Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/19/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/19/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Victor goes to his nightclub. Rafe tells him not to worry about the empty tables as they expect a big crowd tonight. Rafe says he just got his message and asks if everything is okay. Victor tells him that he needs to talk to him about Clyde.

Clyde arrives at Sonny's club where Kate is with Lucas. Lucas takes it as his cue to leave but Kate asks him to stay because she needs to talk about something. Clyde then joins their table.

Adrienne sits at home reading as Justin walks in and pours a drink. He asks if this is how it's going to be with her ignoring him until he goes back to Dubai.

Serena knows they are getting impatient and that she needs to switch the elephant statues. Serena says she will but she will do it at the right time so Eric doesn't get hurt. She tells her that it has to be now whether Eric gets hurt or not. She tells Serena to get the job done if she cares about Eric like she says. Serena hangs up and goes to rush out of her room for some air but Eric arrives. Eric asks her what's wrong.

Marlena tells Paul to take a breath and sit. She asks what's gotten him upset so they can try to make it better. Paul doesn't think it's possible as everything is just a mess because it's not just his life he ruined.

Will puts Sonny's ring back on his finger. Sonny thinks back to finding out about Paul and Will. Will asks him what's wrong. Will figures he's exhausted from all the visitors. Sonny informs him that he had another one while he was gone. Will asks who. Sonny says Will knows him pretty well actually. Caroline then enters and asks if it's a bad time.

Serena tells Eric there's nothing wrong but Eric thinks she looks upset. She insists that she's not and yells for him to drop it. Eric apologizes for pushing her. She tells him that it's her and not him. She says she was just thinking about him and them. Eric questions that upsetting her. Serena just wonders where they are going but doesn't want to pressure him. Serena understands the trauma with Nicole and the priesthood but that's not what it's about. Eric asks what she means. Serena feels they are just stuck in neutral and wonders if it was a mistake for her to come to Salem. Eric promises it wasn't and kisses her.

Rafe asks Victor what Clyde did now. Victor thinks back to their last talk and tells Rafe that Clyde hasn't done anything and he wants Rafe to ignore his previous instructions. Victor tells Rafe that he wants Clyde to be treated as a VIP guest at the nightclub. Rafe laughs it off and questions it being a joke.

Clyde asks Lucas about Will writing the article on Paul. Kate says they are so proud of Will. Clyde brings up Sonny and hopes he's feeling better. Clyde gets a call and steps away. Lucas questions what Kate sees in him. Kate compares to Lucas's love life. Lucas tells her they aren't talking about Adrienne but that's what Kate wanted to talk to him about.

Adrienne comments on Justin not sticking around. Justin tells her that he has unfinished business in Dubai so he has to go back. Adrienne remarks that they barely talk and she doesn't want to hear about his work. Justin knows things have been hard for her. She feels he sometimes doesn't have a clue. Justin responds that Lucas made sure he knew all about it.

Marlena asks Paul if this has to do with his big news. Paul says she could say that.

Caroline apologizes for not coming sooner but was sure Sonny would have a lot of visitors. Will says he's pretty tired. Caroline says she just wanted to send her love. Caroline mentions his ring being found and says it makes her smile. Caroline is grateful for speaking at their wedding and is hopeful for their future. Will walks Caroline out after Sonny makes sure he's coming back.

Adrienne tells Justin that Lucas is a good friend but nothing more and brings up who Justin has been with in Dubai. Justin apologizes for not being there for her and Sonny. Justin wants to call a temporary truce. Adrienne admits she's laying the guilt on thick. Justin suggests going out to the nightclub and then stopping by the hospital to see Sonny. Adrienne agrees it'd be a nice thing to do together.

Lucas tells Kate that Adrienne is just a friend who he lent moral support to. Lucas tells her to drop it as Clyde comes back. Clyde mentions going clubbing with Kate and invites Lucas but he tells them to have a good time. Clyde and Kate exit.

