Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/10/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/10/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope pulls out the recording with a paper taped to it that says "to be played in the event of my death" from Meredith. She then gets a phone call from Aiden, who asks what she wanted to tell him earlier.

JJ paces at home, saying Daphne can't ignore him as he checks his phone and texts her again.

Daphne walks through the town square and gets JJ's text so she calls him. She tells him that she doesn't want to talk to him and threatens to call the cops if he doesn't stop harassing her. JJ hangs up and answers the door as Rory arrives. Rory wants to party since Jennifer is out of town. JJ decides why the hell not.

Eve questions Paige moving and calls it ridiculous. Paige says that kind of reaction is exactly why she can't stay. Eve questions where she will go. Paige says Daphne has a roommate opening and Eve can't change her mind.

Kate calls Clyde and leaves a message that she misses him and to call her soon. Kate then gets a call from Roman, who says he was trying to get a hold of her all night. Kate asks what's up. Roman informs her that Sonny is in the hospital after being attacked in the town square but it looks like he's going to be okay.

Kayla is surprised Victor and Maggie are still at the hospital and suggests they get some sleep but Victor refuses to leave until he sees with his own eyes that Sonny is alright.

Will tells Sonny that he loves him while Adrienne and Lucas stand by. Sonny wakes up and begins having a seizure. Lucas rushes out to get a doctor as Will and Adrienne worry.

Hope tells Aiden that she was just wondering when he might be back. Aiden says traffic is a mess and he hopes she found the extra phone charger. Hope says she was looking for it. The connection goes bad as Aiden says he'll be back soon and hangs up.

JJ and Rory look through albums. Rory comes across one that Paige gave him. JJ suggests getting out of here.

Eve wants to talk this through but Paige tells her that she's made up her mind and already packed up her things. Eve cries that she can't just leave her. Paige says it's the only thing she can do.

Maxine calls Kayla to Sonny's room and they rush off causing Victor and Maggie to worry.

Will and Adrienne try to assure Sonny that everything will be fine. Kayla and Maxine come in with Lucas. Kayla orders everyone to leave the room.

Eve asks Paige what she means. Paige tells her that she needs space. Eve argues that she needs her mother. Paige tells her that she's not a little kid anymore. Eve tries to encourage her. Paige tells Eve that she's ruining her life by trying to control it.

Rory and JJ go to the nightclub. Rory jokes about his fake ID. JJ sits down with his phone as Cole arrives.

Hope remembers Bree saying there was evidence that Aiden killed his wife but she's crazy. Hope thinks back to Aiden talking about Bree being out to get him. Hope realizes this has to be the message Bree was talking about and wonders what's on it. She then quickly hides it back in the drawer as Aiden returns. Aiden hugs her and asks if she's okay. Hope responds that she's not alright.

Eve tells Paige that it breaks her heart to hear that because her life is not ruined. Paige argues that she has a right to be upset at her lies. Paige blames Eve more than she blames JJ for their breakup. Paige says Eve got what she wanted and now is thrilled that she is miserable. Paige declares she can't take this anymore and gets up.

Cole spots JJ and thinks back to Paige suggesting stealing JJ's phone. Cole says to himself that it's one way to find out who he is banging. Rory tells JJ that the bartender threatened to call the cops on him so they go to leave but run in to Cole.

Victor and Maggie ask Lucas and Will what happened to Sonny. Will explains what happened. Maggie encourages that Kayla is taking care of him. Kate arrives and questions what's wrong as she thought Sonny was in the clear. Will declares that Sonny has to be okay.

Kayla tells Maxine that she doesn't like this as Sonny shouldn't be having this kind of reaction.

Eve tries to stop Paige from leaving but Paige tells her that she's not going to change her mind. Paige says Eve took the one thing she wanted the most and ruined it. Paige tells Eve that she can't even stand to look at her anymore and storms out as Eve cries.

JJ asks Cole what he wants. JJ gets a call from Eve, who orders him over to her apartment now. JJ goes to leave but Cole questions if he's afraid of him. JJ says he doesn't want any trouble. Cole thinks they should try to get along for Paige's sake. JJ gets in Cole's face as Rory holds him back and JJ agrees that he's not worth it but Cole grabs JJ's phone. Rory questions Cole thinking he has a shot with a girl like Paige. Rory and JJ exit. Cole says he's going to make sure JJ doesn't have a shot with her either.

Kayla comes out and tells everyone that Sonny is doing much better after a bad reaction to the blood work and his vitals are back to normal. Kayla calls it a minor setback and she's confident that he will make a full recovery. Adrienne hugs Will and Lucas. Kayla says they can see him but to make it brief. Victor apologizes to Will for snapping at him earlier as he knows he'd never hurt Sonny. Will thinks back to being with Paul. Kate agrees that Will would never hurt Sonny and pulls him aside. Victor asks if Adrienne has heard from Justin. She tells him that he's on the way home. Victor remarks that he was starting to think he was never coming home. Adrienne says she was too.

Kate takes Will in to the waiting room and says he has to pull this together for Sonny's sake. Will tells her that sleeping with Paul wouldn't just hurt Sonny, it would kill him. Kate tells him that's why he can never find out and he'd know by the guilt on his face. Will tells Kate that the worst of it is that he was with Paul when Sonny was attacked.

