Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/17/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/17/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate realizes that Stefano set her up. Stefano questions how. Kate says that he used Victor to play her. Stefano questions her as other board members question Kate taking advice from a sworn enemy. Stefano asks if Kate was conspiring with Victor.

Cole and Paige walk outside as Cole tells her that he made them reservations to eat and then they can go to a movie or to a club to hear some music. That makes Paige think back to watching JJ's performance and tells Cole that she just realized something.

Eve approaches JJ and tells him that was a beautiful piece. JJ tells her that Paige isn't there. Eve responds that she knows and she's here for him as they have some unfinished business.

Hope and Abe go to the DiMera Mansion. Hope wants to arrest Stefano. They talk about Chad and Stefano both not being home. They figure they are together and wonder where they could be. Hope searches as Harold enters and questions what they are doing there.

Melanie calls Brady and leaves a message that she's off early if he wants to hang out. Theresa overhears her and mocks her.

Brady returns home from his run. Clint enters the backdoor behind him and aims his gun.

Cole asks Paige if she has other plans tonight. Paige says it has nothing to do with their date and should just take a second as she pulls out her phone.

JJ tells Eve that everything between them is completely finished. Eve says she's talking about Paige. JJ has nothing to say and says he's getting her back no matter what. Eve wants him to listen but JJ refuses and tells her to get out.

Kate explains that she didn't conspire with Victor but that he called her to warn her about Stefano making a move on the telecommunications company. Stefano questions the idea of him talking to Victor. The board members continue to question Kate but Kate calls it a great buy of a great company. Stefano doubts Mr. Shin will see it that way. Kate agrees that it's a mess. An e-mail comes in that Mr. Shin is threatening to leave the board. The board members worry about this destroying DiMera Enterprises and wonder what to do. Stefano tells them to ask the CEOs.

JJ doesn't want to hear a word from Eve and never wants to see her. JJ wants to forget the last few months completely. Eve argues that they were kind of unforgettable. JJ states that he's going to make things right with Paige. Eve tells him it's too late for that. Eve argues that Paige knows JJ is untrustworthy, unstable, and unworthy of her so she'll never take him back after he pushed her away one too many times. Paige then returns to the school.

Abe informs Harold that Cook let them in as Theo had a gift for Chad. Harold offers to give it but Hope explains that Theo wanted Abe to give it in person. Abe asks where he can find Chad.

Chad asks Kate what's going on. Kate tells him to keep his mouth shut and then back her up. Kate says the situation can easily be resolved. Kate says she'll talk to Mr. Shin about the misunderstanding and reverse the transaction. DiMera stock begins to drop. Kate blames someone leaking information. The board members want Stefano reinstated as CEO effective immediately.

Melanie tells Theresa to stop eavesdropping and get a life. Theresa accuses her of poking around in her life. Melanie says she stopped so she needs to stop too unless she's jealous. Theresa tells her that she's over Brady and is dating someone else. Melanie tells her about Brady being done with her. Melanie blames Theresa for enabling Brady and now he's going to stay clean for himself. Theresa remarks that Brady will have to start using again to deal with life with Melanie. Melanie calls her a crazy bitch. Daniel shows up and interrupts. Theresa exits. Daniel tells Melanie that this is nuts.

Clint shoots Brady in the neck with a dart.

Eve is surprised to see Paige. Paige says she was looking for her as she realized that she forgot to tell her that her performance was cancelled so she didn't want her waiting for nothing. Paige asks what happened to everyone. JJ explains that the showcase got cancelled. Paige asks why they are still there. Eve explains that she came looking for her and ran in to JJ. Paige questions if she was trashing JJ. Eve says she was actually praising his performance. Eve suggests they go get some yogurt but Paige wants to speak with JJ alone.

Kate calls this not necessary and a minor glitch that she can fix. The board feels Stefano's return is their only hope.

Harold has no idea where Chad is and suggests Abe call him to find out. Harold asks them to leave so they do. Hope says she knows where to find Stefano.

Kate argues that she and Chad can't be replaced by Stefano because they need two thirds majority to replace the CEO so they can't do it without Mr. Shin. Mr. Shin then sends in a proxy for his vote. The board calls the motion to reinstate Stefano as CEO. The board members say I except for Kate. Chad then goes along and says I as well.

