Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/4/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/4/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel sits in his office and gets a text from Nicole, apologizing and asking for forgiveness which frustrates him. Jennifer walks in and asks if he's okay.

Nicole finds Melanie seated alone in the town square and greets her. Melanie asks what she wants. Nicole asks how Daniel is doing. Melanie asks why. Nicole thought she would've heard. Nicole then sees Eric walk by.

Serena sits in her room on the phone, saying she knows it's taking longer than expected but now she has confirmation that Eric still has it as she thinks back to finding the elephant statue art piece in his room. Serena says she knows what she has to do. She pulls out the piece and says it's almost over.

Damon goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to report to Victor. He says no one has been brought in to the hospital and no one has heard from Clyde. Victor declares the next move is theirs.

Paul starts to cry as he asks his mother not to be disappointed in him. She says she could never be. Paul feels she could and probably will be when she hears it. Paul says she needs to know who he really is. Paul reveals to his mother that he is gay. Paul asks her to please say something as Will continues listening.

Derrick notices the magazine on the bar with Will's picture and comments that he must be having a good time right now. Sonny turns around and asks what he just said. Derrick tells Sonny that right this second, Will is where they would like to be.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she can tell when he's upset. Daniel says he'll be alright. She's grateful for him for trying to talk to JJ since he needs someone else to talk to. Jennifer offers to be that person for him. Daniel agrees it may help to talk it out a little bit. Jennifer asks what Nicole did now.

Nicole and Eric exchange looks as Eric heads the opposite way. Melanie guesses Nicole hurt Eric and Daniel.

Serena talks on the phone about having an identical carving to Eric's so she will switch them, he won't know, and then it will be done.

Paul asks his mom to talk to him. She doesn't know what to say. Paul didn't want to do this over the phone which is why he asked her to come to Salem but she needed to know before the whole world does. She asks what that means. He informs her that he's done a magazine interview about the end of his career and living in the closet. Paul says he didn't want to keep who he was a secret anymore. She questions how he can do this to his grandfather.

Sonny doesn't understand. Derrick informs Sonny that he just saw Will before and thought maybe he did too since he was there at Paul's hotel room.

Nicole tells Melanie that it's not her fault as she wasn't looking for trouble. She explains what happened with investigating Serena. Melanie asks why Eric and Daniel are mad at her. She tries to explain but Melanie cuts her off and accuses her of lying about Serena. Nicole says she was just trying to protect Eric. Melanie calls Nicole obsessed with Eric and says Daniel must have figured it out. Melanie says she knows why Daniel was a wreck last night now because Nicole broke his heart.

Serena talks on the phone about coming up with excuses to go to Eric's apartment to look around but she hasn't had the chance to get things done yet. She adds that he doesn't suspect anything. Serena hangs up and puts the piece back in to her safe as Eric arrives. She tells him that she was just thinking about him. Eric says he was thinking about her too as he's come to a decision about them.

Adrienne puts Arianna to sleep as Lucas comes over and they joke about Lucas not getting time with Arianna. Adrienne comments on Will not being home yet. She starts to make coffee as Lucas suggests they play another game of cribbage which she agrees to.

Victor tells Damon to check on Clyde's drug trade collapsing without him as he wants everything back under control. Victor gets a call. He says it's a pleasant surprise and thanks them for letting him know. Damon asks if it was about Clyde. Victor says it was about Sonny and he has to talk to him right away.

Paul says he wanted his grandpa to know too which is why he wanted them to come to Salem. She worries about him finding out and wants Paul to keep it a secret. Paul says no because it's who he is and it's the truth. She doesn't want it broadcast to the universe. Paul argues that it could help a lot of young kids who are afraid to come out. Will continues listening as Paul talks about encouraging others. Paul talks about having to struggle with this and living in constant fear of being outed. Paul shouts that maybe he wouldn't have felt so damn alone and it probably would've helped him be brave enough to be honest with her about who he really is. She then asks if he seriously thought she didn't already know.

Derrick assures Sonny that he saw Will and it's not the first time that he's been in Paul's room. Derrick tells Sonny that Will has beaten him to the punch more than once like on New Year's Eve. Derrick reminds Sonny of when he came to see Paul but he already had someone in the room. Sonny looks worried and thinks back to Will leaving on New Year's Eve. Derrick reminds Sonny of the night Paul answered the door in his robe and heard the shower running. Derrick tells Sonny that Will is Paul's lover.

