Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/11/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/11/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope presses play to see a video of Meredith saying she is terrified that her husband is planning to kill her. Meredith continues saying not to believe it was an accident. Aiden calls out from upstairs and says he'll just be a few more minutes. Hope resumes the video where Meredith says everyone loves Aiden but they don't know what she knows and calls him a monster.

Kate asks Lucas what exactly is going on between he and Adrienne. Kate says she saw what she saw. Lucas says he's just trying to be a friend. Kate questions how Will will take him hitting on Adrienne. Lucas insists there's nothing going on between them. Kate tells him not to lie to her.

Derrick walks through the town square and stops when he sees Paul. He thinks back to telling Sonny that Will is Paul's lover. Derrick asks Paul how things ended up with his friend.

Abe asks if Sonny can ask a few questions about what happened tonight. Adrienne asks what he's thinking. Abe tells him to take his time and let it come to him. Adrienne agrees not to push himself.

Victor goes to the chapel and sits down when suddenly Clyde appears behind him and says it's a shame about his nephew. Victor turns around as Clyde comments that he looks like he's seen a ghost.

Cole tells her that he knows who JJ has been sleeping with. Paige asks how he knows. Cole says it wasn't hard to figure out and for all he knows, they're together right now.

JJ and Eve end up in bed again having sex.

Cole reveals that he checked JJ's texts and says when you read them, it's pretty obvious who it is. Paige says she never told him to do that. Cole tells her it's the way to find out so Paige agrees that she's ready to hear it. Cole asks if she's sure because she's not going to like this.

JJ and Eve continue having sex until JJ sees a photo of Paige on the table. Eve asks what happened but JJ blows it off and kisses her.

Hope finishes the video where Meredith says not to let Aiden know the truth or he'll go after them too. Aiden then comes downstairs as Hope puts it away.

Victor asks Clyde what he wants. Clyde tells him that Damon isn't going to make it. Victor says he's not making any sense. Clyde reveals that he texted Victor from Damon's phone. Victor asks where Damon is. Clyde says they will get to that but right now, they are going to talk about what he had Damon do to him.

Paul doesn't know what Derrick is talking about. Derrick hopes he didn't screw things up. Paul says he can't talk now as it's a bad time Paul steps aside and calls the hospital for an update on Sonny.

Adrienne and Will worry about pushing Sonny too soon. Sonny then speaks, asking Will where he was.

Lucas tells Kate that he's friends with Adrienne and he's allowed to have friends. Kate suggests asking Justin how he feels about that. Kate tells him they will have this conversation later but Lucas says they won't because she's inventing things that aren't there. Lucas storms out and Kate follows.

Will thinks back to being in Paul's room and tells Sonny that he was working on the big story. Will asks what he was doing in the town square and if he was looking for him. Kate enters the room with Lucas. Sonny says he doesn't know and maybe that was it. Sonny asks what he's doing here and what happened to him.

Clyde notes Victor not saying anything so he takes it as not denying the order to have him killed. Victor argues that he can't prove anything. Clyde says they know what happened. Clyde tells Victor to tell his man not to aim at his chest but at the head unless of course it's a knife then he wants to stick it behind and points to where Sonny was stabbed. Victor calls him a son of a bitch.

Aiden talks about not finding the phone charger and complains about Bree. Aiden brings up Meredith's drinking, their fights, and how out of control she was at the end. Aiden talks about the lies she spread while drunk. Aiden hoped that moving to Salem would put all of this behind he and Chase. Aiden thinks there's some things he will always have to carry with him like sorrow, regret, and the tragedy of it. Aiden states that Meredith didn't deserve to die and certainly not like that.

Paige tells Cole not to play games with her about this. Cole says he's not as he just wants to make sure she really wants to hear it. Paige realizes it's someone she knows. Paige says she doesn't care as anything is better than driving herself crazy to figure out and suspecting everyone. Paige asks Cole to tell her right now, no matter who it is.

JJ and Eve finish having sex and lay in bed together. Eve doesn't feel like talking about this and says he knows where the door is as she's sure he can't get out fast enough. JJ responds that he's in no hurry.

