Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/3/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/3/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Anne brings paperwork to Jordan at the hospital. Anne asks her about Ben assaulting Chad but Jordan says it's none of her business. Anne calls it the talk of the hospital.

Chad asks if Ben really wants them to know he said his sister is better in bed than his girlfriend. Abigail comes in and overhears, calling Chad a bastard. Abigail can't believe she defended Chad to people when he came back to town. Abigail calls Chad the same jackass he's always been.

Aiden asks Hope what she's doing back. Hope asks if he's okay as he seems not himself. Hope asks what he was doing before she came back.

Will works on his article and thinks back to being with Paul. Will says he can't write that so he wonders what to do.

Sonny tells Paul not to give up as the guy could make him happy. Paul praises the guy so Sonny asks what the problem is. Paul responds that the problem is he's not Sonny. Paul says his biggest regret in his life isn't that he can't play baseball anymore but that he can't have Sonny.

Theresa suggests getting JJ's phone to see who he has been texting. Paige says she can't do that to JJ. Theresa tells her that she'd be surprised what she can do if it matters enough.

Eve asks JJ what he means he fixed it. JJ explains that he told Paige that he's still seeing the girl he slept with which would mean he's still seeing Eve. Eve calls him an idiot as she thinks Paige will try more than ever to find out who it was.

Will prints his article and says it's the best it's going to be and no one will evr find out what happened between he and Paul. Will says now it's time to see what Paul thinks.

Paul tells Sonny that when he lost him, he went in to denial. Paul compares it to losing a game except he couldn't have another of him. Paul knew he would miss their time together but he had no idea how much. Paul says no one got him the way he did. Paul talks about always looking back on their time. Paul wonders if he meant just as much to Sonny. Sonny says of course he did which is why he asked him to marry him.

Aiden tells Hope that he was just working on the place and talks about the memories. Hope says she dropped her passport so she came back for it. Hope wonders where she put it as Aiden worries about the axe and shovel he hid.

Paige tells Theresa to forget she asked for advice. Theresa asks if she really thinks she can live without knowing who JJ was with. Theresa questions Paige thinking she can just get over it. Theresa tells her to wake up and start living in the real world then walks away.

Eve tells JJ that Paige will be driven to find out now. JJ yells at her to stop calling him stupid because he was only stupid about her and what they did. JJ says he knows what they've done to Paige and she will only know if they tell her which is not going to happen. JJ asks Eve what she's going to do to prevent Paige from getting hurt all over again with Cole. JJ asks if she's doing anything about that. Eve says she's been busy. JJ warns her that Cole is a thug and a criminal. Eve says they both know who JJ is.

Paige goes back to school and runs in to Cole. Cole asks if she's okay. She says she is. Cole thanks her for lending him her notes and offers to make it up sometime. Paige says he doesn't need to but Cole insists on anything she needs. Paige decides maybe there is one thing he can do for her.

Aiden tells Hope that he hasn't seen her passport and sends her to the dining room to check while he checks here. Hope goes there and finds it. Hope is relieved as is Aiden.

Jordan tells Anne that she's not discussing this with her. Anne talks about her project and all the questions about Chad and Ben. Anne says she could stop the rumors with the truth or spread whatever. Anne tells Jordan to suit herself. Anne says she may be loyal to Ben but she has a board member in her pocket. Jordan argues that he's not in her pocket. Anne suggests getting them to call a truce fast and wishes her luck as she exits.

Chad says he feels terrible for what he said. Ben says every word of Chad's is a lie and doesn't believe that he tried to drop the charges. Chad asks Abigail to hear him out. Abigail says nothing he can say can make this better. Chad wants her to know where his head was as he thought he lost Jordan and was angry at himself. Chad talks about messing up all of his relationships so he lost it and he's so sorry.

Sonny asks Paul what the point of going over all of this now is. Paul apologizes and says he knows he moved on but just wanted him to understand and know that he'll never make that mistake again if he ever has the chance. Sonny assures that there is someone out there for him just like there was for him. Sonny says he felt the same when he lost Paul but now things are better than ever. Sonny encourages that things will change for him when he comes out. Sonny tells him that it will work out if it is meant to be. They shake hands and hug. Paul tells him that he loves him and always will. Paul adds that's he is truly glad he's happy. Sonny exits as Paul holds back tears.

