Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/16/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/16/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita


Eve complains to Jennifer that it's a disaster that JJ and Paige are performing in the same musical. Jennifer doesn't see the big deal but Eve accuses JJ of planning this. Jennifer disagrees but asks what Eve is going to do about it. Eve admits she won't do anything but she won't like it. Eve tells her that she'll see her there but Jennifer stops her and says she won't because she's not going near JJ ever again.

JJ declares he loves Paige, never stopped and never will which Paige overhears. Theresa questions him believing that. Theresa calls him the same dog who cheated on her niece and says he'll do it again. JJ says he's never regretted anything more in his life. Theresa argues that he'd still do it again. Theresa calls JJ a worthless piece of trash until Paige interrupts and tells her to shut up.

Brady and Melanie kiss in bed. They laugh together. Melanie wonders why they waited so long to do this. Brady calls it risky to fall in love with your best friend. They agree that it's worth it and continue kissing.

Ciara runs in to the Kiriakis Mansion to Victor. Victor welcomes her home and tells her that he missed her. Maggie enters with Hope. Maggie thanks Hope for bringing Ciara and comments that it's already do Victor good as he hasn't been himself lately. Maggie tells Hope that Victor has been depressed ever since Sonny got stabbed.

Abe walks through the town square on the phone and says nothing surprises him when it comes to Stefano.

Kate calls for Mr. Shin to turn around in his seat, but the chair turns around revealing Stefano, who announces that Mr. Shin was unable to attend. Kate calls it a lovely surprise and says they are so pleased he could join them. Stefano declares it's good to be back.

Melanie mentions having to go to work where Brady isn't and Theresa is. Brady asks if they got into it earlier. Melanie says she didn't but isn't sure how long that will last. Brady hopes he got through to Theresa. Melanie doesn't want to think about Theresa, Dr. Mandrake, or Clint ever again.

Clint calls Dr. Mandrake from outside the town square and tells him that he just got back to Salem and he knows exactly what he has to do. He hangs up and pulls out photos of Brady and Theresa.

Paige tells Theresa to leave as she's not helping. Theresa remarks that she won't do her any more favors then exits. JJ stops Paige and asks if this means she doesn't completely hate him.

Chad tells Stefano that he had no idea he would be here. Stefano brings up missing all the excitement last time he missed a meeting and doesn't want to again. Kate asks if he's sure it's wise to be back in Salem with his tax evasion charges. Stefano calls it a minor misunderstanding. Kate is sure he knows what he's doing. Kate asks Chad if he knew he'd be there. Chad says no and doesn't know what's going on. Kate responds that it doesn't change anything as she's in control here.

Eve questions not being able to go to her own daughter's concert. Jennifer says not if JJ is there. Eve argues. Jennifer doesn't want Eve ever in the same room with JJ. Eve says she's Paige's mother so she would be around JJ if they do get back together. Eve asks Jennifer if she's going to let her go or if she's going to punish Paige to punish her.

Paige tells JJ that she wasn't defending him and just didn't want Theresa making a scene. JJ says he still appreciates it. JJ tells Paige that she has every right to be angry but wants to talk to her after the recital. Paige repeats that she's done. JJ swears his love for her and asks for five minutes. Paige responds that she's not interested in any more of his lies. Paige wishes him luck and walks out.

Maggie talks to Hope about being unable to pull Victor out of this funk. Hope is sure Sonny's attack hit him hard. Maggie notes that Victor has stopped going out period. Hope agrees that it's unlike him. Maggie thinks something else is going on. Maggie takes Ciara to have lemon bars. Victor asks Hope about her trip as Ciara says Hope hasn't stopped smiling since spending time with Aiden. Hope says they got to know each other better and he's a great guy. Victor says he's very happy for her as she deserves to be happy. Hope thanks him as they hug.

Abe questions on the phone that the judge agreed to all of that then hangs up. Abe wonders what Stefano is up to.

The DiMera Board Members go over profits. Stefano credits Chad. Kate reminds him that they are co-CEOs. Kate says there is no reason to think the profits won't continue as long as they go forward with the current leadership of her and Chad. Stefano disagrees and says they've done well but he believes it's time for a change.

Brady asks Melanie about her tattoo that says "meant to be." Melanie says she got it in Paris as a believer in fate. Brady says she knows everything that has gone on in his life since she left town but he doesn't know about hers. Melanie says a lot has happened and more than she would like to admit.

Theresa goes home and is startled by Clint at the door. Clint questions her not being happy to see him. Theresa questions him dumping her then just showing up again. Clint tells her that he made a mistake and he missed her. Clint kisses her and suggests going to the bedroom but she says he has a lot of explaining to do. Theresa asks him who Dr. Mandrake is.

Jennifer agrees to let Eve go to the recital but warns her about even looking at JJ. Eve assures that she only cares about Paige. Jennifer warns that she will be watching her. Eve tells JJ that she doesn't have to do anything to keep Paige and JJ apart because there's no way he could ever explain the last few months. Eve tells her that they need to accept that Paige will never ever take him back. Eve then storms out.

JJ stops Paige and asks her not to leave her performance. Paige says she can perform next month. JJ questions her going through the trouble just to avoid being there with him. Paige says he broke her heart and questions him changing his mind now that she's moving on. JJ says he made a huge mistake. She accuses him of trying to play her again. JJ insists that he means every word but Paige says it's too late and doesn't matter. Paige shouts that she's done with him for good and rushes out.

Hope tells Victor that she's made it her personal mission to find out who attacked Sonny and bring them to justice. She asks if he's okay as he looks a little pale. Victor notes that she's been talking to Maggie. Hope admits she's concerned. Victor says he's fine. Hope questions him not leaving the house. Hope brings up Ciara having an ice skating performance next month and that she would love to show off for him. Hope gets a call from Abe. Abe knows her shift just ended but he needs to meet with her about Stefano.