Daniel reminds Melanie about Theresa. Melanie blames her starting it. Daniel questions her investigating Theresa. Melanie says she has a good reason so she can explain but it's not a good time. Daniel says she's been avoiding this for days. Melanie says she has to go to hang out with Brady. Daniel mentions that he has to go there too to see Maggie so she can explain all of it on the way. They exit together.

Clint rolls Brady over and checks his pockets. He takes his wallet and steals his money. Clint then wraps Brady's arm and pulls out a needle to inject him with.

Eve says it looks like JJ is leaving too but he says he has nowhere to be. JJ tells her to have a nice night and appreciates the praise for his song. Eve says she meant every word. JJ says he knows they haven't gotten along but he feels things are different as they've reached a new understanding. Eve says goodbye to Paige and exits. JJ asks Paige what's up. Paige says that Eve was right that his song was beautiful. JJ is surprised that she heard it as he thought she left. Paige informs him that she stayed. JJ asks why and what changed her mind.

Hope and Abe walk through the town square. Hope talks on the phone about trying to find the DiMera Board Meeting. They talk about Stefano being on borrowed time. Victor interrupts and asks Hope if something's wrong.

Stefano finishes a phone call and says that Mr. Shin is satisfied so now he can reverse the sale and there will be no conflict of interest charges. Kate questions if none of them noticed what Stefano just orchestrated. Kate argues that she made them ungodly amounts of money. A guard enters to accompany Kate out. The board members decide they cannot conduct business in Kate's presence due to her associating with Victor. Kate tells them that they will all get exactly what they deserve as she exits. Chad stands up and wants to be the first to welcome Stefano back to the head of the company and says he looks forward to sharing the reins. Stefano comments that sons are so eager to get ahead of themselves. Stefano declares that he will be the sole CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

Theresa goes home where Clint is waiting for her outside. Clint says he got what he needed as they head inside.

Daniel and Melanie go to the Kiriakis Mansion where Melanie talks to him about what she found about Dr. Mandrake and Theresa but she doesn't care about any of it anymore. They head inside where they find Brady passed out on the floor.

Paige says she was going to leave but she decided to see what he was going to play and was surprised that it was the one he was working on. JJ talks about Paige helping him with it. Paige praises his performance and says he put his heart and soul in to it. Paige adds that it reminded her of the first time she heard it. JJ tells her that he played for her today and thought about her the whole time with how much he misses and loves her. Paige decides she should go but JJ stops and asks what she had to tell him. Paige says she just realized they are going to run into each other and she wants him to leave her alone. JJ doesn't believe her. Paige has nothing more to say. JJ says he has to tell her the truth.

Hope tells Victor that they are working on a case. Hope adds that she's glad Maggie finally got him out of the house. Victor talks about taking a walk for fresh air and had his phone off. Abe asks Victor about being friends with the judge. Abe tells Victor about the judge issuing a stay for Stefano. Victor questions it. Abe adds that the DA is appealing the ruling now. Victor offers to make a call. Hope says she cannot even hint that she wants him to interfere. Kate approaches. Hope asks if she just came from the DiMera board meeting, hoping it's not over. Kate says it's only over for her. Abe asks where the meeting is. Kate says she can tell them exactly where Stefano is.

The board members praise Stefano and then exit except for Chad. Chad remarks that he just got schooled. Chad says he could've warned him. Stefano responds that if he could've trusted him. Stefano says he has reason to doubt. Chad thought he forgave him. Stefano says he does but that's not the same as trusting him. Stefano says he must earn that. Stefano tells him that he did him a favor. Chad says he told him about Kate so he wouldn't have had that move without him. Stefano tells him to grow up and not say things he'll regret. Chad agrees that he doesn't want the responsibility right now so he's happy to have him back in charge. Stefano questions if he thinks he's on a vacation now. Chad responds that he's out of a job. Stefano responds that he's his son and that's a full time job. Stefano tells Chad that he will come to work every day and learn the business that way so when the time comes, he'll be ready because he's the future of this family.

