Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/18/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/18/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden says Hope now knows the truth and asks what she's going to do about it. Aiden repeats that Chase accidentally shot his mom and he covered it up. Hope needs him to tell her the whole story. She asks to know all of exactly what happened the night Meredith died.

JJ goes home. He stops outside the door and thinks back to being with Eve before heading inside. Jennifer tells him that she needs to talk to him. JJ says later but Jennifer says now. Jennifer says he's been lying to her and she knows everything.

Nicole finishes a call with Rafe at the nightclub as his mom is sick so he's out of town but will be back later today. Daniel arrives and they talk about Rafe briefly. Nicole goes to leave but Daniel says he's glad he ran in to her.

Serena meets Melanie at the club and talks about getting information on Dr. Mandrake. Melanie asks if anything connects him to Theresa. Eve then enters with Theresa.

Will goes to see Marlena and asks if she read his article.

Paul shows Sonny the article and asks what he thinks. Sonny realizes and remarks "my God, you slept with him." Paul says he admitted that but it was only the one time. Sonny shouts that Paul comes in claiming he still loves him. Paul says he does but Sonny questions how he could do this to him.

Hope asks Aiden why Meredith thought he was trying to kill her. Hope knows there's a lot of questions and asks how he covered up what happened. She talks about him keeping this inside all these years so this has to be the hardest conversation he's had but it's time. Aiden agrees.

Marlena tells Will that she hasn't read the article yet but is sure it's terrific. Marlena tells him that Roman asked her for a favor as she then gives him Sonny's wedding ring which surprises him

Paul didn't realize this would upset Sonny so much. Paul says it didn't mean anything to him because Sonny's the only one he ever loved. Paul adds that he said so in the article and thinks now could be their time to have everything together. Paul points out that Sonny told him it was over and to move on. Sonny responds that he didn't tell him to sleep with his husband.

Aiden tells Hope that he doesn't have answers for why Meredith thought he was trying to kill her or the things she did. Hope brings up their terrible arguments. Aiden insists he never wanted or tried to kill her. Aiden says he may have hated her but he loved Chase and knew that he loved and needed his mother. Hope asks about her video. Aiden has no idea where she dreamed up those things. Hope brings up the antifreeze. Aiden says he had no idea they had that in the house until he saw the video. Aiden feels Meredith put it there herself and assures there was no poison. Aiden says he doesn't hate her anymore. Aiden says she died trying to protect Chase and he's been trying to do that ever since.

Daniel asks Nicole about apologizing to Eric and Serena. She figures it was the least she could do. Daniel calls it a nice gesture and is proud of her which surprises her. Daniel admits it's obvious that she's trying to change and he's glad. Daniel reminds her that the change is for her, not him. Daniel goes to leave but she stops him and asks if that's all he has to say.

JJ doesn't know what Jennifer heard. She tells him not to lie to her. She reveals that he left his e-mail open so she read a message from his english professor that if he misses one more class, he will flunk. JJ calls it a mistake and not that big of a deal. Jennifer questions him missing that many classes. Jennifer asks if they are going back to secret and lies. She says something is really wrong and eating at him while nothing is that important to ruin his life like this. Jennifer asks if it's about the girl he's been seeing.

Eve stands at the bar and looks at JJ's number on her phone then puts it away. Theresa tells Serena to tell Eric that she's sorry she hasn't been in touch. Theresa talks up seeing a really hot guy in front of Melanie. Eve joins her and Theresa introduces her. Eve says she met Melanie and was impressed by how quick she stuck her nose where it doesn't belong. Serena says she got the same vibe from Eve. Theresa talks about Brady not keeping his hands off of her when they were together but how there's a lot of alone time with he and Melanie. Theresa exits with Eve. Serena comments on Theresa really hating Melanie and asks why she's digging in to her life.

Will thought they'd never see the ring again. Marlena explains how it was at the scene. Will can't wait to put it back on Sonny's finger like a new beginning.

