Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/2/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/2/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden goes to the beach house in Portland and briefly hears Meredith's death in his head. Chase runs in and says they are really here as he hugs him. Hope and Ciara then follow inside.

Sonny works at the club and looks at a copy of Sonix magazine with Will on it. He then gets a call from Paul. Paul says he has a favor to ask and he's not sure he's going to like it.

Ben calls Clyde, leaving a message for him to get back to him. Jordan comes over and says she is glad to have not heard from him. Ben is worried about him. Jordan doesn't want to act like she doesn't hate Clyde and changes the subject. Ben knows he needs a lawyer because of Chad but Jordan tells Ben that he won't need a lawyer.

Chad goes to the police station and tells John that he just wants the whole thing with Ben to go away.

JJ meets Abigail outside the town square and says he needs her advice.

Eve walks through the town square where she overhears Paige on the phone, saying she told JJ that she wanted to give him another chance. Paige hangs up and tells Eve that she's not talking to her about it. Eve tells her that she can't take JJ back after what he did. Paige remarks that he slept with some slut.

Chase shows Ciara around the beach house. Hope asks Aiden if he's okay. Aiden is glad Chase's memories are happy. Hope assures him that he made the right decision in bringing him. Aiden says he's letting him say goodbye before he sells it. Chase and Ciara go outside to play. Hope tells Aiden that she can see what the place does to him and why he needs to let it go. Hope asks if she made a mistake in coming. She asks if it would be easier for him if they weren't there.

Eve tells Paige that the focus isn't who JJ slept with but that he did it at all. Paige tells her that she told JJ she doesn't need to know who it was if they can get past it.

JJ asks Abigail if it's crazy or even possible. Abigail tells him that if Paige suggested it then it seems possible. JJ thinks she's better off without him because he slept with someone else even though he still loves Paige. Theresa walks by and calls JJ the same sleazebag he always was. Abigail remarks that Theresa is the same eavesdropping bitch she always was. Theresa brings up EJ. JJ holds Abigail back and tells her that it's his fight. Theresa mocks Abigail. Abigail says she has to go or she might kill her. Abigail exits. Theresa continues to insult JJ and Abigail. JJ tells her it's none of her business but Theresa says it's family business because he messed with Paige's head. Theresa tells him that Paige deserves better and he knows it so he should let her be. Theresa then walks off.

Eve tells Paige that she's so smart. She complains that all of that goes out the window with JJ. Paige says people make mistakes and thinks they can get past it. Eve tells her that JJ isn't going to take her back as he's done with her. Paige asks how she knows that. Eve says she knows his type. Paige calls it pointless to even try to talk to her and storms off.

Hope tells Aiden to answer honestly. Aiden tells her it wouldn't be any easier if they weren't there as it's just painful no matter who is or isn't there. Aiden adds that it's important to let Chase say his goodbyes. Aiden says he will do what he has to do. Hope is glad the kids have their field trip to San Francisco. Hope tells Aiden that it's okay. Aiden is glad to have this time with her and they kiss. Hope looks out the window and comments on the view being beautiful. Aiden agrees but says she'll never know much he hates it.

Ben questions Jordan about Chad dropping the charges out of the blue. Jordan tells him that Chad went after him on purpose because he was furious with her. Jordan claims it wasn't Chad's fault as he had every right to think what he thought and now he's trying to fix it. Ben questions her defending him. Jordan says she's trying to be fair. Ben goes over what Chad did. Jordan compares it to any overreaction. Ben calls it sneaky like a DiMera. Jordan decides she won't talk about Chad with him. Ben can't believe she's going back to him.

Chad tells John that he provoked the fight with Ben. John asks what he said. Chad thinks back to it and says it doesn't make a difference as he started the fight. John reminds him that Ben threw the first punch to start the fight. Chad says none of this matters as he doesn't want it to go forward. John tells him that it's not up to him but the prosecutor so he gives her a call.