Victor tells Rafe that he doesn't joke. Rafe doesn't think it makes sense. Victor says he and Clyde have come to an understanding and buried the hatchet. Rafe asks for the rest of the story but Victor tells him to just follow his orders.

Serena doesn't want to hurt Eric. Eric says that could only happen if she gave up on them as they continue kissing and she removes his shirt. They kiss in to bed and end up having sex.

Adrienne and Justin go to the nightclub. Rafe greets them and is glad to hear about Sonny. Justin comments on the place staying busy. Victor waves to them. Justin comments on never seeing Victor in a nightclub. Rafe says he doesn't come often and sends them to their table. Kate and Clyde then arrive. Rafe greets them and says he'll have a place cleared for them. Clyde acknowledges Victor which Kate questions.

Marlena asks Paul what happened and if it has anything to do with his family's reaction to him coming out. Paul says he hasn't talked to his mother since he told her even though she said she already knew for a long time. Marlena asks how that made him feel. Paul doesn't want the cliche shrink questions but she calls that an important one. Paul agrees and admits he doesn't know how he feels about it. Paul doesn't understand why she didn't say anything before because it makes it seem like she was fine with him pretending to be someone he's not for the rest of his life living a lie.

Sonny stares at the article on his tablet and thinks back to Paul talkign to him. Sonny angrily slams the tablet shut and throws it across the room, hurting himself in the process. He thinks about Paul and Will and cries that it did mean something.

Eric and Serena lay in bed. Serena is glad he came. Eric talks about wanting to take her to the lodge while she wanted to stay at his place. Eric wanted to make it special for her and she feels this was. Eric asks if she's sure. Eric offers to make her dinner which she says she would love as they kiss.

Clyde tells Kate that he and Victor decided the turf war was a complete waste of time and energy. He asks if she's happy they called a truce.

Justin tells Adrienne that he's done with business for the night and it's just them. Justin toasts to Sonny's health, their family, and them being together again. Adrienne says it's been so long since they've done this and it's nice. Justin decides he should go say hi to Victor and congratulate him on the nightclub. Justin says he'll be right back and goes to Victor. Adrienne notices that Justin left his phone. Justin jokes with Victor about never buying him a nice nightclub like this. Victor wishes Sonny was running it and asks how he's doing. Justin tells him that he's stable and they are going to see him after they leave. Victor sends his love and hopes Justin is not in a hurry to get back to Dubai. Justin says not as long as he's needed here. Justin's phone goes off at the table so Adrienne gets it and looks at his messages. She reads a conversation with a woman named Elsa, telling Justin to come back soon as she misses him and is constantly thinking of him with Justin responding that he wasn't sure how much longer he would have to stay and that she means the world to him. Adrienne sadly lays the phone back down then gets up and runs out of the nightclub.

Marlena questions Paul assuming what his mother's feeling and asks about his father. Paul responds that his father died before he was born. She asks if he's thought about calling his mother again. Paul thinks she should call him after how she reacted. Marlena tells him that somebody has to make the first move and suggests she could be feeling overwhelmed. Marlena tells him that he can't know how she feels until he talks to her. Paul brings up his mother questioning if he had to come out now and how it would kill his grandfather. Paul mentions that his grandfather was the one he was afraid to tell but he surprised him by saying he was proud of him. Paul says he just thought his mom would be the one in his corner but now he feels like a big disappointment to her.

Sonny thinks back to his wedding. Will comes back in and calls it amazing that the police found his ring. Will asks if he's okay. Sonny shakes his head. Will thinks he knows exactly what he's feeling. Sonny tells Will that he doesn't think he does.

Victor has glasses delivered to Kate and Clyde so they toast. Rafe goes to Victor and tells him that he finally knows what he's up to. Clyde stops Justin and introduces himself. Clyde recognizes him as one of the best lawyers in town. Clyde brings up working with Aiden but he's out of town so he's been looking for someone to look over his corporate interests if he's interested. Justin tells him that he won't be in town much longer as he's doing business overseas. Clyde asks if there's anyone he'd recommend. Justin responds that Aiden is worth waiting for as he looks around the nightclub.

