Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/12/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/12/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope sneaks downstairs first thing in the morning and goes to the closet but it's locked. She approaches the desk and thinks back to Meredith's video. Aiden then comes downstairs and says he slept like a baby and asks about her.

Melanie goes in to the living room at the Kiriakis Mansion where Brady has left her a present. Brady comes in behind her and tells her to open it. Melanie says she already got a gift from him as they kiss.

Daniel calls Jennifer from home and leaves a message, thanking her for talking to him about Nicole. Daniel says he has some clothes to donate to her church drive. He hangs up as Eric arrives. Eric says he heard about Sonny and how Daniel saved his life so they are all very grateful. Eric then states that he's here to talk about Nicole so Daniel invites him in.

Serena talks on the phone about her plan to switch Eric's statue and says that no one has any idea what she's planning. She hangs up as Nicole arrives at her door.

Kayla and Paige eat together at the club. Paige suddenly starts crying and Kayla wants her to talk to her, asking if it's JJ.

Abigail talks to Jennifer at home about Sonny being okay. Abigail says it's a miracle but he's going to be fine. Jennifer asks if she knows where JJ is.

JJ wakes up in bed with Eve.

Daniel tells Eric about he and Nicole being history after her last stunt with Serena. Daniel knows Eric tried to warn him but he wouldn't listen even though he should've.

Nicole bets Serena is surprised to see her. Nicole says she needed to speak to her one last time. Serena tells her she's not pressing charges and already destroyed the flashdrive. Nicole says that's not what this is about as she came to by to apologize and that she was all wrong about her.

Kayla knows it's a hard time for Paige. Paige says she just hates every minute of it. Paige brings up JJ hooking up with another girl while she was in California. Kayla tells her that Eve explained it to her. Paige asks Kayla if she knows who JJ's other girl is. Kayla says she doesn't. Paige tells her that JJ won't tell her but she's going to find out and she won't stop until she knows the truth.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she hasn't seen JJ and suggests maybe he slept in. Jennifer says she checked and he's not home. She adds that it looks like he didn't sleep in his bed and she found his phone by the door.

JJ gets out of Eve's bed and gets dressed as Eve then wakes up.

Melanie opens Brady's gift and it's a do not disturb sign. Brady tells her it's something to remind her of their first night together. Melanie thanks him and says she doesn't need something to remind her of that night. They are glad they didn't wait. Brady suggests they blow off work and celebrate all day. Melanie agrees and they kiss.

Hope tells Aiden that she slept pretty well. Aiden notes that she's up early. Hope says she wanted information on the bridge. Aiden tells her it looks like it will be another day or two so she's stuck with him. Hope says she's sorry because she knows he had a lot to take care of. Aiden tells her it's no problem. Hope offers to help with what he has to do and asks if his tools are in the closet. Aiden thinks back to hiding the axe and shovel and locking it. Aiden tells Hope that there's no need and suggests going to check out the bridge and then going for breakfast. Hope suggests Aiden check the bridge instead while she makes him breakfast to come back to. Aiden agrees but then asks her what's wrong.

Daniel tells Eric that he and Nicole had a deal that what they had going would come to a complete halt if she wasn't completely over Eric and she couldn't let go. Eric says he's sorry. Daniel talks about what happened to Sonny putting things in perspective. Daniel asks how Eric is doing with Serena. Eric compares it to a bumpy ride that is getting smoother.

Serena questions Nicole. Nicole insists that she doesn't have a hidden agenda. Serena asks if it has anything to do with her trying to get back with Daniel. Serena asks if she still wants Daniel back. Nicole says this whole thing was so confusing. Serena thanks her for coming by and accepts her apology then quickly says bye and shuts the door. Serena goes back to her safe and pulls out the elephant statue she plans to switch. She states maybe she's making this too complicated. Outside her room, Nicole calls Eric as she walks off.

Eric tells Daniel that he never wants them to be at odds again. Daniel says it's all good. Eric asks about Daniel getting rid of old clothes. Eric recognizes one of Daniel's art pieces and they talk about Serena convincing Eric to get out some of his old African art pieces that carry some good memories.

Serena sits down with the statue.

Abigail suggests that one of JJ's friends found his phone. Jennifer wonders if it fell out of his pocket when he left. Jennifer wishes she had JJ's password since he won't talk to her about Paige. Abigail doesn't think things are going to change. Abigail then suggests maybe JJ didn't sleep in his bed last night because he was with Paige.

Paige tells Kayla about JJ claiming he's hooking up with this girl all the time now. Paige argues that it doesn't make sense and he's lying about something. Paige says she has to know who the girl is and she will.

JJ searches Eve's for his phone and worries about losing it. They call last night a screwup and talk about Paige not walking in on them. JJ gives up and exits.

Hope apologizes to Aiden as she knows he has so many memories in the cabin with Meredith and she's trying to be respectful. Aiden thanks her and decides to go check on the bridge. Aiden exits. Hope wonders if Meredith's video could be just another lie and questions not telling Aiden about it. Hope locks the door and goes back to the drawer. She pulls out the video and plugs it back in. Hope resumes the video where Meredith talks about marrying Aiden when he was charming until he changed. Meredith states that Aiden wanted her dead and she had proof.

Brady and Melanie continue kissing. Melanie stops and says they need to be careful not to miss the whole day. Melanie says they have to go. Brady agrees they should do something as they continue kissing. They go to leave as Nicole arrives. Brady gets a work call and steps out to take it. Melanie lets Nicole know that Daniel already knows she and Brady are together. Nicole says she's glad for her which surprises Melanie. Nicole says they deserve to be happy. Brady comes back in and asks why Nicole came over. Nicole says it won't be easy to explain.