Jennifer wishes Nicole had changed for them. Daniel brings up their breakup. Jennifer states they just weren't mean to be together but they are good friends.

Nicole tells Melanie that she's way off base but she doubts it. Nicole insists that she's not obsessed with Eric and wants to be with Daniel. Nicole asks Melanie to talk to him to help her with him. Melanie asks if she's lost her mind. Nicole reminds her that she owed her with the casino people so she owes her. Melanie says she paid her back by not telling anyone that she broke in to Serena's hotel room. Nicole cries that she's learned her lesson and deserves another chance. Melanie disagrees and says she's run out of chances. Melanie adds that Daniel deserves so much better. Melanie walks off, leaving Nicole crying.

Eric thinks in order for Serena to feel safe in a relationship with him, she needs a deeper commitment than where they have been so far. Eric talks about getting used to his new life and being reluctant to get involved with anyone again. Serena says she understands. Eric says he didn't want them to be a fling and talks about how long they've known each other. Eric tells her that he wants to be in a relationship with her. Serena says he's saying the right words. Eric suggests he's said enough and kisses her.

Paul questions his mom already knowing he was gay. She responds that she's known for awhile. He questions her not saying a word. She says it wasn't her place. She doesn't understand why he's doing this now. Paul says she could've given her support all this time. Paul realizes that she's not okay with it. She says she was just worried about his grandfather. He demands she put his grandfather on the phone now so she calls for him. She hands him the phone. Paul tells him that there is something he must tell him.

Sonny turns away and holds back tears as Derrick continues talking about Paul and Will. Derrick suggests since they both struck out with Paul maybe they could get a drink. Sonny questions him to repeat that he just saw Will at Paul's. Derrick tells him that he got there just after Sonny did and that he spends a lot of time in that room. Sonny says he has to go and storms out.

Serena asks Eric about doing this for the wrong reasons. He says he was worried but he wants to be with her and thinks the timing is finally right. Eric suggests they do something special tonight and make a night out of it. Serena says she would love that and they kiss. Eric tells her to meet him at his place in a couple of hours. They kiss and he exits. Serena says to herself that this is so perfect.

Daniel goes home and Nicole arrives at the door.

Adrienne tells Lucas that she's glad she ran in to him as she beats him in cribbage again. Adrienne brings up Justin then changes the subject but Lucas stops her.

Sonny runs in to Victor at the town square. Victor says they need to talk but Sonny says he has no time. Victor tells him to make time as this is important.

Paul tells his grandfather that he's sorry he didn't tell him before and he hopes he's not upset. He responds that he's not upset but proud. He calls him a brave young man and says he will always love him. Paul responds that he has no idea how much that means to him. Paul says he will call them tomorrow and they say goodbye. Paul sits down crying as Will joins his side. Paul tells Will that his grandfather said he was proud of him as he cries.

Serena gets back on the phone and says she can switch the statues tonight for sure and they'll be first to know when it's done. Serena quickly hangs up as Melanie arrives. Melanie apologizes for what Nicole did and asks if she's okay. Serena says she's fine and adds that Nicole did her a favor in a way. Melanie asks how she managed that. Serena informs her that she and Eric are closer than ever. Melanie calls it a silver lining. Serena tells her that Daniel will need her support. Melanie talks about not knowing why Daniel was a wreck until now. Melanie tells her about Nicole wanting her help with Daniel and not understanding why she would do this to someone she loves. Serena tells Melanie that sometimes you don't mean to hurt those you love but you do it anyway. Melanie asks if she's defending Nicole. Serena says no but sees no reason to kick her while she's down. Melanie says she has the biggest heart of anyone and almost seems too good to be true.

Daniel tells Nicole that he's not in the mood for her drama but she comes in anyways and says she made a mistake. Nicole admits she shouldn't have gone after Serena but she didn't do it because she's still in love with Eric. Daniel doesn't believe her and asks how many times he can overlook her lies. He says he can't do it anymore. Nicole says this can't be it. She asks for another chance to prove to him what is in her heart. Daniel doesn't think she knows what's in her heart but he hopes she figures it out because of what she did to him and Eric. Daniel declares that he's done and doesn't want to be a part of it anymore. Nicole tells him that he's wrong about her as she does know what and who is in her heart and it's him. Nicole then exits and breaks down crying.

