Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/10/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/10/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer greets JJ at home. They talk about not sleeping much. JJ talks about thinking it was all over with Paige but now thinking he still has a chance with her. Jennifer asks if he has any doubts because she's been thinking about the risk involved. JJ knows it could blow up if Eve doesn't keep her mouth shut.

Eve paces at home and thinks back to Jennifer walking in on her and JJ in bed. Eve calls Paige. Paige answers from school and asks if something's wrong since she's never up this early. Eve tells her it meant the world to hear that she would never hate her. Eve asks if they can get together later tonight but Paige informs her that she has a date with Cole and hangs up. Eve sits down and decides anyone's better than JJ. Daniel appears behind Paige and asks if he heard her say she has a date.

Nicole runs in to Aiden at the club. She's glad she ran in to him as she wants some free advice.

Chad calls Stefano and thanks him for the reports. Chad talks about Kate being impressed and having no idea that he didn't write it. Stefano warns him to memorize it so he doesn't blow their plan.

Kate and Clyde eat together at the Pub. Clyde notes her good mood and asks if it's about Jordan leaving. Kate calls her too insignificant to affect her mood. Clyde asks what has her feeling good today. Kate remarks about having a vice like grip on Stefano's neck.

Rafe goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where Maggie tells him that she's worried about Victor as he seems so down. They look in to the living room where Victor has his back turned, looking down at his tablet but has a smile on his face. Rafe tells Maggie that he doesn't have anything to change his mood. Maggie wants him to encourage Victor to spend more time at the nightclub as maybe work would be good. Rafe agrees to give it a shot. Rafe enters and Victor asks what it is.

Stefano warns Chad not to become over confident. Chad assures him that Kate is totally convinced. Stefano encourages him to work hard for DiMera Enterprises and asks where Kate is now. Chad tells him that she's with Clyde.

Clyde laughs off Kate thinking she has Stefano under control. Kate assures that she has ammunition that she hasn't even used yet. Clyde comments that he should watch his step around her. Kate tells him that he has nothing to worry about as long as he treats her with respect.

Cole asks Paige if they are still on for tonight. Paige says they are and he walks away. Paige tells Daniel that he's not usually like that.

Jennifer assures JJ that Eve is fixated on Paige never finding out but brings up how careless she is. JJ tells her that he can't tell Paige. Jennifer worries about Paige finding out from Theresa or Eve. JJ says there's no good way for her to find out. Jennifer warns that he'll have this burden. JJ wants the chance to be happy and hopes Jennifer isn't backing away from it already.

Aiden asks what kind of advice Nicole is talking about. Nicole brings up he and Hope being together and in love. Nicole remembers the party at Daniel's when they couldn't stand being in the same room. Aiden tells her that they worked through it. Nicole asks how it changed so fast and how he made it work. Aiden questions this being the advice she needs. Nicole says she's going through a situation and needs to find a way to put it in the fast lane.

Daniel didn't mean to put Paige on the spot. Paige says she doesn't know much about Cole as her friends don't like him but he's been really nice to her. Daniel hopes she has a good time and knows she's been through a lot lately. Paige insists that it's over between her and JJ. Daniel asks how she knows. She mentions meeting Roxanne and says she's trying to move on too. Daniel calls Paige a smart, beautiful girl and a good person with a great future. Paige asks what's on his mind. Daniel tells her not to settle.

Eve worries about Paige and JJ, talking about how convincing JJ can be. Eve tells herself that she can't stand by and let Paige go back to him after he hurt her.

Jennifer asks JJ if he's absolutely sure he wants to go through with this. JJ feels he has to try. Jennifer doesn't think Eve would be stupid enough to tell anyone about what happened. Jennifer decides she will call Eve just to make sure she wasn't coming up with a plan of her own. JJ doesn't know what he did to deserve a mom like her. Jennifer doesn't know what he did to deserve Eve messing with his life. Jennifer asks if he's really going to be happy with Paige, knowing what he knows. JJ says he's been carrying it around for awhile so he's used to it. JJ insists he will be so good to Paige and never cheat on her. Jennifer warns that she might not forgive him. JJ talks about everything turning around when he met Paige and he loved her more than anyone. Jennifer just wants him to be sure as they hug. JJ tells her that he's going to be a different kind of guy who deserves Paige. JJ then exits. Jennifer pulls out her phone and calls Eve. Eve asks what she wants now. Jennifer wants to be sure she's still clear about their agreement.

