asks about Eric really loving Serena. Eric says she makes that easy.

Serena's answers a call, questioning why they are doing this. Serena questions them tearing up her place. Navidad is on the phone and tells Serena that "he" doesn't trust her and is tired of waiting.

Sonny questions Will having all this stuff get Paul out of their lives. Will says he didn't know Sonny was coming home and he gave him the space he wanted. Will says he's been here driving himself crazy so he tried to figure things out with what he's up against.

Navidad tells Serena that she needs to stop talking and start doing. She says she's out of time and hangs up. Serena starts gathering her things then gets another call from Eric. She apologizes for running out on him. Eric says he was just checking in with her and asks if she's still meeting Melanie which she says she is.

Daniel comes back dressed for work and says he just got called in. Daniel says he's not trying to kick her out and suggests they go get coffee in the morning at the club. Nicole goes to leave as Maggie arrives with Parker. Maggie compliments Daniel's shave. Nicole remarks that at least something got accomplished here as she exits.

Jennifer praises Paige and says she still believes she's in love with JJ so it's only a matter of time before they are back together and happier than ever. Eve argues they were never happy. Eve talks about JJ never stopping with her. Jennifer tells her that she's wrong about him.

JJ tells Paige that no answer would ever be good enough but if she gives him the chance, he'll never take her for granted again and he'll be the best boyfriend she could ever hope for. JJ swears it's the truth. JJ brings up playing the song for her and her staying to listen to him play it. JJ tells her to trust what she knows inside and not give up on him. Paige then kisses JJ.

Sonny questions Will thinking this is a contest. Will brings up Sonny asking Paul to marry him first and the reason he said no is no longer there. Will talks about thinking about this for a long time. Will tells Sonny that all he needs is for him to tell him he's wrong to be paranoid about he and Paul. Lucas brings Arianna home. Sonny is happy to see Arianna.

Melanie goes home and jokes with Daniel about his shave. She asks what brought that on. Daniel tells her that it was Nicole. Melanie mentions them spending a lot of time together. Daniel says they have different definitions of the word slow. Serena arrives. Melanie tells her that Daniel is going to work. Daniel thanks them for watching Parker as he exits. Parker plays with the elephant statue as Melanie thanks Serena for coming and she says nothing could keep her away.

Nicole sits in the nightclub saying there is no issue with Eric and she doesn't know what else she can do. Eric then approaches and questions her being alone. Eric asks if she wants some company. Nicole responds not his which confuses him.

Paige and JJ continue kissing.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's and says he has a few minutes before work so she invites him in. Daniel brings up Jennifer not responding to his messages or texts so he decided to find out what's going on in person.

Eve looks at her phone and says she better not press her luck as Jennifer doesn't know what she's talking about and Paige is done with JJ. Eve thinks back to being with JJ. Eve wonders why everything had to get so complicated.

Paige stops and says she has to go. Paige says if they are going to start being honest about everything, there's something she has to fix first with Cole. Paige says she was supposed to be on a date with Cole but she lied and said she wasn't feeling well so she could be with him. Paige says she has to make it right as being honest and truthful is important to her. JJ gets it and asks her to promise not to let anyone talk her out of it. They agree that it's not a mistake as they kiss. Paige adds that she's holding him to everything he said. Paige is willing to try to make this work. Paige says she still loves him. JJ tells her that he loves her more than ever as they hug. Paige then walks away.

Nicole tells Eric that it didn't come out the way she meant it. Eric thinks she wants company, just not him. Nicole says that he's been a lot more open to her lately and she's very grateful for that but it seems like there's always complications like Serena and Daniel. Nicole wishes she could undo her mistakes with Serena because it's made things with Daniel difficult too. Nicole says she made this a messy situation. Eric says he's sorry. Nicole says she is too. Nicole asks Eric to go ahead and sit down, she'll buy him a drink and they'll catch up.

Melanie takes Parker to put him to bed, leaving Serena alone. Serena grabs the elephant statue but there's a knock at the door and Maggie returns. Maggie meets Serena for the first time. Serena mentions seeing pictures of her. Maggie says she left her wallet in Parker's backpack so she retrieves it. Melanie comes out and Maggie explains leaving her wallet. Melanie suggests Maggie stick around and hang out with them. Maggie doesn't want to intrude but Melanie insists so Maggie agrees to stay while Serena looks nervously at the elephant statue.

Jennifer tells Daniel that he's been such a true friend and he's been wonderful to her children so she's in her debt. Daniel says she doesn't owe him anything, he just wants to be there for them. Jennifer regrets coming to him for help and wants him to let this go.