Paul tells Sonny that it was only one time that he slept with the writer and then realizes that Will is Sonny's husband. Sonny accuses Paul of knowing but Paul swears he didn't. Sonny yells at him to get out. Paul says Sonny never told him his husband's name and Will never wore his ring. Sonny calls him a son of a bitch and warns him to get out as Abe enters and asks if everything is okay.

Aiden explains to Hope that Chase went in to shock when the gun went off and Meredith was already gone. Aiden talks about wiping his prints off the gun and arranging the room to look like a struggle. Hope talks about his huge risk. Aiden feels he had to protect Chase. Aiden talks about Bree buying Meredith's lies from the start. Aiden adds that Chase is the only person who could prove he was lying but thankfully he never remembered.

Daniel tells Nicole that he's glad she's making changes in her life but that doesn't change anything for them as what they had is over. Nicole knows since he says that every chance he gets. Nicole asks if they can at least be friends. Daniel says they tried but it never works so no. Daniel tells her to have a good day and exits.

Theresa and Eve sit together in the town square. Eve tells her about Paige moving out since she hates her and blames her for the breakup with JJ. Theresa tells Eve that she told Paige to take JJ's phone and read his texts.

Jennifer asks JJ who the girl is and argues that she doesn't make him happy because he's still in love with Paige. JJ stops her and says he and Paige are over. Jennifer blames Eve but JJ says it was all him because he's a total screwup. JJ then storms out.

Melanie tells Serena that something weird is going on with Theresa. They talk about Dr. Mandrake being a fertility expert. Serena wonders if Theresa is trying to get pregnant which would explain her reaction to the baby rattle. Melanie wonders why Clint was calling in reports on her. Melanie talks about Theresa being relieved after finding out she wasn't pregnant. She points out that Theresa said she doesn't even know Dr. Mandrake. Serena agrees that it's weird. Melanie wants to find the connection.

Sonny greets Abe and says he can ask him more questions about what happened as Paul was just leaving. Paul apologizes to him and exits as Sonny wipes tears away. Abe asks about that being Paul Narita, the famous baseball player. Sonny shows Abe the article. Abe asks if it's a bad time but Sonny tells him to ask away. Abe says he just wanted to do a final check to see if he remembered anything. Sonny responds that he remembers everything.

Aiden talks about watching over Chase for months, worried that his memories would come flooding back but nothing. Aiden thinks it's best that he never remembers. Aiden says he met with therapists over the years to make sure it was the right thing. Hope tells him that Chase someday might come in to contact with someone like Bree and he could start blaming him. Aiden says he's done everything he can to make sure Chase never meets those people. Aiden talks about relocating several times before Salem but if it comes down to it, he'd rather Chase think he did it than what really happened. Aiden adds that now that's not really in his hands.

Eve tells Theresa that Paige looking at JJ's phone is the last thing she needs to do. Eve is glad JJ is out of Paige's life and says she has no regrets. Theresa asks regrets about what as Jennifer appears and asks the same thing.

JJ goes to Daniel's and says he got his message. Daniel asks if he's okay and asks him to talk to him. Daniel reminds him that what is said here stays here. JJ talks about falling down with no point in getting back up. JJ says it doesn't matter what he wants anymore as he ruined everything and threw away everything good. JJ says he has no excuses and no place to go. JJ asks about Daniel's message. Daniel reminds JJ that he borrowed his jacket once so he offers him to have it. JJ thinks back to wearing it the first night with Eve.

Serena explains to Melanie that she found out Dr. Mandrake was a big deal at a prestigious fertility clinic until he abruptly quit and disappeared. She says he's off the grid and must be doing a really private practice. Melanie feels something is definitely wrong with this picture.

Abe asks Sonny if he remembers where he was headed when the attack came. Sonny responds that he was going to see his husband as Will enters with a big smile.

Aiden tells Hope that what he did was wrong and he's sorry. Aiden talks about having so many times where he almost told her because he trusts and loves her. Aiden says she has to understand that Chase is his flesh and blood and he's helpless. Aiden gets if he threw away everything between them but he needs to ask her one last favor. He asks her not to tell anyone what Chase did because if it comes out, it will destroy his life.

