Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/2/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/2/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena goes to see Will as he talks quickly about trying to clean things up for Sonny to come home. Marlena asks about his conversation with Sonny. Will says it went worse than bad and he doesn't know if he'll ever forgive him. Will complains about things being messy and complicated. He gets frustrated and knocks over a picture of he and Sonny, smashing the frame.

A nurse finishes up with Sonny and asks if Will is picking him up but he says no.

Paul sits with his mom Tori at the club. Tori tries to convince him to come back home still. Paul asks why she's pushing and if she has to be back home for some reason. She brings up his grandfather. Paul says he already talked to him and he told him to stay as long as he needs. Paul gets a call from Sonny, who says he needs to see him.

Paige waits at the Kiriakis Mansion where Maggie joins her. They talk about working the charity drive. Paige mentions postponing meeting Eve later but she hasn't heard back from her yet.

Roxanne stands in the town square and worries about Jennifer calling her parents.

Jennifer wonders if Eve brought Roxanne to Salem as she knows she must be responsible for breaking up JJ and Paige. Jennifer says there must be some sort of proof in Eve's apartment as she grabs Eve's keys.

Eve tells JJ that they can't talk here so she tells him to come back to her place. JJ agrees to meet there as soon as he can get away.

Adrienne goes to the Horton house and rings the doorbell. Lucas answers the door and they greet each other with smiles.

Paul agrees to come to the hospital to see Sonny. Paul hangs up and claims to Tori that they pushed up his physical therapy session but Tori demands the truth. Paul questions always the truth now after living a lie. Paul admits he got a call from the guy who asked him to marry him and he has to go see him. Paul gathers his things and goes to leave as John arrives. Tori seems to recognize John. John says he is glad he ran in to Paul.

Abigail goes to the hospital and bumps in to Jennifer, causing her to drop Eve's keys. Abigail questions Jennifer having Eve's keys.

JJ tells Eve that he has to make sure Roxanne is still on board and then he'll meet her. Roxanne then rushes over to tell JJ that this is out of hand and they need to stop but then she sees Eve. Roxanne questions Eve still harassing JJ and says it's like she's obsessed with him.

Lucas talks with Adrienne inside about fixing the chimney. He tells her that Jennifer's not home. She says that's too bad then admits she knew she wasn't home as she was driving by and saw Lucas's car. She admits she wanted to see him.

Tori turns her back and sits down as John praises Paul for coming out in the article. Paul thanks him and exits. John orders a coffee and sits down while Tori seems uncomfortable.

Marlena sits Will down and tells him that this is complicated but she knows they can talk this through. Will says they tried but Sonny is still too angry. Marlena knows there's a lot going on here. Will talks about not sleeping and wonders why Sonny kept proposing to Paul a secret from him.

Eve complains about JJ breaking Paige's heart. Roxanne tells her to back off. Eve gets upset but JJ tells her to go now so Eve walks off. Roxanne can't believe her while Eve hides behind the bushes and listens in. JJ asks Roxanne what freaked her out. Roxanne tells him that this game they are playing just blew up in their faces.

Jennifer tells Abigail that Eve just left her keys. Abigail asks how bad they fought. Jennifer admits it got tense. Abigail decides she will return the keys for her so she doesn't have to see her twice in one day. Jennifer says no and declares that she needs the keys so she can get in to Eve's apartment.

Lucas asks Adrienne why she couldn't just say she wanted to see him. She brings up what happened the other night. Lucas blames himself for crossing the line. Lucas says Justin is back so he needs to step back and not get involved but he feels a need to protect her. Adrienne says he's been a real rock for her. Adrienne comments that Justin may be there physically but he's not back.

Paul goes to Sonny's hospital room.

Marlena asks Will if he asked Sonny why he never mentioned Paul. Will tells her about Sonny promising to never mention because of Paul's career. Will complains that he could've told him that there was another guy he proposed to and it makes him wonder why he never said a word. Will feels that Sonny only married him because he was desperate to get married.

Paul admits he was surprised to hear from Sonny and never expected to see him again. Paul says it's great that he's getting out and going home. Sonny says he called him because he needs the truth of what happened between he and Will.