Melanie is happy to hang out with two of her favorite people, who she can trust and completely confide in when things get hard. Serena asks if something's going on. Melanie says she's not supposed to say anything so she can't tell Eric but Brady was attacked. Melanie says he'll be alright but it was scary. Serena asks what happened but Melanie can't say until he talks to Victor. Maggie's phone rings and has to go. She tells Serena it was nice meeting her and she looks forward to getting to know her better. Maggie tells Melanie that she will call her and she's still upset about what Brady went through too. They talk about him being okay. They hug goodbye as Maggie exits. Serena wants to know what happened to Brady but Melanie says they are going to talk about Serena instead.

Sonny takes Arianna to her room. Lucas asks Will how it went. Will says not great. Lucas is sorry about that. Will says they got off to a bad start. Lucas asks what happened and if it was because he came in. Will says the break was a good thing so they can reset and try again. Will tells him that Sonny doesn't get why he had all his article notes out. Lucas asks Will about what he's figured out. Will tells Lucas that Paul Narita has no clue who he really is.

Sonny tells Arianna how much he missed her and promises to never stay away that long again.

Will shows Lucas the photo of Tori and reveals the date being Paul's birthday. Will talks about bringing this to Tori and he could tell that he's on the right track. Lucas doesn't think it proves anything. Will brings up her being freaked out to come to Salem. Will argues that everything she's told Paul about his father is a lie. Will says he flat out told Tori that he thought Paul's father was a DiMera and she didn't deny it so it has to be Stefano or Peter. Will says this is huge. Lucas questions this being what Will was working on to write about. Will calls it beyond a scoop but Lucas doesn't give a damn. Will asks what's the matter with him. Lucas tells him that Sonny is back so he can leave all this alone and drop it. Will asks if he has any idea what this could do to his career. Lucas doesn't care and asks if that's more important than his future with Sonny.

Paige goes home to Eve's. Eve excitedly asks about her date. Paige says there's something she needs to tell her first. Eve asks if everything is okay. Paige wants it to be with them. Eve asks what it is as she's scaring her. Paige sits with her and talks about not being close like they used to be. Eve apologizes. Paige says things have been better but not great and they can't be unless she forgives her so that's what she wants to do. Paige tells Eve that she wants to forgive her for all of it for real and to start over. Eve hugs her and thanks her. Eve remarks that Cole must already be having a positive effect on her.

Daniel asks Jennifer if that's it. Jennifer apologizes for ignoring his calls but she's grateful for what he's done for her kids. Daniel decides to get back to work and goes to leave as JJ comes home. JJ excitedly asks Daniel how he is. Daniel says he's alright. JJ responds that he's really great which Daniel says he can see. Daniel asks JJ what the good news is.

Eric tells Nicole that Serena is out with a friend tonight. Nicole says that's best for her. Eric thought they worked things out. Nicole doesn't want to talk about it but mentions running into her and things being chilly. Nicole brings up running in to her at Daniel's apartment and they were both startled. Nicole mentions Serena staring at the elephant statue and then dropping it. Eric brings up how Serena can't seem to let the statue go. Nicole asks him about it. Eric explains that the statue used to be his.

Melanie asks Serena about leaving Salem. Serena says everything is up in the air and it's too soon to know as she has no idea what's going to happen. Melanie hopes she stays as Eric really cares about her and they're so good together. Serena wants it to all work out. Melanie gets a call from a delivery service and says she'll be right downstairs to get a package. Melanie asks Serena to watch Parker and exits, leaving her alone. Serena grabs the elephant statue and opens the secret compartment, giving her a big smile.

JJ tells Daniel that he's good and just came home to talk to Jennifer about something. Daniel says he was just leaving. JJ stops Daniel and says he knows they had the worst start ever but he's really grateful to have a friend like him. Daniel feels the same way then exits. Daniel tells himself that if JJ is happy then maybe he should stop worrying and stay out of it as he walks away. JJ hugs Jennifer and tells her it's all happening and working out because of her.

Paige tells Eve that there was no date and she didn't see Cole at all. Paige tells Eve that she and JJ are talking about getting back together. Paige talks about being honest about everything. Paige thinks it can work out with JJ.

Sonny promises to be there when Arianna wakes up as he holds her until she sleeps.

Will asks Lucas if Paul deserves to know the truth. Lucas doesn't see it as a favor but as Will trying to punish him. Sonny comes back and says Arianna is asleep. Lucas decides he'll let them talk. Lucas tells Sonny that it's great seeing him as he exits. Will tells Sonny that they do have a lot to talk about. Sonny admits to Will that he's already seen Paul as he was the first person he saw when he got back, which shocks Will.

Eric explains to Nicole about the elephant statue being a gift and then Parker taking a liking to it. Eric talks about Serena being weird about it and not letting it go. Nicole wonders why it's so important to her. Eric brings up Serena having one just like it in Africa. Nicole questions there being two statues.

Serena opens the elephant statue and pulls out a tiny bag of diamonds. Serena declares finally she's found it.

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