Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/6/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/6/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla worries that Sonny's pulse is dropping. Daniel says they need more now. Sonny's pulse drops and Daniel worries that they are losing him.

Abigail and Ben eat together at the town square. Chad interrupts and says he's glad he ran in to them. Chad tells Ben that he found him the best lawyer. Ben calls him unbelievable and says he's desperate to get back with Jordan. Chad says he hasn't talked to Jordan so she may be done with him. Chad says what he did was wrong so he wants to try and fix it. Ben tells him to just leave it alone. Marlena walks by so Ben goes to talk to her. Chad sits with Abigail and says they both know this isn't right. Abigail tells him that he heard Ben. Chad says if Ben doesn't let him help then he will go to jail. Ben approaches Marlena and asks if she has a minute to talk about Clyde.

Nicole finds Melanie in the hospital waiting room and asks about Sonny. Melanie questions why she cares. Nicole asks her to confirm the attack was on Sonny. Melanie questions her trying to write an article when Sonny could be dying and tells her to get the hell out.

Adrienne tells Lucas that they have to do something but she doesn't know what. Lucas encourages that Justin will call and points out that she's not alone.

Victor hugs Will in the chapel. Will tells him that he's so sorry. Victor says he wasn't the one with the knife. Will doesn't know what to say and worries about him not making it. Victor tells him not to think it.

Maxine sends a nurse with Paul's blood. Paul demands to give more even though it's not recommended. Maxine comments that he's doing an awful lot for someone he doesn't even know. Paul just wants to help.

Daniel and Kayla continue working on Sonny.

Melanie warns Nicole about going near Victor or Maggie with these stupid questions. Nicole admits her producer sent her but didn't know it was Sonny. Nicole says she won't tell the story. Nicole doesn't want to upset anyone. Melanie questions not wanting to stick it to Victory. Nicole says not about this as she doesn't want to hurt Brady or Daniel and she likes Sonny. Nicole says he has a great heart. Melanie calls him one of the nicest people she's ever known and mentions that he saved her life once. Melanie cries about Sonny possibly not making it as Nicole hugs her and tells her it's gonna be okay.

Will asks Victor about finding Sonny. Victor says he was already unconscious. Will worries about it being drug related just like EJ's murder. Victor insists that Sonny will survive. Will heads back in case there is any news while Victor remains in the chapel. Victor tells God that they'll have a big problem if he lets Sonny die. Damon enters. Victor tells him to find out who did this to Sonny as he wants them dead.

Adrienne mentions needing to call her other kids but she doesn't know what to say. Lucas tells her to wait until they have more news. Adrienne cries about Justin not making it in time and possibly never seeing his son again. Will comes by and sees them crying so he worries. Lucas tells him they haven't heard anything. Will comments that Sonny was supposed to be working tonight so he wonders what he was doing in the town square.

Daniel and Kayla continue working on Sonny as they wait for more blood. Daniel worries about possibly losing him.

Marlena tells Ben that she can't discuss Clyde with him. Ben explains that he's just trying to find him as he's kind of disappeared. Marlena is surprised and mentions that he didn't show up for his last appointment and she wasn't able to reach him. Ben questions him not showing up. Marlena gets a call from Abe, who informs her that it's about Sonny.

Brady talks to Maggie about the police thinking it may have been a junkie that attacked Sonny. Brady worries that it could've been someone he used with in the past. Brady talks about being thankful to be sober and thanks Maggie for never giving up on him as they hug.

Melanie apologizes to Nicole for yelling at her or crying on her jacket. Nicole jokes with her. Nicole asks what did happen to Sonny. Melanie responds that they don't know as Victor and Maggie found him in the bushes like it was a mugging. Melanie tells her that he's in surgery now. Nicole assures that Sonny is in the best hands possible with Daniel operating. Brady enters and asks Melanie why she's crying then questions if Nicole said something. Melanie tells him that she was just keeping her company. Brady mentions that Victor isn't answering his phone so he doesn't know what kind of hell he's going through right now.

Victor tells Damon that the police found traces of cocaine near the stab wound so they think it was a crazed junkie. Damon decides he'll check pawn shops for his stolen watch and wedding ring. Victor tells him that the watch was engraved. Damon says he will take care of it. Victor regrets not taking Clyde out sooner so this wouldn't have happened.