Cole informs Paige that it's Daphne. Paige argues that it can't be her. Cole shows her JJ's phone with his texts to Daphne. Paige cries that she can't believe this and drops the phone then runs off. Cole follows after her.

Aiden tells Hope that he should've stood his ground with Chase and never brought them here. Aiden wants to sell this place and look ahead to the future. Aiden suggests getting out for awhile. Aiden adds that he will protect her. Hope goes to look for a heavier jacket in the closet. Aiden remembers hiding the axe and shovel and forcefully stops her from opening the closet.

Paul sits in the Pub, trying to get an update on Sonny but is told that only family can know. Paul thinks back to Sonny stopping by when he had Will over. Paul remarks on screwing things up.

Victor yells at Clyde that Sonny is family and family is off limits. Clyde says Victor started with coming after people, not him. Clyde says Sonny caught a break but he wonders about Brady, Ciara, or Maggie. Victor warns him. Clyde threatens that if he comes after him again, it won't be a knife but a bullet to the head. Clyde says nothing is off limits because he came after him. Clyde says if he takes him out, he has guys too that will get even. Clyde adds that he'll never see him coming just like Sonny didn't.

Abe asks Sonny what the last thing he remembers is. Sonny talks about being at the club and thinking about Arianna. Sonny looks down and realizes his wedding ring is gone.

Clyde reaches in to his pocket and tosses Sonny's wedding ring to the floor as he walks out of the chapel.

Hope questions why Aiden shut the closet. Aiden shows her where his jacket is and anything is the closet is probably Meredith's. Hope asks about what he's going to wear. Aiden says he doesn't feel the cold. Hope eyes the closet as they walk out together.

Will promises Sonny that the minute he gets out, he will buy him a new ring. Kayla suggests giving Sonny some rest. Adrienne tells him that Justin is on his way home. Kate looks at Lucas. Abe tells Sonny to call him if he remembers anything as they will get whoever did this to him. Kate tells him to get better. Lucas adds that he and Will are going to make sure Arianna knows he's coming home. Everyone leaves but Sonny asks Will not to go yet so he stays.

Kate goes to the chapel and finds Victor. Kate says she's been looking all over for him. Victor says she's found him. Kate tells him that Sonny is awake. Victor asks if he's alright. Kate tells him that he's going to be okay. Victor asks if he said anything. Kate says all he remembers is being in the club. Kate thought he would be happier about it. Victor assures that he is happy. Kate gets a call from Clyde and steps out. She asks where he's been hiding himself.

Sonny asks Will to stare at him until he falls asleep. Will says he has nowhere else to be. Sonny reminds him that he'll be okay. Will responds that if he lost him, he'd be lost too.

Kate asks Clyde where he's been. He says he had business to take care of but offers to come over and keep her entertained. Kate says she won't be long and hangs up. Victor tells her that he knows exactly who was on the phone. Kate says he and Clyde will never get along. Victor thanks her for telling him about Sonny. Kate knows how much he loves him. Kate then exits. Victor picks up Sonny's wedding ring.

Eve questions why JJ would want to stick around. JJ says he doesn't but he doesn't have any reason to go. Eve asks what that means. JJ asks if he's supposed to go to the club and hit on some new chicks. JJ asks what's the point when he only wants Paige even if he can't have her. JJ says there's no point with someone new as it won't go anywhere. JJ adds that he doesn't want Paige to see him with someone new as he doesn't want to hurt her. Eve points out that she already thinks he's seeing someone anyway. JJ still doesn't want her to see him with anyone as it will keep it going. JJ thinks she will eventually forget about him and everything. Eve asks if he's sure about that. JJ says he's not sure about anything as he's taking things one step at a time and doesn't have answers. JJ lays back down in bed with her.

Paige confronts Daphne at the nightclub with Cole. Paige accuses Daphne of texting JJ and says she knows she was the one he was with. Daphne questions the crazy idea. Paige reveals she saw JJ's phone. Daphne explains that JJ has been texting, asking about Paige, and then she ignored the rest of his texts. Paige realizes she read the texts wrong. Cole takes the blame. Paige apologizes to Daphne. Daphne gets that she doesn't trust anybody. Paige hugs her and says she should've known it wasn't her. Daphne suggests getting back to the dorm. Paige says she'll meet her there as there is something she needs to do first. Paige apologizes and exits.

