Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/11/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/11/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole shows up at the door to Daniel's office and listens as Daniel leaves a message for Jennifer saying Jennifer knows how much he cares about her and always will. Daniel tells her to call him as he's not going to let this go. Nicole heads inside and asks Daniel if he's busy. Daniel thought she was supposed to be working. Nicole says the same thing to him.

Jennifer looks at her phone and says she doesn't need to listen to Daniel's message as she knows what it's about. She thinks back to arguing with Daniel and says no one can know. She decides to ignore his message, stay out of her office, and hope that he forgets. Abigail enters. Jennifer offers to help her with her charity drive. Anne enters and questions Jennifer for not working.

Melanie sits at home reading the newspaper when she gets a text from Serena, asking if she can come by. Melanie tells her to come by anytime.

Serena and Eric wake up in bed together. Eric talks about spending more time with her.

Melanie answers the door to see Brady. She thought he would be at the office. He notes that she doesn't seem happy to see him. Melanie says that depends on if he's happy to see her.

Kate talks on the phone at home about a board meeting while Chad sits nearby. Chad questions Kate sucking up after she hangs up. Chad says he will be a self-made billionaire when they take everything from Stefano.

Stefano calls Victor, asking for assistance with something. Victor responds that he's listening. Stefano knows he doesn't need to remind him that they have a common enemy and decides it's time to do something about that. Victor asks what he wants. Stefano declares it's payback time for Kate.

Chad tells Kate that he has to go to the hospital about the DiMera foundation contributions. They argue about handling Mr. Shin. Kate insists that Stefano will lose.

Stefano asks Victor about Sonny. Victor says he will make a full recovery. Victor asks how he's doing after EJ's death. Stefano responds that there's a hole in his heart but he has to just get on with it. Victor then asks Stefano what's in this for him other than personal satisfaction. Stefano declares he will be in his debt. Victor just wanted to hear him say it and asks what he can do for him.

Eric talks about this being a nice way to start the day as Serena starts to get up. Eric asks if something is wrong. Serena comments that she just has the blues because she doesn't want to leave him. Eric says he doesn't want her to either but they have the night to look forward to. Serena tells him that she means leaving Salem for good.

Daniel asks Nicole if she's upset about something. Nicole asks if she should be. Nicole says she can't do this again. Daniel questions what she's talking about. Nicole says Jennifer.

Abigail tells Anne that Jennifer is helping her since Jordan is gone. Anne mocks her and argues with Jennifer. Jennifer says goodbye to Abigail and exits. Anne comments that she thought she'd never leave.

Daniel questions Nicole being up in his face about Jennifer. Nicole admits she overheard Daniel's message to her. Daniel explains that something is going on and he's trying to help her while it has nothing to do with them. Nicole asks if he means that. Daniel asks what she wants. Nicole talks about taking things slow and suggests joining Daniel, Parker, and Melanie for lunch. Daniel tells her that Maggie decided to take Parker for the day. Nicole is fine with just the three of them and says they can just stay at his apartment where she can cook. Daniel laughs at the idea. Nicole feels that's taking things slow. Daniel decides maybe it could be okay. Nicole exclaims it will be great. Daniel isn't sure about Melanie's plans so she might not be there to let her in. Daniel then gives Nicole his key. She thanks him and says he'll see a whole new side of her. Daniel gets paged to the ER and says he'll see her back at the apartment.

Eric questions Serena just springing this on him. Serena says he knew that she was only here until she finished her research. Eric thought it would take at least a year. Serena says she got done early. Eric questions her not saying anything to him. Serena says she has to make a living. Eric can't believe it. Serena adds that she's always been honest about it. Serena tells him that she already has some offers outside of Salem. Eric tells her that he doesn't want her to go.

Brady reminds Melanie that she's the one who walked out on him last night after their first argument. They talk about it being about Theresa. Brady wants to forget about her but Melanie keeps poking around. Melanie says that's why she didn't tell him which is really why he's upset. Brady doesn't like surprises. Melanie feels she owes him an explanation. She talks about Brady wanting her to stay away from Theresa which felt like an order. Melanie then tells Brady that he can't try to change her because this is who she is so he has to decide if that's good enough for him. Brady assures her that she is too good for him. Melanie admits she could do things better and apologizes for not telling him. Melanie adds that she had already decided to drop it but didn't want Brady to tell her what to do. Brady tells her that Theresa is poison and isn't fooling around. Brady admits he worries about her and says it's impossible not to.

Serena questions Eric really not wanting her to go. Eric talks about asking God for a sign after he left the priesthood and knew he heard his prayers when she came back. Eric asks if she can go somewhere near Salem. Serena agrees to think about it. Eric suggests he could go with her but Serena doesn't know if it could ever be that simple.

Daniel finds Jennifer at the hospital and asks if she got his message. Daniel tells her that he needs to talk to her about JJ. Jennifer says Anne is on her back so she needs to get back to work. Daniel says he will take care of Anne. Daniel takes Jennifer to his office and says it won't be long. Nicole sees them walk off and greets Maxine at the front desk. Maxine asks what she wants. Nicole says she was supposed to interview the hospital administrator. Nicole comments on Daniel and Jennifer looking serious. Maxine hopes they're getting back together.

Victor questions Stefano's plan. Stefano tells him that Kate will do exactly what he's expecting. Victor agrees to put it in motion immediately. Stefano knows he sees the merit in all of this then hangs up.

Anne shows Abigail papers that she calls her vision for her charity project. Abigail questions her wanting people to show proof of employment. Abigail says Jordan would never agree with it so she won't either. Anne reminds her who is in charge. Chad enters and asks if everything is okay.