Will talks to Adrienne about having so much to make up to Sonny. She assures him that Sonny loves him so he has nothing to make up. Will thinks back to being with Paul. Marlena arrives with Abigail, Ben, and Chad. Marlena hugs Will as Abigail hugs Adrienne. Will tells Marlena that he's so glad she's there.

Paul tries to get up after giving blood but he's dizzy so Maxine sits him back down. Paul asks about the patient. Maxine tells him that they will know soon enough.

Daniel and Kayla continue to work on Sonny's wound. The nurse brings in the blood and says there is more on the way. Daniel is told that Sonny is not responding.

Victor rejoins Maggie in the hospital front desk. Maggie asks Victor about being in the chapel. Victor remarks that God stopped listening to him a long time ago.

Melanie asks Brady if there has been any word as she worries about not hearing anything. Brady says they just don't know anything as they hug. Victor enters with Maggie and questions what Nicole is doing there. Brady tells him it's okay but Nicole decides to leave.

Paul falls asleep and dreams about when Sonny proposed to him. Paul wakes up and regrets not saying yes.

Maxine joins Daniel and Kayla outside the operating room. She asks if they are ready as family is all over the place. Kayla asks who is there. Maxine tells her that Victor and Maggie are in the waiting room while Will and Adrienne are at the nurse's station. Daniel goes to see them.

Chad hugs Will and tells him that Sonny will be alright as he'd be lost without him. Will worries about Sonny losing a lot of blood. Chad compares it to him surviving two bullets and insists he'll be alright.

Ben joins Abigail and Adrienne. Adrienne tells him that it's so nice of him to be there. Ben tells her that Sonny is one of the best men he's ever met. Kayla comes out and gets everyone's attention.

Brady asks if anyone needs anything as Daniel enters the room.

Will asks Kayla if Sonny is alright and everyone awaits her answer. Kayla announces Sonny is going to be alright. Everyone is relived as Will excitedly hugs her. Will asks how sonny is. Chad and Ben both smile at the news.

Daniel tells Victor, Maggie, Brady, and Melanie that Sonny is going to be fine. They are all happy as Victor tells Daniel that he could never repay him.

Kayla explains how Sonny lost a lot of blood and they were low on his blood type but a donor showed up which made all the difference. Will asks when he can see him. Kayla says Maxine will get him as soon as he's set up in a room but he'll be out for awhile. Will just wants to be near him. Adrienne excitedly hugs Will.

Melanie hugs Daniel and tells him good job as they leave the room together. Victor asks Brady to take Maggie home but Maggie doesn't want to go. Maggie knows Victor won't leave until he sees Sonny so she is staying by his side.

Lucas asks Adrienne if there has been any word but she hasn't heard. Lucas suggests maybe Justin turned his phone off. Adrienne comments that things change.

Victor offers Daniel a trip to a private island. Daniel tells him that he doesn't owe him anything as he didn't save Sonny's life. Daniel credits Kayla's work and Maggie putting pressure on the wound when they first found him. Daniel tells Maggie that she's the reason Sonny made it. Victor calls them both heroes as they hug.

Marlena tells Will that she called Eric and he sends his prayers. Lucas gives Will the phone with Sami on the line. Will tells her that everything is fine.

Paul goes to leave the hospital as Chad catches up to him and asks about him still being in town. Paul says he has a few more days. Chad mentions hoping to see Jordan but she's not in. Chad mentions being in the waiting room as his business partner and best friend was stabbed tonight. Paul assumes he means Kate but Chad reveals he meant Sonny which shocks Paul.

Brady brings Melanie home. Melanie brings up first meeting Sonny. Melanie can't believe they almost lost Sonny. Brady encourages that he's still with them. Melanie says it reminds them that they can't take anyone for granted as life is fragile and can be taken away quickly. Brady agrees. Melanie doesn't want to waste any more time and kisses him.

