Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/24/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/24/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny has a nightmare of Will raising Arianna with Paul. Kate enters and Kayla is checking on him. Kate asks if he's okay.

Will holds Arianna at home as he gets a call from Paul, asking how he is. Will questions what he's supposed to do after sleeping with him when he's in love with his husband.

Serena toasts to getting the elephant back but Eric wants her to let that go. Eric says they can bond over something new. Serena insists on wanting that. Eric questions her not wanting anything else in the apartment. Serena demands to know who has the elephant. She asks who he gave it to.

Maggie exits as Eric's elephant statue is on the table at Daniel's. Melanie tells Daniel that she's going out for ice cream but Daniel remembers that she wanted to talk about something. Daniel asks if it's about Brady but Melanie tells him it's about Nicole.

Nicole continues searching Dr. Mandrake and comes across something then says that can't be.

Dr. Mandrake calls Kristen with an update on Theresa.

Theresa rushes through the town square but Brady catches her. Brady tells her that she heard her talking to Anne and realizes Anne put something in her drink. Brady stops her and asks if she saved him. Brady calls it pretty crazy considering how much she hates him so he asks why she did it. She questions why he cares.

Eric asks Serena what the big deal is. Serena tells him the elephant mattered to her. Eric questions her making it like a matter of life and death. Serena responds that it is to her.

Daniel asks Melanie what about Nicole. Melanie asks if he's truly done with her. Daniel quickly says yes. Melanie thought she apologized and they were friends now. Daniel asks why she's asking about Nicole. Melanie thinks back to making their deal and says she was just wondering. Melanie talks about second chances. Daniel asks if they are talking about him or Brady.

Brady tells Theresa that he's not trying to get anyone in trouble but he wants to know why she stopped him from drinking. She asks if he really thinks she would let him. Theresa knew he hated her but realizes how little he thought of her. She questions him really not getting why she did it.

Kayla tells Kate not to worry as Sonny will be alright and is just on meds so he's having vivid dreams. Kayla thinks they should let him sleep through the night. Kate asks how he's really doing. Kayla tells her that he's going to recover and they might be sending him home soon. Kate is glad and wants to leave him a note. She sees the table with Will's article open. Kayla is glad Paul came out to Will. Kate praises Will and asks if Sonny read the article.

Paul asks Will if he wants to meet to talk but Will says no because he's putting his daughter to bed and he needs to stay with her. Paul tells him he's so sorry and he hangs up. Marlena then arrives at Will's and says she decided to come see if she could help. Will wishes she could as he's really made a mess of things.

Serena knows it seems ridiculous and says she'll forget it if he lost the elephant for good but asks if it would really be a big deal to get it back for her. Eric thinks back to giving it to Daniel. Eric tells her that it probably wouldn't be that big of a deal to get it back which makes her happy.

Melanie tells Daniel that she and Brady are fine so this is really about he and Nicole. Daniel asks why and questions her becoming a Nicole fan. Melanie talks about not throwing away people you care about. Melanie suggests they could figure out a way to fix their problems. Daniel goes to check on Parker while Melanie decides to head out. Melanie checks her phone with a text from Nicole to call her so she does. Nicole tells her that she found something so Melanie is on her way. Melanie grabs her things and exits, leaving behind her phone.

Brady tells Theresa that he's just surprised. Theresa talks about realizing how different drinking was for Brady and says she should've cared more about that. Theresa regrets making it easy for him to stay wasted. She cries about the night she knocked out John. She says something changed in her and that's why she stopped even if it was too little, too late. Theresa thought he realized that she understands. Theresa cries that he thinks she's a monster that would stand by and watch him be destroyed.

Kate thanks Kayla for taking care of Sonny and goes to leave but Sonny wakes up and says Kate's name. Kayla tells him to go back to sleep. Kate apologizes for waking him up and tells him to go back to sleep. Kayla gets paged and exits. Kate tells Sonny that he needs to listen to Kayla and go back to sleep. Kate goes to leave but Sonny asks her to stay as he wants to talk to her about Will's article and Paul.

