Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/27/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/27/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Brady. She says she has good news and shows him the paper that shows a business rival is in prison. Nicole comments on Brady and Melanie being happy then says she's glad that he kicked Theresa to the curb.

Melanie works at the hospital where Theresa confronts her and questions what she's been up to. Theresa brings up Dr. Mandrake.

Chad says he's trying to figure out how important this really is to Abigail and what exactly she'd be willing to do to keep Ben out of prison. Chad thinks she has a weakness for bad boys and wonders how much longer Ben can keep her. She asks if he's going to keep Ben out of prison or not. He responds that it's completely up to her.

Jordan realizes that Clyde really does love Ben. Clyde says it would tear his heart out if Ben goes to prison.

Paige looks at a picture of her and JJ on her phone and declares she's so done with him. Cole approaches and asks if she's okay.

Daniel tells Jennifer about Roxanne. Jennifer reveals she knows her and that there is no way she and JJ are seeing each other. Daniel tells her that JJ told him they are dating and that he wanted to introduce Roxanne to Paige. Jennifer argues that there is no way they are together so there's either a huge misunderstanding or someone is lying.

Eve walks by and stops surprised when she sees JJ and Roxanne hugging. JJ thanks Roxanne for her help. Roxanne asks if he's sure he's okay. JJ says Paige bought it so now she'll drop it and move on. Roxanne then asks who the lucky girl is that he's actually hooking up with. JJ looks over and sees Eve.

Daniel assures Jennifer that he did not misunderstand. Jennifer argues that it doesn't make any sense as JJ has never been interested in Roxanne. Daniel suggests maybe things change. Jennifer says JJ made it clear they were just friends and he hasn't mentioned her in years. Jennifer questions why JJ would be so secretive if he was seeing someone she knew. Jennifer talks about knowing Roxanne's parents. Jennifer tells Daniel that something else is going on.

Eve approaches and questions who Roxanne is, asking JJ if she's his latest victim.

Nicole brings up what Theresa has done and questions why Brady would defend her. Brady informs her that somebody spiked his coffee last night and Theresa stopped him from drinking it. Nicole thinks she had an ulterior motive but Brady thinks she was just doing a good deed. Nicole can't believe it and wonders if Theresa still has feelings for Brady. Brady admits maybe she does.

Melanie asks Theresa who Dr. Mandrake is. Theresa explains finding his number and he hung up as soon as she called. Theresa says she needs to get in touch with Clint and asks Melanie if she knows anything. Melanie thinks back to Nicole's research. Melanie admits that she overheard Clint on the phone with Dr. Mandrake and she was curious. Theresa asks what she's not telling her.

Ben listens in on Jordan and Clyde from outside the door. Clyde tells her that there's only two things he really regrets, taking his anger out on Ben and what he did to Jordan which is unforgivable. Clyde says he still has a chance with Ben and he's grateful to Jordan for that because he has the chance because of her.

Abigail asks Chad if he's saying he'll drop the charges against Ben if she sleeps with him. She tells him that he makes her sick. Chad jokes about saying Jordan was better in bed than her so Abigail slaps him. Chad says he wasn't sure what she was willing to sacrifice to protect Ben. Abigail complains that he's so vindictive that he'll send Ben to prison to get back at she and Jordan.

Jordan asks Clyde what he's talking about. Clyde says as angry as he was at Jordan for keeping Ben away from him all those years, he has come to realize she did the right thing because he would've destroyed them all. Clyde admits he wasn't in any shape to take care of them. Ben continues listening in from the door. Clyde says he knows it pains Jordan to see he and Ben make peace but she hasn't stood in the way so he'll be forever thankful. Clyde adds that they have a ways to go but it's the most important thing to him. Clyde feels it will be all his fault if Ben ends up in prison. Ben enters and says that's not true.

Nicole understands as she had a hard time getting over Brady too. She guesses Theresa was after more than just his money after all and she really cared. Nicole asks how he feels about that. Brady feels sorry for her as she does have a heart somewhere. Brady is glad that he doesn't have to see her that often and he knows Melanie wants to steer clear of her. Nicole asks if he's sure about that.

Theresa questions Melanie asking about Dr. Mandrake. Melanie brings up Theresa thinking she'd get away with telling Brady that she was pregnant. Theresa thought she was. Melanie is glad she wasn't. Theresa warns Melanie that Brady is a player. Melanie calls her jealous. Theresa thinks back to asking Brady to start over as friends. Theresa asks Melanie if Brady mentioned her last night. Melanie says no and asks why. Theresa tells her to stay out of her business and storms off.

