Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/26/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/26/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail works in her office at the hospital. Jordan comes in, apologizing for being late. Abigail asks if she's okay. Jordan tells her not to worry as she can handle a break up with Chad. Abigail knows she cared about him. Jordan responds that she cared about Rafe too and he's the one paying the price.

Rafe runs in to Clyde in the town square. Clyde wants to know how Ben's doing at the nightclub. Rafe tells him he's doing just fine. Clyde appreciates Rafe taking a chance on Ben. Clyde is confident Ben will beat the criminal charges and brings up Chad not pressing charges. Rafe questions believing Chad won't change his mind. Clyde doesn't think Chad would put Jordan's brother behind bars but Rafe informs Clyde that Jordan dumped Chad.

Chad joins Kate in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Kate asks if he's ready to have it out about what she told Jordan.

Paige texts Daphne that she'll see her back at the dorm as she comes downstairs at school and then runs in to Eve. Paige tells her that she's busy. Eve questions Paige not knowing what today is.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and drops her papers. She thinks back to Eve taunting her about who she slept with. Jennifer gathers her things and then bumps in to Daniel. He asks if everything is okay. Jennifer admits she needs a friend. She tells him that she can't let go of JJ and Paige's breakup. Daniel thought the whole thing had been resolved.

JJ meets with his friend Roxanne from boarding school. She asks about the favor he wants and says she couldn't be more curious. JJ says he's in the middle of something and wants to fix it but he can't alone. JJ says with her help, he could be out of it all today.

Clyde questions Rafe being sure about Jordan and Chad's breakup. Rafe tells him to ask around but assures him they are done. Rafe adds that it's not good news for Ben but it's great for Jordan. Rafe asks if Clyde is okay with that and questions if he cares about Jordan as much as Ben.

Abigail asks Jordan if she thinks Chad will take this out on Ben. Jordan doesn't know and is afraid to make things worse. Abigail says she left some forms at home so she goes to get them.

Chad tells Kate that he'd be justified in being furious since Jordan had no idea that he set Rafe up until Kate told her. Kate brings up Chad ruining Rafe's career. Chad blames Rafe coming after him. Chad then tells her that he's not all that angry with her. Chad talks about how hard he had to work to convince Jordan that he's not a bad guy. Chad decides it was all a waste of time to balance with running the company. Chad wonders why he was so desperate to hang on to one girl.

Daniel tells Jennifer about running in to JJ last night. Jennifer questions him knowing more than she does about her son. Jennifer says things aren't good and JJ isn't talking. She asks if he knows anything unless he feels he's betraying a confidence. Jennifer asks him to be her friend and talk to her. They head to Jennifer's office.

Eve tells Paige that it's the day Paige's dad left and she feels Paige saved her life then. Eve recalls Paige getting her out of the house and how they went to the amusement park together. Eve talks about Paige not giving up on her then. Paige notes it's the first time she's forgotten. Eve knows she's mad at her and that she made so many mistakes. Eve brings up JJ but Paige tells her not to go there because she's done with him.

Roxanne asks JJ if this is payback for all the times he saved her at boarding school. They joke about old times. Roxanne talks about not putting any personal information online. JJ says it might be perfect for his favor. Roxanne asks what the favor is. JJ tells her that there's a girl. Roxanne assumes she's pregnant but JJ says that's not the case. JJ tells her that he's been trying to shut her down but she won't let go. JJ says he's not looking for anything long term. JJ explains telling her that he's with someone else but she won't buy it. JJ says he needs to show her that he's with someone and it's serious. Roxanne questions wanting her to pretend they are hooking up. JJ thinks they know each other well enough. She calls it an intense plan and feels he's leaving something out. JJ tells her that he's not. Roxanne turns him down and says it's not for her.

Paige tells Eve that she knows how she feels about JJ so she doesn't need to hear it. Eve hopes that they aren't done like she is with JJ.

Daniel tells Jennifer that JJ was upset but said a lot of smart things like how he learned from them that he has to face up to things and not hide from them. Daniel adds that JJ was determined to do this on his own. Daniel thinks she needs to let JJ handle this on his own. Daniel encourages her to try. Jennifer agrees to try. Daniel mentions having to go to the school for a lecture. He asks if she's okay. She says she is but he's not sure. Jennifer tells him to go so he exits.

