Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/17/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/17/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Clyde meets Victor outside the town square and tells him it better be important. Victor says that it is.

Lucas finds Adrienne at the hospital. Adrienne says she was giving Will and Sonny their privacy. Lucas asks if anything else is going on and when Justin is getting in. Adrienne says she only knows he hasn't been home. Lucas questions her not knowing when his flight arrives. Adrienne admits he didn't share that information.

Paul questions what kind of games Derrick is playing. Derrick repeats that he talked to Sonny and told him that Paul was with Will. Derrick thought he was doing him a favor and says Sonny was so jealous that he could tell he was still in love with him. Paul asks if he really thinks so. Derrick asks if he's glad he told him.

Will grabs his tablet and opens the article. Sonny asks if he's going to let him see it or not. Will shows it Sonny which shocks him.

Hope accuses Aiden of lying to her about Meredith all along. Aiden grabs her but she fights him off. Aiden shouts back and admits that he has been lying. Hope questions what he's doing. Aiden gets a hold of the knife. He asks if she's happy that she's right. Aiden admits he's been lying to everyone since the day it happened and shouts that he's never ever going to let her tell anyone.

Lucas tells Adrienne that Justin probably wasn't thinking straight after he heard about Sonny. Lucas asks if she can talk to an assistant but Adrienne doesn't know. Lucas is sure there's a good explanation for her not hearing from him. Adrienne thinks she knows what it is.

Sonny questions Will's article as his tablet went to an ad about a movie instead of his article. Will fixes it back to the article on Paul. Will goes to show him but Justin arrives. Sonny tells him he's going to be okay as Justin hugs him.

Paul tells Derrick that there's no way Sonny cared about him being with someone else and questions him. Derrick insists. Derrick adds that there's another reason he feels guilty. Derrick admits he hoped he had a shot with Paul himself. Derrick knows it won't happen but feels he deserves to know the truth that Sonny was there twice and both times, he could tell it was more than just dropping in on an old friend. Derrick thinks Paul could make it work again with Sonny if that's what he wants. Derrick then exits.

Hope tries to run but Aiden stops her and questions her wanting to get away from him. Aiden asks if she's scared of him now. Hope doesn't know what to feel and says she fell in love with him. Hope questions how she can be in love with a man who murdered his son's mother.

Clyde tells Victor that he's said everything he has to say to him. Victor tells him it's his turn now so Clyde says he's listening as they sit down. Victor says he's been instructing his men not to give him any more trouble. Clyde questions believing him. Victor says he can check around as he's getting his men new jobs and told them they are shutting down. Victor suggests Clyde hire any of the men he wants. Victor says that's it. Clyde questions Victor rolling over and playing dead. Clyde says he must take him for a fool.

Kate goes to see Marlena at Will and Sonny's. Marlena explains how she brought Arianna home so Will and Sonny could have private time but the babysitter hasn't showed up yet. Kate decides she will call the babysitter. Kate asks how Sonny and Will seemed to her. Marlena says Sonny had a good night so Will was relieved. Kate asks how they were acting towards each other. Marlena questions what she's getting at. Marlena asks Kate if there's something going on between them that she doesn't know about. Kate can't get a hold of the babysitter and thinks back to Will confessing to her.

Paul paces in his room with the newspaper article on Sonny's attack. Paul thinks back to giving Sonny his home run baseball. Paul thinks back to what Derrick said and says Sonny is what he wants as he rushes out of his room.

Justin says he came from the airport and hugs Will, thanking him for taking care of Sonny. Will tells him to thank Kayla and Daniel. Justin asks about Arianna. Will tells him not to let Sonny wear himself out as he exits. Justin sits with Sonny and wants to know everything, asking how this happened, who did it, and what the police are doing. Sonny responds that it's great having a dad again and all he had to do to make it happen was get stabbed in the back.

Lucas encourages Adrienne to talk to Justin before jumping to any conclusions. Adrienne thinks she already jumped to that conclusion. Adrienne says Sonny is what's important now. Lucas agrees and suggests going to see him right now.

Aiden questions Hope thinking that. She asks if he's surprised. Hope points out him being nervous about her every move, not letting her leave, having the closet locked and now threatening her with the knife. Aiden questions her not telling him about Meredith's video. Hope brings up the axe in the closet and how Aiden just threatened not to let her tell anyone about this. Aiden questions her building a case against him as Hope repeats that she's a cop. Aiden asks if she thinks he's guilty. Hope points out that he said he was lying since the day Meredith died. Hope argues there's no way it was suicide. Hope points out that the only people in the house were Aiden, Meredith, and Chase. Aiden looks down as Hope comes to a realization.

