Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/23/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/23/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric and Serena agree that all is right in the world as they lay in bed together. She then brings up the elephant statue not being in it's place. She asks if he moved it. Eric then reveals that he gave it away. She questions him giving it away.

Nicole talks on the phone about being the best at getting the dirt and asks for a raise but gets hung up on. Melanie then enters her office and says she wants the dirt. Nicole asks if she has a story for her. Melanie tells her that it's personal.

Theresa complains about re-sending W2 forms at the hospital as she thinks back to throwing away the original forms. Maggie arrives with Brady talking about AA meetings. Brady encourages meetings to help people and then notices Theresa.

Jennifer tells Eve that nobody wants her or her love and goes to leave. Eve stops her and says there is someone who wants her and what she has to give. Jennifer responds that it's not Paige. Eve tells her it's somebody else.

Paige tells JJ that she saw the messages he sent. JJ questions her knowing. Paige says she knows and tells him to deal with it as she walks off. JJ wonders what she saw as he deleted everything. He checks his phone and then smashes his phone in frustration until Daniel rushes over to stop him and asks what he's doing.

Anne joins Theresa at the hospital. Anne jokes about her still being there and tells her to come party. Theresa notes that she's already been drinking. Anne tells her to finish up and join her for ladies night. Anne jokes about Brady. Theresa complains that she hates Brady and Melanie.

Nicole questions Melanie wanting dirt on someone. Nicole asks if it's about Brady. Melanie says not exactly and tells her not to ask any more questions. Melanie says she just wanted to make clear that it stays between them. Nicole asks if she's in trouble. Melanie says she's not currently but maybe if Brady found out what she's up to. Nicole asks about Daniel. Melanie admits he's also not involved but would feel the same. Nicole gets up and tells her no to whatever it is.

Jennifer tells Eve that she's convinced her that someone out there hasn't caught on to her yet. Eve calls her a trip. Jennifer doesn't care what she thinks of her. Jennifer says nothing changes what she said. Jennifer repeats that Paige has left her and nothing can fill that void. Eve questions it not mattering to Jennifer who she slept with. Eve says she doesn't have a clue so Jennifer tells her to give her one.

JJ tells Daniel he's fine. Daniel questions him trashing the place. JJ admits he was overreacting to stuff. Daniel asks him to be more specific but JJ says it's no big deal. Daniel reminds him of the trouble if a cop showed up. JJ claims he's good now but Daniel doesn't believe him. JJ starts to walk off but Daniel stops him. Daniel says he's just concerned about him. JJ tells him not to be and to mind his own life. Daniel asks where his head's at. JJ tells him to chill as it's no big deal. Daniel argues that it is a big deal. JJ apologizes and claims it was just his phone dying at the worst possible time. Daniel still doesn't believe him and knows something is upsetting him badly. Daniel thinks he'd feel a lot better if he opened up. Daniel tells JJ that he's here for him and he can tell whatever he's going through is killing him inside and has been for awhile. Daniel asks him to just tell him what it is. JJ responds that he's ruined everything and he's finally, totally and completely screwed up his life.

Serena questions the statue not being meaningful to Eric and says she was going to ask if she could have his. Eric asks why when she has the exact same one.

Nicole tells Melanie that she doesn't want to get involved. Melanie thought she and Daniel talked. Nicole says she talked while Daniel listened but she doesn't want to mess anything up by doing something that Daniel thinks is shady. Melanie realizes she really loves Daniel and thinks he can see that with a little help. Melanie offers to put in a good word for her with Daniel if Nicole helps her out.

Theresa continues complaining about Brady to Anne. Anne tells her that she can do better. Theresa agrees to finish up and then go party with her. Theresa goes to finish up while Anne waits up front.

Paige sits with Daphne at the club. Paige tells her that she told JJ about Cole taking his phone. Paige worries about feeling like a stalker to JJ. Paige compares it to what she's seen Eve do. Paige worries that she's become Eve.

