Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/20/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/20/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric prepares to make dinner but can't find anything to make. In his bedroom, Serena wonders where Eric's elephant statue is.

Jennifer goes home and stops outside to call JJ but gets his voicemail. Paige arrives so Jennifer asks what she's doing there.

JJ lays in bed next to Eve, who is getting dressed.

Justin walks through the town square wondering where Adrienne went.

Outside the town square, Lucas kisses Adrienne.

Paul tells Marlena that the guy who wrote the article is Will Horton. Paul explains that he came out to him and they slept together but he didn't know Will's husband was the man he's in love with which shocks Marlena. Paul reveals that someone told Sonny about he and Will so now he hates him. Marlena stops him and tells him not to say anymore.

Sonny reveals that Derrick told him that Will was having an affair with Paul. Will tells him that he can't just listen to some bell boy. Sonny tells him not to lie to him. Will tries to say he's jumping to conclusions but Sonny reveals that Paul was there and admitted they slept together.

Paul doesn't understand. Marlena stops him and says she can't hear the details. Marlena apologizes and says she can't listen. Paul questions why she encouraged him to open up to her then.

Will questions Paul being there to see Sonny. Sonny questions that being Will's reaction after his betrayal. Will tells Sonny that it didn't mean anything. Sonny calls it more lies. Will insists that he only loves him. Sonny brings up Will sleeping with Paul. Will says it was only once. Sonny yells at him to shut up and says Will was with Paul every night. Will shouts that it was work but Sonny says that's no excuse to be with him. Sonny questions why he should believe a word Will says.

Lucas and Adrienne stop kissing as they hear Justin coming. Justin finds Adrienne and asks why she left the club.

Paige tells Jennifer that she was just at Daphne's house across the street and saw her. Paige helps Jennifer bring in the groceries. Jennifer thanks her. Paige worries about Jennifer twisting her wrist on the bag she brought in and takes a look at it.

Eve asks JJ why he showed up here and what they're doing. JJ responds that she knows what they are doing and that they aren't going to stop because there's no reason to stop anymore.

Serena comes back to Eric and he asks if something's wrong. She thinks back to promising to switch the statues tonight. Serena tells Eric that they have a big problem.

Paige helps Jennifer ice her arm and suggests seeing a doctor tomorrow. Jennifer agrees to get it checked out and says Paige will be a good doctor. Jennifer tells her that she has a bright future ahead of her. Paige mentions getting back the dorm. Jennifer questions why she's in a dorm. Paige says she just wanted a break and needed a change. Jennifer asks if that's all. Jennifer asks her what Eve did to her and JJ.

JJ and Eve continue getting dressed. Eve reminds him that Paige is determined to find out who he's been seeing. JJ thinks he finally has a way to cover.

Adrienne tells Justin that she left because she was upset. Lucas says he'll leave but Justin questions what he's doing there anyways. Lucas says he saw Adrienne was upset. Justin questions him comforting his wife so Lucas questions him upsetting her.

Marlena tells Paul not to leave yet as she just can't hear it due to a conflict of interest. Paul questions her conflict. Marlena says it's personal so she'll give him a referral but Paul doesn't want to see anyone else. Marlena apologizes that they can't continue. Paul doesn't buy that there's a conflict so Marlena informs him that Will is her grandson.

Will tells Sonny that it only happened once and he knew it was wrong so he made sure it never happened again. Will reminds him that they were fighting. Sonny questions if he's blaming him. Will goes over what happened but Sonny tells him that none of this is his fault. Will says it felt like neither of them knew what they were doing and they drifted apart like they weren't together for the first time. Sonny asks what he thinks started that. Will admits it was him going to California. Will insists he's not trying to make this his fault. Will says he left town but came back. Will cries that they needed the money from the article and he wanted to do whatever he could to make it happen. Sonny accuses Will of whoring himself out for a stupid magazine article.

Serena tells Eric that the hot water is out so the gas must still be off so no dinner. Eric says he promised her dinner so she's going to get it. Eric exits to go check. Serena starts to search the apartment for the statue.

Jennifer tells Paige that JJ is as miserable as she is over the breakup. Jennifer is pretty sure that Eve would have something to do with Paige moving to a dorm in the middle of the semester. Jennifer tells Paige that she has her to talk to if she needs anyone. Jennifer asks if Eve did something to hurt her. Paige responds that she did.

JJ tells Eve that he has some friends that can help him out. JJ mentions a friend from England that moved to Chicago and he can have her cover as the one he's been seeing. Eve asks what if she doesn't go along with it. JJ says he could just find someone else. Eve questions him and calls him a wonderful liar. JJ responds that he's a great liar when he wants to be, just like her.

Lucas apologizes and says it's none of his business. Justin agrees. Adrienne thanks Lucas as he walks away. Justin questions Adrienne running out on him and thanking Lucas. Justin asks her what's going on. She informs him that she read his texts from his friend in Dubai.

Will tells Sonny that he did not whore himself out for a story but he didn't back down because he knew there was something big in it for him to get. Will says Paul Narita came out to him and the story has already gotten more hits than anything Sonix ever published. Sonny questions that making it worth it. Will tells Sonny that he knows what it's like to come out and compares it to himself. Will says he wanted to help Paul like Sonny helped him. Sonny is disgusted and questions it being an act of charity. Will apologizes. Sonny says he is sorry too. Will wants to pretend it didn't happen and move on. Will points out that Sonny had been with other guys. Sonny reminds him of their vows.

Paul is surprised to learn that Will is her grandson. He asks if she said anything to Will about him. Marlena assures him that she didn't and no one will know what they talk about but now he understands why they can't see each other. Marlena refers Paul to another psychiatrist. Paul agrees to think about it. Marlena wishes him luck. Paul figures she means just not with the man he's in love with as he exits her office.