Chad blames the anger for what he said. Ben isn't buying it but Abigail wants to let him finish. Ben asks what else Chad can say. Abigail asks for a moment with Chad so Ben exits. Chad says he never meant it but worries about what it would do to Jordan if she heard what he said. Abigail knows she would hate him too. Chad says he's thinking about Jordan. Abigail asks what happened that made him so upset. Chad says it doesn't matter as there is no excuse. Abigail informs him that she knows he saw Rafe kissing Jordan and that he didn't want to say that in front of Ben to protect her.

Will goes to Paul's and gives him the article. Will feels he's done better work. Paul thanks him for letting him read it before he sends it. Paul declares this is it and there's no turning back.

Cole tells Paige to name whatever she needs. Paige then says it's nothing and starts to walk away. Cole jokes about what she might need. Paige brings up being advised to steal JJ's phone to read his texts. Paige questions that having all her questions answers and saying it sound ridiculous so she's not going to do it.

Eve tells JJ that no one has ever looked at her with that kind of hatred before. JJ asks her what she's going to do about Cole. Eve tells him to just worry about himself while she takes care of Paige because he has a long life ahead of him without Paige in it.

Will tells Paul that Zoe has been e-mailing him about if he's finished and obviously he's not supposed to let Paul read it so it's been hard to explain the hold up. Will tells him to read it and tell him any changes he wants. Derrick brings him the green tea he ordered and leaves. Paul calls the green tea a ritual he picked up from his grandfather. Will asks Paul if he can read the article now because he wants to make sure that he's comfortable with the changes. Paul says he's been thinking why not tell the truth that they slept together and asks if he can imagine what the cover would look like.

Aiden asks Hope if she's sure she didn't leave anything else behind. Aiden realizes the taxi isn't there. Hope says she told him to come back so they could spend time together. Aiden offers to get her the rental car but Hope insists on waiting. Hope is going to miss him and wishes he was coming with her as she hugs him. Aiden keeps his eye on the axe he hid in the curtain.

Paige tells Cole she will see him later. Cole tries to stop her but Eve arrives and asks for a word with Paige. Cole says he will see her later and walks off. Paige tells Eve that she has to stop showing up at the student lounge. Eve questions her making the same mistake twice with Cole.

JJ walks through the town square and calls Jennifer, leaving a message that he's sorry he's been difficult lately. Theresa approaches and asks who the new girlfriend is and how long before he cheats on her too.

Hope sits with Aiden and says she knows why he seems edgy. She talks about him being a protective father. Hope knows he didn't want to come here but he did it for Chase. Aiden feels he owed him that. Hope admires his strength and knows she would never be able to hide her feelings as well as he is now. The taxi driver arrives and informs her that the bridge went out so they can't get off the island. Hope says the traffic report says it won't open until tomorrow at the earliest.

Derrick the hotel clerk goes to the club. Sonny gives him a menu. He asks about Sonny working there. Sonny informs him that he owns the place.

Paul tells Will that he was joking and questions if he's always this serious or if being here makes him uncomfortable. Will thought they got past all of this. Paul says they did and doesn't want him to do anything he doesn't want to do. Paul says he's just messing with him and then says he's a little jealous of Will. Will asks why. Paul brings up Will being in love. Will says he very much is. Paul says that's something he is jealous of. Paul takes the article to start reading.

Chad questions why Abigail thinks he needs to protect to Jordan. Chad talks about Rafe kissing her and he flew off the handle so there is no excuse for what he did. Chad says he can't apologize enough as he can't even believe he said those cruel words. Chad says a lot to make up for but promises to do whatever he can to get Ben off with the police. Chad assures it will never happen again. Abigail really hates what he said but says she made a lot of mistakes too so she won't tell Jordan. Abigail says for everything else, he's on his own. Abigail opens the door and tells Ben they are done now. Ben tells Chad to get out so he exits.

