Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/18/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/18/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Adrienne leaves the club, leaving a message for Sonny, wanting him to give her a call. Justin approaches and hopes they can talk. Adrienne asks if he's off to Dubai and back to Elsa.

Will talks on the phone about being unable to do an interview as Lucas comes over. Will mentions being tied up on the follow up to the Paul article. Will hangs up. Lucas questions Will only doing national articles and how that helps his marriage. Lucas asks what's going on with he, Sonny, and Paul.

Tori calls Paul and asks if he's ready. Paul says he's pretty much packed up. Tori says she'll be there soon and hangs up. John shows up at Paul's hotel room and says he got his message. John asks if he's going somewhere. Paul responds that he's afraid so.

Brady can't believe Daniel would ask him that. Daniel calls it a standard question they ask everybody. Brady tells him that he didn't use drugs. Daniel wonders what happened. Brady doesn't know but knows he didn't take anything. Daniel gets paged to get the early test results so he exits. Brady swears that he's not lying. Melanie promises she believes him. Brady doesn't know how this could've happened. Melanie brings up Theresa. Brady asks what she means. Melanie thinks back to her argument with Theresa.

Maggie rushes in to Daniel's office questioning what happened to Brady as she heard he was admitted. Maggie asks if Brady had a slip.

Brady asks Melanie what about Theresa.

Clint and Theresa kiss in bed. Clint reaches into his bag and pulls out the needle. Theresa questions what the hell he's doing.

Daniel tells Maggie that Brady is fine. Maggie asks if it was drugs or alcohol. Daniel calls it complicated and says he can't discuss his situation. Maggie doesn't understand so Daniel tells her to go see Brady.

Brady continues questioning why Melanie brought up Theresa. The nurse comes in to check Brady's vitals. Melanie tells him that she will be back and exits. Melanie wonders out loud what Theresa has done as she walks away.

Clint claims he was just reaching for a condom as Theresa jokes about not wanting to be a mother.

Will tells Lucas that he hasn't talked to Sonny but Tori promised to get Paul out of Salem so he'll be gone by the time Sonny comes back. Lucas questions writing a follow up piece. Will says he's doing research. Lucas thought he was getting Paul out of town to work on his marriage. Will tells Lucas not to say anything as this could be huge. Roman arrives and says he got Will's text so he asks what he needs.

Paul tells John that he's heading back to San Francisco sooner than he thought. John brings up the little league charity event and the response they've had to him being there. John talks about all the money they could raise. Tori arrives but stops outside the door. John asks Paul if there's anything he can do to postpone his trip for the kids.

Justin tells Adrienne that he needs to finish the deal in Dubai. Adrienne brings up him never planning to stay and how this was only half of what Sonny was going through. Justin asks what else he was going through.

Will asks Roman about the DiMera boathouse land. Roman tells him that nobody could be on there without connections to the DiMeras and asks what this is about. Will claims he's doing a History of Salem article. Will asks who was living in the DiMera Mansion at that time. Roman brings up Stefano, Kristen, and Peter. Roman gets a call and has to go. Will says he'll let him know if he has any more questions and thanks him as Roman exits. Lucas thinks it's time Will comes clean.

John tells Paul that he would make this event. Paul agrees to stick around a few more days. John brings up a photo shoot with the kids in the town square and how they could get the front page if Paul is a part of it. Paul agrees to it. John thanks him and says he'll see him soon. Tori rushes away from the door as John exits. Tori then heads inside and questions why he's doing this.

Justin asks if it's about Will and Sonny's problems. Adrienne tells him not to worry about it and go back to Dubai. Justin mentions that Lucas brought this up too and wants her to talk to him. Adrienne refuses to talk about Sonny's marital problems without talking about theirs.

Lucas asks Will what is going on. Will doesn't want to jinx it. Lucas says it obviously has to do with Tori and the photo. Lucas asks why he didn't just show Roman the picture. Will thinks the fewer people to know the better. Lucas thinks he should let it go. Will thinks this could be huge. Lucas asks if it's bigger than his marriage. Lucas says this is all because Will cheated and he was helping him for his marriage not to further his career.