Paul informs Sonny that he told his mother and grandfather that he won't be playing baseball anymore. Paul talks about his grandfather talking about his only home run. Sonny realizes he wants to give him the ball that he gave him. Paul thanks him for understanding. Sonny offers to bring it to him and hangs up. Paul gets a call from Will, who tells him that he's just about done with the article but he needs to go over a couple of things before he finishes. Will says he needs to word something very carefully because he can't actually be factual about how and why he told him he's gay. Will says the article started out about his surgery and his career then it became about him being gay after he slept with him. Will points out that it wasn't ethical. Will doesn't think they want that in the article. Paul jokes with him about it. Will asks him to read over everything so that he's absolutely okay with every word. Sonny comes home and tells Will that he just had to grab a couple of things. Paul asks Will if he's still there. Will says he will call him soon and hangs up. Sonny apologizes for interrupting. Will says he was wrapping up anyways. Sonny can't wait to read the article. Will hopes it's worth it. Sonny asks why it wouldn't be.

Aiden tells Hope about how Meredith decorated the house herself. They talk about the view. Aiden talks about how Chase loved it. Aiden talks about his fights with Meredith. Aiden comments on how Meredith would say the money is all hers and now it's all his.

Eve sits in the town square and texts JJ that they need to talk. Theresa approaches and comments that she looked intense as she questions who she was writing to. Theresa guesses it's a guy and asks who she's banging these days.

JJ runs in to Paige at school. JJ says he was getting to class but Paige knows his schedule and that he has time to talk. Paige knows it won't be easy and there's a lot to work through but suggests starting with how they really feel. Paige tells JJ that she still loves him and if he can say the same then they are halfway home.

Jordan asks Ben if she said she was going back with Chad. Ben says he can tell and she knows what he would say. Jordan knows what he did was wrong but he's trying to fix it. Jordan explanis that Chad went ballistic after seeing her kissing Rafe. Ben is happy to hear she was kissing Rafe but Jordan quickly explains that Rafe kissed her. Ben calls Chad a creep. Jordan brings up Ben promising to get a handle on his anger. Ben can't believe she's getting back with Chad. Jordan says she's just glad he's not going to jail and storms out.

John tells Chad that the prosecutor said no as the DA wants to move forward on the case. Chad argues that it doesn't make sense. John says the DA is suspicious because he's a DiMera. Chad says he'll refuse to testify but John points out that he and Abe saw everything and it will go to trial. Chad doesn't want that but John says he doesn't make the rules. John tells Chad that the case is going forward. Chad then walks out.

Sonny praises Will as a writer and decides he should get going. Sonny opens a drawer and grabs Paul's baseball. Sonny thinks back to Paul giving it to him. Sonny puts it in his jacket and tells Will that it feels so much better being back to normal as he's really happy they worked things out. Sonny then exits.

Aiden tells Hope that it got a little heavy. Ciara and Chase come back in. Chase asks Aiden how long they can stay. Aiden says not long since they are going to San Francisco. Aiden suggests sharing their favorite memories of the place.

Eve tells Theresa to get her mind out of the gutter and claims her text was about her book royalties. Theresa tells Eve that she just ran in to JJ and that he cheated on Paige. Eve questions him telling her that. Theresa tells Eve what's really interesting is who JJ slept with and suggests they team up to find out who it was.

JJ tells Paige that they can't talk about this here. Paige suggests going for a walk. JJ says it's not a good time. Paige says they never will be and blames herself for sending him mixed signals. Paige says JJ cheating was a one time thing and she knows they can get past it. JJ tells her that it's not that simple. Paige asks why. JJ then tells her that it wasn't a one time thing as he's still seeing her.

Derrick the hotel clerk jokes with Paul in his room as he sets things up for him. Sonny arrives and Derrick leaves. Sonny gives Paul the baseball. Paul thanks him and says it will mean so much to his grandfather even though he feels terrible to ask for it back. Sonny asks about his therapy. Paul says he's almost done and he'll be out of Salem so he won't see him anymore. Sonny says he's worried about him not playing baseball. Paul tells him that if he could go back a few years, he would give it all up for him.

