Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/4/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/4/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ catches Jennifer in the town square. JJ tells Jennifer that he's sorry. Jennifer questions what he was doing and what he was thinking. Jennifer pushes him and asks why he did this as Paige sees them from a distance.

Hope and Abe go over a case in her office. Hope mentions picking up Ciara soon and how she's missed her. Abe asks if she had a good trip. Hope thinks back to Aiden and says she had a very good time.

Aiden and Roman sit together at the Pub, talking about a trial. Aiden is glad to have a working relationship with the police department and hopes there's no under the surface tension. Roman asks if he means because he's in love with his brother's ex-wife.

Nicole walks through the park and thinks back to hugging Eric, saying it couldn't have meant anything.

Melanie goes to get Parker's new favorite toy to show Serena but Daniel comes home. Serena tells him that he's just the man she wanted to see.

Eve calls Paige, telling her to call her as soon as she gets this. Theresa arrives but Eve says she doesn't have time for her as she's trying to find her daughter.

Jennifer asks JJ why he did it. JJ says it just happened. Paige watches and listens from a distance.

Nicole goes over Eric being on the outs with Serena and hugging her then tries to convince herself that she's not interested. Nicole imagines going to be with Daniel and says that's never going to happen.

Melanie takes Parker to put him down for his nap. Serena thinks back to arguing with Eric over the statue. Daniel asks why Serena wanted to see him. She says she needs to ask a favor.

Paige interrupts JJ and Jennifer, asking if everything's okay as they both look really upset. JJ says it's nothing and suggests they go home but Jennifer points out that Paige was nice enough to ask what's wrong so they should tell her. Jennifer tells Paige that she and JJ are not seeing eye to eye on a lot of things and it just blew up but she doesn't need to worry as their family has caused her enough pain. Jennifer then agrees they need to go home and walks away so JJ follows her. Paige tells herself that she doesn't care about whatever it is.

Abe is glad Hope had a good time and calls Aiden a great guy. Hope agrees and is glad he thinks so. Abe comments on knowing there's nothing Aiden wouldn't do for his son.

Roman tells Aiden that he knows how he and Hope feel about each other. Roman adds that Bo made a big mistake leaving Hope so he just wants her to be happy.

Nicole tells herself that it's not going to be easy getting Daniel back but she has to keep trying. She suggests being more subtle then laughs and says she doesn't do subtle. Nicole then walks away.

Daniel asks Serena about the favor. She hopes they could go out for coffee as they don't know each other all that well. Serena talks about thinking they would be close friends before the whole thing with Nicole made things awkward. Serena wants to get to know each other and become friends. Daniel tells her that he's not seeing Nicole anymore. Daniel adds that Eric is his friend so she is too. Daniel agrees to text her when they can have coffee. Serena then exits.

Theresa brings up Paige moving out. Eve yells at her to go away. Theresa comments on her seeming stressed and freaked out. Theresa then asks what she did to Paige this time.

Jennifer goes home and calls out for Abigail but she's not home. JJ asks her not to tell Abigail. Jennifer says she just wanted to make sure Abigail wasn't home so she wouldn't hear the terrible conversation they are about to have. Jennifer brings up JJ watching Eve destroy her life and go after Jack's money but he let her seduce him. JJ argues it wasn't like that. Jennifer says Eve seduced him because of her hatred for her. JJ tells her that it wasn't about her but about Paige.

Serena sits at home with her elephant statue. She gets a call and the woman asks when she's going to deliver what she promised. Serena tells them to be more patient but she says their time is running out. Serena hangs up and hopes Daniel will come through for Eric's sake.

Nicole goes to Daniel's where Melanie answers the door and calls Daniel over. Daniel asks if she needs something. Melanie thinks Nicole needs to talk to him and decides to rush off to work. Nicole tells Daniel that she doesn't need anything and just came by to say hi. Daniel questions her conspiring with Melanie and getting her in her corner. Nicole argues that Melanie wants what's best for Daniel. Daniel says it's not up to her. Nicole says she only came to say hi but will instead say goodbye. Nicole drops her things so Daniel helps pick them up and their hands touch.