Aiden and Hope return to the beach house. Aiden asks if she's ready to call it a night as the guest room is ready. Hope calls it a pretty long day. Aiden hopes the bridge will be open in the morning so she can get out. They then head upstairs.

Paul calls Adrienne and asks how Sonny is. She tells him that he's awake and alert and the doctors say he's going to be fine. Adrienne adds that Paul's blood saved Sonny's life and she will always be grateful for that. Paul says he will be leaving Salem for good soon as he doesn't want to complicate things for Sonny. Adrienne wishes him the best. Paul says he wants that for Sonny too.

Sonny asks Will if he's sure he's okay to stay. Will tells him the article is done. Sonny comments that he doesn't look very happy about it. Will is happy that it's behind him but part of him wishes he never got the assignment. Sonny asks why as it was such a big deal. Will thinks back to sleeping with Paul and turns away. Sonny asks if something went wrong.

Clyde returns home and looks in the mirror at his bullet wound. He thinks back to waking up in the snow and being found by Jeremiah. Kate then arrives.

Eve grabs some water bottles as Paige shows up, surprising Eve. JJ hears from bed as Eve says she thought Paige was staying at the dorm. Paige asks if she's interrupting something as she points out two water bottles in her hand.

Hope sneaks back downstairs and goes for the closet but it is now locked. She then approaches the desk but Aiden calls out for her. Aiden comes down and asks what she's doing.

Adrienne thanks Lucas for being there as she doesn't know what she would've done otherwise. Lucas says no one should have to go through this alone. Adrienne worries that she would've fallen apart. Lucas encourages her and brings up Justin coming home. Lucas adds that she doesn't have to worry about him. Adrienne decides she should get home and rest. Lucas decides to stay and make some calls. Adrienne says goodnight and thanks him again. Lucas adds that he thinks Sonny will be a lot stronger in the morning when he sees her. She thanks him and they say goodnight as she then exits.

Kate kisses Clyde as he calls her a sight for sore eyes. Kate tells him that he's not allowed to disappear on her anymore. Kate feels his chest and asks what happened. Clyde claims he slipped on some ice. Kate notes it being where his heart is and calls it sexy as they continue kissing.

Victor walks through the town square with Abe and Roman, asking about still thinking Sonny was attacked by a junkie. Abe says they haven't found any witnesses. Roman adds that they aren't giving up as good people shouldn't be stabbed in the town square. Roman and Abe walk off. Victor pulls out Sonny's wedding ring and wipes it off, then dumps it on the floor nearby.

Sonny doesn't understand. Will feels the article took him away from he and Arianna too much. Will mentions not visiting Gabi in way too long. Sonny says he can make it up to them now. Will assures that he intends to. Will felt that way even before he was hurt. Will is glad he wrote the article as it will do a lot of good for a lot of people but worries about if he had lost him. Sonny tells him that he didn't. Sonny says it's just so weird that he can't remember anything. Will suggests it's better that way. Sonny responds maybe it is. Will kisses his head as he falls asleep.

Paul remains at the Pub, finishing a drink and thinks back to being with Sonny.

Eve claims to Paige that she's just so used to bringing her a bottle of water. JJ listens from the bedroom. Eve can't believe Paige isn't living with her anymore and asks if she's back because she's not happy. Paige says she only came back for her laptop charger. Eve asks her to stay awhile but Paige doesn't want to hear how great it is that she and JJ broke up. Paige tells her she got what she wanted so she hopes she's happy and then storms out. JJ comes out of the bedroom. Eve realizes he heard. Eve states that Paige won't be back.

Hope tells Aiden that she came for water before bed. Aiden informs her that she left one in her room. Hope guesses she didn't see it. Aiden says he knows her pretty well by now and she'll find everything she needs in her room. She hopes she didn't wake him by coming down. Aiden says not to worry about it as he hears everything in the night and is a light sleeper. Hope thinks back to Meredith's video. Aiden then escorts her back upstairs while Hope looks back at the drawer.

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