Paul asks Tori why she didn't come in. Tori claims she didn't want to argue with him in front of a stranger. Paul says he made a commitment. Tori feels John is using him. Paul asks what the big deal is to stay a few more days. She tells him that he knows. Paul says they will just hang out here until the benefit. Paul adds that he'll stay out of Sonny and Will's way. Paul mentions that she can go back but she shouts back that they both need to leave today.

Maggie and Daniel go in to see Brady. Daniel tells him that he'll be in and out. Brady mentions feeling good and better. Brady asks where Melanie went.

Clint and Theresa continue kissing in bed until there's a knock at the door. Theresa is surprised. Clint asks if she's expecting company. Theresa says not to worry about it but it continues so Clint says someone wants in. Theresa says she'll take care of it and answers the door to see Melanie. Theresa asks what it was with her as she calls her a disgusting bitch.

Justin says everything isn't about them. Adrienne argues that nothing is. Adrienne doesn't feel like being the good wife at home waiting for him to finish his deal with Elsa. Adrienne accuses him of sleeping with Elsa. Justin says he never meant for that to happen but admits that it did. He calls it a mistake and apologizes. Justin says it doesn't change the fact that he has a professional obligation to feel with business to take care of. Adrienne slaps him.

Will agrees that he should let this go but talks about the photo. John arrives and greets them. Arianna cries so Lucas goes to check on her. John talks to Will about the little league benefit. John asks if Will can get his boss to put it up on the Sonix website. Will says he's sure Zoe can do that. John shows him the flyer and talks about the great turnout helping the kids. Will sees that Paul is going to be there and realizes he's still in Salem. John mentions the upcoming photoshoot. Will says there's something he forgot he needs to take care of. Lucas comes out with Arianna to see John. Will asks Lucas to watch her as he has to go out because something came up. Will rushes out and says to himself that Tori will be sorry.

Paul questions Tori losing it like that over a few days delay. She talks about sticking to a schedule. Paul doesn't want to let the kids down. Paul tells her that they will stay at the hotel and he'll only be seen at the event. Paul exits.

Daniel returns to Brady's room and says that all they know is Melanie says she had an errand to run. Brady asks about the drug test. Daniel says he has to get his consent to talk about it with someone in the room. Brady agrees that Maggie should know what happened. Brady swears he didn't use and that he didn't put whatever it is in his body. Maggie asks what he remembers. Brady recalls going for a run, coming home, and then ending up in the room. Daniel reveals that Brady was hit with a powerful tranquilizer as they found a puncture wound in his neck. Daniel says that someone wanted him unconscious and he now has Abe with a team examining the room that he was found. Brady wonders why someone drugged him. Daniel adds that Brady had blood drawn in both of his arms. Brady questions why anyone would want to take his blood.

Theresa questions what Melanie is doing there. Melanie walks in and refuses to leave as she accuses her of doing something to Brady. Theresa questions her as she talks about staying away from Brady. Theresa calls her a stalker. Melanie questions how she could have hurt Brady like that. Theresa asks what happened to Brady. Clint then appears out of the bedroom, surprising Melanie. Melanie questions her being back with Clint. Theresa says Melanie has no say in who she sees. Theresa says she was with Clint so she couldn't have done anything to Brady. Theresa threatens her. Melanie says she's going back to the hospital. Theresa is surprised to hear Brady is in the hospital. Melanie says this was obviously a mistake and storms out.

Daniel talks about Brady having blood taken and can't think of reasons. Abe enters and greets them. Daniel asks about the investigation at the mansion. Abe reveals that they found his wallet without any cash so it looks like a carefully planned robbery. Daniel steps out with Abe. Brady asks Maggie if Victor knows about this. Maggie says not yet as he's driving to Chicago but she'll call him if he wants. Brady would rather tell him when he's back on his feet. Brady thanks Maggie for being there. Maggie says someone treated him terribly but he was clean and sober so that's all that counts. Brady agrees. Maggie brings up going to lots of meetings. Brady calls her the best sponsor a guy could have. Maggie tells him that loves him and is so relieved that she's okay as they hug.

