Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/29/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/29/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will doesn't want to talk to Kate about this anymore and wishes he never talked to her about Paul. Kate shouts back that the person he can't tell is Sonny as Sonny comes home and asks what Will can't tell him. Kate says it's nothing and asks how he is. Sonny says he's good but he would be a lot better when Will tells him what he's not supposed to tell him. Will thinks back to sleeping with Paul.

Jordan tries to leave but Chad grabs her and asks why she was kissing Rafe. She questions that being why he's treating her like this. Chad accuses her of lying to his face by saying she would never go back and then going back.

Victor and Damon talk outside the town square about whether anyone has found Clyde's body yet. Damon guesses he's still buried in the snow in the park.

Kristen's doctor, Dr. Mandrake, thinks back to when he injected Theresa. He comments on how Theresa was pregnant.

Theresa wakes up from a nightmare about being injected by the doctor. She's in bed next to Clint, who asks if she's okay. Theresa tells him there was a man.

Brady finishes a call at the Kiriakis Mansion as Melanie comes in and tells him that she's excited for tonight and their first date.

Daniel plugs the flashdrive in to the laptop. Eric doesn't understand. Nicole tells them they will all finally understand what a piece of work Serena is. Nicole calls what she did disgusting. Ted talks about her stealing his entire project. Daniel says all he sees is a bunch of files. Nicole states that one of them includes the truth and asks Serena if she's ready.

Brady apologizes to Melanie for having to take the call. Melanie says she has to take her uniform as she has half a shift later. Brady jokes about it just being dinner and goodbye. Melanie reminds him they are taking it slow. They joke about it as Brady then kisses her.

Clint asks Theresa what's going on. She says it was just a bad dream about being helpless with a guy. Clint asks what kind of guy and what he was doing. Clint says no secrets but Theresa says the whole thing is gone now like a dream. Clint suggests they party all over again but Theresa says she has to get to work. Clint offers a ride so Theresa says they have extra play time and continue kissing. Clint asks if she's sure that she doesn't remember the dream. Theresa is positive and kisses him.

Ted points to the file to open. Daniel opens it and doesn't know what to say.

Clint takes Theresa to the hospital and kisses her more. She tells him that he can wait around and she won't be too long. Theresa jokes that she can get away with anything but Victor appears and says she can't.

Melanie suggests they should go. Brady surprises her with flowers and then they exit, where Melanie falls in the snow.

Chad tells Jordan that he saw her kissing Rafe. Jordan says Rafe was kissing her and she pushed him away then told him it was over between them. Chad questions her. Jordan says she told Rafe she was committed to Chad because she thought it was true. Jordan realizes that Chad was trying to get even with her by getting Ben arrested. She questions what Chad said to him to make him lose control.

Will appreciates what Kate's done for her but wants to talk to Sonny alone. Kate refuses to let Will do this alone as the whole thing is her fault. Kate tells Sonny that Will has done something he is ashamed of and regrets and she is the one who pushed him in to it.

Eric reads the file where Serena is writing that Ted was off of his meds and how Ted was trying to turn them in to something romantic while she did not want that. Nicole questions it as Daniel continues to read that Ted stole Serena's work and tried to pass it off as his own and how Ted harassed her. Daniel reads Serena writing that she hoped Ted would go back on his meds and resume his life. Ted turns away as Nicole questions him about it. Nicole asks what the hell is going on here. Nicole reminds Ted that he came to her.

Clint asks Theresa if she's okay with Victor there. Theresa says she is. Clint says he forgot his cigarettes in the car and tells Victor not to mess with his girl. Clint exits. Theresa questions Victor being here late. Victor says he was checking on an acquaintance when he heard her shrill, irritating voice. Victor says Clint must be her latest victim and he'll find out soon enough. Victor says he only cares that Brady is no longer trapped in her web. Theresa says Brady was the luckiest guy in the universe with her. Victor argues that Theresa just preyed on his weaknesses. Theresa says she just tried to make him happy. Theresa tells Victor to just leave as she holds back tears. Victor thinks she's still in love with Brady. Theresa responds that she is done with him. Victor tells her that she will never have him now and exits.

Brady brings Melanie back in to make sure she's okay. Brady suggests changing clothes as they are now all wait. Brady jokes that the date is now cancelled. Brady takes his shirt off and puts a blanket around Melanie. They decide to sit on the couch and put the blanket over them to try and warm up together.

Chad apologizes to Jordan and admits he only went off on Ben because he was hurt. Jordan asks what he said. Chad apologizes but Jordan says that doesn't cut it as Ben's life could be really screwed up. Chad promises to fix it if Jordan promises him another chance. Jordan asks if she doesn't, will he let Ben go to prison?

Kate tells Sonny that Will breached his ethics as a journalist as he signed a confidentiality agreement with his magazine but he violated it by showing her an early draft of the article. Sonny asks if that's true. Will admits that it is. Kate adds that Will feels terrible about it because of what he did to Sonny.

Nicole questions Ted saying that Serena stole his work and that she's a liar. Ted starts to cry and apologizes to Serena. Ted says he was so angry at her but tells her it's alright now and he forgives her. Ted asks how he could ever be mad at her. Daniel suggests calling the hospital to get Ted evaluated. Serena tells him that he's harmless. Serena says she'll call his personal counselor from his group home.

Brady and Melanie kiss on the couch until Victor walks in.

Chad tells Jordan that he will get Ben out of trouble no matter what as he can't lose her. Jordan questions why he didn't just come talk to her so she could explain. Chad says his anger took over and he screwed up yet again. Chad apologizes and goes to leave but she stops him.