Paige doesn't know what mistake Eve thinks she's making and says Cole is just a friend that she barely knows. Eve says that's how it starts. Paige stops her from overreacting. Paige questions how she even knows who Cole is and if she's been talking to JJ. Eve claims she hasn't as she has nothing to say to JJ. Eve says Mary Beth told her all about Cole. Eve doesn't understand why Paige wants to hang out with losers. Paige stops her and says she's not going to tell her what to do anymore.

JJ tells Theresa to find a new hobby. Theresa questions what the new girl's name is. JJ tells her not to make him regret saving her life more than he already does. JJ tells her that she doesn't get to lecture him about Paige. Theresa says this isn't about Paige but about them.

Chad goes to Jordan's office at the hospital and brings her flowers, mentioning how he didn't get to give them to her the last time. Jordan thanks him. Chad says there's another reason he's there and he has some bad news. Chad informs her that the DA is going forward with the charges. Chad says he tried everything but they didn't care.

Derrick introduces himself to Sonny to officially meet him. Derrick orders green tea and asks about his visit with Paul today.

Will goes to the restroom while Paul begins to read the article. Paul gets a call from his mom. She says she got his message and asks if something is wrong as he sounded so serious. Paul says he really wants to talk to her about this but now is not a good time. She questions the big mystery and asks him to just tell her.

Paige tells Eve to stop treating her like a little kid and complains that she won't listen. Paige tells Eve that she's an adult and makes her own choices so she can make her own mistakes too. Eve compares it to her mistakes and says she's just trying to help her. Paige tells Eve that she is the one who ruined everything with JJ.

Theresa brings up her past hook up with JJ. Theresa talks about him turning lame and hiding behind Jennifer and Daniel after she overdosed. Theresa says everyone bought in to his act and questions what he saw in boring Paige. JJ says she was the opposite of her. Theresa argues that JJ never really changed and is the same selfish bastard who is mean, dishonest, and not loyal. Theresa calls him a player and a user. She tells him to own it and stop pretending.

Hope says there has to be a way off the island but the driver informs her that they are stuck. Hope shuts the door and tells Aiden that she's so sorry. Aiden encourages her that he's glad to keep her. Hope decides she should call her family to let her know she won't be there. Aiden sends her outside for a better signal. Aiden grabs the axe and shovel while watching Hope out the window.

Eve tells Paige that JJ ruined things not her. Paige reminds her that JJ broke up with her because she was stuck in California and didn't think she was coming back. Paige blames Eve for keeping them apart. Eve questions her saying it's her fault that JJ ran off and slept with someone. Paige says JJ slept with some bitch, who knew he loved her. Paige says it would never have happened if not for Eve. Eve argues that it would have happened sooner or later as JJ is the problem. Paige says Eve is just as much the problem. Paige declares that everything is ruined and she can't do this anymore as she storms off.

Cole walks by as JJ is talking to Theresa. Theresa asks JJ which skank he has lined up for the night. She tries to grab his phone but JJ says he's done with her and tells her to get a life as he walks away. Cole follows after him.

Ben questions Abigail being fine with Chad hurting Jordan and can't believe she would let him try to explain. Abigail calls Chad a jerk. Ben questions her forgiving him anyways. Abigail says they all made mistakes and he's hurting. Abigail understands that he's worried about Jordan but says Jordan will make her own choices so he has to let her.

Jordan questions the DA wanting this case. Chad says he won't give up as it's a mess he made so it's his job to fix it. Chad knows she's busy so he'll let her be and let her know what happens. Chad exits.

Paul tells his mom that it's not an emergency but something he's been dealing with for a long time. She tells him that he doesn't have to make any decisions about his career right now. He tells her it's not about baseball. She asks if he's alright. He says he's okay. Will comes back from the restroom behind him and listens. Paul says what he wants to tell her is something he's known for as long as he can remember and something he should've shared way before now but he just couldn't. Paul starts to cry as he asks her not to be disappointed in him. She says she could never be. Paul feels she could and probably will be when she hears it. Paul says she needs to know who he really is. Paul reveals to his mother that he is gay.

Sonny doesn't want to talk to Derrick about Paul. Derrick says that's okay as they can talk about something else. Sonny goes to get his green tea. Derrick notices the magazine on the bar with Will's picture and comments that he must be having a good time right now. Sonny turns around and asks what he just said.

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