Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/3/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/3/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer goes to Roxanne's hotel room and calls out for her. She pushes the door open and looks inside where she sees JJ having sex with Eve in the bed and can't believe it.

Sonny tells him that Will said Sonny only married him because he couldn't have Paul. Paul says that's not true then asks if it is as Will appears in the doorway. Will questions what Paul is doing there. Sonny reveals he asked him to come.

Lucas cleans up from the chimney. He helps wipe Adrienne's face off as well. Lucas apologizes for dragging her in to the messy project. She jokes that somebody had to do it. She says she can't stay as she doesn't want to be late to pick Sonny up from the hospital. She jokes about cleaning the chimney. Lucas stops her and thinks they should talk.

Nicole goes to the hospital with a gift for Daniel and he's not there. She asks Maxine if she's seen him around. Maxine tells her to leave him alone. Nicole laughs it off and says she asks Maxine to see that Daniel gets the gift as soon as possible. Maxine tells Nicole that she'd never help her get her claws back in to Daniel.

Eric looks at his art pieces at home and thinks back to Serena arguing about the elephant statue.

Serena sits at the club with coffee and thinks about talking on the phone about the plan to switch the statues. Serena gets a call from Melanie, who asks her to come over as she wants to talk to her about Dr. Mandrake. Serena tells her it's not a great time. Melanie notes that she sounds stressed out and suggests she come over so they can help each other.

Paige goes to Kayla's office at the hospital. Kayla asks her to help with case files. Paige mentions planning to spend time with Eve but she never got back to her so she must have found something more important to do.

JJ is shocked as Jennifer slams the door shut in anger at seeing Eve and JJ in bed.

Will says he didn't know and apologizes. Paul feels it was a natural response and knows it's awkward. Will says it doesn't have to be but Sonny says it does. Sonny tells Will that he asked Paul to come so he could get the truth. Sonny questions taking Will's word after his lies.

Eve tries to say it's not what it looks like while JJ tries to explain as he gets out of the bed. Jennifer calls Eve a sick monster as she looks to attack her and cover her with a pillow while JJ tries to pull her off.

Will questions Sonny not believing him but Paul. Sonny tells him that he's not going to apologize for wanting confirmation. Will admits he understands and apologizes. Paul thinks he should go. Will says he came to take Sonny home anyway but Sonny stops him and says he's not coming home.

Adrienne asks Lucas what there is to talk about since nothing happened. Lucas says they can talk about what almost happened. Lucas knows what he wanted to happen just now so he decides they probably shouldn't spend any more time together.

Nicole tells Daniel that she's just trying to give Daniel a present. Maxine questions her motives. Nicole thought they were friends. Maxine says Daniel is her friend and she saw what Nicole did to him on New Year's Eve and it's been all downhill from there. Nicole questions Maxine protecting Daniel. Maxine tells her that she can't play her. Maxine tells her it's not going to happen and walks away. Nicole complains that she never knows what Maxine is thinking.

Serena suggests doing this another time but Melanie insists on wanting to talk to her. Melanie adds that they don't get to spend time together anymore. Serena gets another call from Eric and switches over. Eric informs her that his nun friend passed away. Eric tells Serena that he's sorry about how things went with them last night. He wants to do whatever it takes to make things right for them.

Paige finishes with her files and sees a picture of JJ on Kayla's desk. Kayla points out how close she is to Jennifer and her kids so she understands if it would be easier for her to have another doctor mentor her. Paige assures her that she doesn't have to worry about it as she doesn't really think about JJ anymore and has no reason to.

JJ pulls Jennifer off of Eve as she screams about her being crazy. Eve tells JJ to get Jennifer out. Jennifer refuses to go. Eve argues that she doesn't know what was going on. Jennifer questions Eve being in bed with JJ. Jennifer turns to JJ and yells at him for leaving Paige for her mother.

Melanie plays with Parker and his elephant statue.