Kate tells Chad that he could do better than Jordan. Chad talks about focusing back on work. Kate is never sure if he's being earnest. Chad says he takes his career seriously. Kate hopes they will make a good team. Kate is glad they cleared the air and won't let this come between them. Chad tells her to not let it happen again. Kate says he has nothing to worry about and then exits. Chad shuts the doors and calls Stefano. Stefano says he was just thinking about him. Chad tells him that he could really use his assistance. Stefano asks what he can do for him. Chad asks Stefano to help him destroy Kate.

Kate meets Clyde outside the town square. Clyde tells her that he just heard about Jordan and Chad. Kate calls it good news since Clyde couldn't stand him. Clyde worries about Chad pressing charges against Ben now. Kate feels bad and says there's something she needs to tell him.

Stefano thought Chad's partnership with Kate was solid. Chad explains that Kate made sure that Rafe found out he got him canned from the police department which ruined things with Jordan. Stefano jokes that he should thank her for ridding him of that distraction. Chad asks if he will help him destroy Kate or not. Stefano responds that he will and it will be his pleasure.

Paige tells Eve that they can't be done since she's her mother. Eve mentions going to the hospital to drop something off for Theresa and asks if they can meet at the town square later. Paige agrees to figure it out. Eve says she will text her soon and tells her that she loves her as she then exits.

JJ apologizes to Roxanne for not being straight up with her about this girl. Roxanne asks what he hasn't told her. JJ says he wasn't really great to her. JJ adds that he can be not so nice sometimes and he just wants to make it easier for her. She questions his plan. She mentions not seeing him for a year and a half then he calls her for this. She insists he could've asked any girl. JJ says there's no one like her, who gets him and doesn't try to change him. Roxanne points out they never dated. JJ thinks this is her style. Roxanne feels it's mean but JJ disagrees. Roxanne brings up that JJ was actually really sweet before his dad died. JJ swears that he's not trying to hurt this girl as he's hurt her enough already. Roxanne asks if he really means it. JJ says he does and asks if she will help him out. She tells him to tell her exactly what he needs her to do.

Rafe finds Jordan in her office at the hospital and says he's just checking in on her. Jordan tells him that she's okay and can take care of herself. Rafe tells her that he's sorry. Jordan questions him apologizing. Rafe feels he owes her an apology as if he hadn't been such a jerk then Chad would have never been in the picture in the first place. Rafe states that Chad hurt her but he hurt her first.

Kate tells Clyde that she was in a confrontation with Chad about the letter he wrote to get Rafe fired while Jordan eavesdropped. Clyde questions Jordan just showing up. Kate claims it was pure coincidence but Clyde doesn't believe her. Clyde complains that she can't keep her nose out of other people's business. Clyde tells her that she's gone too far this time. Kate says Chad won't rush out and press charges against ben. Clyde tells her to pray that Ben doesn't end up behind bars.

Stefano asks Chad if he understands how this will work. Chad thinks he'll enjoy it even more. Stefano reminds him to play this for the long game. Stefano says he'll be in touch and hangs up. Abigail enters to see Chad and tells him that she needs to talk to him and it's important.

JJ brings Roxanne to school and they look for Paige. Daniel arrives and greets JJ. JJ introduces Roxanne to Daniel. Roxanne steps away. Daniel asks if they are seeing each other. JJ says they are for a little while now. JJ admits they came looking for Paige to make things right. JJ says he messed up keeping this quiet and hurt Paige so he thinks this will be better. Daniel mentions his meeting and suggests they catch up later. JJ agrees and Daniel walks off. Roxanne returns and asks who that was as she feels he looked at her weird. JJ tells her it doesn't matter as they walk off together.

Eve goes to the hospital looking for Theresa. Jennifer confronts her and asks if she's recruiting someone to go after JJ. Eve doesn't want to hear it. Jennifer brings up Eve lying about Shane being sick to get Paige away from JJ. Eve declares that it worked because Paige is done with JJ for good and she's proud of her for standing up to him. Eve walks away, leaving her keys behind on the desk.

