Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/5/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/5/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Serena asks Daniel about the elephant statue. Daniel says Parker is crazy about it. Serena comments that the elephant happens to be one of her absolute favorites.

Nicole stands outside the town square, talking to herself about Theresa and Melanie. She suggests things will blow over but then decides against it.

Theresa returns to confront Melanie and questions her about why she lied about Dr. Mandrake. Melanie says she didn't. Theresa gets upset with her. Brady arrives to break things up and asks what's going on here. Theresa says that's what she wants to know.

Eve asks Paige about seeing JJ. Paige says it was weird as he was with Jennifer and she's never seen her so mad. Eve thinks about Jennifer catching them. Eve tells Paige there's something she should know. Eve says Jennifer isn't just mad at JJ but her too, and she's furious with her.

JJ says he wanted the chance to make Paige happy but now that's gone forever. Jennifer holds his hand and suggests maybe it's not. JJ asks how it could possibly be fixed.

Theresa yells to Brady that Melanie has been spying on her. Abigail interrupts and tells Theresa that everyone can hear her. Theresa tells her to mind her business and blames Melanie.

Nicole sits down and worries about Daniel finding out that Theresa is going after Melanie. Nicole imagines going to Daniel to tell him. Nicole pulls out her phone.

Serena talks about living in Africa where the elephant was made. She notes that it's very lucky. Eric arrives and asks if he's interrupting. Serena says she's thrilled that he's there and kisses him.

Jennifer tells JJ that they have a lot to talk about. She says that their relationship cannot be broken by anything. JJ disagrees but Jennifer says she's angry and hurt but nothing changes that he's her son and she loves him. Jennifer insists that Eve victimized him. Jennifer feels she wasn't paying enough attention to JJ. JJ argues that it's not her fault. Jennifer tells him they are in this together and she's not going to let Eve take him from her because they are family. JJ asks if she doesn't hate him. Jennifer asks how she could hate her son. She says she could never ever hate him as they hug. JJ thanks her. Jennifer says there is one more thing that she needs to know.

Eve tells Paige to stay clear of JJ and Jennifer. Paige says she's done with JJ but Jennifer has always been nice to her. Eve calls Jennifer dangerous and brings up their history. Eve tells Paige about Jennifer coming over and ranting out of her mind. Eve then tells her that Jennifer cornered at the hospital and wouldn't let her leave. Paige feels it doesn't sound like her. Eve adds that Jennifer stole her keys too. Eve doesn't know how much more she can take of it. Paige asks what she's going to do. Eve wants to get Paige out of harm's way and says they have to leave Salem.

JJ tells Jennifer that there is no more to know as he's never talking to Eve again. Jennifer wants Eve to be scared of what she could do with what she knows. JJ admits part of him thinks Paige deserves to know the truth about him. Jennifer points out that she would be devastated. JJ admits he doesn't want Paige to hate him more than she already does even though he's already dead to her. JJ says he's not going to love anyone else. JJ declares it doesn't matter if Paige finds out because she's already gone from his life and never coming back.

Paige argues that leaving Salem is not the answer. Eve insists that it can be and they can start a new life somewhere else. Paige accuses of her overreacting. Eve continues to blame Jennifer. Paige understands that she hates it here and wants a fresh start but she's not going with her.

Serena tells Eric that she just found out by accident that Eric gave Daniel the elephant statue and Parker loves it. Serena says she feels like a brat about it. Eric says Parker loves it and he can't think of anywhere he'd rather have it. Serena agrees.

Nicole tells herself that she will stick with plan A by helping Melanie against Theresa and hoping that Melanie helps her with Daniel. Nicole then gets an idea about Theresa and pulls out her phone.

Theresa tries to go after Melanie but Brady holds her back. Brady says they're going to have a chat and carries Theresa away. Abigail comments that Theresa is always a bitch. Abigail wonders if Brady can get through to her. Melanie wishes she never met her. Abigail questions Theresa going after Melanie.

Brady carries Theresa to the waiting room. She tells him that he has it all wrong. Brady asks what's going on. Theresa says she's been staying away from Melanie but she's been investigating her and she didn't want Brady to know about it.

Daniel decides to head out with Parker. Serena thanks him for making time for her and says it was nice getting to know them. Daniel exits with Parker. Serena wants to make things up to Eric. She insists that she loves being with him and it's all good. She mentions having to get back to the hospital but they can see each other later tonight. Eric agrees to get some wine. They hug and Serena tells him that she's so glad she came to Salem and that they are getting a second chance as she kisses him.

Theresa tells Brady about hearing Melanie talking to Nicole about Dr. Mandrake. She talks about Melanie digging for dirt on her. Brady asks why. Theresa believes Melanie can't stand that they were together. Theresa says she doesn't know or care about Dr. Mandrake but threatens if Melanie comes after her again.

Melanie tells Abigail that she will forget about Theresa. Abigail notes that will be hard to do. Melanie wonders what she's telling Brady. Abigail points out that Brady knows every word of hers is a lie. Melanie wants to find him. Brady comes back and asks Melanie if they can get out on her break. Melanie agrees so they exit together.

Nicole goes to Eric's and says she isn't there to see him about Serena or Daniel but about Theresa being out of control.

Eve thought Paige understood. Paige understands why Eve wants to go but reminds her that she has school and isn't going to drop out. Eve thinks she can transfer to California. Paige brings up their issues. Eve warns her about running in to JJ and Jennifer. Paige says it will get easier and that Jennifer is always nice to her so none of it has anything to do with her. Eve thinks she would be surprised.

