Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/13/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/13/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa and Eve are at the club together. Theresa complains about Melanie and Brady. Eve questions Theresa drinking when she's supposed to be at work. Theresa says she needed to get away. Paige enters so Eve excitedly rushes up to hug her. Eve asks Paige about her date tonight. Theresa asks if that means she's finally over JJ.

JJ sits at home playing guitar. Jennifer comes in and praises his playing, saying she can't wait to hear him perform at the showcase. JJ can't believe he's flunking his music class. Jennifer understands it's been a tough semester and asks him about talking to Paige. JJ says he told her wants to get back together but she told him to go to Hell.

Paul goes to Will's and knocks on the door, asking if he's there. Lucas answers the door and introduces himself as Will's dad. Lucas invites him in but Paul doesn't want to intrude on family time. Lucas informs him that his timing is perfect so Paul comes in.

Will goes to Tori's hotel room and says he's sorry to come over unannounced but he needs to speak with her. Tori recognizes him from the magazine. She tells him that she has nothing to say about the article. Will stops her and warns that if she doesn't hear him out, he'll talk to Paul instead and she won't want that.

Chad gets a call from Stefano. Chad tells him that everything is in place and Kate doesn't suspect a thing. Stefano laughs and calls it beautiful.

Kate tells Victor that she made all the arrangements that they discussed. Victor talks about Mr. Shin being a key to this whole thing. They joke about Stefano being a puppet and realizing what's hit him. Victor and Kate toast their glasses of champagne.

Paige doesn't want to talk about JJ so Theresa asks if the new guy is hot. Paige states that Eve doesn't approve of Cole but Eve says she's come to realize she has to make her own decisions. Eve tells Paige to go for it if she wants to go out with Cole. Paige asks what changed her mind. Eve just wants to see her move on. Theresa comments that JJ sure has but Paige says she ran in to JJ this morning and he said he wanted to get back together.

Jennifer apologizes to JJ. JJ tells her that it's not her fault as he doesn't blame Paige. Jennifer is afraid she gave him false hope. JJ feels she gave them a chance and he's not giving up yet. Jennifer asks what he's going to do. JJ says he will track her down to try again. Jennifer wants things to work out but wonders what he can say that he hasn't said already.

Lucas tells Paul to make himself comfortable as they sit down. Paul apologizes for not introducing himself but Lucas knows who he is. Lucas tells him that Will isn't here but he wanted to talk to him, himself.

Tori asks if it's about what happened between Will and Paul. Will is surprised that he told her and asks if he also told her about still being in love with Sonny. Tori argues that Paul would never break up his marriage. Will asks if she would ever do anything dishonorable. She asks what he means. Will reveals he knows she lied about never being to Salem before.

Eve questions Paige about JJ wanting to get back together. Paige tells her what JJ said. Theresa laughs about it. Eve asks what Paige said to JJ. Paige talks about it coming out of nowhere and how he almost seemed sincere. Eve hopes she's not thinking about taking him back.

JJ talks about wanting Paige to see how miserable he's been without her. JJ says it doesn't have to be that way because he still loves her and deep down, he thinks she still loves him. Jennifer agrees but notes that she is hurt and angry. JJ needs to convince her that he means what he's saying. JJ knows he doesn't deserve a second chance but vows to make it up to her and make her happy. Jennifer says it's not realistic and is worried. JJ knows she hates it but he can't tell the whole truth. Jennifer asks what if Paige finds out the truth after they got back together. JJ says that would be the worst. Jennifer agrees and that's why she thinks JJ needs to tell her the truth right now.

Stefano talks to Chad about being prepared for the meeting. Chad goes over his plan to kick Kate to the curb and become the sole CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Stefano talks about waiting for this day. Chad wishes he could come home where he belongs. Stefano has no complaints. They agree that revenge is sweet. Chad says by the time Kate knows what's happening, it will be too late. Stefano declares it's already too late.

