Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/19/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/19/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel tells a nurse about checking in on Brady and making sure he gets rest. Abigail approaches and asks about Brady. Daniel tells her that he's fine and will let him tell more about it. Abigail mentions that Jennifer was really worried. Daniel thinks back to talking to Jennifer and asks how things are with Jennifer and JJ.

Jennifer talks with JJ at home. JJ tells her that he's never been this nervous. JJ says Paige didn't say she would meet him so she might not even show.

Paige and Cole sit at the Pub together.

Tori tells Will that her being in Salem years ago had nothing to do with Paul. Will argues that it had everything to do with Paul as this is where she met his father. Tori doesn't know what he's talking about. Will shows her the photo and reveals that a date is shown. Tori doesn't find it relevant. Will says he did the math and discovered that Paul was born 9 months later.

Paul takes part in the photoshoot with the kids as John watches with a smile. Sonny returns to Salem and makes eye contact with Paul. John welcomes Sonny home and asks if he ever met Paul as they smile at one another.

Marlena thinks back to Paul telling her about sleeping with Will. Marlena goes to Eric's apartment and asks if everything is okay. Eric tells her that he's worried about Serena.

Serena calls Melanie from outside the club, leaving a message to meet up. She runs in to Nicole. Nicole brings up startling her at Daniel's apartment. Nicole points out Serena dropping two elephant statues and questions why she lied by saying there was only one.

Abigail talks to Daniel about how upset JJ was and then how he was seeing Roxanne. They agree that she didn't seem his type. Abigail says JJ totally crashed and wouldn't talk about anything so she was really worried about him. Abigail says she and Jennifer have been missing each other lately. Abigail mentions getting a voicemail from JJ now where he sounded totally fine. They agree that's good. Abigail goes back to work. Daniel pulls out his phone and looks at Jennifer's number.

Jennifer asks JJ about Paige not saying she would meet him. Jennifer points out that she didn't say no so that means she's willing to talk. JJ says he wouldn't have a chance if not for her. Jennifer gets a call from Daniel and ignores it. She then tells JJ not to pick up if Daniel tries to call him.

Eric tells Marlena about Serena possibly leaving Salem. Marlena asks if he's going to go with her. Eric asks if she'd be okay with that.

Serena tells Nicole that there was only one elephant statue. Serena mocks Nicole's dress from that night and asks what she cooked for Daniel. Nicole tells her not to change the subject as they can't ignore the two elephants but Serena tells her that she's wrong.

Marlena tells Eric not to worry about her with his decisions. She brings up Eric staying for her when John was in a coma and that wasn't meant to be permanent. Marlena brings up all he's been through so she can see how leaving Salem would be appealing. Marlena jokes that she guesses she'll be okay if he leaves Salem with Serena.

Nicole remarks about Serena getting snippy all of a sudden. Serena asks why they are always challenging each other and why they should argue over this. Nicole insists on seeing two statues. Serena brings up Nicole apologizing for all the misunderstandings with Eric. Serena decides she doesn't have time for this as she has a date with Eric. Serena walks away. Nicole repeats to herself that she saw two statues but agrees that she has something better to do.

Jennifer tells JJ that they cannot let Daniel know what happened between he and Eve. Jennifer knows he wants to help and he's so persistent. JJ asks about running in to Daniel. Jennifer tells him to just say he's only thinking about Paige. Jennifer adds that they need to make sure Abigail doesn't find out either because anyone else knowing would mean Paige is closer to finding out. JJ agrees and hopes Paige will meet him to at least listen.

Cole and Paige exit the Pub together.

Paul greets Sonny and asks how he is. Sonny says he's well. John asks if he just got in. Sonny says he just got back from the airport. John brings up Will not saying anything. Sonny informs him that Will doesn't know yet.

Tori questions Will torturing her. Will says he's trying to save his marriage and doesn't want Paul in Salem when Sonny comes home. Tori says she did all she could. Will calls her a liar and brings up Paul's father not being dead and actually having relatives. Will asks how many other lies she has told Paul.

JJ goes to the spot in the park and sits down on the bench.