Marlena asks Will what's going on. Will tells her about Paul talking about a man who proposed to him in his article and it was Sonny. Will says he had no idea. Will talks about knowing Paul was gay and wanting him to come out. Will admits to Marlena that he slept with Paul. Will insists that he didn't know anything about Paul and Sonny. Marlena questions Paul not knowing he was married. Will admits he took off his wedding ring because his editors were afraid of weirding him out. Will asks how he could do this to his family.

Kayla calls Eric and needs him at the hospital as soon as possible.

Melanie goes to Nicole's office. Nicole tells her that there is definitely something sketchy about Dr. Mandrake and it's a lot worse than his tax records.

Brady sits with Theresa and tells her that he doesn't think she's a monster no matter how mad he got as he knew she never meant him harm. Brady says he just forgot there were times that she did care about him. Brady recalls being stoned and high most of the time. Theresa laughs. Brady thanks her for having his back tonight. Theresa questions them being civil. They agree that they would like to call a truce. Theresa suggests starting again.

Kayla talks to Eric about Sister Elaine from the church being in the hospital. She informs Eric that she's dying and is asking for him. She adds that seeing him was one of her last requests. Eric agrees to see her soon and hangs up. Eric tells Serena that he needs to go to the hospital. She tells him that she'll be right behind him as he exits.

Daniel talks to Parker about going to bed but he's not sleepy. Daniel sees that Melanie left her phone and figures she must have been in a hurry.

Nicole shows Melanie information on Dr. Mandrake and points out that he disappeared for a year and then he quadrupled his salary without working for anybody. Nicole says Dr. Mandrake is trying to make it look legit but she might be able to dig up more. Melanie wants her to continue. Nicole questions why she's digging up information on this guy and says she needs to know what's going on.

Brady questions Theresa wanting to start over. Brady reminds her that he's with Melanie. Theresa clarifies that she didn't mean like that but as friends. Brady brings up her being with Clint. Theresa informs him that she ended that and she's fine, claiming she dumped him. Brady tells her that he's sorry and then gets a call from Daniel. Daniel asks if Melanie is with him. Brady says no and asks if everything is okay with her.

Paul sits in the club drinking coffee and thinks back to his fight with Sonny. Paul's mother then appears. He questions what she's doing there.

Marlena asks Will if he wants this to work out. Will says of course but is afraid Sonny can't forgive him. Will doesn't understand how he could betray him. Marlena says they are human. The babysitter arrives. Will tells Marlena that he's having her stay with Arianna all night so he could be with Sonny when he wakes up. Will refuses to give up and wants to make him understand.

Kate tells Sonny that Will outdid himself with the article and it got a big response so he should get a big raise. Sonny says he knows and stops Kate. Sonny tells her that he knows about Will and Paul and so does she. Sonny recalls Kate telling Will to never tell him the truth and realizes it was about Will's affair. Sonny accuses Kate of convincing Will to lie to him.

Daniel tells Brady that he figured Melanie was coming to see him but Brady says they are meeting up later. Daniel says it's no big deal but he's having trouble getting Parker to sleep and needs Melanie. Brady says he'll tell her when he sees her. Daniel adds that he has Melanie's phone and goes back to Parker. Brady hangs up. Theresa suddenly says she has to go. Brady tries to stop her but Theresa says they are done. She tells him to go find Melanie and do what they do. Brady wants to continue but Theresa says it's no problem and tells him to forget everything that happened tonight like she will as she walks away.

Melanie tells Nicole that she doesn't really know what it's about as none of this is making sense. Nicole worries if Mandrake is a threat to Daniel or Brady but Melanie says it has nothing to do with them. Nicole worries about having to tell Daniel before anything blows up. Melanie realizes Nicole really does love him. Melanie tells her that she spoke to Daniel about her tonight. Nicole asks if she wants to know how it went. Melanie tells her that he listened but tells her not to get her hopes up for now.

Parker plays with the elephant statue which he names Fred as Daniel holds him until he falls asleep. Daniel suggests maybe the statue does bring good luck.