Eric suggests he and Serena have lunch. Eric adds that he's done with the questions about the elephant statue as he doesn't have it in him to deal with that issue anymore. Serena says okay but that today isn't great for lunch as she has a ton of work. Serena says they'll talk later and hangs up. Nicole then appears at the club and asks what's going on with her and Eric.

Will questions Sonny not coming home. Sonny says he needs time to think. Will asks him to come home. Sonny says he needs to think about things alone. Will suggests therapy but Sonny refuses. Sonny tells Will that he is leaving Salem.

Eve gets dressed. Jennifer goes over there never being another girl and it being Eve all along. Jennifer cries about what this did to Paige. JJ tries to stop her. Jennifer yells at JJ for sleeping with Eve, who was out to destroy her all this time. JJ admits that there wasn't another girl and it was always Eve.

Serena asks who said anything is wrong with her and Eric. Nicole says she wasn't trying to overhear but she made it hard not to. Serena thinks she's gloating. Nicole asks if everything is okay with them. Serena tells her that it's none of her business. Nicole says all she wants is Eric to be happy. Nicole adds that she regrets messing things up for them. Nicole doesn't get how they could have problems without her. Serena tells her that not everything is about her as she exits the club. Nicole complains about trying to be nice.

Lucas tells her that she doesn't have to explain as he's doing this for himself. Lucas says he knows he should back off as she and Justin have a lot to work out and he doesn't want to ruin things for them. Adrienne says they can't avoid each other since they are connected with Will, Sonny, and Arianna. Lucas says they can stop spending so much time alone together. Adrienne agrees and decides to leave.

Paul tells Sonny that's crazy. Will tells Paul to stay out of this as it's between them. Sonny states that it's between the three of them thanks to Will. Will asks Sonny about Arianna. Sonny points out how she'll react to the tension if he comes home. Will wants him to at least stay in Salem but Sonny says he's going to stay with his brother in Phoenix. Will asks Sonny about coming back. Will questions what he's supposed to do. Sonny tells him to do what's best for himself.

Kayla questions Paige not thinking about JJ at all anymore and finds it hard to believe. Paige admits she still thinks about him but not the way she used to in the beginning. Paige knows that JJ doesn't love her and she's accepted that so she doesn't cry about him or dream about him. Kayla knows how painful it is. Paige tells her that she no longer thinks about JJ as someone she loved but as a guy who led her on and lied to her. Paige doesn't want sympathy and says she can handle herself. Paige adds that she has a date which makes her feel like she's in control of her life and she won't let anyone hurt her like that again. Paige refuses to have her life revolve around a man and says she's learned from this. Paige says you can't trust love as you just end up getting hurt. Kayla disagrees and encourages that Paige will find love again. Kayla praises her but Paige feels love makes you needy, stupid, and pathetic. Paige doesn't want to be that way and declares she's done with that as she doesn't want to need anyone. Paige says she will be alone because she knows for a fact that JJ can't hurt her more than he already has.

Jennifer says she should've known what Eve was taunting her about last night but she didn't realize how sick she was. Jennifer yells at her and accuses her of having sex with her son to get back at her. Jennifer tells Eve that she wins. Jennifer says Eve could've stabbed her in the heart and it wouldn't be as bad as this. Jennifer calls Eve so cruel and pathetic to do this to hurt her one more time. JJ tells Jennifer that it wasn't just her as it was him too.

Eric goes to the club and runs in to Nicole. Nicole tells him that Serena just left. Eric didn't know she was there. Nicole tells him that they didn't get in to a fight. Nicole asks about them getting in a fight.

Serena goes to see Melanie at Daniel's. Melanie notes that she's tense. Serena mentions running in to Nicole and she got on our nerves. Serena talks about trying to locate something. Melanie asks her about it and offers to help but Serena doesn't think she can. Serena asks about Daniel being best friends with Eric and then says she has an idea about her problem. Serena then asks what Melanie needed to talk about.

