Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/5/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/5/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny declares he has to get to that hotel when he is grabbed from behind by someone in a hood and stabbed.

Eric tells Serena that this is going to be the first time in a long time that they are going to be together that way so he wants it to be special. Serena insists on staying here so Eric asks what's going on. Serena thinks back to her plan and tells Eric that she has a secret reason to stay and should probably come clean about it. She says it's about their time in Africa.

Daniel and Melanie prepare to watch a movie at home. Melanie mentions Serena telling her that she and Eric are closer than ever so one good thing came out of Nicole's situation. Daniel says that's good but suggests not mentioning Nicole again. Daniel then stops and remembers he planned to skype with Parker before bed. Daniel goes to get his tablet. Brady then arrives.

Lucas tells Adrienne that if Justin doesn't appreciate her then it's on him. She mentions his hot attorney. Lucas comments that she can't be as sexy as Adrienne is. She thanks him for saying it even if he doesn't mean it. Lucas tells her that he completely means it and they almost kiss.

Will asks Paul what he thinks about the article. Paul tells him it's really good. Will asks if he's okay with how he put his coming out. Paul decides it's better than putting that he came out because they slept together.

Maggie joins Victor in the town square and asks if everything is okay as he seems a little distracted. Victor tells her that he had an argument with Sonny and he's very worried about him.

The man keeps hold of Sonny as he passes out.

Paul tells Will that he didn't mean to make things awkward. Will says it's okay and thinks his reasons for coming out go way beyond what happened between them. Paul admits they do. Will asks if there's anything in the article that he's unsure of. Paul says he's uncomfortable with all of it but that's the point. Will calls it a big step for him to have this written and published. Will wonders if including the part about his ex proposing is too much for him. Paul thinks back to the proposal and says he's fine with that because it's a big part of his story. Will asks if his ex will be okay with it. Paul says he'll be the only person that knows it's in there.

Maggie asks Victor what he and Sonny argued about. Victor talks about the nightclub draining Sonny's business. Maggie brings up Victor offering the club to Sonny first. Victor says Sonny called him greedy and was in a rush to get away from him. Maggie suggests finding him so they can work it out. Victor guesses he went home so they walk off together.

The man steals Sonny's wedding ring and his watch along with his wallet then runs away as he hears Victor and Maggie coming. They walk out of the town square as Sonny's unconscious body lies near with an open wound in his back.

Eric asks Serena what it is. She says he'll think she's silly. She claims that she imagined them making love here so they could recreate the past. Eric doesn't understand. Serena talks about having all of his artwork around reminds her of being together in Africa. Serena thinks it would be great to start over surrounded with all the wonderful memories. Eric calls it romantic. Serena says it would mean so much more to her than the lodge. Eric says it's about creating new memories so he still thinks they should go to the lodge. Serena questions why he's being so stubborn about this. Serena then states they are not going to the lodge.

Melanie asks Brady what brings him. Brady wants to finish their date. She says she can't tonight because she promised Daniel. Brady kisses her as Daniel comes back in.

Lucas and Adrienne get interrupted by Arianna waking up and crying. Lucas goes to check on her as Adrienne wonders what the hell she is thinking.

Will sends the article to Zoe. He tells Paul that it should be online by morning. Paul says there is no turning back now.

Maggie encourages Victor to reconcile with Sonny but Victor is unsure since he said it was a private matter. Victor points out maybe they shouldn't just show up at his door and decides he'll call him in the morning. Maggie assures that he'll figure it out. Victor says not tonight and turns away.

Eric sits down disappointed. Serena apologizes and says she's frustrated that he wasn't taking her feelings seriously. Eric says he was but just thought it would be fun to get away and make new memories. Serena admits she was being selfish. Eric doesn't want her to be forced to do anything that she doesn't want to do. Eric goes to his computer and shows her the lodge, excitedly talking about the snow. She worries that it costs a fortune but Eric says he has it covered. She feels it's too extravagant while Eric thinks she's looking for any excuse to get out of this. Eric asks what is going on and where's the Serena he used to know.