Eve tells Jennifer to sit down for this one. Jennifer goes to sit but gets a call from Marlena. Marlena tells her that she has to get signed releases for the conference right away. Jennifer says she was going to bring them by tomorrow but Marlena says they need them now. Marlena offers to come by and get them but Jennifer isn't home. Marlena worries that she caught her at a terrible time. Jennifer reassures her and says she will text her on her way home. Jennifer hangs up and asks Eve what she was saying. After looking at Paige's photo, Eve seems to have changed her mind.

Daniel asks JJ how he ruined his life. JJ thinks that Daniel feels he's exaggerating. Daniel says he knows nothing. JJ says he might as well tell him because it can't get much worse. JJ repeats that he's a total idiot. Daniel asks if he did something illegal. JJ tells him no as he learned his lesson with drugs but this is so much worse. Daniel asks how. JJ says he was such a pig and hurt the most perfect person. Daniel realizes this is about Paige. Daniel guarantees it's just part of what people in love do which JJ laughs at. Daniel asks JJ what he did to Paige.

Eric recalls buying identical statues with Serena. Eric tells her that she's still going to get the dinner he promised as he gets out of bed and exits the room. Serena grabs her purse and says she can't believe this.

Anne goes to get coffee where Brady and Maggie are talking about the AA meetings. Maggie tells Brady that she has to go as Parker is coming home tonight. Brady walks Maggie out. Anne eyes where Brady left his coffee behind.

Nicole goes over Melanie's deal and says no because she doesn't believe Melanie would help her. Melanie suggests putting in a good word for her is the right thing to do for her and Daniel.

JJ doesn't know where to start. Daniel tells him to start from the beginning and says they can talk on the way as he goes to get Parker. JJ worries about going but Daniel insists. JJ tells him it's okay. JJ tells Daniel that he is just being a wuss. Daniel disagrees. JJ says it's his problem and he needs to deal with it himself. He says he made it and can get out of it himself rather than laying it on Daniel. Daniel says everyone can have help when they need it. JJ agrees to ask if he needs it. Daniel asks for a short version. JJ says when it's all done, they can sit down and go over the whole thing. JJ hopes he'll understand but for now he's good. JJ says he at least feels more comfortable and together now so he can handle things on his own. Daniel reluctantly accepts and tells him to call if he needs anything which JJ promises to do. Daniel then walks away. Daphne shows up and JJ says she's just the person he was looking for.

Eve tells Jennifer to get out of her house and don't come back. Jennifer questions her big confession. Eve says there's things they have to share but she'll never feel the need to share with her about her life. Jennifer tells her to keep it to herself and turns to leave. Eve adds that there is just one more little thing.

Serena comments on Eric having no problem just giving away his art pieces and again questions the elephant statue. Eric wonders why she's so obsessed with that. Serena claims she lost hers and was going to ask for his. She suggests asking for it back but Eric says he can't do that. Serena says it brings back so many great memories. Eric tells her she can pick anything else she wants.

Nicole asks if Melanie really thinks putting a good word in for her is good for Daniel. Melanie says it's worth a chance. Melanie says she liked Daniel with Jennifer but Nicole made him happy too. Nicole agrees that they are good together. Nicole compares their situations. Melanie tells Nicole that she truly believes she can make Daniel happy so she will talk her up all day if they make a deal. Nicole shakes her hand and agrees to the deal then asks what she needs her to do.

Theresa catches up to Brady and says she heard what he said to Maggie about people needing to understand what drugs bring out in them. Theresa says she's not perfect but questions him telling the world how messed up they are. She tells him to look in a mirror and storms off.

Anne pours from her flask in to Brady's coffee cup.

JJ stops Daphne and asks her to help him find Paige. Daphne explains that Paige thought she was the one JJ was hooking up with which relieves JJ. Daphne tells him not to worry as she told Paige that they were wrong. JJ realizes that's all Paige thought. Daphne says she's not losing Paige over him. JJ then rushes off.

Eve tells Jennifer that she needs to get herself a man because her tirade reeks of frustration. Eve brings up Daniel walking out on her. Jennifer tells her to shut up. Eve says her man has done wonders for her. Jennifer asks what she's dying to tell her and if she wants her to ask who the man is.

Eric answers the door as Marlena arrives. She tells him that Sonny is sleeping and Will is holding up alright. She thanks Eric for that unexpected gift and hugs him as Serena listens.