Aiden asks Hope what's wrong. She tells him that it's Bree. Aiden asks what about her. Hope informs him that she came to the door which shocks Aiden. Aiden apologizes for her harassing her now too. Aiden warns her not to answer the door if she comes back. Aiden complains about having to deal with Bree's lies and her not letting him move on with his life. Aiden decides he's going to go to Bree's house and make this stop. Aiden asks what else she said but then decides it doesn't matter as it's a lie. Aiden says he won't feed into her craziness. Aiden says he'll have the place sold soon and Bree will be out of his life. Aiden apologizes and says he's focusing on Hope from here on out.

Cole sits outside the town square with JJ's phone and unlocks it.

JJ goes to Eve's and asks what she wants now. Eve wants him to know that he's ruined her life and declares Paige is gone. JJ questions where she went.

Paige meets Daphne at the Pub. Daphne asks if she's sure about moving in. Paige says she just told Eve and she was so upset but she can't stand to be around her anymore. Paige wishes she could just get over JJ. Paige promises not to drive her crazy talking about him. Paige decides she is done talking about JJ so Daphne stops what she was going to say. Paige gets a call from Cole, who says he needs to see her tonight. Paige says she's kind of busy. Cole tells her it's about JJ and something she's definitely going to want to hear.

Will explains to Kate that he went to Paul's place to show him the article and they were celebrating the article while Sonny was attacked. Kate tells him that he's here now and there's nothing he could have done. Will worries that Sonny will start to wonder how Paul came out to him. Kate encourages Will that he has to lie for the greater good and Paul will be long gone so they can go back to their life together. Will declares sleeping with Paul to be the biggest mistake of his life and says he will make it up to Sonny if it's the last thing he does. Kate hugs him.

Victor and Maggie sit at Sonny's side. Victor praises him and credits Maggie for finding him. Victor tells Sonny that he's sorry. Victor says he was trying to make his life easier by buying the new nightclub but should've known how stubborn he would be because he's just like him. Victor promises they will figure things out and he won't try to run his life anymore. Victor then tells Sonny that he loves him.

Adrienne and Lucas talk about all that happened. They are grateful that Sonny has so much support. Lucas asks about her phone call from Justin and if she wants to talk about it but she only wants to think about Sonny. Kate watches from a distance as Lucas holds Adrienne's hand to comfort her. Kate approaches and hopes she's not interrupting anything. Kate says how thankful she is that Sonny is going to recover. Adrienne thanks her and goes to see him. Kate asks if Lucas has a minute. Kate brings up her differences with Adrienne over the years but she admires the way she has handled this situation with grace. Lucas tells her that's the kind of person she is. Lucas says he knows what Kate is thinking. Lucas says he's had problems with Adrienne in the past too but he's gotten to know her better and thinks she's a great person.

Damon texts Victor that he has some info and wants to meet in the chapel now. Victor tells Maggie to go on home. Maggie wants him to come with her but Victor insists on staying to talk to Abe about the case. Maggie knows there's no sense in arguing and agrees to see him at home later. She kisses him goodbye and exits.

Will sits at Sonny's side as Adrienne enters and asks how he's doing. Will tells her that his vitals are strong but he can't believe they came so close to losing him. Will wishes he knew who donated the blood so he could thank them. Will says whoever it was, they owe them Sonny's life. Adrienne thinks back to finding out it was Paul. Adrienne tells Will that they were very lucky.

Hope tells Aiden that there are some things they should talk about. Aiden pulls out a bottle of wine and wants to make the night special. Aiden says he's glad she's there and he can't wait for this chapter of his life to be over. Aiden goes to prepare the guest room for Hope. Hope then approaches the desk again.

Eve tells JJ that Paige went to live with Daphne. JJ is relieved as she made it seem like she moved away. Eve shouts that Paige needs her through this difficult time but JJ argues that she's the last person she needs. Eve sits down crying and says all she's ever done was for Paige and now she hates her. Eve cries about Paige getting angrier and she doesn't even know about them. JJ sits next to her and holds her as she cries.

Cole tells Paige that it's about who JJ has been seeing so Paige says she's on her way. Daphne asks what's going on. Paige tells her that she's about to find out who JJ slept with. Daphne tells her not to do it as it's making her insane. Daphne understands why it's hard to get over JJ but argues that he's changed so she needs to let him go. Daphne feels it's ruining her life and knowing who he hooked up with won't make her life any better. Daphne says she has something to take care of and will meet her later.

Eve questions what JJ is doing as this is wrong. JJ knows she hates him and he hates her just as much but they've both lost Paige and she's not coming back to them. Eve cries that she's lost her. JJ says they both have and they've paid the price. JJ adds that he's sick and tired of being alone as it hurts like hell. JJ and Eve then start kissing.

Paige meets Cole outside the town square and asks if he has a clue. Cole tells her that he knows who JJ has been sleeping with.

JJ and Eve end up in bed having sex again.

Lucas and Kate go in to the waiting room. Kate comments on Will appreciating his support and then asks what exactly is going on between he and Adrienne.

Kayla and Abe enter Sonny's room. Kayla tells Abe that he'll have to wait until tomorrow to talk to Sonny since he's not awake yet. Adrienne worries about another setback. Abe says they have to find who did this. Abe goes to leave but Sonny wakes up. Abe tells him they are all really glad he's going to be okay. Abe asks if he can ask a few questions about what happened tonight.

Victor goes to the chapel and sits down when suddenly Clyde appears behind him and says it's a shame about his nephew.

Hope sneaks back to the drawer while Aiden is away and grabs the recording. Hope quickly plugs it in and presses play to see a video of Meredith saying she is terrified that her husband is planning to kill her.

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