Cole asks Paige if she's sure she's okay because she looks upset. Paige talks about wishing she hadn't agreed to meet Eve later as she's not the best company right now. Paige decides she'll text her to do it another time. Cole asks what she'll do instead but she doesn't know. Cole offers to talk about it and sits with her.

Jennifer tells Daniel that JJ said he was with someone he hated so it's not Roxanne. Daniel suggests maybe he moved on. Daniel asks what she thinks is going on. Jennifer doesn't know but guarantees it has something to do with Eve.

Roxanne complains about Eve and questions who she is. Eve informs her that she's Paige's mother and calls Roxanne a slut. Eve complains about Roxanne being the girl JJ hooked up with and how they hurt Paige. JJ tells her to stop but Eve says she is just getting started.

Ben doesn't see how Clyde could think it's his fault. Clyde worries that Ben inherited his temper but he knows Ben wouldn't hurt anyone he cares about. Ben asks why Clyde is so worried now and asks if Chad is going to press charges now. Jordan says she hasn't talked to Chad. Clyde brings up Abigail so Ben asks what about her.

Chad tells Abigail that he promised he won't press charges and he won't go back on his word. Abigail questions why he didn't just say that. Chad tells her to go tell Ben that he still has a get out of jail free card. Abigail stops and says she first wants to ask him a question and she wants the truth.

Cole thought maybe Paige was mad at him. Paige asks why he would think that. Cole says he hasn't seen her since they took JJ's phone so he thought maybe she was avoiding him. Paige doesn't want to waste time talking about JJ. Cole asks what she wants to talk about. Paige suggests hanging out sometime.

Daniel asks Jennifer where Eve comes from. Jennifer says Eve was so determined to break up JJ and Paige so Eve made it happen if Roxanne showed up. Daniel thinks it's a stretch. Jennifer insists that Eve is responsible for a lot of bad things in their lives lately. Jennifer tries to figure it out but Daniel stops her.

JJ tells Eve that she is just as responsible for Paige's broken heart as anyeone else. Roxanne's phone rings and says she has to run. She tells JJ that she'll see him later and walks off. JJ questions what Eve is doing. Eve responds whatever she needs to do to protect her daughter but JJ disagrees.

Daniel knows how much Jennifer cares about Paige and he's sorry things didn't work out between her and JJ but obsessing about it will make her crazy. Jennifer feels JJ is driving himself crazy. Daniel says JJ was clear that he wants to move on. Daniel encourages that JJ has to learn from his mistakes like they all do. Jennifer agrees and thanks him for talking her down. Jennifer decides she will have a little chat with JJ and then she will do her best to let it go. They pinky promise on it as Daniel then exits.

JJ tells Eve that she could've just walked away and questions making a huge scene. Eve argues that JJ is flaunting Roxanne in front of everyone. JJ says he's doing this so no one finds out about them and she needs to go now. Roxanne comes back and asks if JJ will be free when she's done with her call. JJ agrees to wait for her in the park. JJ questions why Eve is still there. Eve tells him that they aren't finished. JJ tells her to finish it in private and walks off.

Brady asks Nicole why Melanie wouldn't want to steer clear of Theresa. Melanie then comes in and greets Brady with a kiss. Brady gets a call and steps out. Nicole is glad to see Melanie as she's been thinking there's one more place to look at Dr. Mandrake. Melanie tells her to forget it as she doesn't care about Theresa even if the whole thing gets stranger by the second. Melanie tells Nicole to just forget she ever asked about it.

Daniel takes Parker to the club. Theresa confronts him and tells him to tell Melanie to stay away from her.

Ben asks if Abigail went to see Chad and says he doesn't want her anywhere near that bastard. Ben tries to rush off but Clyde stops him and says he's not going anywhere in this state of mind.

Abigail brings up Chad saying it was never supposed to happen with he and Jordan so she wants to know what that means. Chad tries to avoid it but she demands an answer. Chad asks her to leave but Abigail refuses and repeats the question. Chad shouts back that it's because it was about Abigail. She questions what that means but Chad tells her to forget it. Chad yells that he's lost her and Jordan so he's not in their lives anymore. He asks her to go back to Ben and leave it alone so she exits.

