Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/6/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/6/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve says Jennifer can't be serious but she is. Jennifer says if they keep this quiet, Paige will never have to know so JJ can fix things and they can find their way back to each other. Eve responds when hell freezes over and turns away.

JJ sits at home and thinks back to Jennifer walking in on him with Eve in bed then his last talk with Jennifer. JJ answers the door and Rory arrives. Rory complains about failing his exam but realizes JJ is having a bad day.

Abigail calls JJ and leaves a message, offering to talk and meet up later. Chad enters her office and tells her that he just spent an hour with the district attorney, talking about Ben.

Ben joins Jordan at the hospital. He mentions Aiden meeting with the DA today so he hopes to hear something about his case today. He asks about a letter she has. She shows him and he calls it amazing.

Adrienne gets a call from Lucas. Lucas knows he said he would keep his distance but he needs a straight answer out of her as he can't get one out of Will.

Will goes to Paul's hotel room and questions why he's still here.

Jennifer says it's Eve's call as Paige returns. Jennifer points out Paige and asks Eve if they should tell her together. Paige asks what's going on. Eve tells Jennifer that she has nothing to say. Jennifer says she does then.

Paul tells Will that he doesn't have time for this but Will tells him to make time and demands an answer. Paul mentions having lunch with his mom. Will questions his mom coming here and accuses Paul of bringing her to Salem because he doesn't want to leave.

Ben asks Jordan about her letter. She says she got it a couple days ago. Ben notes that it's from the humanitarian organization in New York that she always dreamed of working for. Ben questions her not being excited about it. She tells him that she can't take the job because she can't leave him here.

Chad tells Abigail that the DA still wants to take Ben to trial even if he doesn't press charges. Chad says he just wanted to let her know.

Rory asks JJ what's wrong and why he wasn't in class. JJ says he's been really busy. Rory jokes that he knows what he's been up to. Rory tells JJ that he saw him with "her".

Jennifer starts to talk to Paige but Eve cuts her off and tells Paige that they have come to an agreement about everything. Paige notes that it doesn't sound like it as they look ready to explode. Jennifer doesn't think there's any point in not telling Paige as she deserves to know the whole truth.

JJ questions Rory knowing who he's been with. Rory is referring to Roxanne. JJ doesn't want to talk about it. Rory takes that she wasn't worth it then.

Jennifer tells Paige that Eve has come to realize what's important and what's best for everyone involved. Paige doesn't understand. Jennifer tells Eve to explain. Eve asks for a moment alone with Jennifer. Paige says they are acting really weird and steps away to check her messages. Jennifer tells Eve that she knows the terms. Eve calls her insane. Jennifer says Eve shouldn't have let this happen but now they have to fix it. Eve argues that it's too late because Paige will never forgive JJ for breaking her heart. Jennifer says she's going to make sure whatever happens is their choice, not Eve's.

Ben tells Jordan that she's spent half her life protecting him so there's no way she can let this chance get away from her. Jordan tells him that she already decided. Ben tells her not to worry about him and Clyde getting closer as he knows he can't trust him and never will. Jordan brings up his trial. Ben insists that Aiden can get him a deal and Chad says he won't testify so there's no reason for her not to take this job. Ben stops and asks if this is about her still having feelings for Chad.

Chad apologizes to Abigail. Abigail thanks him for trying. Chad brings up Abigail saying she cared about him the other night and adds that it meant a lot to him as he exits.

Adrienne asks Lucas if Will is with him and suggests they all talk. Justin listens in from the doorway. Lucas says Will had to go. Adrienne offers to come over to help with Arianna. Lucas tells her that what he needs to know is why Sonny left town the moment he got out of the hospital.

Paul questions Will wanting him gone. Will says he wants him gone because he's still in love with his husband. Will says everyone knows Paul is hoping to get Sonny back. Paul argues that Sonny's name wasn't in his article. Will says that he and his family knows. Will tells Paul that he is not going to lose Sonny to him or anybody.

Jordan tells Ben that this isn't about Chad or Clyde but about him. Jordan says their lives are here now. Ben calls it a chance of a lifetime and her shot. Ben knows she wants this and tells her to take it. Jordan smiles and they hug.

JJ tells Rory that he and Roxanne are done and she went back to Chicago. Rory notes that was quick. Rory asks if he has anyone lined up. JJ says he's not interested in hooking up with anybody. Rory says he respects that and jokes that JJ can be his wing man now instead. JJ stops him and says he's not interested. Rory calls him a total downer since he dumped Paige and he doesn't get it. JJ yells at him to shut up about Paige. Rory tells him to shut up since he's the one who dropped her. Rory tells JJ to man up and live with it and stop bringing everyone else down. Rory then walks out.