Will runs in to Paul in the town square and asks if he's seen the article yet. Paul says he'll have to take a look at it. Will asks if something is wrong. Paul doesn't know as he may be about to make a really big mistake. Paul says he realized he gave up on something too soon. Will asks if he means something or someone.

Justin realizes he's been gone longer than usual. Sonny points out that he missed Christmas. Justin feels terrible about that and says the deal he's been working on turned in to several deals. Sonny asks about the other attorney from his facebook page. Sonny calls her beautiful and asks if she's married. Justin says he came back for him, not to get the third degree. Adrienne then enters with Lucas.

Kate tells Marlena about Sonny going through the disaster with the new club while Will was in California. Marlena argues that Will was helping Sami and the kids. Kate says then Will got tied up with the article. Roman arrives and jokes about them being in the same room and still standing.

Victor tells Clyde there was a time that he thrived on being the meanest SOB in Salem but now he enjoys a walk in the garden with his wife or an old movie on TV. Victor wants to make sure no one else he loves is harmed because of who he was. Victor tells Clyde that he doesn't have to worry about any more problems from him as he's saying uncle. Victor tells Clyde that he wins. Clyde questions him. Victor says he'll do whatever it takes to make sure his loved ones are safe from him.

Hope asks if Aiden has been hiding that Chase killed Meredith. Aiden tells her that it's none of her business but he knows she won't give up. Aiden gives her purse to her and tells her to get out. Aiden tells her to go tell the cops that he killed Meredith as it wouldn't be the first time. Hope says she knows it's not true. Aiden tells her to get out with her ridiculous theories. Hope realizes it was Chase and asks him to tell her what happened. Aiden cries that there's nothing to tell. Aiden tells her to leave as he sits down crying. Hope tells him that he can stop lying to her now as he's not in this alone anymore. Hope says she already knows what happened so all he has to do is tell her how it happened. Hope asks him to tell her everything.

Clyde tells Victor that he's made a wise decision. Victor declares their business done and sees no reason their paths should ever cross again. Victor walks away.

Kate finishes a call and says the babysitter had to cancel and Will didn't get the message but her sister is on the way now. Kate goes in to see Arianna. Roman realizes Will isn't here. Marlena tells him that he's at the hospital with Sonny and asks if he has a message. Roman reveals they found Sonny's wedding ring and figured Will might like to be the one to give it back to Sonny.

Paul tells Will that someone just told him his ex wants to get back together. Paul talks about how they can finally have all the things they dreamed about and it would be all thanks to Will. Paul adds that he'll always be grateful to him for that. Will thanks him for everything as they shake hands and head separate ways.

Justin hugs Adrienne and says it's good to see her. Adrienne wishes she knew he'd be there. Justin says he threw everything in his suitcase and his phone died. Adrienne says all that matters is he's here. Lucas says Sonny gave them a scare. Justin is glad he had Lucas, Adrienne, and Will. They mention Will being on his way back. Adrienne brings up a coming home party for Sonny when he gets out. She asks if Justin will still be there but he says it will depend.

Aiden tells Hope to get out and forget she ever knew him. Hope realizes he's been protecting Chase just like he always was. She questions bringing Chase here and why he happily showed Ciara around the place where his mother died. Aiden looks at a shelf with a vase and candles on it. Hope questions it as Aiden says he's just trying not to look at her. Hope notices the shelf was not in Meredith's video. She asks if it marks a spot and questions what's behind the wall.

Kate comes out of Arianna's room but Marlena and Roman are gone. Kate gets a call from Clyde, who says she should've stayed the night. Kate reminds him that she had a 6 AM conference call. He asks where she is now. She says she's watching Arianna while waiting for the babysitter but hopes it won't be too much longer. Clyde feels like celebrating. She notes that he's in a good mood. Clyde responds that everything seems to be going his way this morning and he'll see her soon.

Sonny gets a call from Victor. Victor asks how he's doing and if he's up to having a visitor. Sonny says maybe later as Adrienne and Will made him promise to get some sleep. Victor just wanted to hear his voice and tells him to keep doing fine. Victor tells him to call if he needs anything at all. Sonny promises to do so and hangs up.

Justin follows Adrienne to the waiting room and helps her put her jacket on. Justin apologizes that he can't give her a definite answer about the party but he will try to stay as long as he can. Adrienne tells him that she understands but Justin feels she doesn't. Adrienne doesn't want to talk about this here as their focus should be on Sonny. Justin says Sonny is why he's there. Adrienne responds that he's the only reason.