Daniel thought JJ might want to have the jacket but he refuses it. Daniel asks what is going on with him. JJ responds that he's not his dad so he doesn't have to explain anything to him. JJ then says he's just a wreck with not enough sleep. JJ thanks him and exits.

Jennifer questions what Eve doesn't regret. Eve replies that she doesn't regret anything that she's said about JJ as she was right from the start. She says Paige is finally seeing the light. Theresa asks Jennifer how it feels knowing JJ can keep it in his pants after Abigail couldn't keep hers on. Jennifer mocks that coming from Theresa. Eve tells her they have better things to do and they walk off. Nicole joins Jennifer and asks if she's okay as Theresa can be hard to take. Jennifer says Eve is worse and destroys anything she touches as she walks off.

Melanie asks Serena if she can get more information on Dr. Mandrake but she says probably not. Serena says she'd need a private detective but suggests Melanie get out of it before it's too late. Melanie feels they started talking about her instead and asks if she and Eric are okay. Serena says they are great and never better. Serena tells her to think about what she said and quickly exits.

Will apologizes if he's interrupting. Abe says he's almost done. Abe thanks Sonny and tells them to take care as he exits. Will tells Sonny that he has a surprise for him. Sonny responds that he knows.

Hope tells Aiden that everything he shared with her stays between them forever. Aiden thanks her. Hope knows he loves Chase and calls him a wonderful father. Hope admits to breaking a few rules herself to protect her children. Hope says from now on, their job will be to protect Chase and make sure he never remembers the accident. Aiden thanks her again. Hope says they need to get busy by putting up a new wall and painting. Aiden tells her that she doesn't have to but Hope tells him that he's not alone anymore as they are in this together. Hope hugs him.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's with his clothes donation box. He asks if she's okay. She says she's fine then admits she's not as she had an argument with JJ and can't figure him out lately. Jennifer feels it's something deeper than his breakup with Paige. Daniel agrees that JJ was angry and totally down on himself. Jennifer feels there is more and that it has something to do with Eve.

JJ stands outside the club and looks at a picture of Paige on his phone. JJ then throws his phone against the wall in frustration. JJ declares now he has nothing and calls himself an idiot.

Will questions how Sonny knows about his surprise then remembers the article and asks what he thinks. Sonny says he outdid himself. Will hopes that some kids will read the article and realize they aren't alone. Sonny says it sounds like he helped Paul too. Will hopes so but says to forget him as he surprises Sonny with his wedding ring.

Aiden can't believe it but Hope assures him that she's not going anywhere. Hope apologizes for ever doubting him. Aiden thinks anyone would've come to the same conclusion after how he was acting. Aiden says he panicked and worried that Hope figured it out after seeing the video. Hope asks what made him think that. Aiden explains that at the end of the video, Meredith talks about Chase finding her gun and having to find a new hiding place. Hope says she didn't get that far. Hope tells him that Chase will be fine and promises they will take care of him together. Aiden tells her that he loves her so much and they kiss.

Serena looks at a photo of her and Eric in her room. She gets a call from a woman, who asks if it's done. Serena says she told her it didn't work out last night. Serena knows they are getting impatient and that she needs to switch the elephant statues. Serena says she will but she will do it at the right time so Eric doesn't get hurt. She tells her that it has to be now whether Eric gets hurt or not.

A pregnant woman walks through the hospital causing Theresa to panic. She wonders why she keeps reacting like this and what is wrong with her.

Melanie remains at the club wishing she knew someone with better connections as Nicole then enters, finishing a phone call. Melanie approaches and says things have been weird between them but knows Nicole is sneaky and always digging up information on people so she needs her help.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she's going to find out what Eve did to JJ.

JJ goes to Eve's. She asks what he's doing there. JJ enters and immediately begins kissing her against the door.

Paul storms in to Marlena's office and says he had nowhere else to go. He apologizes and says he doesn't normally do this kind of thing but thinks he just screwed up his entire life.

Sonny tells Will that he's just tired. Will says it's no problem and he'll let him rest but he couldn't wait with the ring so he puts the ring back on Sonny's finger.

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