Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/13/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/13/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie tells Brady they have to stop or they're not going to get out as they kiss until there's a knock at the door and Melanie wonders what now.

Theresa finds Daniel in a waiting room at the hospital. Daniel tells her that he's busy. She comments on Daniel working to keep his mind off what Brady is doing to Melanie.

Eric listens to Nicole's message that she's coming to his apartment to apologize in person. He wonders if she knows Serena is there.

Serena goes to Eric's apartment and pulls out her copy of the elephant statue to switch out with Eric's real one. She heads for the bedroom but trips on the rug and falls down. Nicole then enters the apartment and sees her on the ground. Nicole offers to help her up but Serena tells her to get away from her.

Chad meets with Ben at the Pub. Ben asks what he wants. Chad wants to talk some sense in to him before Jordan and Abigail get hurt.

At the hospital, Abigail asks Jordan if she's talked to Chad. Jordan says no and she's not sure she ever will again. Abigail wishes she would talk to Ben as Chad offered a lawyer to help with Ben's case. Jordan comments that Clyde made the same offer but then disappeared. Abigail informs her that Clyde is back.

Hope continues watching Meredith's video where she talks about keeping a gun under her pillow as Aiden then came home in the video, demanding Meredith open the door. At the same time, Aiden comes back to the cabin and knocks on the door, startling Hope as he calls for her to open the door. Hope gets up as Aiden comes in and asks if something's wrong.

Eric calls Nicole but gets her voicemail.

Serena questions if Nicole was following her. Nicole says she didn't know she was there and just asked if she needed help. Serena says she doesn't so she can turn around and leave. Nicole first asks what she's hiding.

Daniel questions why he would talk to Theresa when he doesn't like her, trust her, or care what she thinks. Daniel suggests she keep her distance from him. Theresa tells him that they both know Brady will hurt Melanie just like he's hurt every woman he's been with.

Henderson brings the mail to Brady and exits. Brady checks the mail and finds an envelope that makes him stop completely.

Hope apologizes to Aiden for not getting the door and claims she wasn't feeling well. She tells him that she forgot to make breakfast. Aiden asks if she's getting sick. Hope says she feels much better now. Aiden goes to get more bags from the car. Hope tries her phone but has no signal.


Ben doesn't believe Chad cares about anyone but himself so he's not interested in his help. Chad hopes he won't need his help. Chad tells him that the DA could force him to say what he said to him. Chad asks if Ben wants it all over the internet that he said his sister is better in bed than his girlfriend.

Jordan questions Chad picking a fight with Ben because he was mad at her. Abigail doesn't think Chad was thinking. Jordan says at least she knows where Ben's anger comes from but she doesn't understand Chad at all. Abigail agrees that he's not an open book. Jordan talks about Chad's hard upbringing. Abigail questions her not knowing about his family but doesn't feel it's her place to tell. Jordan says she just wants to know why Chad is the way he is.

Aiden returns and tells Hope that it will be at least another night to fix the bridge maybe even two. Aiden says they will be there for awhile.

Melanie asks Brady what it is. He says it's nothing. Melanie questions the look on his face. Brady calls it something from the past not to worry about. Melanie says she's worried now as they promised they wouldn't let anything get in the way of their friendship. Melanie questions him not telling her why he's upset. Brady agrees and shows her the envelope.

Daniel tells Theresa that she doesn't know Brady at all as she doesn't think about other people. Theresa questions how he knows what she does or doesn't know about Brady. Daniel says he knows how she thinks because of what she did to him.

Serena tells Nicole that she's not hiding anything from her. Nicole points out that she shoved something in her bag as soon as she saw her. Serena calls it a surprise from Eric that is private and personal. Serena doesn't want Nicole knowing anything as she doesn't trust her. Serena accuses Nicole of always having an excuse to get in to her personal business. Serena asks how stupid she thinks she is. Nicole decides it's a bad time and goes to leave as Eric arrives.