Serena goes to the hospital. Kayla apologizes for ruining their night. She tells her that Eric might be there all night. They talk about Eric being such a good person. Kayla asks if she's alright. Serena feels ashamed about how she behaved earlier and pestering him about the statue which seems so petty compared to what he's doing. Kayla encourages her.

Paul can't believe his mom is there and asks how she found him as they hug. He asks why she's in Salem. She tells him that she saw the article and knows it's a difficult time for him so she's here to help. She reveals she's come to take him home.

Kate wants Sonny to get some rest but Sonny demands the truth and asks if she knew. Kate says she knew Will was upset about something. Sonny stops her so she admits that Will told her indirectly because he was wrecked and torn up with guilt. Kate didn't think Will should tell him because what happened meant nothing and he got caught up in the moment. Sonny questions her thinking that and reveals that Paul was the man he asked to marry him. Sonny asks if she thinks that's by accident.

Serena goes back to her hotel and hopes that he comes home soon.

Eric asks Kayla where Serena is. Kayla tells him that she convinced her to go back home and mentions Serena feeling guilty. Eric talks about feeling similar and says it wasn't a big fight. Kayla goes to check on Sister Elaine while Eric calls Daniel. Eric asks if it's a good time. Daniel says he finally got Parker to bed and tells him that he owes him as the elephant is Parker's favorite and he won't let it go. Daniel hangs up as Parker wakes up.

Melanie tells Nicole that she's not going to give up as it's worth it if they can patch things up. Nicole agrees that it would be but feels Daniel will never give her another chance. Melanie encourages her and says it just might take a little while. Nicole asks if Melanie wants her to keep digging on Dr. Mandrake. Melanie doesn't know and says she should go. Nicole stops her and brings up the importance. Melanie isn't sure it matters enough to go on. Nicole realizes it's really not about Daniel or Brady. Melanie says no and thanks her for helping her. Nicole stops her and asks who this is about. Melanie admits it's about Theresa and asks how much either of them want to think about her. Melanie then exits.

Theresa goes home and calls Clint but his number is disconnected. Theresa finds a slip of paper on the floor with a phone number that Clint wrote. She wonders who it is but then declares it doesn't matter as she doesn't need Clint or anyone. Theresa grabs a bottle and a glass then looks back at the phone number.

Paul tells his mom that it's so nice that she came all this way and it's so good to see her but he can't really leave. Paul claims he has two more therapy sessions. She encourages that he can do that back in San Francisco. She tells him that he doesn't have to hide anymore and they can leave tonight. Paul tells her that he can't and doesn't want to leave Salem as there are some other things he needs to deal with.

Kate tells Sonny that she didn't know Paul was Sonny's ex and guarantees Will didn't know either. Kate believes Paul seduced Will as payback. Sonny calls it far fetched. Kate questions him thinking Will seduced Paul to deliberately hurt him and says there is no way. Will enters and says that he did.

Eric calls Serena and thanks her for coming to the hospital then apologizes. Eric tells her that he tried to get the elephant back but he can't. Kayla motions for Eric so he tells Serena that he will call her tomorrow and hangs up. Serena declares she has to get that elephant.

Nicole looks at a photo of her and Daniel on her phone and hopes Melanie is right so she can wait for him to come around.

Melanie finds Brady outside the town square and kisses him. Melanie has ice cream which surprises Brady in the cold weather. Brady mentions that Daniel has her phone. Melanie asks what he's doing tonight. Brady says nothing and suggests they change that as they kiss.

Theresa calls the number and Dr. Mandrake answers. Theresa introduces herself which startles Mandrake and he hangs up. Theresa remembers Melanie asking her about Dr. Mandrake and wonders what is going on.

Paul's mother questions coming all this way for nothing. She goes to get tea as Marlena enters and greets Paul. Paul introduces Marlena to his mother, Tori. Marlena turns around and Tori drops her glass in shock when she sees her.

Kate tells Will and Sonny that their love is bigger than this as she exits. Sonny tells Will to go ahead and tell him it didn't mean anything and wasn't his fault. Will admits it's all his fault but adds that none of it would have happened if Sonny had been open and honest with him.

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