Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/30/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/30/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Serena finds an elephant statue from Eric's artwork in his room and says she's finally found it after all this time. Eric then comes home and calls out for her.

Nicole complains about Daniel thinking Serena is the victim. Daniel tells her that they are going to talk about them and what she did tonight to them.

Brady comes in to the living room at the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Maggie that she just missed Victor. Maggie asks if Victor gave a lecture about Melanie. Brady tells her that it was actually about Theresa.

Theresa worries if Clint turned his phone off. She then sees a couple walk in to the hospital with a baby and wonders what is going on with her.

Dr. Mandrake gets a call from Clint, who asks if he's got a minute. He asks if Clint has something for him. Clint thought he might want his latest update on Theresa which Melanie overhears. Dr. Mandrake thinks back to injecting Theresa and asks Clint if her mind is still blank. He tells Clint that he knows what he has to do if he even thinks Theresa is starting to remember. Clint says it will be no problem.

Paige runs in to Jennifer at the club. Jennifer asks how she is but Paige doesn't have a response.

JJ sits at home thinking back to kissing Eve. Eve then arrives at the door.

Jennifer invites Paige to sit with her. Paige starts to leave but Jennifer asks her to stay for a minute so she agrees. Jennifer tells her she misses her and asks about her classes. Paige says they are fine. Jennifer understands if she's uncomfortable and needs to go. Paige asks how JJ is. Jennifer tells her that he is very sad.

JJ questions Eve showing up. Eve says she knew JJ was alone. JJ tells her that Abigail or Jennifer could show up in five minutes so she should leave. Eve tells her she will make it quick as all he will have to do is listen. Eve tells him that she's figured out a way to make their problem go away for good.

Nicole tells Daniel that she knows she overstepped a little bit but she thought her source was credible. Nicole says sometimes a reporter has to go with instincts and check facts later. Nicole thinks Serena acted like she was hiding something. Daniel argues that Nicole hates Serena because of who she is, not because of anything she's done.

Serena comes out and tells Eric that she was on the phone. Eric asks why she was in the bedroom.

Brady tells Maggie that Victor thinks Theresa still has a thing for him. Brady says all he knows is that he doesn't want Melanie in the middle of Theresa's latest drama.

Clint says he's watching Theresa like a hawk. Dr. Mandrake warns that Kristen never forgives those who fail her so Theresa must not remember anything. Clint starts to ask a question but then notices Melanie and questions if she's been listening to him.

Paige asks about JJ being sad. Jennifer says it's not her place to tell how JJ feels. Jennifer says JJ admitted he was with someone else and she's so sorry to hear that. Jennifer tells her that she knows she still cares about JJ and that people make huge mistakes but they can get past them.

JJ asks Eve what problem she is getting rid of and if it's that they slept together twice. Eve says they can't undo that or they would but they need to stop Paige from trying to figuring out who he slept with. JJ says she'll stop and she should just make sure Paige stays away from Cole. Eve insists that Paige will never give up until she gets it so JJ asks what her plan is. Eve tells him it's pretty simple, JJ leaves town.

Brady tells Maggie that he's tried to keep he and Melanie on the down low but knows Theresa will find out sooner than later. Maggie points out that Brady is really worried. Brady feels like Theresa needs to be handled. Brady worries that when Theresa is hurt, she wants everyone else to hurt.

Melanie warns Clint about smoking in the hospital and questions who he is. Theresa interrupts and tells Melanie to buzz off as he's with her.

Serena tells Eric that she was checking her makeup and claims she was on the phone with Ted's family and started crying. Serena calls it a total roller coaster of a night. Eric gives her the juice he went to get her. Eric asks if she's sure she doesn't want to press charges against Nicole as it was a crime. Serena thinks Nicole has learned her lesson this time. Serena says it was hard on all of them. Serena says she understood Nicole's reaction because Ted/Edward can be so convincing and wonders if this can make Nicole stop. Eric says the one thing about this that he doesn't understand is what's going on with her.

Daniel tells Nicole that this is about her feelings for Eric which she's obviously not over. Daniel argues that she is lying to herself. Nicole talks about being a reporter. Daniel accuses her of jumping to a conclusion because she wanted it to be right. Daniel thinks she's jealous and threatened by Serena. Daniel says there's only one reason why. Nicole stops him and tells him that she is not still in love with Eric. Daniel responds that yes, she is.

Clint mocks Melanie and tells Theresa that he will see her later as he exits. Melanie questions Theresa and says she has better things to do. Melanie stops and asks how well she knows him.

