Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/9/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/9/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden and Hope talk at the beach house. Aiden looks out the window and comments on the bridge closing. Hope feels that he's not happy she's there.

Brady and Melanie lay in bed together and kiss.

Theresa talks on the phone with Clint. He says he'll be right there to take her out. She hangs up as Eve arrives. Eve says she needs to talk to her because Paige is so angry with her and it seems to get worse every day. Theresa asks what she wants her to do. Eve asks if she talked to her. Theresa says that she did.

JJ calls Jennifer from the hospital and tells her that Sonny is going to be okay so she doesn't have to rush home. JJ hangs up and runs in to Paige.

Will declares from now on, it's just him, Sonny, and Arianna. Will says work and everything will come after that. Will promises to never let anything come between them again.

Paul approaches Sonny's room and grabs the door handle but Adrienne stops him from entering.

Will apologizes to Sonny for this causing him to wake up to the fact that he can't live without him. Will says he's so grateful for the chance to make things right. Will adds that he's made plenty of mistakes but swears that he's learned his lesson as the only thing that matters is being with him and raising Arianna. Will just wants these last few months behind them so they can move on together.

Adrienne tells Paul that he's not going in there. Paul asks who she is. She reveals that she's Sonny's mother and she knows exactly who he is. Adrienne takes him away with her.

Paige tells JJ that she heard about Sonny and is glad he's going to be okay. JJ says he'll let her get to work but Paige says she's just picking up papers. JJ says he was just visiting Sonny and then has plans. Paige assumes it's with his girlfriend.

Eve asks what Theresa said to Paige. Theresa says she was just honest that she needs to get real that true love doesn't exist.

Brady and Melanie kiss. He asks if she's okay. She says she's great but just worried about ruining their friendship. Brady admits he's falling in love with her and she says she knows how he feels.

Clint calls Dr. Mandrake and says he's on Theresa so he has nothing to worry about as she doesn't remember what he did to her.

Theresa tells Eve that in the real world, Paige will find more wolves than princes.

Aiden asks Hope why she says that. Hope feels he seems uptight and anxious. Aiden thinks back to hiding the axe and shovel. Aiden assures that he loves spending time with her and he's sorry for her that she missed her flight but insists he's really glad she's there. Hope says he's not and she knows why.

JJ tells Paige that he's not going to see his girlfriend. Paige doesn't understand why he won't give her name. JJ is done with this conversation. Paige asks if it's a girlfriend or a friend with benefits. JJ asks why it matters when they are done. Paige questions him treating her like that as she thought he was a good person. Daphne interrupts and tells Paige that he's not worth it so they exit together.

Eve tells Theresa that Paige has learned her lesson with JJ but Paige is blaming her for their breakup. Theresa says Paige has a point about Eve dragging her to California. Eve argues that she was trying to save her. Eve adds that she didn't come for a lecture. Theresa questions her asking for advice. Theresa tells Eve that she has a date as Clint arrives and they kiss.

Brady and Melanie continue kissing in bed. They both try to talk and laugh over who goes first. Brady asks her to spend the night but Melanie says she can't and they both know why.

Adrienne takes Paul into a waiting room. Paul says he just wanted to see Sonny for a minute to make sure he's alright. She tells him that he'll be fine as long as he stays away from him. She adds that he's in there with his husband and questions how he would explain his presence. Paul says he didn't know. Adrienne reveals to Paul that she knew about he and Sonny which surprises him.

Hope tells Aiden that she understands why it's uncomfortable to have her there as she knows he came for closure. She apologizes for intruding on that. Aiden tells her not to apologize. Aiden admits the house holds a lot of memories especially for Chase. Aiden says it's hard being there alone but being with her makes it better as they hug. Aiden decides he will go to the store to get her some groceries for a meal before she leaves. Hope says he doesn't have to but he insists. Hope thanks him and says she'll make a few calls while he's gone but she forgot her phone charger. Aiden mentions having an extra charger in one of the drawers so he tells her to see what she can find. They kiss and Aiden repeats that he's really glad she is there. Hope can't think of a better place she'd rather be. Aiden assures that he'll be back soon as he exits. Hope begins checking drawers for a phone charger. Hope hears someone at the door and opens the door to see Meredith's friend, Bree.

