Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/16/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/16/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Serena looks at her statue she plans to switch in her room and complains about Nicole showing up at the wrong times. Eric calls her and feels they could've gone out to eat but Serena says it's okay as she had some things to do. Eric wishes she was with him. Serena says the same

Will brings Arianna to see Sonny at the hospital. Sonny says he's feeling a little bit stronger but worries about not remembering things like where he was going in such a hurry when he was attacked.

Derrick sees the newspaper article on Sonny's attack and thinks back to telling him that Will is Paul's lover. Derrick says it must have been a bad night.

Paul paces in a waiting room at the hospital and thinks back to telling his mom that he's gay and agreeing to come out in the article. Marlena joins him and says she was surprised to hear from him as she thought he never wanted to see her again. Paul wanted to give her the satisfaction in person of knowing she was right about him from the beginning.

John finds Daniel at the hospital and asks if they can talk. Daniel says he was surprised too but he actually believes in them.

Melanie does an image search online for Dr. Mandrake. She finds a picture of him talking to Clint.

Clint talks to Dr. Mandrake on the phone about Theresa being really emotional and how she seems to almost remember at times but at the same time, scared of remembering. Clint assures him that she hasn't remembered though and how she gets angry when anything unpleasant comes up. He remarks that she gets very angry a lot.

Theresa tells Brady that she's so happy he's out of her life and she's not pregnant. Theresa says she would've kept him away from her kid because of what a horrible father he would be. Brady says there is no point in talking to her. Theresa warns him not to walk away from her.

Hope looks at the axe and says there has to be another explanation. She puts it back in the closet and shuts it. Aiden then appears behind her and startles her.

Melanie wonders if the picture is really Clint with Dr. Mandrake. She shuts her laptop and heads out.

Brady reminds Theresa they are in public but she doesn't care. Brady threatens to put a restraining order on her. Theresa questions him threatening women. Brady asks if she's jealous of him being with Melanie. Brady asks her where her new boyfriend is.

Dr. Mandrake tells Clint that he and Kristen just want to be sure that Theresa doesn't remember so he knows what to do now. He tells Clint to do it.

Eric and Serena joke about her making him the omelette when the gas is turned back on. Eric's doorbell rings so he hangs up. Serena then gets a call and says she will let them know when it happens and to back off.

Aiden asks Hope what she was doing. She tells him that he startled her as she was looking for another jacket or blanket because she was cold. Aiden points out that it was locked. Hope says she took it as a challenge. Aiden gives her his jacket and she thanks him. Aiden thinks back to finding Meredith's video. He asks what she was doing while he was gone. Hope says she could ask him the same thing as he just disappeared. Aiden decides to go get a drink.

Sonny tells Will that one of the baristas at the club remembered him rushing out. Will wants him to calm down but Sonny is frustrated that he doesn't remember. Sonny brings up getting in a fight with Victor. Will asks what the last thing he remembers from that night is. Sonny thinks back to talking to Paul. Will comments that he looks like he just remembered something and asks what it is.

Marlena doesn't think Paul came with an open mind so she's not sure he's ready to work with her. Paul says she bugged him a lot at the hospital and thinks she saw something was going on with him. Marlena says she saw a young man going through a surgery that might cost him his career. Paul thought she was fishing for something bigger. Marlena says she wasn't and adds that he's welcome to talk to her or he's free to leave.

John questions Daniel being okay with this. Daniel says Brady and Melanie are already best friends so yeah. That wasn't what John was talking about as he just wanted some inside information on Sonny for Marlena. Daniel tells him that his condition is stable but he can't talk about a patient's condition. John then asks what the hell is going on with Brady and Melanie.

Theresa tells Brady that she sent Clint to get her a drink which is another benefit of being with him. She calls Brady a total buzzkill. Clint returns to her with a margarita. Brady tells Clint that she's one in a million and walks away. Theresa comments that she hates him so much. Theresa adds that she won't let him spoil her day. She suggests they go somewhere to be alone and walks away. Clint remarks that she's reading his mind and follows.

