Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/12/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/12/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas goes to see Will. Will tells him that Arianna is sleeping. Will says he is looking for anything in his article to get Paul out of Salem because he won't let him ruin his marriage.

Tori runs in to Paul outside. Paul jokes about her not wanting to be in public. Tori talks about Paul being famous especially after the article. Tori says they need privacy to talk. Tori asks Paul what makes him think he has a chance to get back with Sonny.

Aiden joins Hope outside the club and kisses her. Hope tells him how grateful Abigail is that he got the charges against Ben dropped. Hope then kisses him.

Brady talks with Eric at the hospital about surprising Melanie. Theresa approaches and tells him to tell Melanie to stay away from her. Theresa complains that Melanie is spying on her.

Melanie goes to Daniel's office. Daniel thought he wouldn't see her until lunch but wants to talk to her about Theresa. Melanie tells him that those will have to wait because she got called in to work. Daniel says he better call Nicole as she wanted to make them lunch and is at the apartment now. Daniel asks if that's a problem. Melanie informs him that she's going to have somebody there to pass the time with. Melanie explains that she gave Serena her key while Daniel gave Nicole his key. Melanie hopes they get along.

Serena goes to Daniel's apartment. She rushes over to switch the elephant statues. Nicole comes out in a black dress expecting Daniel, startling Serena, causing her to drop her bag and the statues. Serena questions what she's doing there. Nicole says her first.

Eric questions what Theresa is talking about. She says he deserved to know. Melanie joins them. Theresa asks about Melanie's bizarre fixation on Dr. Mandrake.

Clint meets with Dr. Mandrake. He apologizes for letting Theresa get her hands on his number. He tells him not to worry about that. Clint asks what he wanted to talk about.

Serena tells Nicole that she was dropping off books for Melanie. Nicole tells her that she was making lunch for Daniel. Nicole wants Serena gone by the time she finishes getting ready and heads to the back. Serena goes back to the elephant statues and now wonders which one is which.

Paul tells Tori that he has no idea what will happen with him and Sonny but mentions him leaving town. Tori questions Sonny being gone while Paul is here and why he thinks he has a chance. Paul talks about Sonny being asked a question. Tori is shocked to learn that Sonny is married and tells Paul that he needs to let this go so Sonny can honor his vows.

Lucas questions Will thinking getting rid of Paul will solve the problem. Will calls it a start. Lucas knows it's hard to realize that Sonny was in love before. Will knows he betrayed Sonny so it's on him if he loses him. Will can't help but wonder what Paul wants and what he's willing to do to get it. Will adds that he's not going anywhere. Will doesn't believe he's staying for physical therapy as he could do that anywhere. Will wonders how they are supposed to fight for their marriage if Paul is around all the time. Will mentions his mother being there too now. Lucas questions if he's going to blackmail Paul in to leaving town. Will calls it self preservation and refuses to let Paul take his husband. Lucas agrees to help Will see what they can find.

Hope and Aiden head in to the club. Hope invites him to a concert. John approaches and Hope hugs him, happy to have him back on the force. Aiden officially meets John. John talks to Hope about a case on robberies. Hope tells him all about it.

Eric questions who Dr. Mandrake is. Theresa explains that he's a fertility doctor who is friends with someone she was friends with. Theresa says she only knows because of Melanie and questions why. Melanie tells her to go to Hell.

Serena isn't sure which elephant statue to take. She then hears Daniel coming and starts to rush. Daniel enters and asks if everything is okay because she doesn't seem okay.

Lucas looks at family photos of Paul's that Will had. Lucas sees a photo of Tori and asks about it being Paul's mother. Lucas questions her being in Salem before but Will says no as she didn't want Paul to come there. Lucas notes that the photo looks like it's in Salem.

Paul knows the importance of the vows and talks about his father dying. Tori calls him her greatest joy and says she would do anything for his happiness. Tori says stealing that happiness from someone else would be wrong. Paul argues that it would be but they aren't happy. Tori asks how he knows. Paul explains that Sonny's husband cheated on him. Tori asks how he's sure. Paul admits that Sonny's husband slept with him.