Jennifer knows it's hard to lose someone you love. Jennifer says when Jack died, she knew she had to be there for JJ and Abigail. JJ says Jack died trying to save Abigail and he hadn't screwed up. JJ says losing Paige was all his fault. Jennifer brings up loving Daniel and that they wished it turned out differently but it ended and hurt so she had to let it go. JJ gets that but feels he made everything worse. JJ doesn't think he'll ever be happy again and is pretty sure he doesn't deserve to be happy. Jennifer encourages him not to give up. JJ doesn't want to hurt her anymore. Jennifer tells him that he needs to listen to her carefully. Jennifer says first she's going to think about it and work it out in her by going for a walk and letting JJ rest alone. Jennifer adds that it would be okay if he wants to tell Abigail because she won't judge him. Jennifer suggests waiting a while though. JJ agrees. Jennifer tells him they are going to figure this out and they hug. JJ thanks her and says he loves her. Jennifer says she loves him too and repeats that they are going to get through this together.

Eve tells Paige that she knows the real Jennifer as she's ruined her life many times. Paige says she's not leaving town and doesn't want to talk about the Hortons. Paige decides to take a walk to get some air. Eve tries to stop her but she walks off. Eve gets a call from Jennifer, asking where she is. Eve says she's in the town square so Jennifer says she'll be right there, warning her not to move.

Nicole tells Eric that Theresa needs an intervention. Eric says they aren't really close but he'll see what he can do. Nicole feels better now. Eric questions why she cares about Theresa. Nicole says she knows about screwing up and that Eric has a way. Eric notes that she cares because she has a good heart. Nicole thanks him and exits. Nicole tells herself to focus on Daniel as she walks on.

Jennifer joins Eve in the town square. Eve tells her that Paige could return at any moment. Jennifer tells her to shut up and listen because she's her only hope for Paige speaking to her again.

Parker holds his elephant statue at home while Daniel tells him to be careful not to break it.

Serena calls Melanie. Melanie says she'll call her back as Brady joins her in the living room.

Abigail comes home where JJ is playing guitar. She asks him if it's for his music class. He says it is. She notes that he looks miserable and asks what's wrong.

Jennifer warns Eve to never go near JJ again. Jennifer threatens to raise her voice if she interrupts her. Jennifer says she has the ammunition to blow her and Paige away. Eve argues it would be cruel and wrong. Jennifer brings up Eve threatening the same thing with her son. Jennifer warns Eve about it and says she can't hurt her anymore because now she has the advantage after all these years. Eve asks her to tell her she won't tell Paige. Jennifer says she told JJ that she wouldn't but that was kind of a lie. Jennifer decides it's all up to Eve.

Melanie explains to Brady about overhearing Clint talking to Dr. Mandrake. Brady asks her about knowing Dr. Mandrake. Melanie admits she looked it up. Brady asks why. Melanie says something was going on. Brady questions her not telling him about it. Melanie says she didn't know if it was anything. Brady states that she wanted it to be.

Theresa goes to Eric's and asks why he wanted to see her and if Melanie was whining about her. Eric informs her that Nicole told her, not Melanie. Theresa remarks that she thought that bitch was out of his life.

Nicole goes to Daniel's and says she won't take up much of his time and this is her coming to him as a friend for a favor.

Serena comes home, looking for her elephant statue when she's startled by the woman in her room holding it, asking if she's looking for that.

JJ asks Abigail how things are with her and Ben but she tells him not to change the subject. Abigail asks what's up and if it's about Roxanne. JJ tells her it's all over.

Eve doesn't understand why Jennifer is threatening her. Jennifer says they both know what Eve is. Jennifer argues that JJ loved Paige and lost her and Paige still loves JJ despite Eve trying to break them up. Eve tries to walk away so Jennifer threatens to cause a scene if she doesn't listen to her. Jennifer assumes Eve didn't tell Theresa since she wouldn't keep her mouth shut. Eve assures that she didn't. Jennifer points out that she, Eve, and JJ are the only ones that know about this so maybe it can stay that way. Eve asks what she wants. Jennifer wants what's right for JJ and Paige. She wants to give them back the chance to be together again.

The woman tells Serena that it's not the right statue. Serena promises to get it. She tells her to deliver soon or she'll tell him herself as she then exits.

Daniel jokes about conversations they have where he says nothing. He asks what the favor is. She doesn't want Daniel to wait too long to decide on how he feels about her. She asks him as a favor to try not to be so much like him and instead more like her. Nicole kisses him on the cheek and exits.

Eric tells Theresa that he and Nicole are over but she's worried about her. Theresa complains that Melanie was harassing her. Eric warns her that Melanie could get her fired. Eric yells at her to stop and grow up.

Brady reminds Melanie to stay away from Theresa. Melanie says she tried. They start to argue. Melanie can't believe their first fight is about Theresa. Brady tries to explain but Melanie storms out.

Abigail questions JJ about it being over. JJ wants to talk about it later. Abigail agrees since she has to get back to work. She hugs him and tells him to hang in as she knows he'll make it right.

Eve says Jennifer can't be serious but she is. Jennifer says if they keep this quiet, Paige will never have to know so JJ can fix things and they can find their way back to each other. Eve disagrees. Jennifer warns that it's over if Paige finds out. Eve responds that it's already over. Jennifer says okay because JJ can get another girl but asks if Eve can get another daughter. Eve questions Jennifer wanting her blessing for JJ to get Paige back. Eve says never and it will be over her dead body. Jennifer says it's her call as Paige returns. Jennifer points out Paige and asks Eve if they should tell her together.

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