John asks Sonny if he's excited to surprise Will as that will make his day. The kids call John back over. Sonny wasn't sure that Paul would still be in Salem. Paul says he wouldn't be if not for John asking him to do this fundraiser. Sonny says it's nice of him to help out. Paul says he'll be gone as soon as it's over and he shouldn't be in Salem if they are going to work things out. Sonny says if they work things out, it shouldn't matter if Paul is in Salem as they have problems in their marriage. Paul comments on Will not seeing it that way.

Tori asks Will not to tell Paul. Will doesn't want to hurt her. Will talks about how Paul would be angry to find out the lies. Will says she probably has a good reason just like he has a good reason to not want Paul in Salem. Tori tells Will that Paul won't leave until after the fundraiser but he promised to stay away from them. Tori promises they will go.

Daniel comes home and finishes a call with Parker. Nicole arrives and reminds Daniel that they agreed she would come help get ready for his presentation. Daniel mentions having an emergency patient so he texted her that it was off. Nicole tells him to forget it as she has something else they can do.

Serena goes to the nightclub and joins Eric at the bar. Eric mentions that he was just talking to a new friend and introduces her to a woman named Navidad, who Serena seems to recognize.

JJ remains in the park and checks his phone nervously. JJ gets up to leave but Paige shows up. JJ is surprised that she came. Paige tells him that she couldn't stay away but that doesn't mean anything. JJ responds that it means the world to him.

Nicole jokes with Daniel about getting a new tie. She tells him it's what's under the surface when he gives his presentation. Daniel asks what she's trying to say. Nicole informs him that he needs to shave.

Abigail joins Jennifer at home. Abigail watches out the window. Jennifer asks if she's okay. Abigail says she was just thinking as Daniel asked how JJ was doing. Abigail says JJ is her brother and she has no clue what's going on in his life. Jennifer assures that he'll be fine. Abigail finds it strange how JJ's life is always a secret. Abigail questions JJ with Roxanne. Abigail brings up JJ being so down yesterday but today he was laughing and happy. Abigail says they always share everything with each other but she has no idea what's going on in his life. She asks Jennifer if she has any idea what's happening.

JJ is so glad Paige is here so she'll hear what he has to say. JJ apologizes for hurting her and says he will never hurt her again. Paige asks if that's what he told Roxanne. Paige says this is too weird after everything that happened. Paige questions him suddenly wanting to be with her again. Paige suggests she should talk to Roxanne to find out what really happened. JJ doesn't think that's a good idea but she says it's not his call. Paige says if she knew why he dumped Roxanne for her then maybe she would understand unless there's some reason he doesn't want her to talk to Roxanne.

Eric tells Serena that Navidad bumped in to him and they got to talking. Navidad tells him it was nice meeting them as she walks away. Serena looks around uncomfortably.

Sonny tells Paul how Will said they had a lot to work through. Paul says he didn't mean to hurt Sonny. Paul suggests that Sonny being Will's only guy could have been part of the reason it happened. Sonny questions him making excuses. Paul says no and decides it's probably best if they don't see each other again so he and Will can work things out and get past this. Sonny thanks him for offering to stay away. Paul says he only wants him to be happy. Paul says a lot has happened and changed as he goes back to the kids. Sonny watches on then turns and walks away.

Will tells Tori that he'll trust her if Sonny comes back before the benefit. Will says if Paul doesn't leave town after the fundraiser and comes between them, he won't just tell Paul who his father is but he will do it in a cover story for Sonix magazine. Tori argues that he has no idea who Paul's father really is. Will tells her that she's wrong and not to tempt him. Will adds that he understands why she doesn't want anyone knowing that her son's father was a man named DiMera as he walks out.

Nicole tells Daniel that she loves the way he looks but brings up an old lady on the board who commented on his five o'clock shadow. Nicole brings up her being at his presentation tomorrow and he wouldn't want her glaring at him the whole time. Nicole calls him a great guy and amazing doctor. Nicole says people will want to read him and know what he's thinking and feeling. Nicole brings up being skilled with a razor so it won't take long at all. Daniel agrees to go with it.