Paige asks Daniel what he thinks she's settling for. Daniel decides he should mind his own business. She tells him not to worry about her. Daniel tells her not to be a stranger and walks away as Cole returns to Paige. Cole questions what the old guy wanted. She comments that he was rude. He feels Daniel gave him a dirty look. Paige assures that Daniel is too nice for that. She tells him about Daniel. Cole questions if they were talking about something personal. Paige says he just cares about her but she told him that he has nothing to worry about.

Eve tells Jennifer that she has no choice but to go along with her and her plan. Jennifer tells her that she could've avoided this if she didn't go to bed with her son. Jennifer warns her about telling Paige. Jennifer suggests she keep her mouth shut but says it's her call. Eve agrees not to tell Paige. Eve adds that she hates Jennifer's guts. Jennifer responds that she's known that for a long time and couldn't care less.

Stefano tells Chad that he knows Kate is not stupid so he must be careful with her for the plan to work. Chad says Stefano is facing the biggest obstacles to overcome. Stefano tells him not to worry as he will handle it.

Rafe questions not hearing from Victor in awhile and wanting to make sure everything is okay. Victor asks why wouldn't it be. Rafe knows what Sonny's stabbing did to him. Victor says he's fine but Rafe disagrees and says it's bugging him. Rafe questions Victor letting Clyde get to him. Rafe brings up Clyde running the trucking business that used to be his. Victor says times change. Rafe says he just came by to tell Victor that he's going to start sniffing around. Victor stops and questions him, saying he's going to ruin everything. Rafe tells him to calm down and says he'll just question people he trusts. Victor tells him not to do anything as everyone is to back off of Clyde. Victor tells him not to second guess him. Rafe doesn't understand what's going on and why Maggie thinks he's given up. Victor says Clyde isn't stupid. Rafe questions his depressed act just being for show and thinks he should've told him or Maggie. Victor says he kept Maggie in the dark for her protection and Rafe just didn't listen. Victor feels Clyde has gotten too greedy so he'll be ready when he oversteps.

Clyde tells Kate that he's never met a woman like her. He admires what she does and the way she does it so they are on the same page. Kate asks what page that is. Clyde says as long as she doesn't step on his toes, he certainly won't step on hers.

Aiden asks Nicole what she wants to know as they sit together. Nicole tells him that she's trying to be in a relationship but made some miscalculations along the way and she really wants it to work. Aiden assumes and asks how Eric feels about that but Nicole informs him that she's talking about Daniel.

Daniel goes to his office where Jennifer is dropping off papers. Daniel tells her that he talked to Paige, who said she's fine but thinks she's covering after meeting Roxanne. Daniel says they have to face that JJ has moved on but Jennifer says no. Jennifer tells him that the thing with Roxanne is already over.

Eve runs in to Maggie in the town square. Maggie remarks about Eve burning money on a shopping spree and brings up the St. Luke's clothing drive that Paige is helping her organize. Maggie suggests Eve donate old clothes to the drive. Eve tells her to ask Jennifer because she doesn't want part of anything that has Jennifer on it.

Cole talks to Paige about going to see the movie Hot Tub Time Machine. JJ interrupts and asks to talk to Paige. She says she's busy so Cole tells him to get lost. JJ says it will only take a minute so Cole agrees to step aside. Paige asks JJ what it's about.

Kate goes home to Chad. Chad asks about Clyde. Kate wants to keep the personal out of the business. Chad brings up Kate being that way after Jordan left town. Kate asks if he has a problem.

Rafe finds Clyde outside the town square and asks what he did to Victor.

JJ tells Paige that Roxanne is not his girlfriend. She asks what she is then and then says she doesn't care. JJ apologizes for hurting her and wants to make it up to her. Paige says he can't. JJ wants to try. Paige tells him to leave her alone. JJ says there's a lot that she doesn't understand. JJ says a lot happened last night and everything has changed. JJ tells her that he and Roxanne are over.