Eve questions how long Jennifer thinks she can keep the lie going. Eve gives it a month before JJ gets tired of Paige. Jennifer tells her that she doesn't want to lie as Paige deserves to know the truth right now even though it will hurt her. Eve argues that she doesn't care about hurting her. Jennifer says something bigger is going on here as JJ and Paige love each other. Jennifer tells Eve that she can't have it her way anymore so if she doesn't give them a second chance then she will tell Paige that she tried to wreck everything for them. Jennifer yells at Eve that she slept with her daughter's boyfriend. Jennifer admits she should've seen this coming after their history where Eve slept with all of her boyfriends. Jennifer argues that Eve thinks it's a game. Eve yells at her to stop with the ulitmatums as Jennifer threatens to tell Paige everything. Jennifer says it's Eve's call but there's only one answer because telling Paige would mean she would know what a monster Eve is. Jennifer accuses her of only loving herself. Eve argues it's not true. Jennifer tells her to prove her wrong and put Paige first for once.

Paul calls it a big change for Will being insecure. Will argues that everything fell apart when he seduced him. Paul argues that Will flirted right back and wasn't wearing his ring. Paul says nothing was going to stop him from getting that article.

Adrienne tells Lucas about Sonny going to spend time with his brother. Lucas sensed Will wasn't happy and something else was going on. Lucas points out that he didn't even say goodbye to Arianna so something is going on. Justin continues listening in as Adrienne says she's sure everything will be fine. Lucas notes that she doesn't sound too convinced.

Will tells Paul that it's a lie. Paul questions him and asks when Will knew he was gay. Will says he doesn't remember but Paul thinks he remembers every detail.

Ben tells Jordan that he just signed up for a full class load. She encourages him to stick with it no matter what. Ben says maybe he'll get a chance like her someday. She promises he will and they hug. Abigail joins them. Ben tells Jordan to tell Abigail she'll need to replace her on their project. Ben then shows Abigail the letter. Abigail is thrilled for her and asks when she can start. Ben says as soon as she can get to New York. They then see Chad walk by.

Adrienne tells Lucas that Sonny just needs time to himself to heal. Lucas hopes she's right. Adrienne adds that she's jealous as she wishes she could be there with him, holding Arianna and mentions it'd be nice to see a friendly face. He asks if she's okay. She says she is and has to go. She hopes to see him soon and hangs up. Justin then enters the room.

Will accuses Paul of twisting things around. Paul accuses Will of surrounding himself with lies. Paul brings up coming out to him. Paul points out that Will didn't stop him. Will admits he didn't force him. Paul points out that he didn't cheat on anyone. Will yells at him to stop and wishes he never met him.

JJ sits alone at home as Jennifer walks in and asks how he's doing. He says he's pretty terrible but her forgiving him helps him. Jennifer says she has something to say which may come as a surprise. JJ notes her tone and tells her that she can't blame herself as it's all on him. Jennifer says it doesn't have to do with he and Eve but something she can't believe she did. Jennifer declares it's done and changes everything.

Paige returns to Eve with coffees and they sit together in the town square. Paige knows something big was going down with her and Jennifer. She says it was kind of scary. Eve agrees. Paige asks if she's going to tell her what it is. Eve guesses she's going to have to.

Chad stops when he sees Jordan and walks the other way. Ben comments that it'd be nice not to have to see him anymore. Jordan then goes after Chad. Jordan joins Chad in the waiting room and says she just wanted to thank him for trying to get the charges against Ben dropped. Chad says it's the least he could do after he started it but the DA is being hard about it. Chad adds he knows how awkward it gets for her when he's around but he promises to do his best to stay out of her way. Jordan informs him that won't be a problem because she's leaving Salem.

Adrienne tries to leave but Justin wants to talk. Adrienne asks about his conference call and mocks his relationship with Elsa. Justin says he explained the text messages were business but Adrienne doesn't believe him. Adrienne complains about him being on the phone with Elsa constantly. Adrienne tells him that Sonny will be fine so she asks what's keeping him here. Justin's phone rings. Adrienne remarks that he has to answer Elsa instead of her then storms out. Justin follows after her.

Will tells Paul that Sonny went to Arizona because Paul is still here. Will blames Paul trying to wreck his marriage. Paul calls him paranoid. Will questions why he won't leave Salem. Paul tells him that he still has physical therapy sessions. Will argues that he can do that anywhere. Will asks when the sessions end so he can leave. Paul asks what Sonny said to him after he left. Will tels him that's not his business but Paul thinks it is otherwise he wouldn't be here.