Maggie goes to Daniel's. He tells her that everything is good with Parker but JJ is a mess and doesn't want to talk about it. Daniel feels JJ wants to confide in him but stops himself and wants to deal with it himself.

JJ walks through the town square, thankful that he deleted all his text messages but if she checked his call history then she would've known something was up with he and Eve. JJ turns around to see Paige. JJ apologizes to her for Daphne and the mix-up. JJ says Cole is a jerk to make her think that. Paige says Cole isn't the jerk, JJ is.

Jennifer tells Eve that she doesn't care who she sleeps with. Eve says she does. Jennifer mocks her. Jennifer advises her to grow up and appreciate her man. Eve mocks her living in Alice's house. Jennifer accuses her of making stuff up. Eve tells her that she's not making anything up as her guy is very real. Jennifer doesn't care and storms out. Eve mutters that she thinks she does.

Nicole tells Melanie that she'll see what she can do. Melanie promises it won't blow up in her face as long as she doesn't tell anyone else about it. Nicole says as long as it's not something dangerous that they have to warn Brady and Daniel about. Melanie says if it comes to that, she'll tell them herself. Nicole asks about Dr. Mandrake. Melanie says she has to go meet Parker and Daniel and that she'll call her as she exits.

Anne returns to the front desk and tells Theresa that she spiked Brady's coffee. Theresa questions her doing that.

Brady returns to the waiting room and sits down with papers then grabs his cup of coffee.

Marlena apologizes for barging in and tells Eric that she'll call. Eric goes to check on dinner. Marlena jokes with Serena about her cooking. Serena asks Marlena what gift Eric gave her and if it was from his Africa collection. Marlena says no and it was just a picture of her mother that Eric took. Serena calls it thoughtful.

Melanie goes home and plays with Parker along with Daniel and Maggie. Maggie takes Parker to the kitchen to have lemon squares. Melanie asks Daniel how he's doing. Daniel says his kids are here so life is good. Melanie tells him that it's no big deal but she wants to talk to him about something when they're alone.

Nicole researches Dr. Mandrake on her computer.

Theresa questions what Anne has done and reminds her that Brady is an addict so even one drop of alcohol could mess him up. Theresa runs to the waiting room and knocks the coffee out of Brady's hand. Brady asks what the hell is wrong with her. Theresa says they weren't finished before. Brady asks if she's trying to get fired. Theresa tells him to go to hell and rushes back out. Theresa tells Anne that what she did was not good. Anne laughs it off as no big deal. Theresa tells her that it was wrong and warns that she could've knocked Brady off the wagon. Anne says it was only vodka and questions what happened to Theresa. Anne gets in the elevator. Theresa pulls away and says she will see her later then goes in the opposite direction as Brady comes out from around the corner.

Marlena goes to Jennifer's and asks if it was a bad time. Jennifer says she needed the break from a fight with Eve. Jennifer complains about Eve causing JJ and Paige's breakup. Marlena suggests Jennifer back off as it's a no win situation. Jennifer thanks her as she exits. Jennifer questions how she can back off when Eve is hurting JJ. Jennifer declares that she won't let her do it.

Eve can't believe she almost told Jennifer. Eve tells herself not to be sloppy and just stay away from Jennifer and her son.

Paige tells JJ that Daphne told her how he used her. JJ tries to explain but Paige doesn't want to hear it. Paige says there is nothing to sort out. Paige adds that she no longer wants to know anything about him as she's done. Paige wishes she never met him and walks away.

Serena toasts to getting the elephant back but Eric wants her to let that go. Eric says they can bond over something new. Serena insists on wanting that. Eric questions her not wanting anything else in the apartment. Serena demands to know who has the elephant.

Daniel, Maggie, Melanie, and Parker sit at the table eating lemon squares. Maggie offers to take Parker home with her.

Nicole continues searching Dr. Mandrake and comes across something then says that can't be.

Theresa rushes through the town square but Brady catches her. Brady tells her that she heard her talking to Anne and realizes Anne put something in his drink. Brady stops her and asks if she saved him. Brady calls it pretty crazy considering how much she hates him so he asks why she did it.

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