Melanie tells Brady that he can get behind Daniel, Maggie, and Maxine when it comes to worrying about her. Melanie tells Brady about Daniel leaving a note that they need to talk about Theresa. Melanie doesn't want the same from Brady. She tells him to accept her for who she is. Brady responds by kissing her.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she and JJ had a really long talk last night where he said he was with Roxanne to forget about Paige but realized it was wrong and broke it off. Daniel asks why she was so upset about keeping Roxanne a secret. Jennifer brings up his past secrets and says she isn't going to do this anymore. Daniel questions her being a wreck last night and now acting like nothing happened. Jennifer says it's her family and she appreciates his concern. Daniel stops her and says she isn't going to pull this on him again.

Eric is starting to think that Serena doesn't want to try to make this work. Serena assures him it's not that. Serena talks about finding work elsewhere. Serena says they are getting ahead of themselves as it could all work out. She promises to let him know as soon as she knows something. Serena says for now this is the only place she's going to be as they hug. Eric tells her he wants her there and doesn't want her to doubt it for a minute. Eric tells Serena that he loves her.

Anne asks if she can help Chad. Chad says he's good and was just meeting about his foundation. Anne praises his family. Chad says they will be donating to the charity project. Abigail thanks him for that. Chad asks how it's going without Jordan. Abigail tells him to ask Anne. Anne tells him that she has exciting ideas. Chad talks about finding the right person to administer a new project. Chad says she would be considered but she's in charge of this project now. Chad goes to leave but Anne stops him.

Kate goes to see Victor and says she doesn't have much time as she's preparing for a board meeting. Victor informs her that Stefano wants him to help bring her down.

Brady tells Melanie that he will treat her like an adult. Brady says he will never regret giving them a try. Brady kisses her. Melanie says she'll call him the second she gets off work. Melanie walks him out. Brady says he'll be waiting for her call and kisses her goodbye.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he cares about her and her kids and always will but he hates when she tells him not to be involved especially when she brought him into it. Daniel can tell she's lying and is worried about her. Daniel gets called away and tells Jennifer this is not over as he exits. Jennifer tells herself that she has to get better at lying because this is something she definitely can't tell Daniel.

Nicole sits outside and tells herself that there is nothing going on with Daniel and Jennifer. She wants to figure out a way to keep things moving and get Melanie out of the way. Nicole decides to call Melanie. Nicole brings up Daniel mentioning their lunch today. Melanie informs her that she has to cancel. Nicole comments that he'll be so disappointed. Melanie asks if she had to tell her something. Nicole tells her not to worry and they will talk another time. Melanie feels that was weird. Nicole says it was easy and calls it a sign.

Serena tells Eric that she's there for him and figured he knew she loves him. Serena mentions telling Melanie that she would stop by. Eric says a good friend is another reason to stay. Eric thinks things can work for them. Serena says she'll see him later and kisses him goodbye as she then exits. Serena says to herself that she is going to take care of business.

Chad asks Anne if she's sure about this. Anne now says she feels Abigail can take control of this project so she'll be available for the DiMera family project. Anne tells him that they will be in touch. Anne thanks him and exits. Abigail asks Chad about the new project. Chad says they'll figure out something for Anne to do.

Kate questions why Stefano would ask Victor for help. Victor says he didn't share that with him. Kate asks what he wants him to do. Victor tells her that information comes with a price. She asks how much. Victor hands her a folder of papers. Kate calls him a greedy bastard. Victor comments that she can go on without knowing what Stefano has in mind for her so Kate reluctantly signs the papers. Victor points out that she only signed her first name. Kate says she doesn't even know if Stefano really called him so when he proves it, maybe she will finish her signature.

Brady runs in to Eric in the town square. Brady talks about being happy with Melanie and surviving their first argument. Brady talks about going in to things liking and trusting each other. Eric stops so Brady asks if he said something wrong.

Serena goes to the club with her copy of the elephant statue. Melanie runs in to her outside. Serena says she was just on her way to her place but Melanie says she got called in to work. Serena tells her that she was just bringing African history books to drop off. Melanie offers to take them but Serena insists on dropping them off so Melanie gives her the key. Melanie thanks her and walks away.

Nicole goes to Daniel's then realizes she forgot the groceries. She decides to forget cooking and order in. She wants everything just right when Daniel walks in.

Abigail asks if Chad just came to her rescue. Chad says it was for Jordan's project as Anne would've gutted it. Abigail agrees and thanks him. Chad says it's the least he could do given the circumstances. Abigail stops him and asks if that's it. Chad asks if she's worried about it getting back to Ben. Abigail says no as she will tell him. Chad asks if she's sure she wants to do that since he'll say he only did it to get something for himself. Abigail asks if he did. Chad then walks out.

Victor tells Kate that Stefano wants to steer her away from making a move on a small telecommunications company. Kate questions that being it. Victor brings up a division of DiMera Enterprises about to make a big move on that area. Kate realizes Stefano wants to buy it himself to have her where he wants her. Kate admits she would've been completely blindsided. Kate finishes signing the contract. Victor remarks that Stefano still thinks he hates her more than he hates him.

Stefano happily listens along to classical music.

Eric tells Brady that everything is fine. Jennifer joins them and likes seeing them hanging out. Brady invites her to join them but she says she can't. Eric asks if it's a tough day at work. Jennifer says it's nothing she can't handle.

Melanie goes to Daniel's office. Daniel thought he wouldn't see her until lunch but wants to talk to her about Theresa. Melanie tells him that those will have to wait because she got called in to work. Daniel says he better call Nicole as she wanted to make them lunch and is at the apartment now. Daniel asks if that's a problem. Melanie informs him that she's going to have somebody there to pass the time with.

Serena goes to Daniel's apartment. She rushes over to switch the elephant statues. Nicole comes out in a black dress expecting Daniel, startling Serena, causing her to drop her bag and the statues.

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