Kate tells Stefano that he is not in a position. The members receive a new proposal from Stefano.

Brady asks Melanie about Europe. Melanie says he already knows about the gambling. Melanie comments that her life is never boring. Brady asks if that's all. Melanie says that's kind of it as she bonded with her mom, hung out with friends and met Serena. Brady asks if she was seeing anyone. Melanie admits she dated a little but she wasn't ready to fall in love. Melanie talks about leaving Salem to get away from Chad, Andrew, and Nick and she was a little traumatized so she put walls up. Melanie says she has a hard time trusting people but she trusts Brady as she feels like she can be herself around him and he won't judge her or hurt her. Brady responds that he feels the same way about her. Melanie tells him that she loves him and they kiss.

Clint tells Theresa that Dr. Mandrake is an old buddy who scores him some quality stuff. Theresa brings up Clint leaving his number behind in his rush to get out of town. Clint says it's settled but Theresa questions where he's been and why he left her. Clint claims he borrowed money from the wrong people and didn't want her to get caught in it so he split. Theresa questions him thinking it's okay now. Clint says he settled his debts so it's all good again. Clint tells her that he missed her so bad. He asks her not to hold it against him and swears to make it up to her. Theresa tells him that he better. Clint tells her how happy she made him as they hug.

Jennifer goes to the school and asks JJ if he's ready. JJ talks about going on first. She encourages him and asks about Paige performing. JJ says he saw her but it didn't go so well. Eve watches from a distance and thinks back to being with JJ then turns away. Eve approaches the professor and introduces herself. Eve asks where Paige is. He informs her that she asked to reschedule her performance. Jennifer approaches Eve and tells her that Paige isn't performing after all. Eve wonders what ran her off and says it doesn't go well for the reunion she was hoping for. Jennifer tells Eve that she loves JJ and believes Eve managed to raise a wonderful daughter. Jennifer goes to take her seat for JJ's performance while Eve hangs around.

Maggie and Ciara sit with Victor. Hope tells Abe that she doesn't understand as there has been a warrant out for Stefano's arrest for months now. Hope agrees to meet Abe at the club. Hope tells Ciara that they have to go. Maggie hopes everything is okay. Hope and Ciara say goodbyes as they exit. Maggie sits back with Victor and asks him what's going on.

The board members seemed impressed by Stefano's proposal but Kate thinks it's too aggressive and risky. Kate asks Chad but Chad thinks it sounds pretty brilliant. Kate brings up her plan for telecommunications to bring DiMera Enterprises to new heights.

JJ plays guitar at the recital. Jennifer and Eve watch along with the crowd. Paige returns and watches from the back.

Theresa and Clint kiss on the couch until her phone rings. She tells him that it's her boss. Clint tells her to ignore it but Theresa says she'd be out of her job. Clint says they will meet up later as he has something else to take care of anyways.

Brady and Melanie continue kissing in bed until Melanie stops and worries that she's going to be late. Melanie gets up and hurries to get dressed. She calls Maxine and apologizes for being late as she claims to have overslept. Brady laughs as Melanie rushes to get ready. They joke with each other as Brady pulls her back in to bed for more.

JJ continues his performance as Paige watches on. They think back to JJ playing the guitar for Paige. JJ finishes and the crowd applauds.

Kate talks about having a vision for the future. Kate talks about keeping her eye on a small telecommunications company that she is confident in. Stefano questions what she did. Kate reveals that she bought the company.

Brady takes Melanie to work and they kiss as Theresa sees them. Brady exits. Theresa approaches Melanie and comments that she has sex hair so they must have had the same idea. Theresa tells Melanie that she's not the only one who got lucky this afternoon.

Jennifer hugs JJ and the power goes out. JJ hopes they can fix it before the second half of the show. Jennifer tells him how proud she is of him. She praises his performance. JJ admits it was hard as he wrote that song for Paige. Jennifer is sorry as she didn't think Paige heard it. The professor announces that they will have to reschedule the rest of the showcase due to the power outage. Jennifer suggests JJ come home with her. JJ thanks her but wants some time alone so she exits on her own.

Hope meets Abe at the club and asks what he found out. Abe informs her that Stefano's lawyers argued that Stefano should be able to make his own case without EJ. Hope questions why Stefano is suddenly in such a hurry to get back to Salem.

Stefano questions Kate buying the telecommunications company and calls it a hostile takeover. Kate says she did what she had to do. The board members question if this is a joke or if she's trying to destroy them. One of the members asks if there is any way to fix this now. Stefano responds that he knows exactly what needs to be done.

Eve approaches JJ and tells him that was a beautiful piece.

Melanie doesn't care about Theresa's love life. Theresa remarks about Melanie digging up information on her. Melanie responds that she doesn't care about any of that. Theresa praises Clint as Melanie walks away uninterested.

Brady finishes a run outside the town square. Clint appears behind him and raises his gun but Brady continues his run. Clint follows after him.

Hope makes a call and argues about reinstating the warrant against Stefano. Abe and Hope worry about Stefano being on his way back to Salem and not knowing what he's up to.

Maggie sees Victor getting dressed and asks where he's going. Victor says he's taking her advice and going for a walk. Maggie notes that he wants to avoid her questions. Maggie brings up his reaction when Hope mentioned the judge. Maggie questions if Victor is involved with Stefano but Victor responds that he wouldn't lift a finger to help Stefano.

Kate questions what the problem is. Stefano tells her that she made a fatal miscommunication. The other members reveal that the company Kate bought was Mr. Shin's and he's going to be furious. Kate realizes that Stefano set her up.

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