Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/9/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/9/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ben tells Abigail that it's over and the DA is dropping the charges. They hug as she calls it fantastic. Chad walks by and sees them celebrating. Abigail tells Chad the good news. Chad congratulates Ben and offers a handshake.

Jordan goes to the nightclub to see Rafe and says there's something she needs to tell him. Jordan tells Rafe about the job offer and shows him the letter. Rafe reads it and asks if she's leaving Salem.

Harold enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and informs Kate that Clyde is here. Kate starts to send a message but Clyde enters and says to tell him herself.

Marlena meets John outside the town square, wondering where they are going. John tells her that where ever they go is some place special as he kisses her.

Lucas doesn't want to get in the middle of Justin's problems with Adrienne and says he backed off. Justin questions what he backed off from with his wife.

Paul tells Will that he needs to own what he did and accept responsibility. Paul says if he was married to Sonny, he never would've cheated on him. Paul tells Will to get out as Adrienne arrives. Adrienne questions them and asks Will how he could do this to Sonny.

Rafe comments that it's an incredible offer and asks if she's leaving because of that or Chad. Jordan says she wouldn't let Chad run her out of town and adds that no one pushes her around thanks to Rafe. Rafe says she stood up to Clyde on her own. Jordan says it meant a lot to be able to stay. Jordan brings up Kate but says if it wasn't for her, she wouldn't have met Rafe. Rafe says he wouldn't be walking again if not for her. They joke with each other. Rafe brings up the last time Jordan tried to leave town. Jordan tells him that this time she really has to go. Rafe reminds her and starts to dance with her.

Lucas explains that he only called Adrienne because he was concerned about their sons.

Will tries to explain to Adrienne but she blames them for Sonny leaving town. Will questions Adrienne knowing Paul. Adrienne asks what they were thinking. They both say they didn't know about the other's history with Sonny. Adrienne doesn't want to hear it and storms out. Will tells Paul that this wouldn't have happened if he would have left Salem so he asks him to please go.

Rafe and Jordan continue dancing as they flashback to their last dance. Jordan calls him her favorite part of Salem as they finish. Rafe tells her to look him up if she ever comes back to town. They kiss goodbye and Jordan then exits.

Ben doesn't accept the handshake. Abigail thanks Chad for keeping his word. Chad brings up Jordan's good news. Chad says he's not proud of how he upset her. Ben steps aside with Abigail and says he has to go. She says she has work to get to as well so they kiss goodbye and Ben exits. Abigail and Chad exchange glances as she walks off.

Clyde questions Kate not returning his calls. Kate says it shouldn't surprise him. Clyde says he decided to give her another chance and blames her for Ben's problems since she told on Chad. Clyde sits with her and argues that her slip up wasn't an accident.

Paul meets Tori in the town square and tells her that he made them reservations. She feels it's quiet there but Paul wants to show her a good time. She questions going out in public and suggests his hotel. Paul tells her to get used to the way things are now. She asks if he's afraid. Paul says he's not now and he's glad she's here.

Justin accuses Lucas of using their sons as an excuse to get to Adrienne. Lucas brings up Sonny leaving town and knows there is something wrong. Justin yells that he trusts Sonny and Will enough to work out their problems without them. Justin remarks on Lucas not being an expert in doing it right.

Will catches up to Adrienne outside and tries to explain to her that he met Paul as part of his work. Adrienne mocks him and questions getting him to come out. Will says that's not why he did it. Adrienne asks why he cheated on her son.

Chad follows Abigail to the waiting room at the hospital. He's surprised Ben left her all alone. She tells him they had work to do. Chad offers any help with her project but she says she'll be fine. Chad asks for a minute with her.

Kate tells Clyde to show himself out as she's busy. Clyde asks her to take a walk with him. She asks why. Clyde gives her a gift of a fortune cookie. She breaks it open and reads the fortune which says the road may be bumpy but it's worth the ride. Kate tells him that road is a two way street as they kiss.

John and Marlena go to the nightclub. Rafe offers a table. John orders champagne. Rafe asks if they are celebrating something. Marlena says the two best guys she knows making major changes in their lives. Paul arrives with Tori. She questions the place but he encourages her.

Justin admits he took a cheap shot at Lucas and talks about all that has happened. Justin reveals that Sonny left without saying goodbye to him which Lucas questions. Justin declares he has to fix this now. Lucas questions him going back to Dubai. Justin calls it the biggest opportunity of his career that doesn't come around every day. Lucas brings up his family.

Will tells Adrienne that he and Sonny were having problems. She questions Will cheating on him. Will knows he messed up. She calls it a betrayal of their marriage. Will says Sonny already gave him the lecture. She calls him a child and shouts about Sonny almost bleeding to death. Adrienne brings up Will being unable to be found as Lucas was looking. She then realizes that Will was with Paul when Sonny was stabbed. Adrienne then slaps Will across the face.

Chad tells Abigail that he's going to do better because he's tired of screwing up with every woman he cares about. Chad assures her that things are going to be different. Abigail questions his epiphany. She brings up Chad teasing her about dropping the charges and asks what if she agreed to sleep with him to get the charges dropped.

Clyde and Kate walk through the town square. Kate asks about Ben. Clyde checks his phone and gets the message that the charges are dropped. Clyde wants to celebrate and sends Kate to get a table while he goes to get a drink. Jordan walks by. Kate tells her that she heard about Ben. Jordan says she has news to make her even happier and that's she is leaving Salem.