Hope tells Aiden that she doesn't want anything. Aiden says there isn't much to do except drink. Hope suggests coffee or tea. Aiden says that's not what he had in mind but okay. Aiden agrees to get her hot chocolate and hopes that calms her down because it seems like something is really bothering her. Aiden exits the room. Hope quickly removes Aiden's jacket and searches the couch for Meredith's video but it's gone so she realizes that he knows she has seen it.

Will asks if Sonny remembered something but he gets a call from Zoe.

Paul questions Marlena throwing him out before she gets the big news. Paul says everyone is going to hear it so he felt she deserved a heads up. Marlena clarifies that she's not throwing him out, just making it clear that he doesn't have to talk to her if he doesn't want to. Paul responds that he does want to. Paul tells her that the surgery was too little, too late and he'll never be able to pitch again. Marlena is sorry to hear that. Paul reveals the big news is that he was living a lie as he is gay.

John asks Daniel if Brady is seeing Melanie. Daniel suggests he talk to Brady about it. John agrees and exits.

Melanie goes to see Serena. Serena comments on not seeing her lately and missing her. Melanie asks for her help but wants her to keep it private. Melanie wants to make sure she can keep a secret which Serena says she's very good at.

Aiden brings hot chocolate to Hope. She thinks back to Meredith's video where she talked about Aiden trying to poison her with antifreeze in her drinks. Hope is sorry he went to all this trouble as her stomach isn't feeling well. Hope doesn't think she should have anything with milk in it and suggests just some hot tea. Aiden comments on her not being herself and goes to make the tea. Hope tries to run but Aiden charges back and slams the door back shut. Aiden then questions where she was going.

Melanie tells Serena that she can't tell Daniel or Brady because it's about Theresa and they hate her. Serena doesn't want to be in the middle because Theresa is Eric's cousin. Melanie says she doesn't like Theresa but still feels sorry for her. Serena warns her about feeling sorry for someone making her vulnerable. Melanie says something is going on and she just needs to know what it is. She says it's about a doctor she's never met which is where Serena comes in.

Clint and Theresa kiss in to bed.

Daniel calls Brady and gets his voicemail. He leaves a message, hoping he gets back to him before he talks to John.

John finds Brady at home. Brady asks about Sonny. John tells him he's in stable condition and the investigation is proceeding. Brady asks what he can do for him. John says he just realized they haven't talked much. Brady asks if something is wrong. John says no but informs him that he just found out Brady and Melanie are more than just friends. Brady tells him that it just happened and he wasn't hiding it from him as he figured they'd talk eventually. John asks if he meant when he came to lecture him. Brady asks if that's what he's going to do.

Paul questions Marlena not having a reaction to him being gay and asks if she knew all along. Marlena asks if that's what he wants her to say. Paul tells her she can gloat. She questions why she would gloat. Paul says he didn't come to answer her questions. Marlena asks what he did come for. Paul tells her that he doesn't play games anymore. Paul declares this a mistake and storms out.

Will tells Sonny that the article will be online soon. Sonny can't wait to read it and knows how hard he worked on it. Will thinks back to being with Paul and says he's just glad it's all behind him. Will says now his focus will be on getting Sonny healthy and back on his feet. Sonny says he's so proud of him and they kiss. Sonny can't wait to get home. Marlena enters and comments that Sonny seems to be bouncing back. Sonny says he's getting there. Marlena adds that Justin is coming home and will be glad to see him. Sonny is happy he's coming home for a lot of reasons. Will decides he'll take Arianna home for her nap. Will wishes he could be with Sonny when the article comes out to see his reaction. Sonny can't wait to see it. Marlena offers to take Arianna home so Will agrees. Will exits with Marlena to put Arianna in the car. Sonny wonders why he can't remember anything.

Hope asks Aiden blocking her way when she just wanted a walk. Aiden thought she wanted tea and suggests they can go walk the beach together. Hope says she just wants some time alone. Aiden doesn't think that's a good idea and thinks they need to talk. Hope reaches behind her at a knife on the table.

Daniel goes to Eric's and brings a plate of cupcakes he got. Eric tells him to watch the floor as Serena fell earlier. Eric tells him about Nicole coming to apologize. Daniel says she apologized to him as well. Daniel assures him that they are okay. Daniel looks at some of Eric's art pieces.

