Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/25/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/25/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope and Aiden return to the town square. Hope finishes a call with Ciara, saying she misses her and will see her soon. Aiden mentions Chase being ready to come home as well. Aiden tells Hope that for the first time, this really feels like home as they kiss.

Ben works his first night at Victor's nightclub. Abigail sits at the bar and asks about his first night. Rafe joins them and praises Ben. Ben questions getting hired. Rafe points out that Victor knows Chad set him up. Abigail points out that Chad tried to get the charges dropped. Rafe remarks about DiMera promises.

Chad tries to talk to Jordan at the hospital. Jordan questions not hearing from him lately. Chad says he was trying to give her space. Kate listens from around the corner. Jordan agrees they should talk. Chad suggests talking after he goes to see Sonny. Kate interrupts and suggests now because Chad is not getting in to see Sonny.

Paul introduces Marlena to his mother, Tori. Marlena turns around and Tori drops her glass in shock when she sees her. Tori blames the tea being hot. Marlena tells her that it's nice to meet her and says she must be so proud of Paul.

Sonny questions Will saying it's his fault that he slept with Paul. Will tries to explain that if he knew about Paul and Sonny's past. Sonny asks if he wouldn't have cheated on him then.

Hope is glad Aiden is feeling better. Aiden can't tell her how much it means to him. Hope wants to protect Chase and feels the same about Ciara. Aiden's phone rings and he tells Hope that he has to meet Ben about his case. They agree to meet later at the Pub.

Ben tells Rafe that he feels the same about Chad but he always took the bait when Chad tried to get him going. Abigail suggests Chad feels bad but Ben and Rafe don't believe it. Rafe says there has to be something in it for Chad. Ben knows he wants to get back with Jordan. Rafe asks when she's going to see him for the creep that he is.

Jordan tells Chad that she will talk to him before he leaves. Kate questions Chad thinking she'll come back to him.

Sonny continues yelling at Will. Will brings up Sonny proposing to Paul right before he came back to Salem and never telling him about it. Sonny says he had to keep it a secret. Will questions if Sonny's love for Paul just went away because he said no to the proposal.

Tori knows Marlena means well but she wants to speak with Paul before discussing it with anyone else. She declares it not the right place to talk and goes outside. Marlena is sorry if she upset her. Paul apologizes if she came off rude but he needs time with his mother. Paul apologizes to Marlena for the mess he caused between Sonny and Will. Paul heads outside.

Sonny tells Will that it really hurt but it took awhile for him to stop loving Paul. Will goes over that Paul still loved him. Sonny admits he could've stayed Paul's big secret but he couldn't live his life like that as he wanted to get married. Will questions Sonny just coming to Salem and marrying the next guy that came along instead.

Aiden meets Ben and Abigail at the night club. Aiden admits to punching Chad and blames his temper. Abigail brings up Chad's big mouth and knowing how to get to people. Aiden feels he was provoked. Aiden says Chad must have said something pretty bad to set him off. Abigail says he did but Aiden wants to hear from Ben what he said. Ben says if he tells Aiden then he has to tell the whole court. Aiden says it would be the base of his defense. Ben refuses to repeat that.

Chad tells Kate that he's going after what he wants. Kate tells him that Jordan will end up with Rafe. Chad disagrees and jokes that Rafe will get with waitresses while running the new night club. Kate brings up Rafe going after Chad and then suddenly Rafe got fired. Chad calls it a coincidence but Kate disagrees. Kate brings up Chad knowing that Rafe covered up for Gabi. Kate says Chad saw Rafe as a threat so he destroyed him to eliminate the competition and he could have Jordan all to himself. Jordan returns and asks if that's true.

Sonny accuses Will of making it his fault that he slept with another guy. Will knows he betrayed him but he doesn't want their marriage to end. Will doesn't want to have to tell Arianna that he lost him because of what he did. Will wants them to stay together. Will adds that he knows Paul still loves him and now he knows that Sonny was still in love with him when he first came back. Will questions why Paul thinks Sonny might still be in love with him.

Paul and Tori walk out of the town square. Paul tells her that she shouldn't have been rude to Marlena. Tori says she didn't want to be rude and just didn't want to discuss him with anyone else, especially a psychiatrist. Paul asks how she knew that Marlena was a shrink.