Ben tells Clyde to get out of his way but Clyde holds him back. Ben feels Abigail shouldn't be fighting his battles. Jordan tells him that Clyde is right and that Abigail went to talk to Chad because she loves Ben. Clyde convinces Ben to calm down.

Daniel pulls Theresa away and warns her about talking like that in front of Parker. Daniel tells her to watch her mouth. Theresa asks Daniel about Dr. Mandrake and talks about Melanie not answering her questions about him. Daniel tells her that she's the last person he'd be thinking about. Theresa stops him and says she's not done with him but Nicole appears and says that she is.

Melanie looks at the photo of her and Brady. Brady comes back in and asks where Nicole went. Melanie says she had to leave and comments on their photo not being there last time she was here. Melanie wants to take another picture so they do and they joke about it then end up kissing.

Cole asks Paige what she wants to do. Paige says anything. Daphne interrupts. Cole tells Paige that he'll surprise her and they will talk soon. Cole exits as Daphne sits down and questions Paige going out with Cole. Daphne doesn't want to see her get hurt. Paige remarks that it can't be any worse than what she's already been through.

Jennifer pulls out her phone.

JJ talks to Eve outside the town square and warns her about pushing Roxanne away. JJ questions why she was there and if she was following him. Eve tells him to get over himself and she was looking for Paige. JJ tells her that Paige is gone as he told her about Roxanne and she bought it. JJ questions if it was what Eve wanted and why she's acting so upset. Eve responds that she's not acting.

Daniel goes back to Parker while Nicole questions Theresa about harassing Daniel. Theresa remarks that every woman in Daniel's life is a bitch.

Brady tells Melanie about Nicole saying they looked happy together. Brady sits with her and tells her about all that he and Nicole talked about including Theresa. Brady says they both want to stay away from her as much as possible. Melanie wants to talk to him about that.

Paige tells Daphne that she finally met JJ's girl today and it wasn't someone she knew. Daphne thought he said it was but Paige says she just assumed. Paige says she can't care.

Eve tells JJ that she doesn't want to screw up and say the wrong thing to Paige because JJ left her out of the loop so she wants to know what they said to Paige. JJ tells her that he handled it and she bought it. Eve doesn't trust him. Eve asks how long he plans to keep Roxanne in the picture. JJ says not long but feels she's ready to bolt after Eve scared her. Eve says good.

Roxanne gets a call from Jennifer and calls it a surprise as she didn't realize she had her number. Jennifer reveals her parents told her that she was staying at the Salem Inn. Roxanne says she was just about to check out but Jennifer says she needs to find out what's going on between her and JJ first.

Chad thinks back to the argument with Abigail and her saying she cared about him.

Abigail returns to the hospital and tells Ben, Jordan, and Clyde that she talked to Chad and he's not going to press charges. Jordan is thankful while Ben wishes she didn't go to see him. Clyde asks how she changed his mind. Abigail says he had already decided to keep his word. Clyde still wants to be sure they are prepared for anything. Jordan agrees as she doesn't trust Chad. Abigail understands but believes he meant it. Ben walks Abigail out. Clyde tells Jordan that Ben is a fine young man and he meant what he said that she's the reason he has a shot at a new life. Clyde thanks her and exits. Clyde pulls out his phone and makes a call, wanting to make sure Victor is still where they want him, down and out.

Brady gets another work call and steps out to take it. Melanie tells herself to just forget it as she looks at the picture of her and Brady. She wishes she just knew what was going on.

Theresa walks out on her argument with Nicole. Nicole joins Daniel and Parker. She tells him that she got rid of Theresa. Daniel says she didn't have to. Nicole says she couldn't help herself. Daniel takes Parker and exits to bring him to his play date.

Daphne tells Paige that she's trying to convince herself that she's over Paige. Paige insists that she means it this time that she is so done. Paige hopes they live happily ever after together in Hell.

Jennifer asks Roxanne where they can meet. Roxanne fakes having a bad connection and hangs up. Jennifer looks down as still having Eve's keys that she dropped.

JJ asks Eve why she is in such a hurry to get rid of Roxanne. Eve asks why he thinks. JJ has no idea. Eve tells him that she'll give him one as they need to get something straight right now.

Jennifer grabs Eve's keys and thinks back to arguing with Eve when she dropped them.

Eve tells JJ that they can't talk here so she tells him to come back to her place.

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