Maggie and Paige finish bringing in boxes. They go through the donation boxes for the charity. Paige comments on the things being really nice. Maggie realizes her box is Daniel's and pulls out his coat. Maggie thinks back to asking Daniel about it and mentions that JJ borrowed it once. She wonders if he would want it and asks Paige what she thinks as Paige has her back turned and doesn't see that it's the coat she saw at Eve's.

Abigail questions Jennifer breaking in to Eve's apartment. Jennifer talks about knowing Eve had something to do with keeping JJ and Paige apart. Abigail admits JJ hasn't been himself lately. Jennifer insists on Eve being behind this.

Roxanne informs JJ that Jennifer called her after calling her parents. Eve listens from the gate. Roxanne tells him that Jennifer doesn't believe they are dating. JJ realizes she must have talked to Daniel. JJ knew it would be a hard sell. Roxanne feels the whole idea is toast. JJ thinks they can make it work. Roxanne says she can't deal with her parents getting on her case. JJ tries to calm her down but Roxanne says no and she's not doing this anymore.

Tori asks the waiter if there is a back entrance of the club, saying she just likes to know where things are in case of emergency. She orders another green tea then slowly looks over at John, who is on the phone.

Adrienne apologizes for dumping this on Lucas. Lucas understands she needs someone to talk to but he doesn't want to complicate things. Lucas is sure Justin will realize how lucky he is to have her. Adrienne calls him a big help to her and she hopes she can someday return the favor. Lucas invites her to help him fix the chimney. Adrienne agrees to but he says he was kidding. She insists and says she has time before she picks up Sonny. Lucas questions Will not picking him up. Adrienne guesses Will has something else to do.

Will tells Marlena about Sonny being in love with Paul and not just stopping. Marlena asks if he's feeling threatened by Paul being back in Sonny's life. Will admits he feels kind of used and that Sonny threw himself in to a relationship with him because he couldn't have Paul. Marlena talks about Will and Sonny being together for two years before they got married so she doesn't think he's using him. Will doesn't think it's that long. Marlena thinks he's just trying to shift the blame from what he did. Will admits that sounds like him. Will states that he used to feel special and that he was more special to Sonny than anything else but now he feels like just the one who happened to say yes.

Paul tells Sonny that he told him the truth. Sonny questions Paul having no clue that Will was his husband and Will not knowing that Paul was his ex. Paul assures him. Sonny questions how Will couldn't have known after interviewing him for hours. Paul says he never mentioned his name or where he lived. Sonny calls it one big ugly coincidence. Paul insists he would never intentionally hurt him.

Maggie tells Paige that she forgot and she shouldn't have mentioned JJ. Paige says it's okay but Maggie apologizes for being thoughtless. Maggie asks if she's really fine. Paige says she's just staying busy. Paige admits she never loved someone before but she's moving on and is okay.

Abigail tells Jennifer that JJ openly admitted to sleeping with another girl which Eve couldn't make him do. Jennifer blames Eve taking Paige to California and saying they were never coming back. Jennifer wonders how Eve will make sure they never get back together. Abigail complains about everything Eve has done but insists that she didn't make JJ sleep with another girl. Jennifer feels she used it to her advantage and brings up Roxanne. Abigail doesn't believe JJ is seeing Roxanne either.

Roxanne tells JJ that it won't work. JJ wants to think. JJ tells her that it will still be cool if Paige thinks they are an item. Roxanne disagrees because Jennifer doesn't believe it. JJ tells her that he will talk to Jennifer and get her to back off. JJ adds that he'll handle Eve no problem. JJ tells Roxanne that he will find a way to make it up to her. JJ suggests going back to her hotel room to figure something out. Roxanne agrees so they walk off together. Eve is unhappy and follows after them.

Marlena tells Will that most people analyze everything in these type of situations and lose sight of the big picture. Marlena tells him that he has to accept responsibility for betraying Sonny and he has to talk to him or else he'll go crazy with imagining scenarios. Will agrees to try but worries that things will go like last night. Marlena offers to recommend marriage counselors. Marlena tells him to remember that his family is always there for him.