Jennifer questions JJ doing it to hurt Paige. JJ says he never wanted to hurt her as he loved her but he screwed it all up. Jennifer says he isn't making sense. JJ talks about Paige finding out about Jack and Kayla when he couldn't figure out how to tell her. JJ talks about blaming himself so he didn't think someone like him deserved someone as great as Paige. JJ says he started drinking which made everything worse. Jennifer asks why. JJ says he and Paige had a terrible fight that she ran away. JJ says he went to go find her at her apartment but Eve was there. JJ explains that Eve had just gotten terrible news about not getting her surgery so they were both alone and it just happened. JJ knows Jennifer hates him for it but not as much as he hates himself. Jennifer points out that was months ago and asks why he was with Eve tonight.

Eve tells Theresa that she did nothing to Paige. Theresa brings up being sisters and says she can talk to her as something is clearly tearing her up inside. Eve gets a call from Paige and immediately cries that she can explain everything.

Aiden and Hope go to school to pick up their kids. They talk about being excited to see them. Aiden feels he and Chase can make a fresh start with their old house sold. Aiden hopes Hope will be a big part of their future and kisses her.

Nicole and Daniel get close but he doesn't think he can trust himself to be alone with her. Nicole thinks that says something. Daniel thinks it would be better if she called next time. Nicole jokes about their being a next time and suggests maybe things will get better between them next time. Daniel wants to believe and trust what she's feeling but he can't yet. Daniel tells her that time will tell as she exits. Nicole comments that she knows they will be in limbo. Nicole thinks she knows a way to speed up the process.

Paige asks Eve about their plans to do something together. Paige tells her that she's in the town square but offers to come over. Eve says she will meet her there. Eve tells her that she loves her and hangs up. Theresa comments that she dodged a bullet and asks what Eve could explain. Eve tells her to go. Theresa mocks her. Eve argues that her job is to protect her daughter and yells that Theresa isn't a mother. Eve rushes Theresa out of her apartment.

Jennifer asks JJ about tonight and if it just happened tonight. Jennifer thinks it took some planning for what she saw in the hotel room. Jennifer asks if he even thought about what would happen or the other time or what it did to her or Paige. Jennifer questions him thinking of anyone but himself. JJ complains about thinking he's a horrible person. Jennifer blames Eve but JJ says he did it to himself. She tells him not to defend Eve. JJ says he wasn't a victim. JJ says Jennifer never looked at him like this through all the drugs and everything but she has every right to. Jennifer questions what Eve has done to him. JJ asks what he's done to Jennifer. Jennifer says he should've told her. JJ questions telling her that he hooked up with her worst enemy. JJ talks about everything they've been through and how far they've come so he didn't want her to be disappointed in him again. Jennifer argues that it didn't just happen but Eve planned it because she would do anything to keep him from Paige. JJ disagrees and talks about them both being so upset the first time. JJ recalls thinking he'd never see Paige or Eve again. JJ admits Eve was the woman he was seeing as when she came back from Salem without Paige, he slept with her again.

Aiden talks with Hope about how she knows about protecting their children. Hope wishes she could've been there to help him with Chase. Aiden says she does and will. Hope comments on being happy as they kiss. Chase runs up and hugs Aiden. Ciara then runs up and hugs Hope.

Melanie works at the hospital as Theresa arrives. Melanie tells her that she still doesn't have her new badge. Theresa mocks her. Melanie questions why she has to be such a bitch all the time. Theresa responds because she can be.

Serena goes to the club for coffee with Daniel and Parker. Daniel asks what's on her mind. Serena tells him about getting into a silly fight with Eric. Daniel calls Eric the most reasonable guy he knows so he thinks they will work it out. Serena asks Daniel if he could help out with something harmless but Daniel says absolutely not.