Serena apologizes to Eric for being late. Eric says it was only a few minutes. Serena comments on Navidad running in to him. Eric notes that she seems unsettled. Serena says she's fine. Eric brings up leaving Salem. Serena apologizes for ever bringing that up as it's way too soon. Eric goes to get her a drink. Serena pulls out her phone and calls Navidad, leaving a message asking what the hell that was about.

John is glad the kids had fun and says they will do it again soon as they leave. Will arrives. John asks how he's doing. Will says he's fine and asks about the kids. John says he was getting some publicity photos with Paul and he'll send them some for the web site. John talks about Paul being a real stand up guy. Will notes spending a lot of time with him. Will mentions heading home. John tells Will to have a good time tonight as he walks off.

Sonny returns home and finds a note that Lucas took Arianna. Sonny looks at the table and sees a bunch of Will's notes on Paul with pictures of him.

Abigail asks Jennifer if JJ told her what's going on. Jennifer tells her that JJ and Paige might get back together. Abigail is surprised and realizes that's why he was so happy. Abigail mentions never knowing why they broke up. Jennifer just wants him to be happy and asks Abigail not to tell anyone about JJ and Paige talking.

JJ tells Paige that he will give her Roxanne's number but it won't help as they are so over. Paige stops him and agrees it's a terrible idea. Paige asks if JJ hurt Roxanne. JJ tells her that he didn't. Paige argues that doesn't make sense and questions not being hurt after sleeping together. JJ tells her that she always knew the only one he loved was Paige.

Nicole shaves Daniel's facial hair.

Serena says she can't call again now as Eric returns to her with her drink. Eric asks what's wrong. Serena claims that her editor just texted her and wants to see her research work right now. Eric points out that she just got here. Serena apologizes as this was their time and she was looking forward to it all day. Serena promises to make it up to him. Eric says he'll hold her to it because he loves her. They kiss goodbye. Serena tells him that she loves him so much and then exits.

Abigail questions everything having to stay a secret. Jennifer tells her that JJ is just embarrassed about a lot of things but realizes where he went wrong and now wants to make it right with Paige if he can. She says he'll need his space so questioning him would make it harder. Abigail says she gets it.

JJ tells Paige that he knows he made the worst mistake of his life and has been trying to figure out how he could do something so stupid. Paige never understood one day he loved her and then one day he didn't. JJ assures her that he never stopped loving her. JJ says he loves her and wants to be with her. Paige questions him waiting until now. JJ says he didn't feel good enough for her but he's realized that it's all about what she wants. JJ hopes that she wants him.

Paul returns to his hotel room. Tori asks how the photo session went. Paul says it was good and lots of fun. Tori brings up leaving right after the benefit, hopefully before Sonny gets back. Paul tells her that's too late because he just saw Sonny.

Will goes home and stops outside as John sends him the photo of Paul with the kids. Will comments on Paul still being there. Will heads inside, shocked to see Sonny is home.

Marlena joins Eric at the nightclub and thought he was having drinks with Serena. Eric says that was the plan. She asks what happened. Eric says that's a good question.

Serena goes home to her hotel room.

Tori questions Paul seeing Sonny. Paul explains that Sonny showed up at the town square. Tori thinks Sonny knew he was there. Paul calls it a coincidence. Tori questions Paul speaking to Sonny and tells him to stay away from him. Paul says Sonny made it clear that he came back to work things out with Will and he will give them all the time in the world to do so. Paul tells her to relax as they have nothing to worry about.

Will is surprised Sonny is home as he didn't expect him and hugs him. Will tells him that he's missed him and he has no idea. Will asks if Lucas is here with Arianna. Sonny says he took her out. Will points out they are alone then. Sonny says that's good maybe. Will knows they have a lot to talk about. Sonny suggests beginning with Will's pictures of Paul on his desk and questions what this is. Sonny asks if first Will sleeps with Paul and now he's obsessed with him.

Nicole continues shaving Daniel and they get close.

JJ tells Paige that he knows he should tell her to take her time and think about it but he can't wait any longer and needs to know. JJ asks Paige if she can forgive him.

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