JJ questions what Eve is talking about. Eve tells him that Paige still stop trying to figure it out if he leaves town. Eve says she has it all figured out and JJ can tell Jennifer he wants to study abroad again. Eve gives him a list of schools. JJ asks if she's nuts and says Jennifer won't let him. Eve tells him to drop out or get a job somewhere outside of Salem. JJ argues that it's his home and he just got back with his family so he's not leaving. Eve questions him wanting to continue hurting Paige. JJ tells her to get out. Eve yells at him to leave town for Paige's sake. JJ asks what she thinks will happen if he stays.

Paige asks Jennifer about JJ saying he made a mistake. Jennifer assures that's what he meant. Paige asks if she knows where he is. Jennifer thinks he's at home and apologizes if she brought up painful memories. Paige is glad she saw her and says things are clear now. Jennifer hopes to see her again. Paige tells her that she has to go and exits. Jennifer notices Paige left her book at the table.

Eric tells Serena that he never saw her so unnerved and upset but now that it's all over, he wonders what was wrong with her. Serena blames her fight with Nicole. Eric says she knew what Nicole was threatening was all fiction so he asks why she was so freaked out.

Nicole tells Daniel that she still cares about Eric as she does all her friends and ex-lovers like Brady and Rafe. She compares it to him still caring about Jennifer. Nicole says it doesn't mean she's still in love as she is just trying to be a friend. Daniel tells her to keep lying to herself. Nicole asks if they can just go back to his apartment and work it out. Daniel tells her that is not going to happen as he is done. Daniel tells Nicole that she won't be seeing him again.

Eve thinks back to kissing JJ and says she knows him. She calls him selfish and thinks he will slip up and say something so that Paige will put it all together. JJ assures that he won't say anything. Eve tells him that he knows what he needs to do now and get out of Salem. JJ grabs her and says she doesn't get to tell him what to do ever. Eve says fine and pulls away. Eve tells him to just leave for everyone's sake as she exits.

Brady tells Maggie that his future with Melanie makes him think of Chloe, Theresa, and Nicole all being drama. Brady brings up Kristen, Arianna, and Madison ending with so much grief and sadness. Maggie says watching him go through that was painful. Brady talks about he and Melanie's friendship and he's upset about how their date went when he was having a good time. Maggie points out the flowers and reminds him that the night's not over. Brady agrees, takes the flowers and exits.

Theresa asks why Melanie cares how much she's in to Clint. Melanie says she's just curious how they met. Theresa claims she doesn't remember as she meets guys everywhere. Theresa asks if Melanie is jealous. Melanie tries to explain but Theresa cuts her off, assuming she is jealous of her. Melanie says she does just fine and exits.

Nicole tries to stop Daniel. He tells her that they made a pact that they were done if she was still hung up on Eric. Nicole insists that she's not but Daniel says when she's finally honest with herself, she will see that she is. Nicole cries that she only cares about him and asks him not to do this to her. Daniel responds that she did it to herself. Daniel says they both went into this with eyes open and he told her that he would not allow either one of them to get hurt. Nicole says Daniel walking away will be hurting her and them. Nicole cries for him to please not do this.

Serena tells Eric that the only thing she knew at first was that Nicole set out to destroy her again so she was freaked out. Eric says she knew what Nicole had was all nonsense. Serena says she wouldn't have been so upset if she knew but she had no idea what Nicole was planning. Eric questions the files being important. Serena says a lot of those file are confidential and her career could be destroyed if the wrong people looked at them which she thought she made clear. Serena tells Eric that she trusts him totally and completely so if Eric wants to open and read any file, he can do it right now.

JJ paces at home until Paige arrives at the door.


Jennifer runs in to Eve outside the club. Jennifer gives her the book that Paige left. Eve questions why she has it. Jennifer explains that she was just talking with Paige. Eve questions what they were talking about.

Paige greets JJ. JJ says they have nothing to say to each other. Paige thinks they do. JJ doesn't want to get into it again as who he hooked up with is not important. Paige says she won't ask and decides maybe she doesn't need to know ever but that depends on him.

Clint confronts Melanie about listening to his phone call. Melanie warns him about smoking in the hospital and leaves through the elevator. Theresa returns to Clint and asks what he wants to do now. Clint suggests just doing what they do. Brady shows up so Theresa tells Clint that she'll meet him downstairs because she just remembered one more thing that she has to take care of. Theresa approaches Brady and accuses him of trying to run in to her. Theresa assumes he brought flowers for a patient and instructs him to leave them at the front desk. Brady informs her that the flowers are actually for Melanie.