Lucas asks Adrienne if there's been any word from Justin and if she has any idea when he might come back. She responds he might never. Lucas says that can't be true. Adrienne brings up his hot law partner there. Lucas tells her not to think like that. Lucas assures her that Justin loves her. Adrienne says he did and still may but brings up how he was before they were married. Lucas doesn't think it means anything as that's in the past. She talks about barely hearing from him. Lucas insists he must be extremely busy with his case. Adrienne talks about sitting around waiting for Justin to decide their future and it's driving her out of her mind.

Will asks Paul about his mom not taking the news well. He explains that she was worried about his grandfather but she's apparently known for awhile. Paul thought he was careful. Will jokes about mothers always knowing but his mom had no idea. Will talks about Sami not taking it well at first and suggests Paul's mom could change too in time. Paul feels the article won't help. Will asks if he still wants to go through with it.

Sonny tells Victor that he doesn't have time to talk as they are watched from a distance. Victor thinks he's upset because of the new nightclub as he had no idea it would cut in to his club. Sonny shouts that he doesn't care about any of the clubs or Victor and his greed. Sonny repeats that he doesn't care. Victor remarks that maybe he wouldn't be in this mess if he did care. Victor continues to assume it's his financial situation but Sonny shouts that his mess has nothing to do with money.

Jennifer finds Nicole at the club. Nicole doesn't want a lecture and Jennifer says she won't give one. Jennifer just wants to be there if she needs someone to talk to. Jennifer tells her that she ran into Daniel at the hospital. Nicole thinks they must have loved dumping on her but Jennifer says no. Jennifer adds that she and Daniel are friends forever. Nicole doesn't think Daniel ever wants to see her again. Nicole asks if she thinks she can ever fix this. Jennifer doesn't know but tells her that she has to be over Eric at least.

Serena goes to Eric's. Eric tells her that he's ready as he made a reservation for her at the green mountain lodge. Serena notes that's not in town and says they can't do that.

Paul tells Will that he's not backing out now and after talking to his grandfather, he felt even more sure about it. Will is glad and tells him to finish reading it so he can get it to Zoe by the deadline. Paul thanks him for pushing him to come out in the article. Paul says he had to talk to his grandfather after deciding to do it and if he didn't make the decision then he never would have had that conversation. Will is happy about that. Paul says his grandfather was always proud of him in school and in his career but tonight was better than all other times combined. Paul decides to start reading the article. Will says he will give him space as he needs to check in with someone then pulls out his phone.

Victor says he's never seen Sonny this upset. Sonny says it's private. Victor asks if it's Will. Sonny says he has to go. Victor wants to help him. Sonny tells him there is nothing he can do for him and walks off. Victor gets a call while someone follows Sonny.

Daniel tells Melanie that it's not all Nicole's fault but it's all done now and she is out of his life so it's over.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she is trying to convince Daniel that it's over with Eric but he's not buying it. She insists that she was just trying to protect Eric but Jennifer tells her that she doesn't need to do that.

Eric tells Serena that he was just trying to be romantic. She claims it's too much trouble as she is perfectly happy staying at his place. Eric tells her that this is going to be the first time in a long time that they are going to be together that way so he wants it to be special. Serena insists on staying here so Eric asks what's going on.

Lucas tells Adrienne that if Justin doesn't appreciate her then it's on him. She mentions his hot attorney. Lucas comments that she can't be as hot or as sexy as Adrienne is. She thanks him for saying it even if he doesn't mean it. Lucas tells her that he completely means it.

Paul asks Will if he's texting his boyfriend and says it's okay if he has to go. Will tells him it's fine because he understands why he's so busy.

Sonny walks through the park and gets a text from Will to make sure Adrienne is okay with Arianna because he's running late. Sonny remarks that he bets he is as someone watches him from behind.

Victor hopes Damon has good news for him. Damon thinks they can move in on Clyde's area and cut back the drug business. Victor states that it will be like Clyde Weston never existed.

Sonny declares he has to get to that hotel when he is grabbed from behind by someone in a hood and stabbed.

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