Paul tells Sonny that they weren't out to hurt him. Sonny argues that Will knew what he was doing was complete betrayal. Paul says he came on to Will and made the first move. Paul talks about it being right after Sonny shutting him down and he thought Will was available. Sonny argues that Will could've said no. Paul blames himself for pushing so hard. Sonny asks if it's true that it only happened once. Paul says it's true and admits he tried again but Will stopped him and said it wasn't right. Paul assures Sonny that Will loves him.

JJ takes Roxanne to her hotel room and they agree to play it with her parents. They head inside. JJ asks if they're cool. Roxanne says she can't say no to him as he just has this way sometimes. She suggests they should really start fooling around or at least practice making out for the public. JJ stops her and says they can worry about that when the time comes. Eve then bangs on the door. Roxanne calls it weird as she opens the door to see Eve.

Jennifer tells Abigail about Daniel seeing JJ with Roxanne. Abigail thinks it's way off and talks about JJ never mentioning her. Jennifer thinks it's part of Eve's plan and wants to prove that Roxanne is connected to Eve. Abigail questions what she thinks she will find in Eve's apartment. Jennifer says she knows how to look and put things together. Abigail warns her about breaking and entering. She tells her to sit JJ down and make him tell the truth or try calling Roxanne again. Jennifer agrees that she can make it a last resort. Abigail makes sure she knows it's a bad idea that she won't go through with. Abigail says goodbye and exits.

Roxanne questions what Eve is doing there. Eve admits she followed them and says she's not finished with them. JJ tells her to go home and stop but Eve refuses. Roxanne says she's going back to Chicago. Roxanne tells JJ that they are done and he's on his own as she grabs her things and storms out. JJ asks Eve if she's happy now as she just ruined everything.

Lucas and Adrienne work on the chimney. She has him use spray and the soot from the chimney falls all over Lucas's face causing Adrienne to bust out laughing.

John finishes his call and heads to the counter. Tori takes the chance to rush out. She runs in to Marlena, who asks if she's enjoying her time in Salem. Tori says she doesn't have time to talk and rushes off.

JJ questions Eve. Eve says she did them a favor as Roxanne can't be trusted and would've folded. JJ says he had her back on track and now she could turn on them and tell Paige it was all a lie. Eve complains about JJ being alone with Roxanne in her hotel room. JJ asks if she was jealous and if she thought he was going to start doing it with her instead of Eve. Eve says no. JJ tells her that Roxanne is gone now so Eve has him all to herself as he removes his shirt. Eve tells him to put it back on. JJ asks if that's what she really wants. Eve pushes him onto the bed and they start kissing.

Paige notes that Eve still hasn't texted her back. Maggie asks about their plans. Paige tells her about doing something special together every year around this time as it's when her dad walked out. Maggie asks about them being close. Paige says they were for a long time. Maggie encourages her to go find her then. Paige agrees to swing by her apartment to see if she's there.

Eve and JJ kiss in bed but she stops and doesn't think they should be doing this here. Eve suggests going back to her place.

Jennifer calls Roxanne but she doesn't answer. Jennifer looks at Eve's keys and declares she has to do something.

Marlena heads in to the club and joins John. She tells him about talking to Will. John mentions running in to Paul. Marlena brings up seeing his mother leaving. John mentions that he didn't introduce anyone and was just leaving. Tori goes back to the club and looks inside at John and Marlena.

Lucas cleans up from the chimney. He helps wipe Adrienne's face off as well.

Paul hopes Sonny knows now what really happened. Paul encourages him to talk to Will but Sonny feels that makes things worse. Paul asks if it's too soon. Sonny tells him that Will said Sonny only married him because he couldn't have Paul. Paul says that's not true then asks if it is as Will appears in the doorway.

JJ and Eve continue kissing in bed where Eve's phone lies near on the floor.

Paige goes to Eve's and calls out looking for her. She asks if she's in the bedroom. Paige heads towards the bedroom and wonders where she is. She decides to try and call her again.

Jennifer goes to Roxanne's hotel room and calls out for her. She pushes the door open and looks inside where she sees JJ having sex with Eve in the bed.

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