Eve questions Theresa seeing Clint. She says he's below her already low standard. Eve warns her about her probation. Theresa calls her a prude. Eve tells her that she's dating the wrong guy. Eve says goodnight and exits. Clint asks what her problem is. Theresa says that she is just jealous. Clint suggests not wasting their time on her as they go out together.

Melanie assures Brady that she would love to spend the night with him so Brady doesn't get it. Melanie says after everything with Sonny, she doesn't want Maggie and Victor to be worried if he doesn't come home. Melanie mentions having to text Daniel where she is and they know what he would think. Brady reminds her that he gave his blessing. Melanie knows that took a lot of effort from him so she feels it would be disrespectful to freak him out. Brady says a couple years ago, Melanie would never worry about what anyone else thinks. Melanie says this is the new Melanie and asks if he's not upset. Brady says they've been through so much and they kiss.

Lucas joins Will in Sonny's room. Lucas wonders where Adrienne could be. Will suggests she may be talking to Justin but Lucas doesn't think so as he called earlier. Lucas says it's not their business but informs him that Justin is flying home. Will comments that it's good because Sonny hasn't seen his dad in a long time. Lucas adds that neither has Adrienne.

Adrienne tells Paul that Sonny kept his secret and never even told his husband. Paul says he was just worried about him. Adrienne questions how he knew. Paul reveals he was already there as he received a call for his blood type for a patient. Adrienne is shocked to learn that it was Paul and hugs him, thanking him for saving her son's life. Adrienne apologizes and says she's just so grateful. Paul is surprised that his blood was for Sonny. Adrienne tells him that his blood saved Sonny's life. Paul is grateful as the last thing he'd ever want to do is hurt Sonny again. Paul asks Adrienne how much she knows. Adrienne reveals that she knows Sonny asked him to marry him. Paul says the biggest mistake he ever made was not saying yes. Adrienne asks if Paul still loves him.

JJ joins Will in Sonny's room and asks if he's talked to him. Will says he won't wake until the morning. Will mentions not seeing JJ lately and asks how things are going. JJ informs him that he and Paige split up. Will says he's sorry but JJ blames himself for being an idiot. JJ admits he cheated on her and says she deserves so much better as Will looks down.

Paige and Daphne go to the club. Paige can't believe she ever loved JJ and says now she hates him. Paige adds that she can't forgive Eve. Daphne suggests she did her a favor. Paige complains about Eve wanting her to let go when Eve held on to every guy in her life. Daphne says her offer is still good if she thinks it will help. Paige decides maybe it would.

Brady and Melanie sit together in the town square. Melanie talks about just hanging out and not needing anything special or elaborate. Melanie doesn't care what they do as long as they are together. Brady goes to get them more coffee. Theresa and Clint then walk by and kiss which Melanie sees and remembers overhearing Clint on the phone with Dr. Mandrake.

Bree tells Hope that she lives just down the road and she saw Aiden drive off. Bree knows he's selling the house and says this might be her last chance to find proof that Aiden killed his wife.

Will sits with Sonny and holds his hand. He notices Sonny doesn't have his wedding ring. Roman enters. Will complains that they took his ring. Roman promises they will get who did this but the important thing is that Sonny is going to be okay.

Paul admits to Adrienne that he can't hide it that he still loves Sonny and always will. Paul understands he's moved on and he wants him to be happy so he would never get in the way of that. Paul figures she wants to see Sonny so he'll go and she won't have to worry about him because he's leaving town. Paul asks Adrienne to just call him to let him know when everything is okay. Adrienne agrees to do so as Paul gives her his number. Paul thanks her. Adrienne thanks him as he exits.

Theresa laughs with Clint and turns around to see Melanie. Theresa tells him that she will be right back as she approaches Melanie. Theresa comments on Melanie being alone and remarks on Brady getting bored already. Melanie tells her off and informs her that Sonny was stabbed and almost died tonight. Theresa can't believe it and wonders why no one called her. Melanie comments that they probably didn't think she cared. Brady starts to make his way back to the table.