Brady tells Theresa that they are going to have a little talk. Theresa argues that she's just telling the truth. Eric holds Theresa back and asks for a word with Melanie. They head to Daniel's office. Theresa asks Brady what it would take for him to admit that Melanie had no right to do what she did. Brady tells her that he agrees with her. Theresa questions if he's told Melanie that and if she was upset. Brady admits she was. Theresa smiles as she asks if they fought about it and Brady says they did.

Melanie apologizes as Theresa just pushes her buttons and tortures her. Eric talks about wanting Theresa to find her way. Melanie thanks him for getting her out of there. Eric says he wanted to talk to her about Serena.

Serena tells Daniel that she's fine and was just dropping books off for Melanie. Serena mentions Nicole startling her. Daniel apologizes for that and asks if everything is okay. Serena says it is. Serena adds that she wouldn't have been so scared but last time they talked, he said she was through with Nicole. Nicole then comes out from the back and greets Daniel.

Paul apologizes to Tori and says it's the last thing he ever wanted to have to say to her and he's sure she's disappointed in him. Tori is confused since if he loved Sonny, why did he go after his husband. Paul explains that he didn't know Will was in a relationship. Tori asks what happened. Paul explains that Will wrote the story about him so they spent a lot of time together. Paul adds that it was totally mutual and he was in a really bad place after finding out his career was over and that Sonny moved on. Paul talks about having no idea they were together. Tori says he can't possibly think that Paul and Sonny can find their way back together. Paul asks why not since he loves him. Paul argues that he has a chance and doesn't want to let that slip away. Tori tells him that it's his choice but she begs him to think it through. Tori argues that Sonny must have deep feelings for Will and if he doesn't, she questions if he's the kind of man he wants to be with. Tori then walks away.

Will agrees that the photo looks like it's at the lake but it's hard to say. Lucas figures it doesn't matter and looks through more pictures. Will asks if there's any way to find out for sure. Lucas mentions Hope spending a lot of time there so maybe she could recognize it. Will decides to call her. Lucas says Hope is going to want to know why so how could this help. Will says it would mean that Tori lied to Paul about being to Salem before so he would like to know why.

John finishes up with Hope and exits. Aiden talks about watching Hope in her element. Hope jokes about doing the same to him. Aiden says she can come see him any time. Hope gets a call from Lucas. Lucas asks her for a favor. Hope asks what she needs. Lucas wants her to take a look at something for he and Will. Lucas offers to come down to the station. Hope says she isn't in for another hour so she'll stop by Will's on the way to work. Lucas thanks her and hangs up. Hope apologizes to Aiden and asks when she will see him again. Aiden says it depends as he'll plan a very special date night. Hope tells him to surprise her and kisses him goodbye as she exits. John comes back to Aiden and says he came back to talk to him.

Theresa asks about Brady and Melanie having a fight about her which makes her smile. Brady tells her that they talked and made up like a normal couple. Theresa mocks him as an expert on relationships. Brady assures her that Melanie is letting it go. Theresa doesn't believe her. Brady tells her to relax and not pick a fight every time she sees her. Brady tells her to let it go too as he walks off.

Melanie asks Eric if he and Serena are okay. Eric says they are but asks if Serena has mentioned leaving Salem. Melanie says Serena is a freelancer and can work where ever she wants. Melanie argues that she can't go because they are great together. Eric wants Melanie to help if she's on his side to encourage her to stay. Melanie doesn't want her to go and praises Serena.

Serena says she just came to drop the books off and will get going. Nicole hopes nothing was damaged. Daniel asks what that means. Serena talks about just being startled and now realizes that they are now on again. Serena says she'll let them get to it and exits. Nicole tells Daniel that lunch isn't ready. Daniel says it's okay. Nicole questions him talking to Serena about them over coffee. Daniel says it just came up. Nicole doesn't want to talk about her as the day isn't going how she envisioned it. Daniel asks how she envisioned it. Daniel then asks what is going on with her.