Daniel checks Brady's pulse and it's slow as Melanie calls it in. Daniel notes Brady's breathing is fine. Brady starts to wake up. He wonders why he's on the floor. Daniel tells him that they just found him like this. Melanie asks how far he ran today. Brady says it was a couple miles in the park. Daniel notes that he's not dehydrated. They tell him to stay there and relax. Melanie wonders what it could be. Daniel brings up that Brady used to score drugs in the park. Melanie argues that there has to be another explanation.

Theresa tells Clint to relax while she goes to change. Clint pulls out the needle he used to inject Brady.

Eve goes to the club and runs in to Cole. She brings up his date with Paige. Cole gets that she doesn't like him very much. Eve responds that they just got off on the wrong foot.

Paige questions JJ wanting to tell her the truth and if that means that he's still been lying to her. JJ tells her that he didn't move on as he never stopped loving her. JJ talks about not thinking she was coming back from California so he made a stupid mistake. JJ talks about not knowing what to do when she came back and he felt so guilty. JJ knows he pushed her away as he didn't feel like he deserved her and still doesn't. JJ says he's wanted to give up and tried to forget and stop loving her but he can't. JJ tells her that he can't live his life without her.

Melanie and Daniel bring Brady to the hospital. Daniel says everything seems fine as they are running tests. Daniel says they should get some results soon. Melanie bets her life that he wasn't high. Brady wakes up in his hospital bed and says he feels a little more alert. Daniel wants to ask him some questions. He suggests Melanie go get some coffee but she doesn't want any and Brady says she can stay. Daniel asks Brady if he remembers what happened. Brady says he went for a run and he didn't go that far then he went home and that's all he remembers. Daniel asks if he's on any medications. Brady says none. Daniel asks about anything recreational. Brady asks if he means drugs.

Clint loads another needle and says at least he won't need a gun this time. Theresa comes back and asks if he's ready for some fun as they start kissing.

Eve sits with Cole and apologizes for judging him on his past. Cole asks if she's cool with him seeing Paige then. Eve says she is for now but warns him about hurting Paige. Cole promises that she has nothing to worry about as he'll be good to Paige. Eve tells Cole to treat her like the goddess that she is and maybe she will root for him. Eve wants their date to be really wonderful.

JJ tells Paige that she's the only girl he's ever loved and he knows how stupid that can sound at their age but sometimes it happens like that. JJ tells her that she's it for him. Paige cries that she can't do this right now. JJ asks her to meet him tonight at the park. Paige tells him that she has a date. JJ begs for a chance to explain himself. Paige walks away. JJ tells himself that she didn't say no.

Brady can't believe Daniel would ask him that. Daniel calls it a standard question they ask everybody. Brady tells him that he didn't use drugs. Daniel wonders what happened. Brady doesn't know but knows he didn't take anything. Daniel gets paged to get the early test results so he exits. Brady swears that he's not lying. Melanie promises she believes him. Brady doesn't know how this could've happened. Melanie brings up Theresa.

Clint and Theresa kiss in bed. Clint reaches into his bag and pulls out the needle.

Kate sits with Victor in the town square and tells Victor that Stefano floated the information to him knowing that he would tell her so they both walked into his trap. Victor says this hasn't been his week. Kate notes that he seems awfully calm about it. Victor asks what they're going to do as Stefano is a bastard and evil incarnate. Kate asks how he played him so badly. Victor says he's been off of his game lately and was looking for an easy win. Victor says he's sorry. She questions if he is. Victor asks what she's going to do. Kate says she'll go where ever the best offer is. Victor brings up Lucas doing a wonderful job at Mad World so there's no need to worry about them. Victor doesn't think she would want to push aside her own son. Victor gets a call and steps away after saying he's sorry things didn't work out.

Abe and Hope go to the meeting room to arrest Stefano but only find Chad. Chad tells them that they just missed Stefano.

Stefano sits on his plane, talking on the phone to Victor and says everything went according to plan. Victor calls it a thing of beauty. Victor tells Stefano that the warrant was back enforced as soon as the plane left the ground. Stefano jokes about not making it permanent. Stefano is grateful for Victor's help and assures him that he will not forget that he owes him. Victor tells him to have a good flight as they hang up.

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