Eve joins Paige at the club and says she was so happy to get her text as she knew they could talk things out and get things back to how they were. Paige says that's not possible as she just saw JJ at the hospital. Eve encourages her to forget all about JJ. Paige wishes she could but she can't as she loved JJ while Eve is cheering that her heart is broken. Paige complains about Eve wanting them to break up all along so she hopes she's happy.

JJ finds Daphne outside the town square and asks if they can talk.

Hope tells Bree to get out or she'll call the police. Bree feels Aiden is hiding something. Bree adds that Aiden wouldn't want the police involved as there are a lot of unanswered questions. Bree mentions Meredith being terrified of Aiden. Bree tells her that Meredith told her there was a recording in a drawer in case anything happened to her but she never found it. Bree suggests Aiden could have destroyed it but it was in a hidden compartment. Bree asks Hope to help her find it so that everyone will then know the truth about Aiden. Hope tells Bree that she understands her best friend died and she's sorry for her loss but she was Aiden's wife so her pain can't compare to his. Bree questions her and argues that he's glad she's dead. Hope argues that she has no idea what really happened. Bree says she doesn't either. Hope says she's seen Aiden's grief and how hard he's worked with Chase. Hope has no doubt that Aiden is truly kind and decent. Hope decides to call Aiden to tell him exactly what she's doing there so he can decide if he wants to press charges. Aiden answers but the connection is bad. Bree starts checking the drawers behind Hope's back. Aiden says he can't hear her and the store is crowded. Hope hangs up and stops Bree, warning her not to touch another thing in the house. Bree calls Hope just his type. Hope has heard enough. Bree points out that she has money and asks if she's in love with him. Hope gives her three seconds to get out or she'll arrest her herself. Bree stops and tells her that Meredith trusted him just like she does and now she's dead. Bree exits and Hope locks the door behind her.

Adrienne puts Paul's number in her purse as Lucas enters and finds her. Lucas asks what's going on and if she's okay. She says she is. Lucas thought she'd be in to see Sonny by now. She says she needs to see him so they exit together.

Eve tells Paige that it breaks her heart to see her upset like this. Paige says it's only because she's mad at her. Eve asks if she thinks JJ wouldn't have broken up with her. Paige says they'll never know if she didn't take her to California. Eve calls JJ selfish, thoughtless, and stupid. Paige is tired of her slamming JJ. Paige says whoever JJ slept with is someone she knows and knew how much she loved JJ. Paige calls the girl a lying slut. Eve tells her to stop.

JJ asks Daphne if Paige is okay. Daphne questions why he cares after what he did. JJ feels bad about it. Daphne says he should and she won't do anything to make him feel better then walks off.

Theresa realizes Melanie is not alone so she tells her to enjoy her coffee while she has fun with her man. Melanie stops her and asks her who is Dr. Mandrake.

JJ goes home and texts Daphne that he really needs to see her again and promises Paige will never know.

Eve tells Paige that she can't continue like this as her anger is only hurting herself. Paige argues that the girl, JJ, and Eve hurt her. Paige says everything could be different if Eve didn't lie to her. Eve repeats that she can't continue like this. Paige agrees and declares she's moving out tonight.

Theresa asks Melanie who she mentioned. Melanie says she thought maybe she would know a Dr. Mandrake but Theresa says she doesn't and suggests looking him up. Theresa then returns to Clint as Brady returns to Melanie and asks what that was about. Melanie says they were just getting a few things straight. Brady asks what they talked about but Melanie says it's not important as Theresa walks off with Clint.

Hope checks her phone and it's dead so she goes back to looking for the phone charger. She searches through drawers and finds the mentioned secret compartment. She slowly pulls out the recording with a paper taped to it that says "to be played in the event of my death" from Meredith.

Will tells Sonny that he loves him while Adrienne and Lucas stand by. Sonny wakes up and begins having a seizure.

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