Marlena meets with Hope at Sonny's club. Hope tells her about never getting on her trip because of the bridge going out. Hope says she was with Aiden and it was a good thing for her. Hope talks about Ciara and Chase's field trip away from home. Marlena asks what's the matter. Hope says having Ciara away for this amount of time reminds her of when she was kidnapped 6 years ago. Hope recalls Ciara never talking about that time and worries that the memories could come flooding back to her.

Aiden tells Ben that the judge could be influenced by what Chad said. Ben explains that Chad didn't threaten him. Abigail explains that Chad compared her to Jordan in a personal way. Aiden feels he deserved the punch then. Ben refuses to repeat that in court. Abigail questions the DA pushing the case. Aiden isn't sure and doesn't see how it will stick. Ben brings up Abe and John being witnesses. Abigail points out Chad not pressing charges. Aiden says everything should be good. Ben thanks Aiden. Aiden calls him a good guy and exits. Aiden says goodbye to Rafe on the way out.

Jordan questions if Chad did that to Rafe. Chad repeats it's not true and that Kate is just trying to make trouble for them. Kate brings up Gabi and how she wouldn't have ratted out Rafe. Kate says whoever did it really hated Rafe and wanted him off the police force. Chad claims a lot of people hated Rafe. Kate says not really other than the DiMeras. Kate says she'll leave them to sort it out but Jordan says don't bother and storms off. Chad follows after her to the waiting room and says she can't believe Kate. Jordan tells him to get out. Chad complains that it's just another attempt to break them up. Jordan yells that they were already broken up and tells him to stop lying. Chad breaks and admits that he sent the letter to get Rafe fired because he was coming after him and admitted he was trying to get her back. Jordan talks about defending Chad to everyone and not believing anyone else. Jordan says she must be the biggest fool and declares they are finished as she storms out of there.

Marlena talks to Hope about children and traumatic experiences. Hope says she's been fine but worries about Ciara never talking about it. Marlena suggests not pushing it. Hope thanks her for the advice. Marlena doesn't think she has anything to worry about.

Tori tells Paul that Marlena is the head of the psychiatrists at the hospital. Paul questions her knowing that. Tori talks about researching Salem when Paul came there for surgery. Paul asks if she thought he would need a shrink. Tori thought he may get advised that way. Paul says he did talk to Marlena but not for long and he's not talking to her anymore. Tori asks what happened. Paul explains the conflict of interest with Will. Tori tells Paul that it's not too late to reconsider catching the flight back home. She asks what's here for him now. Paul repeats that he's not going to leave Salem.

Sonny asks if Will is saying that he's leading Paul on. Will knows he wouldn't do that but feels Paul will never give up on him. Will doesn't know how to talk to him about it because he feels so guilty. Sonny recalls walking in on Kate talking him out of telling him. Sonny questions him taking her advice. Will goes over what happened. Sonny states that Will flirted with Paul, went to his hotel room, and had sex with him so he doesn't know why they are still having this conversation. Will thought what they had was special. Sonny says it was to him. Will talks about Sonny being his first and asks if he's just the guy that finally said yes to Sonny. Sonny says he married Will because he loved him. Sonny talks about Paul telling him what he wanted but he couldn't have that because he was married now and that meant something. Sonny declares he could never hurt Will the way that he hurt him.

Hope meets Aiden at the Pub and talks about meeting with Marlena. Aiden asks if there's a problem. Hope talks about asking about a child's traumatic experiences. Aiden questions if she told her about Chase and Meredith but Hope says she would never do that and only talked about Ciara.

Jordan joins Abigail at the nightclub. Abigail notes that she looks really upset. Jordan informs her that she just left Chad for good and reveals that Chad is the one who got Rafe kicked off the police force. Jordan blames herself for not listening to her about Chad. Abigail says she's sorry. Jordan says she needs to talk to Rafe and heads to the counter. Rafe greets her and asks if she's with her boyfriend. Jordan tells him that it's over and she wishes she never laid eyes on Chad.

Paul questions Tori being desperate for him to leave Salem. Tori says she's not and only wanted the best for him. Tori complains that he can't pitch anymore and his life will never be the same. Paul responds that he's made his peace with that and she should too unless his career is all she ever cared about.

Marlena finds Kate at the hospital and asks if she's seen Sonny. Kate tells her that Will is in with him right now. Marlena asks how he seems. Kate asks what she's fishing for but Marlena says nothing. Kate asks if she doesn't know.