Kate tells Victor that she doesn't regret signing the big percentage to him because he's been worth it. She asks if he's concerned about Stefano finding out that he double-crossed him. Victor says he has no one to blame but himself for trusting him. Victor asks if Chad knows what's going to happen today. Kate says no as she doesn't trust him. Kate says today will be time to make some important changes to DiMera Enterprises. Kate talks about a single CEO with a strong vision. Victor comments on Chad not caring about what Sonny lost on the new club. They toast a good riddance to the entire DiMera family

Paige assures that she isn't taking JJ back. Eve is sorry that he's putting her through this. Paige declares she doesn't want to see JJ ever again. Eve hopes she's at peace with that. Eve says she has to run an errand so she says goodbye and exits. Paige says she has to get to school. Theresa offers to go with her to give her advice about boys. Theresa finishes her drink and walks out with Paige.

JJ wishes he didn't have to do it this way but sometimes secrets must be kept to protect who you love. JJ says sometimes the truth is overrated. Jennifer agrees in some situations. Jennifer talks about past truths coming out almost destroying her family. JJ says he knows he messed up but has to try to fix things with Paige and that won't happen if she finds out that he hooked up with her mom. Jennifer just wants things to work out for him. JJ decides to get going to school. Jennifer says she'll see him there and wishes him luck. JJ knows it's been really hard on her and how disappointed she is. JJ says she's been so forgiving so he hopes she knows how much it means to him. Jennifer hugs him as he thanks her for everything. JJ exits as Jennifer looks at a photo of Tom and Alice.

Paul questions Lucas wanting to talk to him. Lucas thought it would be good for Paul to see Will and Sonny's home. Paul figures Lucas must think he's an awful person. Lucas says Will takes full responsibility but questions why Paul is staying in Salem. Arianna wakes up so Lucas gets up. Paul says he should go but Lucas tells him to wait as there is someone he wants him to meet. Paul looks over at Will and Sonny's family photo. Paul goes to leave but Lucas brings Arianna out to meet Paul.

Will enters Tori's hotel room. She doesn't appreciate him accusing her of lying to her son. She calls it ridiculous. Will notes her being nervous. Will talks about Tori wanting Paul to go anywhere but Salem. Will brings up her not visiting him until the article came out. She questions what he thinks this proves. Will says maybe nothing but shows her the old photo of her. Will questions if she still wants to deny that she was ever here. Tori asks what makes him think it's Salem as she doesn't even remember it. Will points out the boathouse that belongs to the DiMera family. Will declares there's no question that the picture was taken in Salem. Will asks her why she doesn't want Paul to know it was taken in Salem. Tori questions what he wants from her.

Theresa walks Paige back to school and rambles about moving on to another guy. Paige sees JJ setting up for his performance. Theresa offers to get rid of him but Paige says she will handle it. Paige approaches JJ and asks what he's doing there. JJ informs her that he's playing in the student showcase. Paige responds that so is she.

Paul calls Arianna beautiful and notes Lucas is a proud grandfather. Lucas mentions Will and Sonny loving her and being her whole world. Paul questions him not fighting fair. Lucas argues that Arianna has had a rough life so he won't watch her life crumble again. Lucas warns Paul to watch what he's doing. Paul says he's not here to ruin anything. Lucas tells him that it's not just about him, Will, and Sonny. Lucas tells Paul that he's finished so he can go now so Paul exits. Lucas hopes he doesn't show his face around here anymore.

Will tells Tori that he loves Sonny and Arianna and can do whatever it takes to keep them. Tori tells him that Paul would never try to break them up. Will questions why he's still in town since he could do physical therapy anywhere. Tori argues that Paul is comfortable here and wants to finish his program. Will thinks he just wants to be near Sonny. Will wants to make sure Paul is not in Salem when Sonny comes back so she needs to get him out. Tori says she doesn't have that control. Will tells her to figure something out or else he will tell Paul about her being in Salem before which will lead to questions that she might not want to answer. Will exits.

Kate goes home and asks Chad about being nervous for his first board meeting. Chad tells her that he feels very prepared thanks to her teaching him so much. Chad says she wasn't a bitch about him blackmailing her in to become co-CEO. Chad says Kate has always looked out for him ever since his mom died. Chad feels his mom would be at peace, knowing her best friend was taking care of her son. Chad says he will always be in debt to her for that and adds that it's nice to know someone cares about him. Chad decides they should get going. Kate stops him.