Eric goes to the hospital where he runs in to Serena. Serena asks if he got her text but he forgot to turn his phone back on. Serena says she just hoped Sonny was okay. Eric tells her that he's awake and improving. Serena asks if he's free later to make up for the craziness last night. She offers to make lunch. Eric tells her she doesn't have to but she insists. She reminds him of their time in the Congo and agrees to make him lunch at his place.

Kayla tells Paige to let her know if she can help her in any way but she can't help but wonder if there's someone who could help more than she could. Kayla suggests Eve which Paige laughs at. Eve then enters the club.

Jennifer and Abigail look at JJ's phone until JJ comes home. JJ is surprised Jennifer is home and hugs her. Jennifer mentions coming home early when she heard about Sonny. JJ sees they found his phone and is relieved. Jennifer mentions finding it and asks where he was last night.

Serena tells Eric that she will have lunch all ready for him by the time he's done at the hospital so Eric gives her the key to his apartment and says he'll see her in an hour.

Nicole tells Brady that she came because he's her friend and probably the only one she has left. Nicole says she's been acting like an idiot lately with Serena and Eric. She adds there's no excuse for what she did to Daniel. Brady asks what she did. Nicole explains how she went after Serena without checking her story. Nicole says Serena was unhappy and Eric was furious. Nicole states that she will do whatever it takes to make it better. She hopes they don't hate her and that they could someday forgive her.

Hope continues watching Meredith's video where she talks about Aiden trying to poison her with antifreeze in her wine, mentioning a cabinet under the stairs so Hope goes and checks the cabinet. Hope finds the antifreeze that Meredith mentioned in a brown paper bag.

Daniel looks through his box of clothes to donate and finds the jacket that JJ borrowed before.

Paige questions what Eve is doing there. Eve admits she called Daphne to find out where she was. Eve wants to fix things but Paige tells her that she needs space. Eve asks if she's discussing her internship with Kayla. Paige tells her it's not important and tells her to go so Eve exits.

JJ claims he was there last night but woke up early, made his bed, and went to the library. Jennifer questions him not noticing his phone. JJ assumes it fell out of his pocket. Jennifer hugs him and tells him she's always there if he needs to talk. Jennifer then leaves for the hospital. Abigail tells JJ that he can lie to Jennifer all he wants but he doesn't get to lie to her.

Paige complains to Kayla that all Eve does is go on about guys being bad for her. Paige brings up Eve going off on Cole when she's never met him. Kayla thinks she's just being protective. Paige calls Eve a hypocrite. Kayla knows Eve has made mistakes in her life. Paige says everyone knows Eve is easy as she spent a lot of time growing up meeting her mom's boyfriends. Paige states maybe that has something to do with this as she never met the last guy she hooked up with. Paige recalls knowing a man was hiding in Eve's bedroom a few months ago.

Abigail reminds JJ that she saw him yesterday wearing the same clothes. JJ says he doesn't have to answer to her. Abigail says she was just wondering where he was. JJ admits he went and saw Paige but assures it's definitely over. Abigail doesn't buy it and says he was obviously with someone. She asks who it was and if it was the other girl he hooked up. JJ admits that it was.

Eve walks through the town square and comes across Daniel. Eve comments on the nice day and notes he has a toy for Parker. Eve says Paige likes babysitting for Parker. Eve knows they've hit a few bumps in the road but says it's all in the past. Eve says most importantly they both really care about Paige. Eve says she and Paige aren't talking these days because of JJ. Eve talks about Paige blaming her for the breakup while Daniel has a strong relationship with Paige. Eve asks Daniel to speak up for her a little with Paige. Daniel notes it must be pretty serious if she's coming to him for help.

Hope argues that the antifreeze proves nothing as Meredith could've planted it. Hope puts it back and goes back to watching the video. Meredith talks about making an appointment with a doctor and stopping Aiden from poisoning her but that only meant he'd find another way to kill her.

Melanie tells Brady that was weird even for Nicole. Brady suggests they get out as planned. Melanie agrees and they kiss.

Daniel tells Eve that he can't help her. Eve questions if he can't or won't. Daniel says she should realize there is zero he can do to help her even if he tried. Daniel tells her it's up to only her to fix things with Paige and then walks away.

JJ tells Abigail that he doesn't see himself hooking up with the other girl again or at least he hopes not. She questions what that means. JJ doesn't know what he's going to do and walks off upstairs, leaving Abigail confused.

Paige tells Kayla about knowing a guy was in Eve's bedroom but how Eve was acting so strange. Paige remembers seeing the coat on the back of a chair which made her realize Eve was with a guy. Paige says she'll never forget the coat, which is in Daniel's donation box.

Hope continues watching Meredith's video where she talks about worrying that Aiden would strangle her in her sleep and mentions the axe in the closet. She talks about keeping a gun under her pillow as Aiden then came home in the video, demanding Meredith open the door. At the same time, Aiden comes back to the cabin and knocks on the door, startling Hope as he calls for her to open the door.

Eric checks his phone and has a voicemail from Nicole, who says she knows she needs to make amends and hopes he doesn't mind what she's about to do until she can.

Serena goes to Eric's apartment and pulls out her copy of the elephant statue to switch out with Eric's real one. She heads for the bedroom but trips on the rug and falls down. Nicole then enters the apartment and sees her on the ground.

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