Abigail and Ben join Victor and Maggie. Abigail hugs Maggie and talks about being so glad that Sonny pulled through. Maggie comments on how close they are. Victor acknowledges Ben and offers him a job at the nightclub which Ben happily accepts. Victor says he'll make the call in the morning. Nicole comes in and congratulates Victor then adds that there won't be a tabloid story from her. Maggie and Victor thank her and she exits.

Daniel goes in to a room with Maxine and tells her that Sonny can have visitors. Daniel tells her that he's heading out to get some rest while Kayla stays. Nicole walks by and sees Daniel leave.

Will tells Lucas and Adrienne about not making Sami fly out after what happened to EJ. Maxine tells Will that Sonny is in his room so Will rushes to go see him.

Marlena talks with Adrienne. Marlena compares it to when Will was shot. Adrienne appreciates her being there. Adrienne gets the call back from Justin.

Chad asks Paul if he's okay. Paul says he just gave blood and asks how Sonny is. Chad says he just came out of surgery and is going to be okay. Chad asks if he's sure he's okay. Paul says he is. Chad tells him to take care and exits the area. Paul declares he has to go see him. Chad goes to Marlena and asks if Will is in with Sonny. Marlena says he just went in. Chad says to tell Will that he said goodbye and that he'll be back in the morning to check on Sonny. Marlena tells him that he's been a good friend tonight. Chad says Will and Sonny are his best friends and there's nothing he wouldn't do for them. Marlena is glad to hear that. Marlena tells him that Stefano has stifled the good impulses of his children so she would hate that to happen to him. Marlena then walks off.

Melanie and Brady continue kissing until Brady stops and suggests he go before things get out of hand. Melanie doesn't want him to go or she wants to go with him. Brady asks about taking things slow. Melanie says tonight changed things and asks what they are waiting for. Melanie says they know what they want and assures that she wants this. Brady feels the same but tells her that they can't go back to his place because it's complicated. Melanie suggests getting a hotel. Brady asks if she's alright with that. Melanie says she loves anywhere with him and they kiss.

Daniel walks through the town square. Nicole catches up to him. Daniel says it's been a long day. Nicole comments on him being a hero. Daniel says he was just doing his job but thanks her. Nicole asks when he's going to stop hating her.

Adrienne tells Justin that the surgery went well and things should be fine. She says she's just tired and anxious to see her son. She says goodbye and hangs up. Lucas watches from a distance.

Will goes in to see Sonny. Will sits next to him and talks about him being alright. Will talks about how he and Arianna need him. Will cries that he would've been all alone and lost. Will tells Sonny that he loves him so much and holds his hand.

Brady and Melanie go to a hotel room and begin kissing. They start to undress and end up in bed together where they make love.

Daniel tells Nicole that he doesn't hate her and he can't. She feels he does. Daniel says part of her will always care about her but he can't trust her especially when it comes to Eric. Nicole knows it was wrong to go after Serena but she was just following a story. She argues it wasn't about Eric. Daniel feels it will always be about Eric with her. Nicole disagrees. Nicole says nothing was between them when they were together. Nicole says she only wants him and will prove it by completely staying away from Serena and Eric. Daniel tells her that she'll live a happier life and stay out of jail but it's too little, too late. Daniel tells her to take care and walks away. Nicole cries that this can't be it but she knows what she has to do.

Ben and Abigail go to the Pub. Abigail asks what he talked to Marlena about earlier. Ben says he wanted to ask about Clyde but she hasn't heard from him. They agree that it's odd. Abigail hopes everything is okay. Ben does too and wonders why Clyde would just disappear.

Abe joins Victor and Melanie to follow up on his story. Abe asks Victor what he talked to Sonny about before he found him. Victor admits they argued about business and that Sonny was in a big rush but didn't say why.

Lucas asks Adrienne if she's okay. Adrienne tells him that Justin is coming home. Lucas asks if that's a good thing. Kayla comes by so Adrienne hugs her and thanks her for saving Sonny's life. Kayla says the person who donated the blood is the person to thank as they are the reason Sonny made it.

Will tells Sonny that he's taken him for granted and he realizes that now but that's over. Will declares from now on, it's just them and Arianna. Will says work and everything will come after that. Will promises to never let anything come between them again.

Paul approaches Sonny's room and grabs the door handle.

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