Sonny says one thing keeps bothering him and that's Will not wearing his wedding ring with Paul. Sonny questions if he was after him from day one then. Will explains that it was Zoe's idea to hide his personal life as they thought it might make Paul uncomfortable. Will says there is no way that Paul could have known about them. Sonny argues that he could've found out. Will brings up no one knowing about the interview. Sonny admits that Paul seemed surprised when he found out that he was his husband. Will agrees that he felt as rotten as he does. Sonny then questions Will seeing Paul again.

Hope tells Aiden about Ciara being kidnapped 6 years ago. Aiden says she never told him that. Hope says it's not something she talks or thinks about often. Hope calls it a difficult time. Aiden is sorry and asks who did it. Hope says it was a guy they worked with on the police force who did it for ransom money. Hope doesn't know what she would have done if they lost her. Aiden asks what made her talk to Marlena about it. Hope says Ciara experienced terrible nightmares afterwards but one day they just stopped and she didn't seem to remember any of it. Hope says otherwise she had a normal childhood and they've always been close. Hope says she just wanted to talk to Marlena about being afraid that the memories could come back to Ciara. Aiden doesn't think the field trip is the only reason she's having those feelings but because of what he told her about Chase. Hope admits that's the real reason she talked to Marlena.

Rafe is glad Jordan is free of Chad and is sorry he hurt her. Jordan says the person he really hurt is him. Jordan informs Rafe that Chad admitted to writing the letter that got him fired. Rafe already figured. Jordan questions him never saying anything to her. Rafe knew she wouldn't believe him. Jordan feels she was so stupid. Rafe understands Chad had the DiMera talent to hide anything. Jordan tells him that she's really sorry. Rafe says it's not necessary. Rafe mentions Ben meeting Aiden tonight and that Aiden said they will probably be free because Chad wasn't pressing charges. They wonder what it means for Ben's case now that Chad knows she never wants to see him again.

Abigail goes to the club and confronts Chad. She calls him unbelievable. Chad guesses she saw Jordan. Chad tells her that she should be happy because now Jordan thinks everything she told her about him is true.

Marlena informs Kate that she talked to Will and says they have to let them work this out on their own. Kate compares it to Marlena's past with Roman. Marlena explains that Will isn't in love with Paul. Kate points out that Sonny was and Paul is still in love with Sonny. Marlena says they just have to hope that Sonny loves Will enough to sort through this mess. Kate hopes Paul is gone for good but Marlena informs her that she just saw him. Kate says she doesn't have any quick fix for this then.

Will admits he saw Paul again. Sonny questions if he couldn't stay away. Will says he had to know what made Paul tell him about them and that's when he found out about their past. Sonny says Paul told him he ended it with him. Will says they both ended it because they love Sonny. Will adds that he realized how much he would be hurting him and how much he loves him. Will hates what he did to him. Will asks Sonny if he can ever forgive him.

Hope admits to Aiden that she probably wouldn't have started to worry about Ciara if not for hearing about Chase not remembering. Hope says Marlena told her to just watch for the signs of anything coming back. Hope prays that Ciara never remembers and Aiden hopes the same for Chase. Hope says all they can do is take care of their children and protect them, the best way they know how. Aiden likes to think they'll be doing that together.

Abigail asks Chad if he has any idea how much he just hurt Jordan. Chad says that's not what he wanted. Abigail tells him that she was falling in love with him and didn't think he would disappoint her. Chad says he was falling in love with her and it wasn't supposed to happen. Chad declares that it was never supposed to be about Jordan but then he started feeling. Chad adds that feeling is never a good idea. Abigail questions him and tells him to say what he's trying to say. Chad says goodnight and exits.

Tori tells Paul that he is her son and her life. She cared about his career because he wanted it and she always wanted the best for him. Paul knows how hard she had to work raising him. Paul talks about wanting to pay her back with his career. She tells him he doesn't owe her a thing. Paul recalls her raising her all alone and gave up her life so he could have every advantage. She only wanted him to be happy. Paul asks her to stay in town a while longer so he can work through all of this. She agrees if that's what he wants. Paul hugs her.

Sonny doesn't think he's perfect and brings up blowing their entire savings on a club that never had a chance. Will calls that just money and nothing like this. Sonny agrees. Sonny says Will just made him feel like what they had wasn't enough for him. Will argues that was never true. Sonny apologizes and says he just can't do this tonight. Will knows he's tired. Sonny says he just can't take it anymore. Will tells Sonny that he loves him and he hopes he knows that he always will. Will then exits.

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