Adrienne rushes through the town square crying. Lucas spots her and follows her out. Lucas asks if she's alright. Lucas tells her to just talk to him. Adrienne hugs him and breaks down crying.

Eric and Serena continue kissing. Serena suggests they take a shower. Eric goes to start the water while Serena says she's going to throw some things in a bag for the night. Serena pulls out her elephant statue and thinks about the one in Eric's room. Serena says that he'll never have to know and she'll finally get this done tonight as she puts the statue in her bag.

Marlena asks if Paul really believes her mother only cared about his wealth and celebrity. Paul knows that's not true but he's just confused and angry. Marlena asks if it's possible that his mother is ashamed of how she behaved and that's why she hasn't called. Marlena says Paul needed to come out for himself, not to hurt anyone else. Paul tells her that he wasn't talking about his mom when he said he ruined someone's life. She asks if he meant himself. He tells her he was talking about the man he's in love with.

Will admits he doesn't know exactly what Sonny is going through but compares it to when he was shot. Will says something like that changes life. Sonny agrees. Will tells him to keep in mind that he's going to make a full recovery and he's very lucky. Sonny questions lucky. Will asks why he said it like that and says they are. Will asks if something else is going on. Sonny asks like what. Will brings up Sonny telling Abe that he remembered he was going to see him before the attack. Will points out that Sonny knew he was working. Sonny states that Abe just assumed he meant the apartment. Will guesses Sonny was coming to his office. Sonny says no, because he wasn't there either. Sonny reveals that he was on his way to Paul's hotel room because Will was there.

Kate tells Justin that Adrienne left while he was talking to Victor. Justin returns to their table and gets his phone then exits.

Adrienne apologizes to Lucas. Lucas asks what happened. She says her son got attacked and her husband comes home after months of barely speaking. Lucas promises it will be okay. Adrienne says he can't promise that. Lucas responds that he can and kisses her.

Victor tells Rafe that he's too exhausted to go through another blood feud like with Stefano. Rafe thinks that's just what he wants Clyde to believe. Rafe knows that's all he will get out of Victor. Rafe would hate to be in Clyde's boots when Victor makes that move.

Eric and Serena go back to Eric's apartment. Eric offers to take her bag but she insists on doing that while he makes dinner. They kiss and she heads to the bedroom. Serena declares it's do or die time and pulls out her elephant statue but then sees that Eric's statue is gone.

Paul tells Marlena about being in love with the man he was with for a couple of years and he never stopped loving him. Paul tells Marlena that she can just read the article instead of having him explain everything. She asks what article so Paul explains how he used the article to come out. Paul talks about the proposal and wanting to say yes but back then, he couldn't as he was too afraid it would end his career. She encourages him to go on. Paul says he lives in Salem so he thought maybe they still had a shot but it's all such a mess now. Marlena asks why. Paul says it's because of what he did and he never would have if he had the slightest idea. Paul says he wasn't wearing his wedding ring so how was he supposed to know. Marlena asks who he's talking about. Marlena adds that anything he says stays there. Paul tells Marlena that the guy who wrote the article is Will Horton. Paul explains that he came out to him and they slept together but he didn't know Will's husband was the man he's in love with which shocks Marlena.

Will tells Sonny that he was in Paul's hotel room because they were putting the final touches on the article before sending it to Zoe. Will asks how Sonny knew he was there. Will then realizes Sonny didn't know his article was about Paul so he questions who told him. Sonny tells Will that it was Derrick from the hotel, who told him they were together. Will questions Sonny knowing him. Sonny informs Will that he came to the club and they talked. Sonny reveals that Derrick told him that Will was having an affair with Paul.

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