Hope asks Aiden if she can use his phone but Aiden reveals he dropped his phone in the parking lot so it's not working. Hope decides she can drive to the payphone but Aiden offers to drive her. Aiden tells her to relax while he unpacks the groceries. Hope decides to go take a walk for some fresh air.

Daniel brings up when Theresa first showed up and wanted to mess with Jennifer while not caring who she hurt so he doesn't believe she cares about Brady. She calls him smug and judgmental. Daniel argues that she was all about the money with Brady. Daniel tells her that she's not capable of thinking or caring about another person. Daniel calls her pathetic.

Melanie sees Brady's envelope is from an adoption agency that says urgent. Brady calls it a screwup from his past. Brady tells her about Kristen wanting to adopt which is why he contacted that agency. Melanie points out that it says urgent. Brady calls it a mistake. Melanie opens it and tells Brady that they say they have a little girl that would be a perfect match for him. Brady responds that maybe she would have been but not now. Brady says he was sure of what he wanted back then but now he's only sure that his judgment can really suck. Brady remembers she has to get to work. She asks if he's going to be okay. He says he'll be fine and kisses her as she exits. Brady looks back at the letter.

Eric guesses they were fighting. Nicole explains what happened. Serena assures she was fine and accuses Nicole of spying on her. Nicole explains that she left Eric a message that she was coming over. Serena admits she may have overreacted. Nicole decides she'll talk to him later and just wanted to say she's sorry. Eric points out that she already has. Nicole gets a call from her boss and says she has to go. Nicole tells Serena that she really hopes Eric likes his present as she exits. Eric asks Serena what present.

Melanie goes to the hospital and talks on the phone with Brady about being sorry that he got reminded of the family he thought he would have with Kristen. Brady calls it the past and wants to focus on their future. Melanie agrees and says she'll see him after work and she loves him. Theresa approaches Melanie and mocks Brady thinking he could start a family with Kristen. Clint appears and watches from a distance.

Eric asks Serena about having a present for him. Serena explains that she had a surprise that she was going to make him a nice lunch. Serena tells him not to be mad at Nicole because she overreacted. Serena admits that Nicole nicely offered to help. Eric calls her good at being sincere. Eric suggests talking about Nicole one more time and then never again.

Nicole goes to the club on the phone with her boss Miles. Nicole refuses to cover Sonny's stabbing as she won't exploit his family. She tells him to forget it and hangs up. She turns around and runs in to Daniel.

Abigail explains to Jordan how Chad found out things about his mother's past and how she died so he feels like he killed his own mother because they argued. Jordan thinks back to Clyde telling her that she killed her mother. Abigail continues about how Chad got pulled in to the DiMera house and then losing his brother and sister. Abigail apologizes and says she has to talk to Ben. She's sorry for dumping all of that on her and taking off. Jordan thanks her and tells her to let her know how it goes with Ben. Abigail exits. Jordan comments it's no wonder that Chad hates talking about the past.

Ben doesn't want it to come out that Chad compared Jordan and Abigail in bed but he would like the whole world to know how much of a tool he is. Chad offers his help but Ben tells him that Clyde has a lawyer for him so Chad's help isn't needed. Ben tells Chad to just go away. Chad says he will if he just agrees to consider his lawyer. Ben says he'll say whatever it takes to make him leave. Chad asks about his lawyer's name. Ben tells him it's Aiden Jennings.

Hope takes a walk and thinks about Meredith's video while looking scared.

Aiden sits down with a drink. He looks over and finds Meredith's recording left on the couch. He looks through the window and sees Hope walk by. Aiden then plays the video and begins to panic.

Eric tells Serena that he only wants to talk about Nicole because of her. Eric doesn't trust Nicole or believe a word she says about anything. Eric wants to be able to get close to someone again but doesn't know if he can because opening up to Nicole really screwed him up. Serena argues it wasn't his fault. Eric says things like today made him realize that it could take him years to get over what happened.