Eric tells Serena that he trusts her. She calls it an exhausting night and decides to go but Eric wants her to stay. Serena knows he has questions but says she will not let Nicole continue to be a part of their lives. Eric argues that she's not going to be. Serena says she's seen it every day since she got here. Serena feels Nicole is in Eric's head and heart. Serena hopes one day they will make love again when he's completely free from his feelings for Nicole so they can be happy like they were in Africa. Serena adds that Nicole will mean nothing to either one of them and she hopes that day comes soon but right now, she just needs to be alone. Serena says goodnight and kisses him on the cheek then exits.

Daniel tells Nicole that his feelings for her are still there so it hurts him too but he told her that they made a deal. Nicole cries. Daniel says she never let it be total and whole. Daniel remarks that maybe he's just not a good enough replacement for Eric but it doesn't matter as they are done. Daniel says goodbye and exits.

Brady tells Theresa that he doesn't want any drama. Theresa doesn't care what he and Melanie do. Brady hopes that's true as he walks away.

Melanie comes home and finds Daniel. She asks if he's okay. Daniel claims he's fine and asks how her day was. Melanie says it was good and tells her about her date with Brady ending early because of her falling in the ice and then Victor walking in. Melanie says she went to the hospital for a short shift. Daniel asks how it went. Melanie says it was good but she has a question for him.

Nicole runs in to Eric in the town square. Eric asks if she knows where Daniel is. Nicole responds that he's gone and asks where Serena is. Eric tells her to never ask him about her again. Eric says he's known Nicole for a very long time and has cared about her. Eric says he's done his best to get along with her but he warned her to stay away from Serena and she couldn't even do that for him. She tells him not to start with her. Eric questions why she can't let Serena live her life in peace.

Serena returns to her hotel room and smashes the flashdrive that Nicole used. Serena opens her laptop and states that pressing charges might have meant seeing things she never meant to be seen.

Jennifer tells Eve that they were just talking. Eve questions it being about JJ. Jennifer admits they were because JJ and Paige are obviously unhappy. Eve trashes JJ and says Paige has never been the same since JJ cheated on her. Eve calls JJ a piece of scum and tells Jennifer to face it.

JJ doesn't know what Paige means. Paige says she talked to Rory so she knows JJ feels he made a mistake and she knows he must feel sad and sorry that he did it. Paige says she was hurt and still is by what he did but has to admit that she's partly to blame. Paige says it all started because he thought she was never coming back from California so she sort of gets that he's not totally at fault. JJ doesn't get what she's saying. Paige isn't sure how to put it but says she's been thinking and thinking and just wants him to know that she's willing to talk to see if they can somehow start over.

Brady returns home with his flowers and tells Maggie that he just missed Melanie but he did set a few things straight with Theresa.

Clint returns to Theresa as he thought she was coming right back. Theresa says she hates that son of a bitch. Clint asks if there's someone he needs to take care of. Theresa says no and just wants to party instead of thinking anymore then kisses him.

Melanie asks Daniel if he knows a Dr. Mandrake at the hospital but he doesn't. Melanie says she was just wondering as Daniel's phone rings.

Eric threatens to have Nicole arrested if she comes after Serena again and says he'll do whatever it takes to stop her. Eric tells her that Serena held back from punishing her so she got off lucky. Eric adds that Serena once again proved who she is and who she'll always be which is far better than Nicole will ever be. Eric walks away.

Serena talks on the phone about being sure that Eric has it and says she knows exactly what comes next.

Jennifer calls Eve a slut and says it's like her to call everybody else names. Eve tells her to stay away from Paige. Jennifer mocks her. Eve says what JJ did is an abomination and he knows it. Eve doesn't care if he feels bad or wants to undo it. Jennifer questions how Eve knows how JJ feels. Eve doesn't have to answer. Jennifer wants to know how she knows more about JJ than she does. Jennifer brings up Eve constantly being at her house like she can't get away from JJ. Jennifer questions if JJ told Eve he wishes he could undo what he did. Eve then storms off.

JJ asks Paige how she can even think it's possible. Paige knows he didn't expect it so she doesn't expect an answer tonight. She asks him to just think about it tonight and they'll talk tomorrow. Paige knows that no matter what happened, she still loves him and she knows he still loves her. Paige then exits.

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