Melanie tells Serena about Clint and how she overheard him on the phone with Dr. Mandrake and he said he was keeping his eye on all. Melanie thinks it has to do with Theresa and it sounded like a conversation with a boss. Melanie shows her the picture. Melanie asks if she could get information on Dr. Mandrake which Serena says is no problem.

Theresa tells Clint that was fun and took her mind off of her problems. She asks if he wants to go eat but Clint is uninterested and says he can't as he has to go. Clint tells her he's leaving Salem and walks out.

Will tells Marlena that Sonny seems good. Marlena agrees and says he's been through a lot. Will worries about him pushing himself to remember what happened that night. Marlena says he might remember or it might never come back to him which he has to be prepared for. Marlena adds that remembering might not make things any easier. They exit through the elevator.

Derrick finds Paul outside his room and says there's something he thinks he should know about Sonny.

Hope pulls away from Aiden and tries to run but Aiden catches her.

Serena asks Melanie how she and Brady are. Melanie says they are great and asks about her and Eric. Serena says they are mostly great. Melanie asks if it has something to do with Nicole. Serena says it would be easy to blame Nicole but she keeps coming around to apologize but it's not just her. Serena thinks maybe it's her. She says they were so close in Africa and she thought he was the one who changed but maybe it's her.

John says he's not here to lecture as he promised to stay out of his life. John says what he knows about Melanie he likes so he's glad if he's happy. Brady assures that they are and she's the most fun woman he's ever been with. Brady calls her a great person and still his best friend. Brady adds that she helped him out a lot today. John asks how. Brady says John is probably the one person who could understand this. Brady talks about thinking he had erased all of Kristen's memories and then shows him the adoption paper that came in.

Theresa goes after Clint and asks how long he's going to be gone. Clint tells her that he's not coming back. Clint thought she was just about good times and fun. Theresa questions him just leaving. Clint says he didn't have to tell her and could have just left. Theresa worries that this will be embarrassing for her. Clint walks out on her.

Aiden tells Hope that he doesn't know what she thinks he knows and isn't going to let her go. Aiden tells Hope that Meredith was a liar who could be very convincing. Hope apologizes and says he's right that they should talk. Hope apologizes for overreacting. Aiden asks to just sit down and talk. Hope instead grabs the knife and warns him not to come near her.

Paul tells Derrick that Sonny is going to be alright. Derrick informs him that it's his fault. Paul asks how that could be. Derrick explains that he saw Sonny at the club and he told him about Paul being with another guy so he stormed out and got stabbed. Paul doesn't think it makes sense since they were together a long time ago. Derrick feels Sonny went nuts and got really jealous because he's still in love with him.

Will returns to Sonny, who is now asleep. Will's phone goes off which wakes Sonny. Sonny doesn't want to be asleep when Will is there anyways. Will gets the text that the article is online. Sonny wants to read it. Will grabs his tablet and opens the article. Sonny asks if he's going to let him see it or not.

Daniel comments on Eric's elephant statue. Eric says he and Serena each had one and talks about it being for luck. Eric talks about he and Serena going at a good pace and getting to know each other better each day.

Melanie asks Serena what makes her think she changed. Serena just says people change. Serena finds a page on Dr. Mandrake online. They find out that he's a fertility expert.

Dr. Mandrake gets a call from Clint. Clint tells him that he's taking off and hopes Kristen will be happy with his work. Mandrake says as long as Theresa doesn't remember what happened, they are all happy.

Theresa pours herself a drink and then smashes it against the wall. She comments that the cheap glass was worth more than Clint. She drinks from the bottle and complains that she hates Clint, Daniel, JJ, Paul, and every other man she's met in this town. Theresa declares most of all, she hates Brady.

Brady tells John that the adoption letter slammed him back to that time when he thought he could happy with Kristen and have a family together. Brady is thankful the adoption didn't come through as he would've made the biggest mistake of his life bringing a kid in to that mess. John tells him that it didn't happen and now he has Melanie. Brady declares that Kristen is out of his life for good.

Hope warns Aiden to stay away from her and threatens to use the knife. Aiden doesn't think so. Hope accuses him of lying to her about Meredith all along. Aiden grabs her but she fights him off. Aiden shouts back and admits that he has been lying.

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