Paul sneaks in to Sonny's room as he sleeps. Paul touches his face and smiles.

Hope questions Aiden but he says it's nothing. Hope asks if the wall has anything to do with the axe. Hope reminds him that he's selling the house and asks if there's something he doesn't want the new people to find. Hope asks if he was going to use the axe to get behind the wall. Aiden tries to stop her but Hope says there is no stopping. Aiden gives up and grabs the axe. Aiden asks if she wants to know what's in the wall and takes the axe to it.

Adrienne tells Justin to admit that he'd still be in Dubai if Sonny wasn't stabbed. Lucas stops outside the door as Adrienne comments that they don't know if he would've ever come home. Adrienne storms out. Lucas heads in and questions Justin not going after her. Justin says he's been on planes for the past 18 hours and comes home to have to deal with her. Lucas comments on him picking a hell of a time to make it all about himself.

Paul picks up the tablet from Sonny's bedside and looks at his article. Sonny wakes up and Paul greets him. Sonny asks what he's doing there. Paul hopes he's not too late.

Will comes home and asks Kate about the babysitter. Kate explains that she canceled and the sister didn't show up so she's here. Will thanks her. Kate asks how Sonny is doing. Will says he's good and better. Will says Justin showed up so he decided it was a good time to come shower and check on Arianna. Kate notes that he seems happy. Will tells her the article is online so she sits down to read it.

Clyde calls Marlena and apologizes for missing his session without explanation. She asks if he's alright. Clyde says he is and hopes she doesn't hold it against him as he wants to talk to her again.

Justin complains about Adrienne giving him crap after all he went through to get home. Lucas points out that Justin didn't let her know he was in. Justin says his phone died. Lucas questions not buying a charger. Lucas explains that Adrienne went through hell and Sonny almost died. Justin wasn't aware of the details. Lucas tells him about how the surgery took long and Adrienne went through it all alone. Justin remarks that it seems pretty clear she wasn't all alone.

Sonny asks Paul what he means. Paul says he knows his timing may be off but he begs him to hear him out. Paul tells Sonny that Derrick told him everything so he knows he was on his way to see him when this happened. Paul adds that Derrick said Sonny got really upset when he found out he was with another guy. Sonny remembers Derrick telling him now. Paul tells him that something happened with the other guy only once after Sonny told him they had no chance. Paul says he told himself if they ever saw each other again, he would make sure they could find a way to start over but when he said it could never be, he was devastated. Paul says the other guy was a total mistake but it never happened again even though he spent a lot of time with him. Paul says he realized that no other guy could make him stop loving Sonny and that will never change.

Aiden puts a hole in the wall with the axe and pulls out a bag. He dumps the bag on the table. Hope asks him to tell her how it happened. Aiden sits down and begins to explain. He says it was 5 years ago, Chase was 4 years old and they had just bought the place. Aiden says Meredith was drinking as usual and found Chase playing with her gun. Aiden recalls running in as Meredith tried to take the gun from Chase but it accidentally went off. Aiden informs her that Chase doesn't remember and can never remember. Aiden continues that he cleaned Chase up and put him to bed. Aiden says he called the police and told them that Meredith committed suicide. Aiden says Hope now knows the truth and asks what she's going to do about it.

Lucas tells Justin that a lot of people were there for Adrienne including Will, Victor, and Maggie. Justin asks if it includes him. Lucas admits he was there doing what he should've done as he walks out.

Victor calls Rafe and wants to see him the minute he gets back in to town as it's important.

Marlena tells Clyde that he can set up another appointment. Clyde says that's good because he has a whole lot to talk about.

Will asks Kate what she thinks about the article. Kate calls it a remarkable story that Will did an amazing job with it. Will thanks her for convincing him not to come clean to Sonny. Kate says it would've only hurt Sonny. Will never wants to do that. Kate asks if Paul left town yet. Will says he just ran into him but thinks he'll never see him again. Will mentions Paul planning a new start with the guy he talks about in the article. Kate credits him. Will just wants a happy ending for them all.

Sonny questions what Paul means by spending a lot of time with the other guy. Paul explains that he had to because a story was coming out on him for the whole world to see and now it has. Sonny remembers Derrick telling him that Will is Paul's lover. Paul tells Sonny that everything is going to be different now because of him. Paul shows Sonny the article and asks what he thinks. Sonny realizes and remarks "my God, you slept with him."

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