Eve tells Paige that she and Jennifer argued about this so she finally decided. Paige tells her to just say it and asks how bad it can be since Jennifer is a sweet person. Eve tells Paige that it's really big and about JJ.

JJ worries that Jennifer changed her mind and told Paige. Jennifer reminds him that she promised she wouldn't say a word and adds that Eve won't say a word no matter what.

Justin goes to see Lucas, looking for Adrienne.

Chad is surprised to hear Jordan is leaving but praises her opportunity. Chad comments that it's too bad it didn't happen before everything he put her through. Jordan says there's no point looking back as it's over. Jordan stops and says she really did care about him. Jordan feels if Chad had more respect for himself, he wouldn't be always hurting people. Jordan apologizes and says it's not her place. She says goodbye and exits.

Abigail tells Ben that it's kind of sad for him. Ben admits he'll miss her but it's such an opportunity. Ben mentions that Jordan has looked out for him for half of her life so it's time she does something for herself plus Salem has bad memories for her and Clyde doesn't help. Ben's phone rings with a call from Aiden and he asks if he spoke with the DA.

Eve tells Paige that Jennifer blames her for Paige and JJ breaking up. Jennifer doesn't think that makes sense. Eve explains that she blames it on the lie about Shane being sick. Paige admits she told her about that. Eve is surprised. Paige says she needed someone to talk to and Jennifer is always so nice. Eve says Jennifer hates her and is even angrier about who JJ ended up with. Eve says she can't stand to be around Jennifer. Paige asks if that's why she wanted to leave town. Eve says that's part of it but she's not going anywhere because she'll always be there for her. Eve hopes someday, she forgives her for what she did.

JJ asks Jennifer what that means. Jennifer looks at a photo of Tom and Alice. She tells JJ that keeping secrets never works out because they always hurt everyone. Jennifer talks about Tom keeping a secret about who Mike's dad was for years. JJ asks if this means Eve would be okay with him going to see Paige. Jennifer says she wouldn't go that far but Eve can't say anything. Jennifer says it's what's important to JJ and what he feels he needs to do.

Will tells Paul that he has no chance at getting Sonny back. Will says he knows what he's thinking. Paul questions Will and yells at him. Paul asks why they are arguing when he thought they were friends. Will shouts that they were until he found out that Sonny proposed to him and that he wanted him back. Paul apologizes. Will tells Paul to say that he doesn't still love Sonny.

Ben thanks Aiden and is relieved as he hangs up. Ben tells Abigail that it's over and the DA is dropping the charges. They hug as she calls it fantastic. Chad walks by and sees them celebrating.

Paul tells Will to go as he's meeting his mom and doesn't want to argue anymore. Will questions how he and Sonny can work through this if he's still here. Paul suggests maybe he'll be gone by the time Sonny comes back. Will tells him that he and Sonny are married with a daughter, a life, and a future. Will asks if Paul has done enough damage. Paul tells Will that he needs to own what he did and accept responsibility. Paul says if he was married to Sonny, he never would've cheated on him. Paul tells Will to get out as Adrienne arrives.

Justin tells Lucas that he heard Adrienne say she wanted to come over. Lucas tells him that she's not here. Justin says he tried talking to her but she wouldn't listen. Lucas suggests that she's tired of hearing the same old stuff. Justin thinks she has someone trying to convince her that he's not worth listening to.

Eve encourages Paige about studying and tells her that she's so proud of her. Paige thanks her and goes to leave. Paige stops and tells Eve that she's still mad at her but she could never hate her. Eve thanks her and hugs her. Paige is sorry she and Jennifer got into it but tells her not to worry about it as she won't be seeing JJ as there's no going back after he hooked up with someone else. They walk off together.

Jennifer asks JJ if he feels like he should tell Paige. JJ says he could never as he would lose her right then. Jennifer has part of her thinking he should be honest with her but JJ says he can't. Jennifer understands that too because she just wants him to be happy and she knows he won't get a second chance if Paige finds out. JJ questions Eve not saying a word and if he can fix things. Jennifer worries about what if the secret came out later. JJ gets it but says if Paige never finds out. Jennifer wonders if it's too late. JJ says it's not so he has to try. JJ calls it the first time in forever that he has something to hope for. JJ thanks her and they hug. Jennifer warns him to think about this. JJ insists that he knows it's going to work and he exits.

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