Brady greets Daniel. Melanie asks Daniel if he talked to Parker. Daniel says he talked to Chloe but Parker went to bed early as he wasn't feeling well and they decided to postpone their visit. Brady gets a call and says he'll just go. Melanie asks to talk to him when he's done so Brady steps out to answer. Melanie apologizes to Daniel. Daniel says he's just not used to it. Daniel asks what Brady came for. Melanie says he came to take her out but she told him that they are watching a movie. Daniel encourages her to go but Melanie insists on wanting to hang out with Daniel after all he's been through. Brady comes back in and Daniel says he has something important to say to both of them.

Lucas returns from putting Arianna to sleep. Adrienne says she has to go and asks Lucas to watch her until Sonny and Will come home. Lucas asks if she's not leaving because of what happened. She says no and that she has to get to the library. Lucas tells her that he enjoys their time together watching Arianna and he hopes he didn't screw that up. She tells him that he didn't as she knows he was just trying to make her feel better and that's all it is.

Will is sure Paul's nervous about the reaction to the article. Paul suggests celebrating anyway and grabs a bottle of wine. Will tells him that he has to go home. Paul insists on one glass as it might be the last time they see each other so Will agrees.

Maggie stops Victor and worries that he'll toss and turn all night with this on his mind. Victor says he's not showing up at Will and Sonny's tonight so Maggie convinces him to at least try to call him. Victor calls Sonny and they hear his phone ring nearby.

Paul and Will toast to the article and a bright new future for the both of them.

Maggie and Victor finds Sonny's body by the bushes.

Paul encourages that Will's family and friends will be so proud of him. Will says his man has been really supportive and he doesn't know what he would do without him.

Maggie checks on Sonny and finds that he is alive so she instructs Victor to call 911.

Serena tells Eric that nothing has happened and she's the same person she's always been. Eric says the Serena he knew was always up for an adventure and he's not buying her excuses. Serena tells him that he's right as she just had an idea of this night in her head. Eric says he just wanted to surprise her. Serena hugs him and says if it's what he really wants then she's in as she doesn't care where they are as long as they are together. Eric goes to get his bag. Serena gets a text.

EMTs arrive with a stretcher along with Abe and Roman for Sonny. Victor explains that he was calling Sonny and then they found him here. Maggie worries about all the blood. Victor adds that he had just talked to him ten minutes ago. The paramedics note a lot of blood loss as they stretcher him away.

Daniel says not to be nervous as Melanie reminds him all the time to support the happiness of those he loves so he needs to get over it and give them their blessing to be together. Brady thanks him and says it means a lot. Melanie thanks him. Daniel encourages them to go out. Melanie says she would be happy to hang out with him but Daniel decides he wants some solitude this evening. Melanie hugs him and then gets ready to go. Daniel gets a call from Victor and says he'll be right there. Melanie and Brady note it's serious. Daniel tells them that they have to get to the hospital and he'll explain on the way.

Lucas tells Adrienne that he wasn't just trying to make her feel better as he thinks she's an amazing woman that deserves to hear that. Adrienne gets a call from Maggie. Maggie tells her to meet them at the hospital right away as Sonny has been hurt. Adrienne asks if it was an accident. Maggie tells her to just get to the hospital as soon as she can. She tells Lucas and rushes out as Lucas says he'll get a babysitter and be right behind her.

Will asks Paul how much longer he will be in Salem. Paul says maybe a week. Will wishes him luck and exits, leaving his phone behind.

Lucas tries to call Will but it goes straight to voicemail so he wonders why he turned his phone off and where he is.

Eric comes back with his bag and asks Serena if she's ready. She apologizes and claims her boss needs her to update some research. Eric asks how long it will take. She says it will be all night so she won't be able to do this tonight. Eric questions if it's just bad timing. Serena asks if he really thinks she made this up. Eric says no. Serena says they have waited so long for a night like tonight and she hates that this is happening right now. She apologizes for how she acted before and snapped at him over the lodge. She blames still being on edge because of Nicole. Eric tells her not to worry anymore because he warned Nicole to stay out of their lives. Eric assures her that everything will be fine. Serena hopes so because she wants their first night together to be perfect. Eric hugs her and says it will be. Eric assures her that he's not mad and they don't have to rush anything as they have all the time in the world.