JJ and Roxanne go to the town square. Roxanne tells him that she gave him a hard time earlier but he really didn't have to try so hard to get her to come down. Paige walks through and JJ spots her. Roxanne tells him that it's showtime.

Jordan doesn't know what to say to Rafe. Rafe didn't mean to put her on the spot as he knows he made his feelings clear about Chad. Jordan says she made her choices. Rafe tells her that she deserves better. Rafe tells her about running in to Clyde earlier, who didn't seem too thrilled about the breakup. Rafe acknowledges that Chad could double-cross Ben.

Abigail comments that Chad looks surprised to see her. Abigail asks how he's doing. Chad says he's the guy who ruined Rafe's career and who Jordan dumped last night so he questions her caring. She says she knows he does things without thinking. She hates what he did to Rafe but thinks he did it because he was afraid of losing Jordan. Chad says he lost her and will pull through like he did with her. Abigail adds that she came to talk to him about Ben. Chad says he should've known that was the reason. Abigail wants to make sure he's not going to send Ben to prison.

JJ tells Roxanne to do this. They approach Paige while holding hands. JJ tells Paige that he's been avoiding this but they are all here now. JJ introduces Paige to Roxanne. JJ talks about knowing her since boarding school. Roxanne steps away. JJ tells Paige that she was wrong about knowing who he was hooking up with as she didn't know her. Paige calls him a jerk and says she doesn't give a damn.

Daniel returns to Jennifer's office and asks if she's okay after hearing she got in a fight with someone. Jennifer tells him that it's about Eve as they hate each other. Daniel is sorry about Paige and JJ but suggests it will all be easier now as he just ran in to JJ, who is going public with the girl he's seeing. Jennifer questions what he just said.

Paige tells JJ that he doesn't have to run anything by her or introduce her to anyone because none of makes a difference to her and he's off the hook. Paige walks off. Roxanne jokes that she didn't have to do a lot.

Rafe runs in to Kate outside the club and comments on her making waves. Kate thought he would be grateful instead of angry. Rafe questions her doing it for him. Kate asks why that's hard for him to believe. Rafe questions when she found out it was Chad. Rafe doesn't expect the truth from her.

Clyde goes to Jordan's office and tells her that he can't believe Kate pulled a stunt like that. Jordan says he must not know her at all and asks to talk about why he's really there. Clyde admits to worrying about Chad pulling one over on Ben. Jordan didn't want to get involved and is pretty sure that Abigail is there now handling it for them both.

Chad questions if Ben sent Abigail to plead his case. Abigail says he didn't and she hasn't seen him today so he has no idea she's there. Abigail says she was just with Jordan. Chad questions if they thought Abigail could get more out of him than Jordan. Abigail tells him that none of what happened is Ben's fault. Chad agrees and says it's so little of them to think he would take it out on Ben because Jordan dumped him. Chad shouts that the whole thing is about Ben so she can stop pretending to care about him. Abigail responds that she does care about him.

Paige goes back to school and sits down with her phone. She looks at a picture of her and JJ then declares she's done with him.

Jennifer asks Daniel where he met this girl and who she is. Daniel tells her that it's Roxanne. Jennifer reveals she knows her and that there is no way she and JJ are seeing each other.

JJ apologizes to Roxanne for coming from Chicago for nothing. Roxanne comments on how in to Paige he still is as she hugs him. Eve walks by and stops surprised when she sees them.

Jordan tells Clyde that she's sure Abigail went to see Chad as she wants to help and maybe she can as they have a history together. Clyde states that Ben doesn't belong in prison. Clyde praises Ben and worries about his temper. Clyde adds that Ben is better than him. Jordan realizes that Clyde really does love Ben.

Chad questions Abigail giving a damn. He tells her to rethink everything and maybe Ben does need to be taught a lesson. Abigail argues that Ben doesn't belong in prison. Chad says it builds character. She says it's not a game and it's Ben's life. Chad questions their life together and mocks Clyde. Abigail asks why he's doing this. Chad says he's trying to figure out how important this really is to her and what exactly she'd be willing to do to keep Ben out of prison.

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