Sonny asks Will why he's letting Kate speak for him. Will admits he shouldn't be as he is just feeling really bad so it's been hard to talk about what happened. Sonny asks why he would show Kate his work. Will says he wasn't satisfied with his work. Sonny questions not going to the editor. Will talks about thinking Kate could show him where he went wrong. Kate says he needed to delve deeper so he did. Kate says no one can ever know about her involvement. Sonny understands. Kate says she has to get going and reminds Sonny not to say a word. Kate tells Will the same and to let it go. Kate thanks him and hugs him. Kate then exits.

Ted's counselor comes to Daniel's. Serena tells him to do what she says. Nicole questions Ted making all of this up. Ted says he was mad at her but it's alright now and he will take his meds every day for her. Ted exits with his counselor. Nicole explains that he came to her and his claim sounded legit. Serena questions her not verifying her source. Nicole thought he seemed credible. Serena tells her that Ted's mental breakdown was public record. Eric suggests they go. Serena asks for the flashdrive back. Daniel asks if she's going to call the police. Serena turns and looks to Nicole. Serena admits she would love to press charges but it's not worth it. Serena says they know what kind of woman Nicole is now. Serena exits with Eric. She questions how Nicole could do that and suggests going back to Eric's place as they walk off. Nicole asks Daniel how she was supposed to know as he seemed credible. Daniel questions never checking him out. Nicole says she was in a rush. Daniel questions her going straight from his bed to digging up Serena again. Daniel tells her to explain why she did this again. Nicole instead storms out so Daniel follows after her.

Sonny thinks it makes sense that Will would take his first draft to Kate. Will says it was a breach of trust and so wrong. Sonny tells him to forget it as Kate helped him see what's important. Sonny asks why he feels guilty as it's not like he showed it to anyone else. Sonny jokes that Will wouldn't even let him know who he's interviewing so he can't wait to read it. Sonny tells him to relax as this will all be history in a few days as they kiss.

Victor apologizes for interrupting. Brady gets up as they say it's not what it looks like. Victor disagrees. Brady explains that they slipped on the ice. Victor continues to question them. Melanie rushes off to change clothes. Brady assures him it was an accident but Victor tells him to shut the hell up.

Jordan tells Chad that she understands what it feels like to be betrayed as Rafe did to her so she knows the pain he was feeling. Chad says he wasn't thinking and was just lashing out any way he could. Chad says it doesn't matter why he did it as he's sorry and now has to fix it which he promises he will. Jordan thanks him. Chad smiles and asks if she really told Rafe all of that. Chad apologizes again. Jordan tells him not to apologize anymore as it's over and then they kiss.

Kate walks through the town square, leaving a message for Clyde questioning not hearing from him all night and if they are still on. She wonders where he went.

Victor thinks Brady and Melanie were about to do it on the couch and says Maggie has already informed him about what's going on between them. Victor says he wasn't as upset because he's fond of both of them and they are two of his favorite people. Victor isn't going to yell at him and thinks it's sweet that they might have something more than a friendship. Victor says if Daniel and Maggie can deal with it then so can he. Brady tells him he has no idea how much that means to him. Victor tells him that they deserve real happiness. Brady thanks him. Victor then warns Brady to be very careful.

Theresa dumps W2 form files in the trash and plans to claim they were lost in the mail. She then texts Clint that she's ready to party and gets prepared. Melanie approaches and asks if she has a date. Theresa says she has lots of dates because she has it compared to Melanie working the night shift. Melanie comments on Theresa seeming cool when they first met then she turned into a bitch and then she felt sorry for her when she was crying. Melanie says she just never knows what she's going to get with her so Theresa tells her to just stay away.

Daniel follows Nicole to the nightclub where she is drinking. Daniel calls it very mature. Nicole doesn't want to be yelled at. Daniel says he didn't yell. Nicole wants to explain but Daniel says there is no way she can explain what she did.

Eric brings Serena back to his place and can't believe what happened. Serena doesn't want to talk about it and wants to get something to eat. Eric remembers they didn't get a chance to eat. Serena asks for a smoothie from the juice bar. Eric agrees to go get it. Eric tells her to stay there and relax as he then exits. Serena grabs her phone and looks at a picture of Eric. She then looks around the apartment and remembers Eric said the rest of his artwork was in the bedroom so she goes there.

Will tells Sonny that he got his rose and apologizes for being locked in the meeting. Sonny just wanted to make sure they were okay. Sonny worries about all the business with the new club and blowing all of their money. Will says he should have been there more to help him. Sonny says it wouldn't have helped. Sonny wants to bury all of that and get back to their family. Sonny calls it one big adventure. Will says it sounds great as they kiss and hug.

Brady assures Victor that he will be careful with Melanie. Victor tells him that he was talking about Theresa because he ran into her earlier. Victor insists that Theresa still wants him and if she finds out about he and Melanie, he should watch their back.

Theresa sits in the hospital waiting for Clint. She wonders where he is.

Dr. Mandrake gets a call from Clint, who asks if he's got a minute. He asks if Clint has something for him. Clint thought he might want his latest update on Theresa which Melanie overhears.

Jordan tells Chad that she has to get back to work and exits.

Nicole argues that she can explain. Daniel says they are going to deal with this head on. Daniel tells her that Serena is the victim here as she didn't do anything but Nicole definitely did.

Serena looks around Eric's bedroom and finds a piece of his artwork that matches one on her phone.

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