Will asks Paul if he minds. Paul says he's sorry and exits. Sonny tells Will that being alone doesn't make a difference as he has nothing else to say. Will asks him to say he's not going and to think about Arianna. Will argues that they are a family and they have to work this out. Sonny tells Will to trust him as he thinks what's best for everyone is if he leaves to sort everything out. Will asks if that's what's best for Paul too.

Paul runs in to Adrienne at the hospital. She didn't expect to see him. Paul talks about his physical therapy. She hopes he's doing okay. Paul tells her not to worry as he just hopes Sonny is okay and he's glad he's getting out. Paul tells her to take care and walks off. Adrienne wonders how Paul knew Sonny was getting out today.

Jennifer questions JJ about sleeping with Eve and how he could do this to Paige. Jennifer asks JJ if he actually has feelings for Eve. Jennifer says they'll talk about it later. Jennifer tells Eve that nothing JJ says or thinks he feels for her means anything because it doesn't change who or what she is or what she's done. Jennifer can't stand to look at Eve anymore. JJ tries to stop her. Eve stops Jennifer and begs her not to tell Paige. Jennifer mocks her. Eve argues that Paige doesn't deserve this. Jennifer questions her concern. Eve tells her that telling Paige would be cruel and Jennifer's not cruel. Jennifer throws her keys back at her. Jennifer slaps Eve and warns her to never touch her again as she storms out. JJ rushes after her. Jennifer doesn't understand him and walks away. JJ goes after her.

Eric tells Nicole that he won't talk to her about it. Nicole tells him that she's sorry and respects what they have. Nicole says she just can't imagine Eric and Serena having problems without her. Nicole just hopes it doesn't have anything to do with what she's done in the past. She just wants Eric to be happy and hopes Serena is the one. Eric realizes she means it. Nicole reminds him of when they were friends and says she still misses that so much. Nicole insists that she wants him to be happy and she would do anything to still be his friend.

Melanie talks to Serena about Dr. Mandrake and finding his tax records. Serena talks about unethical doctors. Serena says the medical field is filled with shady and unethical people. Melanie jokingly says like her. Serena questions why she would say that.

Sonny questions Will saying anything in that tone. Will brings up Paul asking if Sonny only married Will because he said no first and that Sonny didn't answer so Will asks him if it's true. Adrienne and Kayla enter, interrupting them again.

Eric tells Nicole that anything is possible. Nicole agrees and calls it a form of faith. Eric says maybe she's right. Eric says he has to go and tells her to take care. Eric stops and thanks her for being honest and caring as they hug. Eric then exits.

Melanie tells Serena that she was just joking. Serena blames her stress and says she has to get going. Parker comes out and Melanie tells Serena about Parker having a new favorite toy that she goes to get.

Sonny tells Kayla and Adrienne that he's ready to go. Adrienne asks if Will is taking Sonny home but Sonny says Will is busy. Kayla gives Sonny the release papers to sign. Sonny asks Adrienne to take him to the airport as he's going to Phoenix to hang out with Alex. Adrienne calls that sudden and asks if Will is going to join him. Will hopes so. Will hugs Sonny goodbye and tells him not to forget that he loves him. Will exits. Adrienne asks Sonny if everything is okay. Sonny responds that everything is great. Kayla tells him to enjoy Phoenix as she exits. Adrienne asks Sonny if he has any idea when he's coming home. Sonny tells her that he hasn't figured that out yet.

Will stops Paul and questions if he thinks he can get Sonny back. Will points out that Sonny didn't answer his question about marrying Will because Paul said no. Will says he knows the answer that Paul was hoping for but he's not losing him. Will then exits through the elevator.

Eve goes home looking for Paige but she's not there. Eve pulls out her phone and sees she has a voicemail from Paige so she listens to it with Paige asking where she is earlier. Eve wonders where Paige is.

Paige walks through the town square where JJ catches Jennifer. JJ tells Jennifer that he's sorry. Jennifer questions what he was doing and what he was thinking. Jennifer pushes him and asks why he did this as Paige sees them from a distance.

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