Hope goes to Will's and agrees that the photo looks like the lake. Hope asks what's going on. Will says he's looking at a new angle for his article and tells her that the woman is Paul's mother.

John and Aiden walk through the town square. Aiden assumes he's going to put the fear in to him about seeing Hope but John says he sees how happy she is so he's glad they found each other. John says he wanted to talk about Chase as he heard he plays little league. Aiden is surprised to learn that John is the little league coach and jokes with him about being in the audience. John talks about wanting to come up with fundraisers for some of the kids who don't have support. Aiden agrees to help any way he can. Paul walks by. Aiden points him out and jokes that he wishes he knew him to get some jerseys signed for their fundraisers. John states that he actually does know him.

Brady joins Eric and Melanie in Daniel's office. Brady jokes with them as Eric leaves. Brady then kisses Melanie. Melanie tells him that she only cares about this as they continue kissing.

Dr. Mandrake shows Clint a folder and says Kristen was very happy with his work so she wants his services again. Clint notes that this could be pretty dangerous.

Theresa complains to herself about Melanie and decides she has to get out of the hospital. Theresa texts Eve, suggesting going to get drinks. A nurse tells her that Maxine wants a payroll problem handled as soon as possible.

Nicole isn't sure what Daniel means. Daniel says she came to make lunch but was in his bedroom. Nicole says she had an idea. Daniel questions if it had something to do with her outfit. Nicole talks about thinking it would just be them when Melanie got called in to work. Nicole says she just has to get in line behind Jennifer and now Serena. Nicole talks about trying so hard. Daniel then grabs her and kisses her.

Hope confirms the DiMera Boathouse being in the photo of Tori so she was standing on DiMera property.

John and Aiden talk with Paul about a little league fundraiser. Aiden asks for his autograph and says it's for his son but he'll take one too. Paul is happy to help.

Daniel tells Nicole that he is really interested. Nicole knows he's afraid she'll ruin everything all over again. Daniel just wants to be careful. Daniel brings up lunch and says he certainly didn't expect to come home to her in a buttoned up coat. Daniel calls it a trust thing so this is having the opposite of the desired effect. Nicole jokes about seeing the whole outfit but says she gets it and respects his needs. Nicole wants to feel like something is happening. She says she's being patient but she enjoyed being with him and wanted to have that more often. Daniel says he has to cram for a presentation at the hospital but he hopes she can go shopping with him for a tie. Nicole laughs at the idea. Daniel says they can add in some coffee.

Serena walks out of the town square and is startled by running in to Eric. He notes that she seems in a hurry. She calls it one of those days. Eric asks if it's about their conversation. She says no is just busy. Eric tells her to take her time so she's in Salem longer. Serena says she has to go and hopes today is the day all her work pays off. She kisses him and walks on.

Theresa goes to leave the hospital. Brady and Melanie come out from the office. Melanie thanks him for surprising her at work and is sorry they didn't get more time together. Brady kisses her as Theresa watches. Melanie walks him out where Theresa is at the elevator. Theresa tells them to take the elevator and she'll take the stairs. Theresa walks away, wondering what it will take to get all these losers out of her life.

Dr. Mandrake says he and Kristen have confidence in Clint doing what he needs to do. He tells Clint to go and finish it as Clint opens the folder and has pictures of Theresa and Brady.

Paul goes to Will's and knocks on the door, asking if he's there. Lucas answers the door.

Will goes to Tori's hotel room and says he's sorry to come over unannounced but he needs to speak with her.

Daniel asks Nicole if they're good then. Nicole says he can tell her. Daniel mentions they never had that lunch but he'll live. Nicole thinks she'll manage. Daniel says he will see her soon and walks her out. Daniel stops and asks Nicole what she meant when she asked Serena if she damaged anything. Nicole mentions Serena dropping his elephants when she got startled before. Daniel says she means elephant as there is only one.

Serena goes back to her hotel room and checks the elephant statue for a secret compartment but realizes she grabbed the wrong one.

Nicole asks Daniel if he's sure there wasn't two elephants. Daniel is sure there was just one. Nicole exits and wonders about there being just one.

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