Sonny is brought in to the hospital. Kayla and Maxine check on him. Victor tells Sonny that he's there for him as he is brought in to the operating room. Kayla tells Maxine that Sonny's blood type is O negative. She comments that they don't have much of that left. Daniel arrives with Brady and Melanie. Daniel tells Victor that he will do everything he can as Brady hugs Victor.

Will remembers his phone and gets it from Paul's room. He tells Paul that he will let him know any early feedback on the article. Will checks his messages and sees a text from Lucas to get to the hospital immediately so he rushes off.

Brady asks what happened. Maggie informs them that Sonny was stabbed outside the town square. Melanie doesn't understand why. Victor says they never would've found him in time if Maggie didn't insist on him calling Sonny. Abe agrees that Maggie saved his life by applying pressure. Maxine asks if any of them have the O negative blood type. Brady calls that rare. Maxine says it would be good for Sonny if they had more of it in case.

Paul gets a call and says he's still in town. He is told to get to the hospital so he says he'll head over there now.

Adrienne arrives at the hospital. Maggie cries as she goes to her. Maggie tells her that Sonny is in surgery and they are doing everything they can for him. Maggie tells her that he was stabbed and has lost an awful lot of blood. Adrienne asks if he's going to be okay.

Kayla tells Daniel that they only have six units of O negative blood. Daniel tells her there is no way that will be enough.

Abe talks to Roman on the phone, noting that Sonny's wallet, ring, and watch are missing. They talk about it possibly being a drug related crime like EJ's death. Abe says to let him know if anything comes up as he hangs up. Abe tells Victor that it looks like a mugging. Brady worries about it being a possible drug dealer.

Adrienne sits crying at the hospital and calls Justin but it goes to voicemail. She leaves a message that Sonny is in the hospital after someone stabbed him and he's in surgery now. She tells him to call as soon as he gets this.

Victor stands alone and blames this all on Clyde hyping his drug train. Victor declares he'd kil him if he hadn't had it already done. Brady joins him. Victor questions how this could happen. Brady encourages that Daniel will bring Sonny back to them.

Lucas arrives at the hospital and joins Adrienne to ask how Sonny is doing. She tells him that he's in surgery after someone stabbed him. Adrienne cries that she can't lose her son as Lucas hugs her.

Paul arrives at the hospital. Maxine thanks him for getting there so quickly. Paul says she sounded like it was an emergency. She says he's the only O negative blood type she knows so Paul says to take it right away. She says it's the only shot the patient has.

Will arrives at the hospital and asks Lucas what it is as he couldn't get a hold of him. Lucas and Adrienne inform him that Sonny is in surgery after being stabbed. Will asks how bad it is.

Daniel and Kayla work on Sonny. Daniel can't find the source of the bleeding. Daniel orders an APB on more O negative blood or they are going to lose him now.

Eric goes to his bedroom and starts to empty out his bag. He thinks about being with Serena and says she's right that they made some good memories in Africa but now they need to make some new ones.

Serena goes back to her room and talks on the phone. She says tonight wasn't going so well so she wouldn't have been able to switch the statues. She understands they need to move quickly. She knows what they need and will do whatever it takes to get it done.

Adrienne tells Lucas that she's okay so he should be with Will. Lucas says Will wants to be alone and she doesn't seem okay. Adrienne tells him that she called Justin but he didn't pick up so he has no idea.

Melanie tells Brady that she hates waiting and not being able to do anything. Brady tries to calm her down and hugs her. Maggie joins them and asks if they've seen Victor. Brady thought he was with her.

Will prays in the chapel, saying he knows he betrayed Sonny in the worst possible way but he still loves him. Will talks about being all alone before he met him and he doesn't know what he would do without him. Will adds that Arianna needs him too. Will mentions that Sonny never breaks a promise. He prays to let Sonny live because so many people love him. He prays for Sonny to be helped through the surgery and not be taken away from them. Victor appears and puts his hand on Will's shoulder.

Kayla worries that Sonny's pulse is dropping. Daniel says they need more now. Maxine sends a nurse with some of Paul's blood. Victor hugs Will. Paul demands they take more blood even if it's not a good idea. Sonny's pulse drops and Daniel worries that they are losing him.

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