Chase thanks Aiden for letting him come and hugs him. Chase and Ciara exit to go on their field trip. Aiden tells Hope that he's going to miss her while she goes on a trip and they kiss. Hope then exits. Aiden then grabs keys and opens up a closet where he pulls out an axe.

Eve tells Theresa that it's not a game as she doesn't care who JJ slept with, only that he hurt Paige badly. Theresa says JJ is a dog and she doesn't see him changing any time soon. Theresa says JJ must have girls lining up to be with him. Theresa tells Eve that she can't deny that JJ is hot. Eve stops her and calls her hateful as she storms off.

Paige can't believe JJ. JJ says he was trying to do her a favor but she keeps pushing and doesn't give up. JJ says he was trying to help her but she asked for it so now she knows there is no way they are getting back together. JJ then walks off and Paige heads in the opposite direction.

Jordan explains to Abigail at the hospital how Chad saw Rafe kissing her and didn't know it meant nothing so he lost it with Ben. Abigail asks if Chad went looking for Ben. Jordan says to just be happy that everything is going to blow over. Jordan adds that she and Ben had a fight about it. Jordan tells Abigail that she doesn't know what's going to happen but admits Ben went ballistic about the idea of her getting back with Chad. Abigail tells her that her getting back with Chad won't just blow over. Jordan comments that they will just have to figure out a way to live with each other. Abigail wishes her luck and exits.

Chad goes to Ben's. Ben tells him he's not going to thank him. Ben talks about Jordan and how he can't believe how she feels about him. Chad reveals that the cops wouldn't let him drop the charges.

John goes to Will and Sonny's. John tells Will that he just wanted to let them know that they might be called in to testify in the case with Chad against Ben. Will thanks him for letting them know and adds that he's glad that he and Marlena are working things out. John mentions talking to Sonny and things being good between them.

Paul tells Sonny that he knows he's not available now but he just meant when they were together. Paul wishes he could go back. Sonny encourages that he has his whole life ahead of him. Paul says another guy said the same thing. Sonny questions Paul telling someone else about them.

Paige goes to the hospital and pulls Theresa aside, asking for her advice.

Eve goes home and JJ follows her in. JJ says she would be proud of him. Eve questions what he's talking about and warns that he's getting way too close. JJ tells her that it's all fixed and asks if she's happy now.

Ben accuses Chad of playing good guy for Jordan but he still gets the shaft. Chad says he will take the stand and testify that he physically provoked him but they will want to know what he said. Chad asks if he really wants them to know he said his sister is better in bed than his girlfriend. Abigail comes in and overhears, calling Chad a bastard.

Hope returns knocking on the door so Aiden hides the axe and a shovel. Aiden answers the door and Hope comments that he probably didn't expect to see her again. Hope comes in as Aiden looks worried.

John asks Will if he's wrong that he and Sonny are not having trouble. Will says they are good but he's been distracted by his deadline. Will assures that he and Sonny are good.

Paul tells Sonny that he told this other guy but didn't use his name. Sonny questions Paul being comfortable saying he was gay. Paul doesn't want to talk about it. Sonny calls it a huge step. Sonny asks if it was the guy who was over there the other night when he heard the shower running. Paul admits it was and it was nice. Sonny asks about the guy and if he's going to see him again. Paul doesn't think it's going anywhere. Sonny tells him not to give up as the guy could make him happy. Paul praises the guy so Sonny asks what the problem is. Paul responds that the problem is he's not Sonny.

Paige tells Theresa that she's pretty sure she knows how to find out who JJ is seeing. Theresa says she's surprised she hasn't figured it out herself. Theresa suggests getting JJ's phone to see who he has been texting.

Eve asks JJ what he means he fixed it. JJ explains that he told Paige that he's still seeing the girl he slept with which would mean he's still seeing Eve.

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