Will tries to calm Sonny down. Will assures him that he loves him but Sonny accuses him of sleeping with the first good looking guy that gave him attention. Will says he could've done that in LA but he only wanted Sonny. Sonny questions why Will didn't pick up the phone when he called then. Sonny asks if Paul wasn't the first. Will assures him that he was and nothing happened in LA. Sonny starts repeating that Will knew. Sonny's monitors start going off as a doctor comes in to check on him and Marlena enters, asking what happened. Sonny says to ask Will.

Serena searches through Eric's apartment in all the drawers but can't find the statue. Eric comes back in and guesses she was arranging things to set the mood as the hot water is fine. Serena claims she was just trying to help. Eric tells her that she sometimes has to sit back and let things happen as he kisses her.

Justin tells Adrienne that he and Elsa were joking around. Justin admits it's a bad joke and he just handles her. Justin explains that she's the one who approves aspects of the negotiations so he's humoring her. She asks if she knows that. Justin says he just wants to get this done so he can't alienate her. Adrienne asks how long this is going to go on. Justin says it can't be much longer. Adrienne agrees. Justin doesn't want to waste time talking about Dubai as he's home with her and wants to go see their son. They walk off together.

The doctor puts Sonny to sleep and tells them to let him sleep through the night. Will apologizes to Sonny and says he'll be there when he wakes up so they can talk. Will tells him that he loves him. Marlena asks Will if something happened. Will responds that he hurt him so bad.

Paul looks at his phone and has 73 voicemails. He looks at his mom's number and then puts his phone away. Paul goes to his tablet and opens his article.

Will asks Marlena to stay with Sonny for a bit. She points out that Sonny almost died but he survived so whatever is going on between them, they can survive together. Will hopes so. Will then exits.

Paige tells Jennifer about Eve getting a doctor to lie for her to keep her out of Salem and away from JJ. Paige explains how Eve kept trying to talk her way out of it. Paige says that Eve is the only reason she and JJ were ever separated and that separation came at the worst time for them. Paige cries that she missed him so much. Jennifer assures her that he missed her too. Paige thought that too and couldn't wait to get back but she was too late. Paige exits.

JJ tells Eve that he's honest about what he wants and he loves her daughter. JJ adds that all he wanted was for her to accept them.

Marlena sits at Sonny's side as Adrienne and Justin arrive. Justin asks how he is and Adrienne asks where Will is. Marlena explains that Will went off to do something because Sonny was given a sedative.

Will goes to Paul's room and asks what the hell he was thinking. Will asks why he did it. Will asks if he thought anything would happen between him as he thought they were clear. Paul says they are. Will asks if he was trying to punish him and questions why he told his husband that they slept together.

JJ calls his friend Roxanne and tells her that he's been thinking about her a lot lately and needs to ask her for something big that he will owe her huge. He asks her to come to Salem and he'll cover everything. He says it'd be really cool to see her again as he hangs up. JJ starts to walk away then runs the opposite way as he sees Paige and Cole coming. Cole talks to her about coming up with a great paper as JJ listens from around the corner.

Jennifer goes to Eve's. Jennifer tells her that she finally found out the disgusting thing she did to her son. Jennifer tells Eve that she can't defend herself. Eve tries to say things happen. Jennifer questions her using her parents to make it happen. She calls it pathetic that she faked Shane's sickness. Eve tries to blame JJ but Jennifer says she manipulated their entire relationship. Eve argues that she will protect Paige from JJ.

JJ comes out and confronts Cole. JJ calls a him a piece of garbage and accuses him of using Paige. Paige tells him to stop. Cole remarks about stealing JJ's phone and then walks away. Paige reveals that Cole took JJ's phone and brought it to her.

Eric wakes up in bed next to Serena. She tells him that she needs something and it can't wait.

Paul tells Will that he's the reason it happened because Will never said he was married and could've mentioned his name. Will tells Paul that he could've left Sonny alone and questions knowing he was there. Paul explains he didn't know Sonny was his husband. Will questions why he was looking for him. Paul realizes that Will doesn't know. Paul shocks Will by revealing that Sonny is the guy he was with that proposed to him. Will can't believe it. Paul says he had no idea they were together. Will had no idea it was him. Paul explains that Sonny promised to never mention him to protect his career. Will asks if Paul came to Salem for Sonny. Paul says he didn't know until he got here. Will is surprised to learn that Paul saw Sonny. Will asks if Sonny ever came to see him. Paul admits that Sonny came to his door while Will was in his shower.

Adrienne says they are so lucky that Sonny's still here. Justin asks why she didn't tell him on the phone how close they came to losing him. Adrienne didn't want to panic him. Justin is glad they found a blood donor in time. Adrienne thinks back to finding out the donor was Paul. She tells Justin that person saved Sonny's life. Justin hopes someday they get a chance to thank them.

Will questions Sonny still having feelings for Paul but Paul assures him that's not the case. Paul offers him to sit down and have a drink after a long day but Will says he has to go. Paul is sorry it's such a mess. Will is too and he exits.

Jennifer asks Eve if Paige thinks it's okay that she lied to her and if that's love. Eve tells her to get out of her house. Jennifer tells her that Paige has her so figured out. Jennifer adds that Eve has no idea what real love is and that nobody wants her or her love. Eve stops her and tells her that she's wrong because there is somebody who wants her and what she has to give. Jennifer laughs at her.

Paige tells JJ that Cole took his phone and gave it to her so he saw the messages he sent. JJ questions her knowing.

Serena tells Eric that she never thought there was a plan in life to make sure everything is where it's supposed to be but she does now. They agree that all is right in the world as they kiss. She then brings up the elephant statue not being in it's place. She asks if he moved it. Eric then reveals that he gave it away.

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