Daniel tells Nicole he assumed she was at the hospital to cover the story. Nicole says she's not a serious journalist like Serena. Daniel points out her boss wanting her to cover the story. Nicole says that was only because she could get quotes from Sonny's family. Daniel agrees they've been through enough. Nicole says it's because he cares so much about them. Nicole admits she refused to do the story because of him.

Melanie questions where Theresa gets off thinking what kind of parent Brady would be. Theresa talks about Brady not using protection with her and having a pregnancy scare. Melanie thinks Brady is grateful. Theresa argues that Brady knows no kid should be saddled with him as dad and she calls him a loser.

Abigail joins Ben at the Pub and asks if Aiden has answered any of his calls. Ben tells her that Aiden is out of town so Abigail asks him to think about letting Chad help him.

Jordan finds Chad at the hospital and notes that she hasn't seen him in awhile but she's glad to see him. Chad says he has business with the board. He tells her about offering Ben a lawyer but he turned him down and he can't blame him since he started the whole mess. Jordan thinks they can share the blame. Chad wishes he could stop it before trial. Chad asks her to talk to Ben for him as he really thinks his lawyer could stop this before the hearing. Jordan thanks him and says what he's doing is really kind.

Hope stops outside the cabin and tells herself not to jump to conclusions and goes over both sides of the situation. Hope tells herself that she knows and trusts Aiden. Hope heads back inside but Aiden is no longer there.

Serena tells Eric that he's one in a million. She calls him honest, open, and a completely nice person so she's sorry for what Nicole did to him. Serena hopes she never hurts him. Eric doesn't think that's possible. Serena goes back to making lunch. Eric gets a call that the gas is being turned off for repair which Serena is disappointed by.

Nicole tells Daniel that she did a selfish thing. Daniel questions her being honest with him. Nicole says she just wants to be who she wants him to think she is. Nicole knows she's blown everything with him forever but says there is something she can do and that's prove that she's learned from her mistakes. She doesn't want to hurt him ever again even in the smallest way. She says after everything they've been through and the awful things she's done, something is finally clear. Nicole tells Daniel that she loves him now more than she ever has.

Clint joins Theresa and asks if she's ready to go. She says she is so ready and goes to grab her coat. Clint questions Melanie what they were talking about. Melanie doesn't think it's his business. Clint doesn't like people being in Theresa's face and warns that he's looking out for her. Melanie thinks back to hearing Clint's call to Dr. Mandrake. Clint exits with Theresa. Melanie wonders why Clint is looking after Theresa.

Hope calls out to Aiden and thinks back to watching Meredith's video. She checks the closet but it's still locked. She grabs a pick and unlocks the closet where she finds the axe.

Ben doesn't get why Abigail thinks Chad has all the answers. She tells him it's not about Chad but about how much she loves him.

Chad tells Jordan that if he was a kind person, he wouldn't have to be doing this. Jordan thinks he's kind in his heart. Chad argues that he does things to get what he wants and right now he wants her back more than anything but he's not going to turn in to someone else. Chad tells her that is never going to happen and exits.

Serena tells Eric that they will do lunch another time. Eric offers to walk her back to the hospital but she says she has to stop by her hotel first. Eric remembers to get his key back from her as she exits.

Daniel doesn't know what to say. Nicole tells him he doesn't have to say anything as she knows it changes nothing. She says even if he never speaks to her again, she just hopes someday he'll know that he changed her for the better. Nicole then exits.

Clint and Theresa walk through the town square. Theresa sees Brady across the square and asks Clint to go get her a drink. Theresa then confronts Brady and says she overheard Melanie on the phone about the botched adoption offer. Theresa remarks that she'd feel sorry for any kid who has him as a father.

Melanie goes home and searches Dr. Mandrake online.

Hope looks at the axe and says there has to be another explanation. She puts it back in the closet and shuts it. Aiden then appears behind her.

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