Justin blames himself for Adrienne being upset but says he has to get back to Dubai. Adrienne tells him that she won't be understanding. Justin apologizes. Adrienne asks if he's told Elsa that it's over yet. Justin says he won't lie to her as he can't risk having the whole deal fall apart if she gets upset. Adrienne questions him having to stay in bed with her to keep the deal together. Adrienne compares it to a whore. Adrienne tells Justin to just go.

John finishes playing with Arianna and says he has to get to the photoshoot. Lucas asks about it. John tells him about the fundraiser and shows him the flyer. Lucas is surprised that Paul is going to be there. John says he agreed to stick around for a couple of days. John then exits. Lucas realizes why Will tore out so quick.

Will goes to Paul's hotel, demanding he open up. Tori answers and tells him to lower his voice. Tori tells Will that Paul is not here. Will brings up their agreement to have Paul gone by today. Tori says she tried, he was packed, but he remembered he agreed to the charity. Will calls it just another excuse and believes that Paul is just trying to still be in Salem when Sonny comes back.

Brady tells Abe that maybe an old drug dealer followed him home but he doesn't recall seeing anyone. Abe says they couldn't get anything on the security cameras. Brady wants to keep this all on the down low as to not worry Victor or John. Maggie and Abe exit. Daniel tells Brady that he's sorry. Brady understands it looked like he was using again. Brady knows he was worried about Melanie. Daniel says he was concerned about him too but adds that Melanie is his priority so he is overprotective of her. Brady gets that he'd be out if he had a relapse. Daniel says everything is good and asks if there's anything he can do for him. Brady responds that there is.

Maggie calls Henderson from Melanie's office and tells him not to mention any of this to Victor if he comes home. Melanie joins her and they hug. Melanie says she was just trying to figure out what happened to Brady. Maggie says he was robbed and followed in by someone. Melanie questions that being all. Maggie adds that there might be more.

Theresa complains about Melanie and apologizes to Clint. Clint tells her to let it all out. Theresa says Melanie blames her for everything. Clint suggests he can make her forget all about Melanie as they kiss. Theresa talks about being hungry and asks him to go get them some sandwiches. Clint agrees to and exits. Theresa decides she has to find out what happened and grabs her phone.

Justin stops Adrienne and says they can't just leave things like this. Adrienne asks what he expected. Justin argues that she's making it worse. Adrienne threatens to do more than slap him. Adrienne says they should've left things how they were. Justin repeats that he can't leave her like this. Adrienne feels that he left her a long time ago.

Paul joins John and the kids at the town square. The kids are excited to have Paul. John thanks Paul for doing this. They shake hands as Paul mentions being really glad he decided to stay.

Tori tells Will that Paul knows he shouldn't be there and that he's going to stay in the hotel room. Will says Sonny could be back any day now and when he comes, he's going to see Paul's face on the flyer all over town. Tori says she tried to get Paul out of Salem. Will tells her to try harder unless she wants him to find out why she never wanted him to come to Salem in the first place.

Daniel asks Brady what he needs. Brady mentions that Melanie said she was coming back so he was hoping to spend some time with her to let her know everything is okay but he's about to fall asleep so he asks Daniel to talk to her and tell her not to worry. Daniel tells him that's not possible because she loves him.

Melanie asks Maggie what is more. Maggie tells Melanie that whoever robbed and drugged Brady may also have taken some of his blood.

Clint stops outside the town square and calls Dr. Mandrake. Clint tells him that he got what he wanted from Brady and it's on ice. Clint decides maybe he'll try something different with Theresa. Clint assures that he'll still get her blood tomorrow and she won't know what hit her. Clint says he just has to keep her distracted until it's time and then they will have everything they need.

Theresa complains about not getting information about Brady from the nurse when she called the hospital. Theresa talks about being married to Brady before but now being nothing to each other. Theresa wonders why she cares as she takes a drink.

Adrienne tells Justin that they still have rings and they made vows but he abandoned her a long time ago. She says she's known in her heart for months that he's been unfaithful. Justin says he'll be in touch as he then walks away. Adrienne cries looking at her ring and says goodbye.

Paul takes part in the photoshoot with the kids as John watches with a smile. Sonny returns to Salem and makes eye contact with Paul.

Tori tells Will that her being in Salem years ago had nothing to do with Paul. Will argues that it had everything to do with Paul as this is where she met his father.

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