Aiden is surprised that Nicole is talking about Daniel as he thought Eric left the priesthood for her. Nicole calls that ancient history. Nicole argues that she and Daniel are great together and should be together. Aiden thinks it all happened fast. Nicole compares it to he and Hope. Aiden recalls Daniel and Jennifer seeming totally in love. Nicole calls it history like Hope and Bo. Aiden comments that Hope thinks Daniel and Jennifer belong together. Nicole states that things change. Aiden suggests things aren't working out for them because of all that history. Nicole questions him. Aiden tells her that he and Hope faced their ancient history together. Nicole tells him they deserve each other as she walks out.

Daniel questions Jennifer saying JJ and Roxanne are over as she didn't believe it before. Jennifer tells him that she was wrong but Roxanne went home and things just ended. Daniel notes that she seems awfully casual about it. Daniel asks if she had anything to do with it. She says maybe. Daniel questions her being evasive. Jennifer says she had a talk with JJ and maybe he realized it was wrong. Daniel doesn't think JJ seemed that way yesterday. Daniel talks about caring for JJ. Jennifer asks him not to talk to JJ about it. Daniel questions her as to if JJ is in trouble. She says no but Daniel knows she is lying.

Clyde tells Rafe that he hardly knows Victor. Rafe doesn't believe him and brings up them at the nightclub the other night. Rafe brings up the new trucking company in Salem taking all the Kiriakis roots. Rafe reveals that he knows it's Clyde's company. Clyde says he was glad to fill a need in Salem. Rafe argues that Clyde did more than beat Victor in business as Victor is no longer coming to the nightclub anymore and hardly leaves the house. Clyde guesses the loss is hard to take. Rafe talks about knowing Victor since he's been in Salem and he's seen him through good times and bad but never like this before.

Victor pours a drink at home. He says it's too early but then decides since he fooled Maggie and Clyde, he's still got it. Victor toasts to the fact that Clyde will find out you don't stab a Kiriakis in the back and get away with it.

Daniel doesn't get why Jennifer is lying. She tells him that he's wrong. Daniel brings up how she acted when he told her about JJ and Roxanne. Daniel gets a call and tells her to wait for him so they can have this out. Daniel exits. Jennifer realizes Daniel is never going to let this go but he can't be involved in this. She says she has to deal with him but not right now as she checks the door.

Maggie questions Eve letting her feelings for Jennifer stop her from helping people. Eve is sick of everyone thinking they know Paige better than her. Eve yells that JJ has been bad news since the day Paige met him. Eve prays that Paige will stay away from him. Maggie questions why she's so worked up about this since she thought JJ and Paige were broken up.

Paige doesn't get it as JJ and Roxanne were all over each other yesterday but now it's done. JJ can't believe he even looked at her. Paige doesn't get him at all. JJ says he's been so stupid and made so many mistakes like hurting her. JJ says he had his eyes open last night and finally figured out that things don't have to be like this. She doesn't know what he's talking about. JJ says he can't find the words. JJ adds that he knows he's been a bastard and he doesn't have the right to ask for a thing. JJ tells Paige that she's the one and there's no one else for him. JJ declares he loves her, he never stopped, and he wants her back. Paige asks if this is some kind of sick joke. JJ assures that it's real. Paige brings up JJ making her watch he and Roxanne. Paige talks about all the times she tried to get through to him and how he treated her. Paige questions forgiving him. She thinks he's completely lost it. JJ wants her to understand but she doesn't want to. Paige shouts that she wants nothing to do with him. Paige declares she's done with him. She tells him that this is for nothing as she walks off.

Maggie notes that Eve sounds worried. Eve tells her that she's just mad. Maggie thinks she sounds scared that it's possible that JJ and Paige might get through all this. Maggie asks what happened to make her think that. Eve says she doesn't have to answer to her. Eve walks off complaining about Jennifer.

Daniel goes back to his office and calls Jennifer. He leaves a message, questioning her leaving and not taking his calls. Nicole shows up at the door and listens as Daniel says Jennifer knows how much he cares about her and always will.

Chad tells Kate that he doesn't care what she does with Clyde. Chad thinks they are perfect for each other. Chad agrees to stick to nothing but business.

Clyde tells Rafe that Victor is slowing down due to age. Rafe doesn't buy it. Clyde suggests he should and walks off.

Stefano calls Victor, asking for assistance with something. Victor responds that he's listening.

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