Rafe praises Paul for his article and brings up his relation to Will. Rafe tells them that he'll get their drinks on the house tonight. Paul sits with Tori. She questions what's been bothering him all night but Paul wants to enjoy the night. She presses him to tell her what's going on and asks about his interview with NBC sports. Paul says it went fine and asks why she's so jumpy. She argues that she isn't but he asks why she's so uncomfortable in Salem. John and Marlena sit down at a table nearby.

Justin calls that a cheap shot from Lucas and brings up him being in Hong Kong before. Lucas argues that he didn't have a wife at home. Justin points out that Adrienne hates Dubai. Lucas questions him not asking her to go. Justin asks if he really cares about her. Lucas says she's become a really good friend and he doesn't want to see her in pain. Lucas says he's glad they cleared things up as Justin exits.

Adrienne apologizes and says that's not her. Will feels he deserved it. Adrienne brings up how happy Sonny was when they got married. Adrienne recalls not agreeing with it at first but he won her over. Will argues that Sonny just wanted to get married. Will brings up what Sonny said to Paul was exactly what he said to him. Will says he's trying to figure out if Sonny was in love with him or just the idea of getting married. Adrienne turns away and calls Will truly Sami's son. She accuses him of looking for a way out and trying to blame Sonny for his cheating. Will says he's just trying to understand. Adrienne tells him that she won't help him find an out. She says if Sonny ever forgives him, Will is going to have to live with himself. Adrienne walks off after commenting about Sami.

Jordan tells Kate about her new job in New York. Kate jokes that they'll find out what they are getting. Jordan remarks that Kate could never keep a man like Rafe. Kate questions how it worked out for her. Jordan says that Kate's found her perfect match now and she'll regret it. Clyde comes back and invites Jordan to join them. Kate decides to leave so Jordan can tell Clyde the news. Kate wishes her luck and walks off as Jordan tells her to go to Hell. Clyde questions Jordan leaving Salem. Jordan says she is and asks if he's happy.

Chad tells Abigail that he wouldn't want her to do anything she didn't want to do. Abigail suggests he stop trying to hit on another man's girlfriend.

Tori tells Paul that she's not uncomfortable with Salem but she doesn't know how to help him through so many changes. Paul encourages her. Paul turns around and points out Marlena and John. Marlena tells John about Paul and Tori being over there. John decides they should say hello. Tori rushes off before they approach. Marlena asks if she's alright and Paul says she just had a call.

Will goes home. Lucas asks if Sonny made it to Arizona alright. Will hopes so. Lucas questions him not calling. Will reveals to Lucas that he cheated on Sonny.

Clyde sits with Jordan and tells her the job sounds too good to pass up and he's sorry to see her go as he knows Ben will miss her. Jordan assures that she will be in touch with Ben all the time and warns Clyde that if he hurts Ben, she will come back and tell him everything so that he never forgives him.

Tori hides at the doorway while Paul talks with John and Marlena. John praises Paul for the article and asks about Will convincing him to come out. Paul says he was just a great writer. Marlena tells Paul to tell his mom that they said hi. John is sorry that he didn't get to meet her. Paul says he doesn't know what's going on with her as they say goodnight. Tori rushes away from the entry as John and Marlena exit. She then heads back inside to Paul. Paul asks if everything is okay. She tells him that it was his grandfather as she missed his call and was concerned but he's fine. Paul questions her ducking out to avoid Marlena and John.

Chad goes home where Kate greets him. Kate jokes that two of his three girlfriends had to flee town to get away from him. Chad tells her to give it a rest tonight. Kate asks about work. Chad gives her his reports.

Justin and Adrienne talk at home. He asks if she spoke to Lucas. She says no and Justin says he did. Adrienne pours a drink. Justin says they need to talk. She questions him wanting to start this tonight.

Lucas questions Will cheating on Sonny. Will explains that's why Sonny went to Arizona. Lucas wants to start from the beginning and asks when this happened and how he found out. Will reveals that he cheated on Sonny with Paul.

Clyde tells Jordan that she knows better than to threaten him. Jordan says it's not a threat but a promise. Clyde brings up what he could tell Ben but she doesn't care. Clyde offers help with her moving to New York but she doesn't want anything from him and hopes to never see him again. Jordan gets up and walks off.

Kate goes over Chad's reports and is impressed that he's been paying attention. Chad declares that they will have total control of DiMera Enterprises and they toast their drinks.

John and Marlena walk out of the town square. She calls it a lovely night. John jokes about it being nice to run in to Paul too but wonders what is up with his mother. Marlena notes that she seemed to rush out when she saw them coming. Marlena figures she's feeling awkward about all the changes in Paul's life.

Tori tells Paul that she wasn't avoiding anyone. Paul tells her not to lie and asks if she's embarrassed that he's gay. Tori says no. Paul asks what it is then and if she doesn't like Marlena. Tori insists that she's proud of him. Paul tells her to stop hiding from the public. Rafe checks in with them. Tori thanks him and insists on always being proud of Paul.

Justin brings up Lucas. Adrienne reveals to Justin that she and Lucas kissed but they both stopped because they knew it was wrong and nothing else happened. Adrienne tells Justin now it's his turn. She asks him to look her in the eye and tell her that nothing happened between he and Elsa. Adrienne cuts him off and says goodnight then storms out.

Will tells Lucas that it gets worse and explains to him about Paul and Sonny's history. Lucas admits it's big but suggests things could work out. Will looks at a picture of he and Sonny with Arianna and declares that he won't let this ruin his marriage. Will refuses to lose his husband.

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