Will goes home and tells Lucas that it went pretty good with Tori and she definitely doesn't want Paul knowing she was in Salem before. Lucas wonders what she could be hiding. Will just hopes she does what he needs her to do. Lucas doesn't think Paul will need much convincing to leave town as he informs Will about their little chat.

Eve goes to Jennifer's and says they really need to talk. Eve says that JJ asked Paige to take him back but she turned him down. Jennifer tells her that JJ is not giving up and knows it will take time. Eve tells her that they are never going to get back together so she needs to know if she's going to keep her secret.

Paige tells JJ that he's not supposed to be here. JJ says he needed extra credit and swears he didn't know she would be there. JJ wants to make her understand but Paige doesn't want to hear it. Paige says she won't perform and tells JJ to stay away from her as she storms off.

Chad asks Kate what it is. Kate tells him that Stefano is a businessman. Kate says everything that happens at the board meeting today is strictly business. Kate adds that it doesn't mean he should feel guilty about anything. Chad tells her not to worry as it's nothing personal and they are just doing what they have to do to survive. Kate tells Chad how proud she is of how far he's come. Kate says they make a terrific team. Chad agrees and goes to get the car. Kate repeats to herself that they do what they have to do in order to survive and for her that means Chad has to go. Kate grabs her things and exits.

Will asks Lucas what Paul wanted. Lucas says he was looking for him but didn't say why. Lucas says he made Paul know exactly what's at stake if he goes after Sonny. They hope it got through to him. Will thanks him and appreciates it. Will gets a text from Hope that the DiMera boathouse was remodeled in the late 90s so it had to be before then. Lucas doesn't care about her secrets as long as she gets Paul out of town.

Tori wonders how she could be so stupid as to keep the photo. She hides it in a drawer as Paul arrives, looking upset. She asks what's wrong. Paul tells her that he just went to see Will.

Jennifer accuses Eve of making it all about her. Eve argues that Paige is only unhappy because of everything JJ did to her and he can't give her what she needs. They argue as Jennifer tells Eve that she ruined things with Paige by sleeping with her boyfriend. Jennifer questions Eve seducing her son to get back at her. Jennifer calls her sick. Eve calls her an egomaniacal bitch and says it's not about her. Jennifer brags that JJ was willing to jump in to her bed again and again. Jennifer threatens to shut her mouth.

Theresa mocks JJ being a player and thinking Paige would take him back. JJ tells her to shut up as she doesn't know what she's talking about. Theresa continues mocking him. JJ questions her having nothing better to do. Theresa argues that Paige is different from her and Eve so she sees right through him. Theresa says Paige knows he's playing games and will never take him back.

Chad and Kate go to the board meeting. Kate gives Chad a folder for their presentation. Mr. Valdez opens the door and says they are ready. Kate tells Chad it's the moment of truth as they head inside.

Tori asks Paul what Will said to him. Paul tells her that Will wasn't there but his father was with Will and Sonny's daughter. Paul says Will and Sonny built such a nice life together until this whole mess happened. Paul agrees that he should leave Salem.

Lucas goes to put Arianna back to sleep. Will looks back at the photo of Tori on his tablet. Will wonders why she didn't want Paul to know she had been there before. Will takes a closer look and wonders how he didn't see that. Will begins searching through his notes.

Jennifer tells Eve that she doesn't have time for this and she needs to leave. Jennifer agrees to keep the secret no matter what happens between JJ and Paige unless Eve comes between them. Jennifer tells Eve to leave as she isn't going to miss JJ's musical showcase. Eve reveals that Paige is performing too.

JJ tells Theresa that he isn't playing games but made a huge mistake and he wants to spend the rest of his life making it up to her. JJ says he got stuck in a bad situation and couldn't get out of it. Theresa calls it the lamest excuse she's ever heard. JJ declares he loves Paige, never stopped and never will which Paige overhears.

Victor sits at home and states that all hell is about to break loose and wishes he had a front row seat.

Chad and Kate prepare to begin the board meeting while they are told that Mr. Shin is responding to a text. Kate calls for Mr. Shin to turn around in his seat, but the chair turns around revealing Stefano, who announces that Mr. Shin was unable to attend.

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