Jennifer asks JJ as she can't understand why. JJ repeats that it just happened. JJ talks about thinking he could convince Eve that he and Paige were good for each other. JJ worried that Eve was so crazy about keeping them apart that she would tell Paige about them. Jennifer questions him going to bed with her. JJ says he can't explain it as they were both out of their minds and nothing seemed to make a difference. JJ says if he could do something like this that could hurt Paige and Jennifer so much, he figured out that he's no good and doesn't deserve to have people love him.

Eve joins Paige in the town square. Eve apologizes for before and suggests they celebrate by getting her a new phone. Paige questions why she would want to do that.

Jennifer tells JJ that she's so mad at him and disappointed but tells him what he said is not true. JJ argues that it is true. JJ says it's something else he and Eve have in common that they are both no good. Jennifer disagrees and says JJ wouldn't have suffered like he did. JJ repeats that he hated her but it just kept on going. JJ says he was crazy from the first night and he couldn't tell Paige who he was with. Jennifer sits down and asks JJ how he feels about Eve. She questions if he has feelings for her.

Chase and Ciara tell Hope and Aiden about their trip. Hope suggests dinner at the Pub so the kids go to get their backpacks. Aiden jokes with Hope about a eating contest with the kids as they kiss.

Melanie mocks Theresa and tells her to make her new badge. Theresa says she will when she gets around to it next month. They argue until Nicole arrives and Theresa walks away. Nicole jokes with Melanie about her. Melanie asks how it went with Daniel. Nicole blows it off but wants to talk about her next move. Nicole offers to buy a drink as she looks like she needs one. Melanie talks about Theresa getting to her. Nicole asks her about dropping the whole thing with Theresa and Dr. Mandrake.

Serena questions Daniel saying no. Daniel refuses to spy on Eric for her. Serena wouldn't put it that way. Daniel says Eric is reasonable so if they can't work it out then maybe it shouldn't work out. She calls it harsh but Daniel calls it direct. Daniel tells her to trust Eric. Parker asks about his toy. Daniel says it has to stay at the apartment. Parker asks why so Daniel tells him that it's not a toy, it's an elephant, which alerts Serena.

Eve doesn't want anyone bothering Paige. Paige tells her that she met JJ's new girlfriend so they won't be talking. Eve suggests a new start with a new phone number but Paige says that won't keep her from running in to JJ like she just did.

JJ tells Jennifer that his feelings for Eve are hate. He hates her as much as he loves Paige. JJ says Paige is everything he ever wanted but thanks to Eve and him being a jerk, he'll never have her. JJ believes Jennifer is finally facing up to being him worthless. JJ wishes he could go back and change everything but he can't. JJ talks about blowing up everything good in his life and just living with the rest. Jennifer tells him that the hate he feels for Eve is what Eve feels for her which is why she did this to he and Paige. JJ argues that it doesn't matter now because it's all over. JJ says she knows now and soon Abigail, Daniel, and the whole family will know plus Paige will know what kind of person he really is.

Serena questions having an elephant. Daniel tells her that Parker is crazy about the elephant statue that Eric gave him which makes Serena smile.

Melanie tells Nicole that she's through digging up on Mandrake and doesn't want anything to do with Theresa anymore. Nicole asks her about getting a drink but Melanie says she's on duty. Nicole jokes about it and walks away. Theresa returns to confront Melanie and questions her about why she lied about Dr. Mandrake.

Eve asks Paige about seeing JJ. Paige says it was weird as he was with Jennifer and she's never seen her so mad. Eve thinks there's something she should know.

Jennifer tells JJ that Paige won't find out about this nor will anyone else because she's not telling anyone and she doesn't think Eve will either. JJ thanks her because it would kill Paige and all he wants is for her to be happy. JJ says he wanted the chance to make her happy but now that's gone forever. Jennifer holds his hand and suggests maybe it's not.

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